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Hörbuchsprecher Herbert Schäfer über Zen-Meister Thich Nhat Hanh | einfach ganz leben

Jun 18, 2022
welcome to the new episode of simply toda la vida the podcast for a conscious life i am a jr working editor moderator and speaker among other things i also speak audiobooks for aragon balance as well as my current guest on this podcast i speak to amazing amazing people every two weeks with authors medical trainers or life artists and everything always revolves around the themes of mindful living mindfulness healthy nutrition meditation in short it is always simply about living fully and today Herbert schäfer is with me he is a film and theater actor what you also know about the series and he is the narrator in this capacity as an audiobook narrator, he laments his beautiful voice, among other things, a very special person, the buddhist monk tick nathan from vietnam, we are talking about him and his message that was really moving for me today very happy to hear that it was


cordially welcome and because both of you thank you very much hello to you all listeners first of all and above all I would like to say what Mr. of you wrote the sign then I selected a passage that belongs to one of my favorites which is from the book speak carefully listen carefully listen but a spd the art of communication Consciously reaching out to ourselves and understanding our suffering and its causes is the first step once we have done so it allows us to be in touch with others that way you also suffer less from the The quality of our relationships depends on our ability to understand our own problems and aspirations and those of others.
h rbuchsprecher herbert sch fer ber zen meister thich nhat hanh einfach ganz leben
When you really come home to listen to yourself, then you can take advantage of every moment that is given to you in life. Attract. You can enjoy every moment. good connection with yourself supported by ach while you breathe you can begin to understand yourself and your suffering and you can understand your happiness knowing how to handle compassion well you know at the same time that you create happiness and if you are really happy the rest of us will be too we need people happy in this world we need happy people we often make the mistake of making an effort we have to work hard to do good for others to do something really well and actually others do well when we do well and we search in google take care of ourselves and go ahead I think it's all bad for everyone else when we're rushing through life and think we have to put 300 percent into something and make up for it and actually brush everyone off with the fact that we don't it is healthy for others, if I say sometimes being in the aura of a happy person happy how you are doing well because it radiates and this taking care of yourself is also a very deep thing that titan represents maybe we can talk about him very briefly it would be if you don't know him well he is now an older gentleman who is over 90 years old and has lived a very very very eventful life. life since the 80s had a buddhist center in the south of france the newspaper town that still exists but catan had a stroke in 2014 can no longer speak how nice that he left so much of what he wrote and talked about and you are a lot too you became his voice in the audiobooks you spoke for argon balance publishing house so i think almost all the books you published for titan live and how it works what always moves me so much about his statements which is this deep peace that flows from everything for what today is always talked about tomorrow, this would have a hate speech on the Internet, also the words already yes, that is an opinion, wait and the sentence of r what against yes well he has been doing that for a long, long time, of course, or it started to do it very early I have the impression that nowadays we are going back to something through social networks and through what happened all that way in world politics my feeling ent is very subjective of course my feeling is that we are going back to the hilton more so i have a feeling we need that tick again nathan who contradicts and travels the world like a dalai lama and we remember this is not the right way of course you have to reach us there is a lot going on on the internet and we have so many input channels that we keep running into if you are an actor you are probably pretty good at networking too social, how do you deal with that something you experience there, where all the differences worry me, on the one hand, because sometimes it reminds me that it is a battlefield? rt what's going on and how easy it is to criticize how easy it is to sink someone to the ground with a sentence, so they may have put in so much effort or just put an idea out into the world, then someone else comes along and says a bad thing sentence or write a bad sentence and it is as if it is broken into pieces that there is often very little mindfulness and on the other hand, I also notice that there are many positive things on the Internet or on social networks, so there are many young people. people who are incredibly committed to what they do shoot such small videos whether they're trying to bring politics to young people in their own way there's an incredible amount of creativity and it takes courage to do that that's not always a good thing that's not It's always the case, that's what I say.
h rbuchsprecher herbert sch fer ber zen meister thich nhat hanh einfach ganz leben

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h rbuchsprecher herbert sch fer ber zen meister thich nhat hanh einfach ganz leben...

