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Ha Muerto el HACKER MÁS FAMOSO del Mundo | La Historia de Kevin Mitnick

Jul 21, 2023
friends Today is a very sad day for people who are in cybersecurity since the life of one of the most famous


s and who has had the most impact in the history of current computer security has come to an end, we talk Of course yes of Kevin mitnik whose death was on July 16, 2023 usually this type of news I hope they are always fake news really Kevin mitnik has left this world but his legacy has not yet and much less his stories that is why for honor him in this video I'm going to tell you a little about his story, his exploits And how he went from being a boy who loved computer networks to becoming the most wanted


in the world and in fact to becoming the most famous hacker in the world Stay until the end because I am Martín and this This is githuke Kevin David mitnik was born on August 6, 1963 completely in California in the United States from a very young age he seems interested Or rather obsessed with computer networks and how information is transported from one active to another In fact, at the age of 16 he managed to hack his school's system.
ha muerto el hacker m s famoso del mundo la historia de kevin mitnick
Unlike what you may think, he did not do it to cheat, get a grade, but out of mere curiosity, a trait that we will see greatly marked Midnight's life later in 1981 when Kevin was not even 18 years old, keep this information because it is important for later. He and some friends physically accessed the offices of Cosmos, which at that time was owned by Pacific Bell. During this unauthorized access, they managed to obtain information. sensitive capable from the list of manual security keys of the systems that were used in the company and the combination of access doors of Cosmos branches, all this information has a value of about 200 thousand dollars, which will be the equivalent of about 643 thousand approximately today's dollars, however this Adventure would be frustrated by the girlfriend of one of his friends because she basically ratted them out and because Kevin was a minor at that time because he was not yet 18, they sentenced her to three months in jail. a year on probation we would all think that any young person who makes mistakes After ending up in prison would think a little before returning to illegal acts but this was not the case for midni since only a year later 1982 he agreed through a modem to one of the computers that was within the US air defense command and in fact to avoid being tracked he managed to alter the Software that allowed the tracking of the Calls received to the organization and diverted his trace to another location for this infraction Kevin did not have direct retaliation but it was later in fact a year later when Kevin was studying at the University of Southern California and managed to access arpanet so that he does not know it was the project with which the internet originated, it was its predecessor as well as col Security was the predecessor of higseg Well, let's continue after Accessing the panel, which was not as free of access as the Internet did.
ha muerto el hacker m s famoso del mundo la historia de kevin mitnick

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ha muerto el hacker m s famoso del mundo la historia de kevin mitnick...

