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Harbor Freight 6" buffer

Jun 04, 2021
I have a six inch polisher, it's a Harbor Freight core machinery and I've been polishing a little bit, but I've been using the press for a while for the polishing wheels and it works fine, but I had a chance to get it really, really cheap. so I thought what the heck, so let's take a look. The other side has the two wheels on the hardware. I think this is slightly different than the one I saw in the store. I could be wrong, but I don't think it had these mounting holes in it. I think the store shown only had these on the side or maybe they just had parts on them and I just didn't realize they could be exactly the same thing, but Harbor Freight, you never know, they may have like four or five. different versions of the same model as I know the hydraulic press I have is different than other people's so yeah I'm excited to use this and I think I'll put these wheels on and give it a try, there aren't any kind of instructions posted. but I guess this little necklace goes on and I like the idea of ​​this one because you have it, you can see this is the fabric loose and then sewn at the same time I was using the drill on the drill.
harbor freight 6 buffer
The press works well obviously, but I like the idea of ​​having both here at the same time, I'm going to stop and change them the same way, plus I can still use the drill for a different brush or wheel or whatever I need. These are okay, maybe there's a left hand, right hand, yeah, something like that, okay, my bad, so you have two different bolts. I paid these for the first ones, it's like zinc and that will be here for the right hand thread, if you can. I see that in the video so I'm not sure which one I want, where they are.
harbor freight 6 buffer

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harbor freight 6 buffer...

I'm not even sure what I'm going to put. I may have to end up changing it later, yeah, so I guess my next question is. there anytime, walk up to use it and see, so I'm thinking I'm not sure this is hand tied enough, I should be able to hold it, probably well enough, I don't want to break it too much and in case it's Me I wonder what I used, I think it was three quarters, this is 3/4. I'll show you what I've been using and setting up. I have another video I made where I polished some copper and use this set.
harbor freight 6 buffer
Up here for the smallest and largest, I still plan to use these as a base point to start polishing, but not with these wheels. I plan to use the other wheels primarily, but you know, I've been using this drill. and it's been working great, in fact I'm going to show you some of the things I've done, so this is some Apollo, they're on the drill, it's an air box cover for a Wise e85, everything was cut in two . different spots on the subframe, but I was able to smooth it out a lot, it still looks a little rough, but most of it will be hidden in that subframe now, but before it looked really bad, it looked like this.
harbor freight 6 buffer
I was able to take it from that like I said I just use my drill press for that and I polished this carburetor and I also polished this copper and like I said I made another video just on this piece of copper and you can see the process that I did for that and I haven't uploaded you, I'm really bad at recording things and not uploading them, so I'm really a horrible thing. I'm trying to be better at least I have some videos uploaded, they are set to private right? Now because you know I upload them at the end of the night or whatever because don't rush the internet isn't the best so the video takes ten minutes this takes a couple of hours so I'm totally excited to use this now and I'm not even sure where I put it in my store.
I'm thinking I'll probably put it outside somewhere in the garage area because using it just throws these little rags or fun everywhere, I mean it gets everywhere. The room covers everything, the computer and all that. I mean, I have a way to control like a layer of dust here to prevent the dust from spreading everywhere in the room. I have ventilation, but that ventilation doesn't work as well with this, at least from the drill. press for anyway maybe with this I can come up with a better way to put some ventilation around it and plus we need to make some improvements with that too yeah but I really don't know what to do so let me think of something so This bench really is an idea and I contemplated buying the stand and didn't buy it so I thought I'd try to see what I came up with first before making the stand so it might be a little difficult to check.
I didn't rule it out but we'll do it anyway so I guess before I talk to you I should make sure this works in the off position, it wouldn't be the first thing I'm afraid it didn't work. from the box over thin sleeves 3450 rpm four in the morning half inch has a half inch shaft, there will be a little more vibration than that, this will be great to have them both in there, it also has higher rpm than my drill press I think. my drill press spins at 3000 3000 rpm and my little drill press is running, it's Harbor Freight brand, okay, that's wrong.
Now I have my drill press set to 2,300 rpm and the central machinery drill press I have the little one over there. that's at 3,000 rpm, so this is for the final part because I can't get the bigger wheel on and that small drill there just isn't enough room in the jaws. I'm going to start, well you can see where I started. Actually, my son Monka, he did this here, he's just playing around, but he didn't do it, he just did a little bit here with the brass brush, but I guess I'll check it out with this and when he starts over here. the sewn one, so I think I'll probably do it, maybe just turn this over to where it sticks out, so I'll start with the sewn wheel and then we'll move over here to the loose one and I'll start the stitch. now I'm going to use black, so take a quick look, this is what I did here.
I don't know, I could probably use the black on this loose ball, but I'll probably go ahead and make the mark. The last part with the loose did the same spot there now this is what it all looks like beforehand yeah that's awesome and this is what we had before we just used the drill and we're talking about getting a thousand rpm more with This marked a big difference, so I think I'm going to go back over the things I've already done and probably redo them in terms of the tool itself. Yes, it works very well, it seems solid and if you know what.
I'm talking about some of the core machinery stuff, it seems like the bearings are loose or something you know there is, but this thing seems really smooth and solid, not much vibration if you listen to my little drill in the copper polishing video. It sounds horrible until you start going down a bit and then the noise goes away, but this thing has no noise at all, it sounds very solid and I think it will work fine. I hope you enjoyed the video and stay tuned for more. Harbor Freight stuff, as well as anything else I might be working on, you know what other people normally do because I haven't really done much research and what other people do with polishing, but one when the other loose fabric.
So that's how I went over it with some scissors, I cut these long loose ones and smoothed them out again, in fact this one looked almost identical to this one now and I went all over with scissors to trim it down. all the same and it made a big difference. I haven't had any of the stitch ones. I like this one, as bad as this one, but most of it is going to wear out, but I'll still keep going. around with scissors and cut just because I love you in general. I think this will be a great addition to the store and I think I will also have more uses for it than just this buffing wheel are these two. polishing wheels

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