That would be my level, but it's got amazing creativity, it's easy to do, take it down, and put it out in the world for free just because everyone can click on it. It doesn't cost anything, so I think the opportunity this offers is huge, but the risks are just as huge and I don't know what outweighs yes, that's good because in anonymity you can also spread a lot of hate and then dare to cross. there is also a border, interestingly, there are also questions that people do not really dare to say, so sometimes there are survey results that do not correspond at all to what happens in reality afterwards, because people did not really say what did they think, but then acting like that is also a phenomenon, so you can let it out and that can be totally painful and on the other hand, try the possibilities that this offers.
h rbuchsprecher herbert sch fer ber zen meister thich nhat hanh einfach ganz leben
Let's see what happens when I have an audience for a while. film or for a text or whatever I think it's great that it's possible that Nathan is very active in his life he traveled he also traveled a lot in the US to spread his message if he could now I don't know maybe there will be a lot of things in social media maybe i don't know that at all i don't even know if the dalai lama died i think there may be some skepticism towards these media like us i'll say the older generations again then the younger generation with this typical yes it was all better or different for us back then of course, we're so skeptical about this opposite digital zeitalter so I helped myself, but I don't think there's much point in ranting about it or seeing everything so negatively. not only use that now not only in front of this box and/or these social networks but also participate in life and if you use it, use it, drive and be fair to others as if you were on the road not only insulted or they got punched in the face yeah that's yeah that's what I think you can't stress that enough and of course also try to give an example of exactly Nathan's optics that would now be spread on social media. or he hasn't written wonderful books and one of the last things you put to music is just reconciliation and there's another thought in it where I'd also like to ask you to read it so there's a chapter that's a break and what's next very well you connect the same it fits so the founders together assume someone just said something nasty to you their words and tone of voice make you feel uncomfortable you think the other person understandably wants to hurt you you feel the urge to so react to respond you feel it will relieve you if you express your anger and im y Most of us respond by inflicting pain, but mindfulness can help us stop for a moment and become aware of the wall that is being built within us, giving us the opportunity to recognize and transform our anger when we feel that anger or indignation rises within us. wall up and immediately close the breath we do not say or do anything when this type of energy is occupying us so as not to escalate the conflict we hope to be calm again pausing is the greatest gift that opens us giving us the opportunity to bring more love and compassion into the world instead of more anger and suffering when your house is on fire is such a beautiful picture when your house is on fire when we are angry at someone we are usually more concerned with arguing with that person than taking care of them our own feelings it's like someone whose house was burned down running after the arsonist here instead of me Putting out the fire in the house If we don't return home to deal with our anger, our house will burn down completely, but if we can stop for a moment, it gives us the opportunity to acknowledge our anger, embrace it, and look deeply to see. its roots when we are able to deal with our own anger instead of focusing on the other person we feel instant relief we retain it we see that our anger or fear may have arisen from a misconception or its roots in the many seeds of fear and anxiety fear that is within us when we recognize this frees us from fear and fear practices embracing anger and looking deep within to see the true roots of your anger once there you are just free and aware it has the pretty picture of an extinguishing fire burning you can see but that was it of course it will hit me straight away so good embracing anger seems totally absurd at first and before i met you today of course i did a lot of reading again with meters and i was fascinated again and i tried it you can do a lot also to embrace other feelings that you don't have I don't like so much, so much disappointment for something or self-criticism or again what happens to me and that is also a great topic for titan i am always very agitated so my life is incredibly fast and then i think yes if i go to the train so short way that i change the elevator on the platform with pinpoint precision and of course i point exactly to myself so that the subway taillights are valid and then it bothers me to think why this happened to me again, ok then I practiced now we have the feeling that the disappointment was and I continue with it and find it almost like a good game precisely because it makes it so much easier to play is and the alternative is also what teaches you to do this is put something in the moment or maybe use it to bring yourself back to yourself so I could do a little g meditation on the platform and use this time to come to myself and then I did the thing that bothered me that gave me something for the day, which is to say, it got me out of this fast because, by the way, that's also what we're trying at home right now.
h rbuchsprecher herbert sch fer ber zen meister thich nhat hanh einfach ganz leben
I watched the documentary walk with me again with Nathan and there is a passage that tells a similar story to a retreat visitor there in Plan Village. The bell rings every quarter hour and then we briefly stop what we're doing, turn off the autopilot. I think it would be good for all of us. Turn off autopilot I don't get the impression that many many people drive on autopilot so ch I include myself with that that has me involved and driving for example a lot the car a little also what jobs do I drive and of course i have to sometimes step back in consciousness to think the last quarter of an hour you were driving on autopilot i dont know anything else just done it just works and thats also important for us to survive so its important that we keep going on autopilot that we don't drive against trees or cross the road without looking and getting hit or other things that are dangerous is just to be understood or that's how I understand it this legal approach is a shame because we didn't even realize it for a quarter of time because I somehow get somewhere and notice it or go there I have it now it's deleted that has happened to me unfortunately often too you can be the fed, please also say that it's ok because after In a quarter of an hour you manage to come back to full attention.
That often sounds like mindfulness. What's good about it? You can eat with attention that really what you have on the plate in front of you that you see the color the smell of the windows in your mouth is really something that melts in your mouth and if you don't do that during the whole meal then I understand that it's ok too just these little moments just like breathing 18 a minute and you're with yourself she says it's coming home that sounds she almost never does it will be total yes and only because we want to have talked about anger or what happens in this chapter this stop for a moment before i hit back or scream or hurt back this breathing is really a big thing because in the end it's so simple i don't have to i don't have to see myself flowing through the lighting you do or something i just have to pay attention to myself breath so bring me back to this I inhale I exhale and I'm with myself and not with the other person and I have to react in some way That's what I was very worried about as well.