Kevin tried to access a Pentagon computer that was connected to the network. In this case, he did not succeed. But what he did achieve was that he was detected. And again they sent him to jail, this time the sentence was 6 months. Remember that at this point Kevin was already of age. After this, we would think that anyone would stop, but not Kevin, since a year later in 1987 he was accused of accessing the system of the then existing microcorp company for this act they sentenced him to three years of probation but by art of the script all of Midnik's file appeared from the computer of the local police that was then handling his case together with another friend named Lenny de Chico during For months they were spying on the emails of the Tec and the security department of msi communication.
ha muerto el hacker m s famoso del mundo la historia de kevin mitnick
They did it because basically they wanted to obtain a copy of the new deck security operating system, which was called bms and which in fact you can get right now under the name Open. bms during the espionage Kevin and his company managed to seize 16 security codes from the msi communication and with this information they entered the laboratory of the to obtain the aforementioned operating system but unlike the other cases here they did detect them at once and notified the FBI that began to track them. Kevin's friend at that time worked as a support technician for a company and out of panic and the whole situation he was experiencing, he began to make anonymous calls to Chico's boss to make him see that Chico was the one who He planned everything and that Mitnik was not to blame for Chico's previous events.
ha muerto el hacker m s famoso del mundo la historia de kevin mitnick
Seeing what Kevin was doing, he decided to tell the truth to his boss, who ended up reporting both of them to the FBI. After this, Kevin was placed under arrest again since in In this case, the damages for her Aventura were 4 million dollars at that time and she was sentenced to only one year in prison for this. This was because Midnick's lawyer alleged that she had an addiction to computers, meaning the lawyer does not interfere and that this addiction makes him act that way So the judge agreed to only give him one year in prison if after the conviction Kevin went to a program to treat his addiction for six months and also prohibited him from using any type of computer During this time such It was the impact of this that Kevin lost more than 45 kilos due to the situation he was experiencing.
We now entered the climax of the story, which was when another bad decision by Kevin would take him this time more truly, an act that would completely change his life and the course. In this, as in every story, a character that finally makes the story change and this is his Shimura volume, but let's explain the best after the previous conviction. Kevin started working for a detective agency where he once again began to be one of his own and they discovered that There was illegal management of the database, which caused the FBI to be arrested again for having violated the terms of his parole.
Not happy with this, he obtained a fake driver's license by sending his information via fax and using an access code. from the California department of vehicles that in fact the latter offered a million dollars for the capture of midni now mini was again a fugitive but here begins his biggest mistake he knew he could track him from the mobile phones he used So he stopped using them But He also needed software that would allow him to do the same thing he did with cell phones but without being tracked. That's when one day he found Shimomura, a full-fledged hacker Alka Kevin hacked if I die, he realized this although he was amazed at the technique. used since she was quite Sofi during the hacking Kevin stole Shimomore's access to her email and various security tools that were on her computer but Ximo Mura, being a hacker as such, set out to catch Mitney and began to collaborate with the FBI to summarize What happened during all this time, Mitnik continued to be one of his and it is rumored that he was being followed during this period.
The latter was making calls and collecting information on Midnik's movements until, with a good solid database of information, he met with The FBI sent a tracking team to the alleged location that Minic was believed to be at that time, which was in the city of Ralei in North Carolina, but they did not get much at the moment because this team was with a simulator. cell simulator that was quite tuned since what a Cell simulator does is imitate the charging and discharging of batteries. But as I told you, this one was modified to be able to track the minic phone while it was on, due to so much interference they were not able to find the exact location But they did determine that Kevin Midnik was in an apartment complex.
But as I told you, due to the interference of so many signals from other cell phones, they did not know where Kevin was exactly, but after further investigation the FBI team found the apartment where they did not enter. violently since they did not consider Kevin physically dangerous, Minnik seems to have given up at this point and allowed himself to be arrested, thus opening the door to the FBI team, thus concluding the publicly known adventures of the then Cyber ​​criminal after many years of serving sentences and sentences and getting into trouble with the law. Kevin began to go down the path of good.
He understood that his extensive knowledge, especially in social engineering and manipulation of people, could be useful to society for Kevin to manipulate people. others to do what he wanted was simple since many of his hacks were done in this way he considered that social engineering attacks are based on four principles which are We all want to help the first move is always trustworthy the other is not us He likes to say no and we all like to be praised by taking advantage of these four principles that he considered that he could get whatever he wanted, but as I said, he began to give his life a better direction, and at this point he was already known as The Hacker. most famous in the world and in fact until today I did not continue doing it.
How well he began to collaborate with many cybersecurity conferences, he created companies like mini Security and know before that were mainly oriented towards cybersecurity awareness and penteco services, thus consolidating himself as a cybercriminal. who made mistakes but who knew how to repent and currently being a hacker who put his knowledge for the good of humanity. Sadly, Kevin had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for months, a cancer with which he fought for quite some time and which on July 16, 2023 was when the disease won the battle and Kevin Mitnik died at the age of 59. Without a doubt, a hacker who left a legacy inspired many and was the clear example that even though we make mistakes several times, we can always rectify and do things.
The good May he rest in peace and may all the adventures of this hacker continue to last over time, especially for the people who are in cybersecurity, from here all the condolences to his family and may the adventures of this hacker continue to be told To this generation of hackers and to the future ones that come and above all, as I told you a moment ago, we must keep the good things that Kevin Minic did because absolutely all of us make mistakes in our lives but the important thing is always to rectify and make our life better. useful to others and Kevin mitnik is the clear example of a person who made mistakes but who knew how to redeem himself and who until the day of his death was an example for many generations of football hackers, an example that you can make mistakes but you can always rectify and do it right and above all that the mistakes we make do not define us but the good we do the world rest in peace Kevin mitnik

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