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"Happiness" from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

Apr 17, 2023
well I don't know Linus, it looks like an airplane to me from the way the lights go on and off. Schroeder is a plane or a star. I think it's a star, but it could be a planet, you know, or maybe even a satellite. could it be a satellite i wonder well we'll never find out by staying here where are you going here to get a better look i like to sit here after dinner and listen to the sounds of the night but in my opinion something seems to be missing. That was exactly what was needed.
happiness from you re a good man charlie brown
I'm so happy that the red-haired girl dropped her pencil. After all,


is finding a pencil, knowing a secret song,


is learning to whistle, tying your shoe for the first time, and happiness is walking hand in hand. sitting bird happiness is being every now is coming home happiness day and night too happiness is anyone happiness is having a sister i am one night ah you are a





happiness from you re a good man charlie brown

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happiness from you re a good man charlie brown...

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