In fact, it is very simple for everyday life. There are very simple exercises. They are very simple approaches. I think we need them and we wouldn't be able to do them. like this simple series. So the title is already there. It is often very difficult in everyday life, we know that, but in the end they are very simple exercises for every moment of life, just to reconcile, for example, I think peopleforgiving apologizing is one of the hardest things in the world for many and that's why the title is so nice and because it makes you realize that yes it can be easy and the simple way it works describes the thing with the house on calls.
Great, you run after the arsonist, deal with what triggers it, and in fact, we all know that anger is often not really triggered by it. h towards us a lot how we react is that buttons are pressed that also come out of us a little exactly and the trick is now how we always remember that's because I thought about it again yesterday that's how it is and then I have had this photo for myself that's why not at home actually you always start the day doing some physical exercises for me there are five tibetans there i read a book i think that 30 years ago i started with that they take me through life like that and they don't just put physical exercises in quotes, it's a ritual and You practice that or you practice it for yourself every day and that's how it becomes everyday and that's how the body remembers each cell of the body that's why it's always present and I think that's the serious art or that is, let me practice it every day and if it's 30 seconds but I Everyday you keep reminding yourself to go back to Rathmann if I do I think for weeks or months then you internalize it somehow and then at some point there is an inter breaker that goes off automatically before you get scared or before you go crazy or in stress and even then that's ok that's also what the budget approach encompasses this is so ok because only god today i'm particularly agitated again, but I take it and at the time it was already different with the situation. another very very nice thing that signaturen said on this topic yeah just talk and since i would like to have access to it all the time anyway i would like to read it as a little of we have that also works on these kinds of emotions and again in a different way because for me today it really is that I think if everyone understands it, then it goes more or less g but when a storm comes it stays for a while and then an emotion goes away it does the same thing it comes and stays for a while then an emotion goes away it's just an emotion we don't die of an emotion we are much more than an emotion when it is like this when you notice that an emotion arises it is very important that you sit in a stable position or lie down then focus your attention on your stomach the Your head is like the top of a tree in a storm I would not stay here Direct your attention to the trunk of the tree, an area where stability is felt as you inhale and exhale deeply aware of life and thought.
Much of your abdominal wall remains simply focused on your breathing in this sitting or lying position in a way that a person only in the open ocean would cling to their life jacket after emotions have dissipated for a while, that's oh wonderful because we call it out and such emotion is so overwhelming that we can't imagine at that moment that it's going to go away again it's so encompassing and then we think we have to let it out and let out the aggression everything that we just said and I keep thinking that once we you phrase that again a nice different way to make it clear hey this is this moment and it will pass it was just a little look away you lent your voice to the bananas you lent your voice to many others as an audiobook host there you are a form of expression the voice as an actor comes with facial expressions the movement the camera follows me what are the differences for you so what are the challenges for one or the other there are huge differences ferences and there are enormous parallels, which is undoubtedly one of the most important differences, is that when I speak a titan ein text, then it is about saying against this pure breath and uma Leave one of your negative feelings so that you do not let it and as an actor I have to do the exact opposite, I have to get to the epicenter of the feelings, which is sometimes very exhausting, sometimes exhausting, sometimes unpleasant because you naturally delve into the dark side of your personality because I can only express something that I have inside me I can't I can't be someone else that's it I have a misunderstanding of the acting profession from which you can only get out of yourself your own emotions your fears of your own jealousy your own negative feelings like hate like in everything there is and you have to pull from that and bring it calmly, depending on what the role demands or needs without being overwhelmed by it in private, which is sometimes not so easy, but lue go there are such techniques for a titan text is of course something completely different there is like a no matter if that the image is very good because sometimes it is called a slide when a text has a good depth and in Japan it has more depth, of course, and it's also well written stylistically, so I don't really have to do anything, so I sit in the studio and I don't even notice how an hour goes by and another hour goes by, so I sit on a slide and just slide down down and it's so influential that it's really cool.
