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HALO WARS Full Movie (2021) 4K ULTRA HD Action All Cinematics Full Story

Jun 07, 2021
you are unusually quiet what problems occupy your thoughts hierarch I do not wish to be reckless but you have accused me of the destruction of humanity a very noble cause for someone with such a turbulent past and I am grateful for my task but sir, you make me sculpt in ancient ruins and search for empty temples, how does this help me achieve my goal? War with humans will require many more machines than we can currently muster. I'll take what we have and leave us defenseless, no. the ancients will provide for us, this world will be the birthplace of an invasion fleet beyond imagining, enough to crush humans quickly and with ease, but this world lies dormant, it is just a shell and, to me , the key will be found with patience, but maybe there.
halo wars full movie 2021 4k ultra hd action all cinematics full story
It's a faster way. The human woman from the ice relic has some knowledge about it. The new planet that the relic has taken us to has also allowed you to capture that human and bring her here. It will be done. Hey, how about one for the professor? from the scrapbook? If you don't mind, Sergeant, I'm trying to document this area for study, why don't we go down to the lady and talk about this man? When you leave here, come quietly if you let him live, sir. I'm fine, fire spirit, this is Forge, I lost Anders, what happened, a massive elite came out of nowhere, captain, I'm tracking your transponder, it's moving away from the planet, damn it, Sergeant, get up here immediately.ya sir We're all accounted for why we haven't left yet why she's not at the medical base Sergeant the professor's signal has gone off as speed is heading towards the border which puts him out of range of the gun what do we have to go after her Sir, I can only track that transponder for a few more seconds.
halo wars full movie 2021 4k ultra hd action all cinematics full story

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halo wars full movie 2021 4k ultra hd action all cinematics full story...

Captain Sir Anders represents a significant security breach. Serena, get us moving immediately. Follow that sign. Yes, sir, so we left a note saying we're leaving. Where the hell are we? Serene. orbiting a planet in the middle of, actually I'm still working on it, Sir Anderson, the Covenant ship we're chasing appears to have taken cover on the planet's surface. I have approximate coordinates, any sign of other Covenant activity, I can't detect it, although this the world is putting out some pretty crazy readings forged down there I think it's already aboard a pelican waiting for your word this is her yes high rock this is the that I observed a thing so fragile that you would hardly consider them a threat I demand to know why I am being held, I demand referee, a human ship has arrived and is approaching the entry board, have the hierarchy intercept that human ship and destroy it immediately.
halo wars full movie 2021 4k ultra hd action all cinematics full story
Nothing but the ocean, are you sure? It's not okay, Captain, you're not going to like this, Serena, Captain, we have company, everyone faces Serena, I still have troops out there, bring them back on board now, Captain, now I can only hold this position for a few minutes like maximum. serena calling surface squadron so we can all die together hello sir this is all part of the plan guys heart starburst captain they are loading weapons battle stations bring weapons online tell forge he hasn't yet Finished, I love you, Sergeant, yes, sir, me too. the only one scared by the fact that we are inside the planet the restrictions are your judgment has waited long enough end this the ancients have granted us the power to make your race let the deconstruction of our gifts begin the majesty of our new the fleet will be in parallel nothing adventurous surface hmm that worked pretty well or maybe not ma'am I don't have all day do you want to be rescued or not this is really going to work professor I think this is our best hope the overloaded ftl reactor will cause a chain re


in the enough sun to destroy all the ships here before the pact can have a chance to do anything with them, in short, captain, a reactor will cause the sun to go supernova, leaving nothing here but dust, which is the weak part of this plan, if you ask me, we have no way home without that reactor, one problem at a time, serena, if the pact gets its hands on these ships, it will mean the end of the war, we will take advantage of our opportunities here, le We will give humanity some hope.
halo wars full movie 2021 4k ultra hd action all cinematics full story
I know it's been a difficult decision, Captain, but it's the right fire spirit, this is forging, she's buttoned up and ready to deliver that package safely, Sergeant, keep the coffee hot, be back before you know it, I'll be monitoring you from here, Sergeant. It will be quite obvious if he succeeds, gentlemen, we are burning the sun here, he is active Lieutenant Sergeant, take care of those elites, he is mine, let's go like the rest of his race, weak and undisciplined, there will be no woman to save them this time , look at me. in the eye and say that my face will be the last thing your pathetic eyes will see and for the record I would have kicked your ass the first time if the lady hadn't stopped me sir it's already overheating I'll have to separate the center and align them manually when they need to explode son, I have a feeling that before this is over we will need every last Spartan in the fight.
May I make this report to the ship, good luck sir, it has been an honor, hangar bay reports to all crews. registered, then let's not outstay our welcome, better speed, captain, the sun's gravity field is expanding, we're not going anywhere, let's see if we can turn that to our advantage, cool, chart a course that will take us to the sun. I'm going to slingshot around him threading a needle as he speeds around an exploding star inside a crumbling planet. Sure, why not, Serena? You can do it? That's it, you might want to hold on to something.
Closing your eyes might help too, so captain, I would do that a lot. better stay awake to monitor this area professor there has been no sign of the pact for almost two weeks there is nothing to do the captain but nothing professor you got us all out of there alive rest not all the captains not all of you

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