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H&M SPRING - SPRING TRY-ON HAUL | NEW IN | Samantha Guerrero

Jun 01, 2021
hello guys and welcome back to my youtube channel if you don't know me my name is


and i make fashion lifestyle videos here on youtube for today's video i wanted to take a tour h m and make this a little continuation of my capsule wardrobe of


, so I know with that video some of those pieces were priced a little bit higher, so for this video I wanted to do a continuation of that


capsule wardrobe, but with h m pieces, so obviously they're going to be a lot more. They are more affordable, so in this video I will talk about the pieces and then of course I will style them in different ways so you can get an idea of ​​how these pieces can be used in your daily life, before you start.
h m spring   spring try on haul new in samantha guerrero
Get started, don't forget to subscribe as I would love for you to join the family, we are almost at 100,000, can we believe? That's not crazy, I can't even believe it myself. One hundred thousand human beings anyway, don't forget to subscribe. Follow me on Instagram, I'll leave it here because I'd love for you to join the family there too, but anyway, before we chat any further, let's get into this h m hall. I'm really sorry if you can hear some banging. I'm renovating candy in my building and unfortunately I can't help it, so I'm really sorry to hear that the first article in this


is heavily inspired by my pink Reese's knit sweater.
h m spring   spring try on haul new in samantha guerrero

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h m spring spring try on haul new in samantha guerrero...

When it came to my capsule wardrobe, I obviously wanted to keep the color palette neutral, but I wanted certain pieces to add a pop of color. One of those pieces are sweaters. I think sweaters are a great way to add a fun pop of color to your wardrobe, so the first piece I chose was This beautiful yellow knit sweater really is a beautiful gold color. I think the camera is washing it out a little, but it's just a beautiful yellow knit sweater. I bought this in a size small, it has the most minimal puff sleeves, so it's a sweater that you can comfortably wear underneath, say a blazer or jacket, and I think this color is absolutely gorgeous for spring.
h m spring   spring try on haul new in samantha guerrero
I absolutely fell in love with it and again, this woven material is really nice and soft so it won't itch. As the weather starts to warm up, the next item I picked won't be seen because it's a little hard to show on camera because it's a long dress, but this is a white dress, it has beautiful straps that crisscross in the back and It has a slightly lower and low back. I bought this dress in a size extra small and I think it's perfect for spring and summer. The good thing about this dress is that it is long since the weather is still a little bit colder, you can just throw a jacket or sweater over it and that way you will stay a little warmer and as soon as the weather warms up, you can take off those sweaters and jackets and you can wear this around the house to the beach to walking around town and it's so versatile I wanted to say a quick thing about this dress although that way my petite and shorter ladies can know it but I would have I have to take the straps off because on me I'm five foot three I'm a little bit smaller um the straps were too long and it's a really quick and easy fix um for this video I actually use safety pins that way you guys might get an idea of ​​how it looks I would really see the dress if you had those straps altered, um, but just a little disclaimer if you opt for this dress and you're on the smaller side, just keep in mind that you may have to take the straps off.
h m spring   spring try on haul new in samantha guerrero
Again, it's a really minor fix, but I just wanted to let you guys know, so with that, let me show you how I would style those two items. Wow, strange, oh, I even started, tell me the next two articles I feel like they are so. To me, it's not even funny, but I'll start with the one that I was most excited about when I got into h m, so if you've looked at my capsule wardrobe, you know that this jacket was part of my capsule wardrobe and this one. it's from auritzia, i think this is the lupo blazer, but when i went into h m and saw this blazer, i was beyond excited to share it with you because it's like the perfect copy of the blazer i'm wearing.
I bought this jacket in a size small and it is just a beautiful classic jacket and it really is a perfect jacket for summer. The color is absolutely beautiful, it's lightweight and will match so many things in your wardrobe that I have nothing more to say. this plus the fact that I am so excited for you guys to pick this up because I know a lot of you are going to love this. I really wish this jacket came with matching pants. I looked everywhere and there just weren't any matching pants, but I'll keep an eye out to see if maybe they come out with some matching pants in the near future because I think it would be a beautiful suit, but anyway I was very excited about this, so yeah, I bought that one in size small.
The next item I purchased is actually a sweater. If you were to ask me what kind of category of things I would buy at H M, it's definitely knitwear. I love H M knitwear and this one. It's one of the reasons why this fall and winter I shop a lot at h m, I would say more than spring and summer, and that's just because I love the h m network, so the next item I bought is this beautiful type of collar round taupe, um. this is part of their conscious collection and in fact the knitwear from their conscious collection are my absolute favourites.
I already have this sweater in a different color and I chose this color because I thought it was perfect for spring and it goes wonderfully with the dress with the blazer, I just thought I would keep this neutral color palette like I did in my spring capsule wardrobe, still I wanted to incorporate it, so again you have a sweater that is very, very neutral, you will be able to pair it with jeans with white. pants with white skirts really with almost anything and again it's a sweater so it will keep you nice and warm but since it's not a dark color it will be perfect for spring and summer.
The last piece I bought is actually one that I didn't really buy, I already had it in my closet but it's still available and I wanted to take the time to talk about it because I've worn this sweater so much like I would actually dress myself, I put on the sweater. and then I think to myself you've been wearing it for the last three days and if you watch my vlogs and then follow me on Instagram you probably already know what sweater this is, but this is a yellow cardigan. I have this in size small. and when I say I haven't stopped using this, seriously, I haven't stopped using this.
The fabric is more than comfortable. I love these buttons on the sweater and what I like most about this is that you can wear it as a shirt. Tuck the front into your jeans, whatever you're wearing and it's a beautiful top at the same time. I could really wear this as a real cardigan, so sometimes if I'm wearing a white bodysuit like this, I will. Unzip the cardigan and wear it as a cute layer for lounging around the house or just to keep warm. Honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about the sweater. Okay, I don't know if this color is still available, but pick it up. in another color because I promise you won't regret it, if you can get the yellow, although it's a perfect spring color, it's a little bit more of a trendy color, but again, I think I'll play with some fun colors. certain pieces are actually really pretty, anyway that was the last piece I bought and I love them so anyway let me show you how I would style those three items.
Thank you in the past, in the past, so in the past, sorry. Thanks, oh okay guys, that concludes this tour. I really hope you like these pieces. Honestly, I spent a lot of time meticulously choosing these pieces because I wanted them to be good fabrics. I wanted them to be styles that were timeless. and classic and they were going to be perfect not only for spring but also for summer and honestly some of these would go right into fall winter so I've got you covered okay I've got your seasons covered if you experience multiple seasons. some people don't, that's okay, but anyway I really hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what your favorite pieces were in the comments box.
I'd love to know, but before we continue, don't forget to subscribe too. follow me on Instagram I'll leave it here because I'd love for you to join the family there but that's it for me so I'll see you in my next video bye.

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