Otherwise, I think there are huge parallels in the end, it's all about storytelling. or say something to people, whether you do it on film on stage in an audiobook and whether it's a novel or a nonfiction book or a life guide or a reading or an audio playback, in Actually there are always stories that you tell and people tell stories that hopefully they will tell touch because somehow they recognize themselves in everyday situations and say oh god me too or yes god if so I never have luck that's what is touching and it doesn't make much difference if it's a text mantek nattan or a hamlet or a movie i always focus on telling the truth in quotes that you don't have the sorry that he is an actor but that is happening right now or that someone refers to me that is so demanding how much do you feel nathan because when you speak he is complete I think that if I did not go through it completely at that moment or on the contrary, if someone penetrates me, then I cannot transmit it in a credible way and that is behind, those are also the moments in which I am f eliz because I feel something is merging, something of me with the text that I am allowed to say, if that was really that later hours don't flow together and then at some point you create power and where maybe you should have one now take a break but you're completely absorbed in it that's in vienna maybe it's stupid but i had a bit of that and exhaustion 6 m/s behind a white man of course still a feat of strength two or two and a half cds they're closed on a day like that talk and do it in such a way that you get the feeling that i'm fully aware that you're done after in a good way yes and the things you do are miles away you were recently seen at a crime scene, so I think he got a nosebleed and then you talk about how peaceful Hungary is in general yeah yeah that's it on the one hand he's probably already satisfied that's the schizophrenic thing about this job I know it's important that we adopt new our emotions and that it is important that we go through life with mindfulness and that we treat each other with mindfulness and that, on the other hand, people have to present themselves in situations where it's a good thing I didn't experience it because I don't want to Putting myself in a situation like this, when you say that you are violating others, in a moment you are going to violate yourself or you are going through life. like a tough businessman but still my job is exciting for you too so counting these facets of our humanity with all our strengths and weaknesses because I think it's important that we tell them because they are there.
I also believe that everything is in us, even if titanium continues to point to this peaceful side, it cannot be denied, so we are good, we have tried, maybe we also feel like supplanting others, surpassing them, this pursuit of performance to to be better than others I think it's deeply human that it's in us we have totally natural too maybe raised or had the feeling of growing up we need that to affirm ourselves and so on But I think it's all built into being human so there is also a sentence like man is a wolf to man or something like that.
That is awesome. Sometimes there are also experiments like in people from whom you would never have expected it, maybe one arises the aggressive potential and can be fed, of course, the other can also be fed in the best sense, that is, to find the peaceful side. but certainly not denying that we look the other way i think titan calls it watering like that i can plant the seed of water wrath or i can western the seed of compassion or whatever love love and i think i absolutely believe that's true if i deal with negative thoughts every day so better talk about my negative aspects and give them a lot of attention then i make them grow and that doesn't work for me only with the individual me if it works it works in societies that work against each other in entire nations you can influence people to such an extent that you influence them more negatively or positively I am firmly convinced that there are always efforts to influence people in a negative way I know that fear can also govern how it can be guided very dangerously and there is a very important point to say, so it is always my concern to raise awareness on social networks or train people and say believe that everything does not immediately jump to training or on that emotional train someone posts a photo and it's supposedly someone hurting someone or something else this holds you back first take a deep breath maybe it's all fake anyway don't always jump on everything right away that has a lot to do with awareness and that is a great concern for me because something in the world to put what makes it grow sometimes the other is enough with irrigation I think it is a very beautiful image, so if you take it with you and you always think about it ok what seeds i want in me then you know to remember it again we don't need to think about it we often don't think about it but then it's as simple as a little plant i would like to b rill today I would add exactly which one you would like to place today , maybe the coffee plans we would also like to experience the little friends it was taken care of consciously wanting to meet you just told me what it is like when all this person slips into different roles and also you you experience yourself in situations and emotions that you don't otherwise love in your everyday life, so what do you take from all these things that you experience in your private life into your everyday life of the positive things?
I will definitely take something with me. I always record our ticker. I take something with me every day in the studio that usually keeps me busy for days or something that gets me through life. I take it, but I can also take something from a role because if I play a self-assured man and a businessman, for example, then I think I can do it in that moment, I pose terribly convincingly, which I myself am in awe of. how successful I am as a businessman and then in my day to day life I come back to all the doubts and not so great self confidence which then comes out of some corner and oddly enough it helps to know but if you can play it then maybe you can also be in everyday life then just be sure of yourself and something you call that energy that already with that can of course also happen with negative things that a role that has a lot of potential for violence it's very very frustrating very scary it takes a lot of strength and you have to shake off something at night which I sometimes find very exhausting but part of the job of course I can also wonder what I would like to know is there something so I also consciously Over and over again I consciously decide the roles or decide not to say I think I want that n I don't play anymore.
I have done it very often and I don't want to bring it back to the world or postpone it. I think that's legitimate too, but it's generally true at work that you always have to scratch yourself. your own limits that's my claim i think if i reach our limits then we don't know where they are or where they are where they are tomorrow maybe where they were yesterday if they were postponed and then i can also submit a ticket like that then i don't need it where i don't read at all if i'm not ready to say i'll try it because so far i haven't managed to do it so far i've always been cheated i get mad right away if i don't say i want to but i want to do it differently then also sometimes don't try at all You talked about limits and sometimes you thought about it.
