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H3 watch party REACTS to AB'S RIB INJURY at Creator Clash 2

Apr 16, 2023
How do you calculate those probabilities because that's something? Was it decided by a poll or did they calculate the numbers on which it is called? Ooh, what's one? You've been training to fight a Fool, baby, look sharp, mate, he seems unfazed, he's ready for it. oh yeah he looks so confident yeah yeah daddy don't have a real fight they do it over his head yeah first annoying guy I know maybe he's running the


right now this is Unbelievable, it killed it, it killed it. direct warmers look dad he realizes he's hot gotta take this seriously this ain't no Matt Watson maybe he's like he's a fool yeah that's your breath baby catch your breath take your time, you got it, you got it, yeah you got it, you got it back. on him nothing but headshots, yeah, maybe he looks slow, he's got a, he's got to take his time there ab Unleashed on him, oh no, man, take your time, maybe put those hands up, man, just take your time, breathe 20 seconds into the round, okay? hands up hands up round one is almost over i think going into round two he'll be in good shape yeah hands up baby and he's so tired too absolutizing these punches like okay yeah he's red oh why did they fight what is that crazy dumb, i don't think they expected them to last time they should have expected it we all expected it yeah yeah fomo two to eight was so hard look how when his ass is yes abe or dad you ain't got no brother it's just like we said that he didn't like last year no it wasn't a fight well 42 years that's right nothing there was nothing daddy needs to be here you got this baby okay let's b catch your breath god Looks out of breath, oh, alright. catch your breath bro wait what happened what happened wait wait wait oh no what happened baby threw in the towel I throw all the time oh not ok wait I'm getting a call I'm getting a call from Lena hello hello hello I'm here with baby okay how how are you all?
h3 watch party reacts to ab s rib injury at creator clash 2
How are they better now? I'm not sure he's calmed down, they say he may have a broken string, but we're not sure until he goes to the hospital. Is he going to the hospital right now? Not right now? He's lying with ice all over. He is here. Can. You can talk to him. I didn't when I sat up like a lurch to my stomach. He had never felt that before. I was training and I was like, I don't know, is it my adrenaline or what, but I was good until I went to sit down and then I felt it and I felt like I couldn't move that well dude you were killing it bro we were freaking out when the fight thanks yeah he came back here saying he never got hit that hard and he actually scared him well you could tell Dude you could tell he was scared dude you destroyed him in the first round you destroyed him that was crazy , like you came out, you were just hitting it.
h3 watch party reacts to ab s rib injury at creator clash 2

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h3 watch party reacts to ab s rib injury at creator clash 2...

No I'm not happy for him at all oh thanks guys sorry it's a short show wait wait do you remember getting punched in the body there or something? I do not remember. No, Lena was saying that I have a feeling, yes, you too, how are you feeling, are you in pain? Do you think Dan and I had a hypothesis? We were saying, of course, that a b in both Creator Clash has to be the only one to suffer a serious


. He didn't have he didn't have a scratch on me the first time, yeah, I don't know, you think he had weights on his gloves, yeah, we didn't check his gloves for weight, dude, we were thinking he might. be a weights and fish thing yeah but it wasn't nothing it was whatever it's just a resistance it's more intimidating ok ok glad you're ok thanks love you too still got some good fights Coming though I really want to see Brett in first ok just go to the hospital you know what I mean ok we'll feel good thanks ok if you have any updates please let us know. yes i'll actually kill it alright button i won't actually go yes you will in minecraft minecraft
h3 watch party reacts to ab s rib injury at creator clash 2

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