Do I want a role like that? still in roles you had reached your limits where you could have said you have now i said and read it so i know i did at least one theater production here at the residenztheater in munich it was great for sure but i would turn down a role like that today i wouldn't I would do it myself because it was the first time a role that crossed the line that damaged me personally I had the impression that it had damaged me personally in the two months of rehearsals and I don't know if the viewers who watched for three quarters of an hour were enthusiastic about it. the quality of how it was done, but they were still completely exhausted after I naturally wondered if we have to do this to these people and we have to do this to ourselves because we play the game that we have to put it out in the world because that's a constant to take into account to say that asactor I really want to put that in the world, the piece is written, but you have to put it back in the world in three-dimensional form, or that Untermann would prefer not to and there are things that I don't think he would do anymore today, to be honest, sometimes I I feel like that sometimes I think if there are really great movies that are somehow cured and I know it was very brutal there or something, it would grab me so much that I say I don't want to watch them at all, I don't want to plant them on my conscience, even though many they say yes but it's high quality and it's a movie you have to see i have to think about where you describe it and they hurt themselves we often do that in life too you felt that way on paper and there it marks to Nathan again. who gives you hope saying you can heal you can heal you will experience healing and you can decide which waters you want to say and which you don't you can also decide you are the self confident businessman d you don't always have to be a jerk so too he can be a good guy and a fair and successful businessman we often get the image that there is a coldness and something can't be right if someone is so successful that is also true so because money is a little iffy success is iffy actually its totally fine as long as we treat each other right yeah and we live in a time where boredom is on the rise thats what really worries me and boredom is but by that in the valais march appears with an incredible self-confidence with a naturalness to lie to insult others later or to name certain certain presidents I mean that it is increasing these days and I think it is important that the wise silences We or those who strive to be another, better person who try to be more aware through live who will also show themselves more present in society by openly saying I do it differently I think that is very important because we have to do something to counteract that these days so you can't get into them withdraw from your own four walls and i would say it's so good that you do it i think you have to go outside and try to live there too start a conversation with the people and say hello, take a deep breath, yes absolutely clear and Buddhism saying yes basically through this very practice that they did and the monks who lived and love with them by practicing this sprinkle the seeds of peace back into the world but in his life he has really experienced everything you can imagine and maybe he doesn't experience what he was in exile since the mid 1960's, around after the vietnam war, experi the vietnam war came up and i have to think about something, namely there he and his brothers think about it, so do you sit in the monastery all day and meditate on this big thing, or should we go out and help people and they said that we do both and he called it engaged buddhism that's exactly this and now later he also traveled to spread his teachings and also appeared on talk shows and in the end you could say hey is he becoming a pop star now or maybe it's a good thing because it reaches people somehow? the embassy and you have to meet people where they are and if they watch certain channels or if they use certain media if we do it with social media then you have to go there and there you also have to pick them up there? the reasons why I am also a bum on this instagram, although that is no longer my age group because I found out that on facebook young people actually did not want to approach my savings with my idea, I can no longer find them there and I give I realize that this world is somehow strange to me and I still try how can you with these short times messages that you can still give something how you can achieve them how you can bring something into the world and I think you have to do it you have to expose yourself to certain things or enter in a certain form of advertising that you would otherwise do there are others who may not spread such good philosophies and do not apply to the right things not the right things better you and I would probably do one thing with so many different projects we think like that we think and talk a lot like today we talk too much, but that, in the nature of things, is close to saying that mindful breathing is a practice of not thinking and not talking and if we manage to do it or the first time then we can enjoy everything from taking a shower to gardening our ability to be happy will increase also it is a great brake in our hectic time how did we come to not think and not speak? that's right yeah permanently in our heads i think you can't get away with not thinking anyway thinking i have to stop thinking now that's quite a wrong approach the parts have enough examples or exercises on how to make it easier to do from other ways so agreeing to think again of course and it's okay to think it's also okay to close your eyes to say I'm going to stop for 5 minutes, turn off and of course it's going on there and that's what's going on, in You actually have flashes of thought but don't judge yourself for it or think I have to stop thinking but focus on your breathing focused and focused on going within yourself and then you get a moment of happiness and now I don't think I thought about Absolutely, now I've quit or now I've quit I think that's probably the only way you have as far as thinking is concerned talking is of course difficult in our town because we live by the fact of e that we talk a lot and sometimes I really feel the need not to speak if I have the feeling that I have a side lived a lot but I recorded six hours of audiobook that also this exhaustion that I mentioned before does not mean that I go to bed after it has a lot to see with my head and my voice that I just want to go for a walk or sit somewhere and drink coffee and not talk not communicate and that has to be so because then I have to create a counterweight that also has me I am so fascinated now in the documentary about the firm.
I have seen so many places again and we still live, so I live in Munich, in the spa city. You too are many and that is a different house number. very very dangerous we are exposed to too much noise too much yes just just noise the problem is of course those of us who live in cities in metropolitan areas can hardly avoid it we only have the chance to say we are getting into inner silence or we walk through the english garden and just say hey it's unbelievably quiet here although it's probably a lot quieter somewhere else in the world and but that's very important I feel like this quite often so I did it myself after the presentation and colleagues.
I always like to go out for a drink and things like that and I am more of someone who tells you that you will go for a walk the next round because that was so much expressing yourself going outside so much communication so many emotions so much exaltation just going out that later I have the feeling of that i would like to go back a lot and not communicate at all and also totally fine i think we have made it give in to such feelings when we consciously perceive them what a wonderful balance that dudek nathan left 74 yards and audio books and all of which are beautiful in you and you remember that moment in which you were so elated that you really have 1000 beautiful tools in hand to find it again that's right, so when I looked at it again I thought or I would like to be in this retreat in this place and I also think that it is very good for all of us to search these moments of tranquility also Externally still and at the same time it has sharpened my awareness again that I can always get it by brief moments d through these techniques through this focus so again no matter what makes me aware breathe eat walk everything serves to get out of this thought carus and everything always flickers and rattles and fireworks this focus to think about it too will be in this podcast series there is also a conversation partner who is not if jens corssen who i have worked with often before also has such a nice method the bag is totally old school puts the card on your mirror what they tell you too this remember describes best he asks how I would like to start the day today or a nice saying that will become the motto one day he has something like that I think it is a very nice day of welcome I greet you with everything you will bring me today and that too includes I accept the me with everything you bring me today, we are already aware that you may be stuck in a traffic jam or that the Rheiner will give way or you lose your phone cell phone or you get very angry when it really happens because you have this possibility this welcome is already taken into account it is always a great thing and so that everyone can think of a nice phrase to start the day in the mirror and then really take it in hand and say it short and there is also a good exercise to end the day is this write five positive things of the day there are days that you are in such a good mood and everything is happening so much that you can easily find ten things, but there are also days that are too gloomy days when it is much harder for you and yet somehow you manage to put five things together it may be the smallest things it may be the smile you gave the neighbor even though you're actually no good no matter what may be, you somehow ate 2 oranges that day and you're pretty happy even though you're not.
I quit smoking and those are things like he always puts five things together and I also think it's great exercise. You would often recommend it to friends who are mentally challenged because I said hey you need something where you feel positive about yourself which is a positive lining otherwise I would have to have a positive foundation in life are you beautiful today or what did I do well and then to praise you and be that you have to did something and you can read that again the next morning something happened yesterday i thought it wasn't a good day yeah and maybe say thank you one step further and then you come up with the greatest things, for example, thank you dear heart for continuing to beat and living with me all day today thank you feet that you carried me that may seem a bit silly at first, but this me -evidence with which we are also physically healthy that is also something that you only notice when you get sick or someone close to you gets sick which means there really is something every day we can be thankful for too think about it think about it yeah but it's good we're only human little Human beings forget that too. gladly again in everyday life, but for this reason it is also good if there is always some kind of impulse from the outside that reminds us that it is back later.
I have another nice thing because of the hectic pace. The sycamores said all the gold. this place we ran a lot but we didn't get there there is a song we like to sing i have arrived i am home mindfulness always means arriving here and now wonderful i try to think about it when i go to the neighbor and back they try and try again to get to the platform with the elevator with pinpoint precision but there are only two possibilities either you go to the os earlier and you are totally happy you were as relaxed as i was today also more like a shutdown come today but five minutes earlier i was here at the door of this study and I thought, oh, are you relaxed or you just get there and you miss the subway or you're two minutes late? t and then let it go to our goalkeepers they recognize me yes I'm there from the last minute but I'm there I think there is nothing in between and in between until I arrive I suffer as a team then I'm on the road and I think Now I want to hug the person I left immediately and say I'm so honk again.
I didn't do that but until I can say that it will take time until I get there and I suffer these ten minutes or fifteen minutes endlessly until I get over this moment and then I see the person who catan says about this by the way which is also great what i'm looking now so it's not too late but to keep apologizing for this i think that's really great and i'll tell you now before i find it in the books please read it out loud i should write behind my ears and really learn something from him first listen to that little chapter means to forgive everyone they make mistakes but you can with me don't ask people to forgive you over and over instead of saying sorry i texted you you should practice no yelling so much instead of a quick apology you should make a serious effort to take the time to look for the causes of your recognition behavior yes Herbert now we can talk about why not why it happened to us this to the two of us who left too late we'll spare the listeners that or we'll spare them that I think the tick because you're kinda different things bis krasseren dinge means people who maybe have a bad temper and like to let their feelings run free people milling around and coming in five minutes later saying sorry it's all great but if that happens to you every day you will at some point i say i think you should work on your unit now and it's not always all that would further the long term goal i see it the same way you do and so we can do it really well we'll take a look at titan again from the booklet just reconcile that i would also like to mention in passing that there are wonderful little books that you you can definitely put it in your jacket pocket they are so wonderfulthat you can always have them with you as a little reminder support we talk about them how we always remember we can both i think i recommend these little books gladly try just love and there is another whole series of titles like this always having one with you is a great thing and just for reconcile now we have


schäfer with the chapter speak with love so now I will speak with love listening with understanding and speaking with love are doors that help us out of the most difficult situations when we have listened with feeling we can nurture loving sp using mathematics to restore communication and understanding then we will know what we can and cannot say so as not to make the situation worse speaking with love means speaking in a way that inspires joy, hope and trust in the other our words water the healing seeds in ourselves and in the other person there is no anger or judgment or blame we calm down before expressing esan what is in our hearts and we choose our words carefully so that the other accepts them and understands us better we can every time we speak lovingly speak often anger and resentment prevent us from speaking lovingly when we know that we are damaging our relationship when we speak from the energy of anger to speaking with love is a very important tool to build a relationship or a community that is a safe and healthy sanctuary for all to there is also a very nice illustration of a person who is showing the flowers with a watering can the beautiful flowers He also says in my words that each one of us is, so to speak, a flower in the garden of this world and that everyone has to be watered.
He also has an example of a couple who were with him at the retreat in the south of France and while speaking the wife cried all the time and then she approached her husband and said my friend I think there must be a flower so this is this man reconqu seen with his wife crying in a car across the country they took their time for the return trip and talked affectionately to each other and so they returned radiant and happy and even the children were surprised at how good the parents were we did it because he understood that she has to do something now to give her flower the right food that's also something she did she says everything we say and also what we hear is food and when we come back with hate speech and it's and tomorrow and so on then we take the negative again the misfortune if we don't think only of the other person I think that's all too if we talk then we would also have something negative in us and probably also sadness and dissatisfaction and everything and we honor ourselves by saying something nice to someone else also giving something of ourselves about food I think it's wonderful that it occurs to me now I also read the last one in the newspaper about the bums sitting in the house I've been asking for money we all know this photo and now at Christmas I think bad conscience is always particularly big one thinks here I am dealing with this situation myself but I don't want to go now and give something or I don't want to have to stop every time and a person without home probably said that the bad thing is not that give people a mix the bad thing is that we do not look at you, they pretend that you are not there and I could totally understand that it is good together you too I do not have time now and I do not have small change or I have now too I just don't feel like looking at someone and saying something or being like that and that's the way things are right now I think there's so much more to people at that moment than if you carelessly throw away bucks on anger that's appreciating how a person can express themselves by looking at someone correctly or speaking with love as well as what you just read and nature also writes about the opposite if we do something different if we offend someone what long-term consequences it will have that i can really have and i would also like to hear that from me again teaching and healing communication is what makes our relationships alive sometimes a single cruel statement can be the reason another person suffers for years and we suffer for years too years in a state of anger or hate lets say maybe poison some of the destructive we swallow something poisonous sometimes it can stay for a long time they affect us and slowly kill our relationship we may not even know what we have said or done that has poisoned the relationship, but we have the antidote conscious, compassionate and loving communication, love, respect and friendship cannot survive without being nurtured with mindfulness we can create thoughts, words and actions that are closer to our relationships and through which they can grow and prosper.
Of course, I already heard the counterargument. Many say yes, you have to let that out. it's clear if lbst doesn't agree, so if you capture it this way, as he also describes it, focusing with your breath and that's not necessary, in his eyes it doesn't have the effect that any kind of transformation brings when you let out anger and box something. I find it difficult, so I find letting this out and growing where it can also have its effect. whoever says that is, not only makes me even angrier, it actually just makes me even more aware of the anger because possibly there's still something silent in me that honors it and I don't know how to do it now either.
I'm like an actor and I just have to deal with these emotions, but I know from practical experience that the doors that power is open here in the first place, so if I open any doors in my personality and it's the ugly doors or the ones with good content in the room then these doors are open and if I have to deal with them for weeks, say from a play that already does something to you, that's why I personally think it's not really effective to hit the pillow with a baseball bat because I think you don't just open a door and maybe it's better to leave this door behind: everything has its energy and then there's exactly this energy present, so in that sense, I see it more like tina days.
I would say that it is better to deal with other energies or, of course, it should not be forgotten if people go through life. decades in such a way that always Of course, if you just feed your frustration, there is incredible potential and there may be many So it is not right to hit the pillow to get rid of what I have accumulated over the years, I think the best thing would be to say that I don't want to accumulate it, I don't want to go through life like this. I want to go through life with a much more positive approach to walking which I think is definitely healthier in the long run and also better for others, that's also very important to remember that we can make a decision because of this frustration that you're describing.
Many want to feel that feeling good is coming from their victim. Someone told me that in fact the whole world is rich, beautiful and happy, but I am not, and so finally the awareness of being able to make the decision to focus on the good seeds and water them, that we have the option to decide what that's just the way it is so i'm strict about that too which for example people who have drug problems look at because i saw it from my own experience when my father was a heavy alcoholic and n of course it's the bottle in the one that was thrown is that he did not have sex with you and he raped you with it so that you would drink he is seven and he put it in his mouth he did it himself the content that is one that was the decision-making process why did he continue to take that decision I don't know there were phases where it wasn't made and then my father was a very loving father who cooked for the girls and then the moment this other side that he obviously got involved with decided to give the other side the upper hand again , he left e either rioted or did something else and i think we are so autonomous thats how he was responsible unless we dont have legs and cant walk anymore then we can no one says you have to run but if we are healthy and someone says let you drink and it seems like you are doing it differently live your life differently then you can is what we do it is my firm belief that it certainly is not easy and failure is always part of our story but i think you can do it another way way for me it was so i decided as a child i don't want to become like that even though i had a good role model in that sense but i wanted it that way you didn't play the roles you experienced with your father yeah i'm working on something there too, i think i have something i can play drunk very well although i'm drunk maybe a pin maybe a little fancy from time to time but i'm never drunk i can play very well drunk i also know why and i like It's nice to work on it in the papers because it also has a funny element to this I know where I can laugh a lot about it, for example with alcoholics and generally with people who have been drinking this is tearful, the world is to blame for my suffering , what I say always surpassed and that was amazing fun because you can tell your baby it's not worth it first sober and do it differently and then this feeling is now gone too he has some crying inside which I that I can really only have a good mood from today if you can do that kind of thing well so funny that the viewers are scared in any case they know and humor yes it definitely helps always just always helps the corner of your mouth up and send a signal to the brain your own brain and the other person's brain definitely these remind you to focus the simplest way like teak and rattan he describes is that you breathe you just breathe and now please listen to it again from here just as he describes how viruses and really only think about breathing by the way it's also one of the principles in acting that as an actor you learn and I also hear over and over the words of an actress breathing is very important if you hold your breath you can't play a good part then don't let it go still breathing in i know i breathe out breathing i know i breathe out the air enters my body the air leaves a body they are these little exercises that both in audiobooks and in There are also always books that you can do in everyday life on the go and in the office in the car anywhere I really like them too sometimes it's just four parts exactly and it's for that's what we often think we should learn to meditate oh my gosh, and then exactly what you just described happens, you sit there and think about the fact that you still have something to buy and then done i closed the door to my house and i have no idea what comes to my mind and i just breathe in and say i am aware i am inhaling and i say to the exhalation i am aware i am exhaling then my thoughts are kinda busy too and then you walk away a bit to see all the other things and then we go yeah what a wonderful thing namely what Catan says the journey back to ourselves begins with mindful breathing that is a place of longing for me being completely home and ashes you can do that especially as an actor even though you are on stage or in front of the camera and if you mean it to the outside world and express yourself you can be totally yourself and those are the moments when I'm always so happy because I have the feeling I don't believe it anymore I don't control it anymore I just do it and then even though I appear outwardly I'm probably completely with myself and therefore very truthful or authentic and much more convincing for people, it only becomes really clear to me in the last few years that work both breathing and being with yourself also has a lot to do with my work so if you always think you have to create something artificially in order to count something then you are very far from really touching people, what do you have?
Almost like that, to say the least, this podcast in this series is always about my conversation partner's personal feeling of happiness, now you've got a little. i started with what is happiness for me herbert happiness is freedom for me and freedom is for me to be able to decide for myself what i do, if i do a job or if i say i have to slow down for a while do less and just just going for a walk to have freedom for me is an incredible feeling of happiness when I have the freedom to say that I can walk in the woods without feeling like I am in a hamster wheel it is an incredible feeling of happiness but it can also be to me what i used to say before i briefly describe it but when i utter a tick nathan book and i get the feeling the hours fly by and it's this slide that works the sliding nerves are absolute it's like being high so and that's really a happy feeling or just in front of the camera or something to play on stage and remember oh ok it happened that can be a real happy feeling pa For me, I think it's luck and, of course, having a great job, I think it's a great job, I feel like it's a privilege to be able to do something like that with something like no in order to earn money and that I'm also healthy if I do. what you said before sometimes i think to my omg how lucky to say thank you many more tips and suggestions for a conscious lifestyle and everything that has to do with it The topics of mindfulness, healthy eating, work-life balance can be simply find at Ganz


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