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Guy In VRchat Talks About Ex Girlfriend (ft. RubberNinja & Mr.Wobbles)

Mar 31, 2024
um I looked for an extra in class and asked her for her phone number to be like a study buddy because it was like a really shitty class. I got the email from her and then we started talking to you know, Alesi, then I got her and her phone number. She started texting me all the time and she always said crazy things. I didn't really pay attention to anything about her. I was like anything. I don't even think he was ever going to like her. What crazy things would that be? just be random she'd be like yeah my family my dad does meth or she's like she's living in my car right now lol it's like wild not just as a friend are you okay but I mean obviously , there have been some bad years, but You know, last year was pretty tough, but this year is off to a good start so far.
guy in vrchat talks about ex girlfriend ft rubberninja mr wobbles
I feel very positive about it. What happened last year. I got divorced and it was a bummer and I finally got to a point where she was kind of trusting. In me there are a lot of things like she broke up with her boyfriend because he was abusive and her parents lost their house or were losing their house, so she was like living in a house that was being foreclosed and it was really hectic and her father was crazy. and her mom didn't know what to do, it was just this whole wild thing, man, and I didn't really pay much attention to it now, like yeah, you're going to be okay because she had a job and she was.
guy in vrchat talks about ex girlfriend ft rubberninja mr wobbles

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guy in vrchat talks about ex girlfriend ft rubberninja mr wobbles...

I was going to be an accountant and she was going to make like five thousand dollars a month, pretty much from the beginning, you know, I like her for three months, we were always talking during finals week, I like to invite her to study and then she came and it was great. I'm pretty sure I showed her Naruto because she had never seen anime and I was like dude, I had to show you the gnar, you know? And yet she ended up sleeping with you, it's really impressive. Honestly, I have a weird vibe in my game, but it works.
guy in vrchat talks about ex girlfriend ft rubberninja mr wobbles
You know, you know, I pulled the arm, you know, you know the arm, of course, yes, the arm sounds like an annoying topic, I know and there are many people who It hurts me a lot when they find out that we are no longer together, but they know that Sometimes these things happen guys, you just know it and I like to think that's one of the most important pieces of advice I can give people when it comes to relationships. I see so many friends who get into relationships and base their entire relationship on self-esteem compensation and then when you know that if it is not dissolved effectively everything becomes chitta, it will not be sad but at the same time you know if you feel that everything related with your self-esteem comes from a relationship, you're going to set yourself up for a lot of pain, so I think you need to love yourself first and foremost and that's what I always say, you know, it was great, you know?
guy in vrchat talks about ex girlfriend ft rubberninja mr wobbles
We started hanging out more after that. I took her on a cool date where you get really drunk and paint. It's like a wine palette. A popsicle shop where you get really drunk and then paint yourself like a jug. There is an instructor who teaches you. how to paint and they have all the paint for you and all the wine and stuff so you get really drunk and we did it, it was a lot of fun. I started getting weird the moment we started getting closer like that, you know, she said, yeah. Like she wanted to stay the night and then she stayed the night, but then she left at like 5 a.m. and I was kind of taken aback, you know, I feel like I have this big problem because I was on YouTube for two and a half years straight or something like that.
I wasn't intimate with any person on earth as I was always working really hard and if I had the opportunity to go out with people or have a social gathering, I thought no, I'm just going to pay attention to YouTube, that is. everything I'm really looking for now is fine, I just want to be intimate with someone and have them stay the night and know the little things and, like you know, take them to my favorite breakfast place, like a breakfast place, hold their hand and that all the little ones like them. Things matter and she never told me that, so yeah, I don't know, everyone will inherently develop personality traits that they have unconsciously adopted from their parents, and trying to be aware of those inherited personality traits actually helps.
You advance as a person and become your own person. My mom has a very kind personality. I love her to death, but you know she's very willing to get it. I am a person who has a lot of control and she always was. I love her to death like that, but she's out of her mind, she's always so radiant like that, well, she always has to be in control of any situation, like we were trying to play D&D with her and she was like, "So, are you doing this?". Things are actually part of the game like she can't stand the fact that someone is telling her something is happening, you know, that level where she has to be in control, which is fun in digital, let's leave it at that. the next generation. a day to hug someone voyeur.
I do voice acting on the side. I do voice acting for video games, so it's like doing your mom in a game. Have you ever played my mom in a game? Who is this man? Fast forward about a week or two we started going out a lot more we went out like four or five times that week there are all these red flags that now that I'm over it I understand there were red flags like she did it I always like to be very sketchy about when she can come and if I wanted to hang out on a certain day, she would promise me she could and then I would let it.
She could win me over with plans as if they always failed. We were supposed to spend New Year's Eve and I got tickets to a show and it was going to be sick and she ditched me to go Uber her friends and I thought that was weird but I thought whatever is stupid like her. She was going to be the DD. Did you know her friends? No identification. She never introduced me to anyone. I don't know anyone in her life. You usually unconsciously try to look for partners that mimic the relationship she saw growing up. You may not even be aware of it, but if you think about it very deeply in your heart, you will actually discover that there are certain aspects of the relationship that you passively pursue that might be a reflection of what you grew up with some people that might not be. able to see it, some people can and I found that I was a little more relaxed and willing to let things be handled by someone else and you know that shouldn't be how it should take. a little bit of initiative and then on top of that I found out that my mom has a very type A personality.
I look for that in people like that, that's something you passively snuck out on, you're fine, well that's how things are supposed to be. relationships, it is not. You should really look for what you want, not what you lack, all of January was great, you know, we dated, she started working, we started having a schedule, we started doing things with each other, it was fun, I was great, you know? I started to get a little more intimate and she would come and sometimes she would stay quite late but then she would always leave, but there are always weird excuses, man, like there was one night where she was like, yeah, like my mom was cooking for me. a steak.
I'm like it's 2:00 a.m. m. What are you talking about? She is a boy. I have to go home. My mom will freak out if I don't go to dinner like it's 2:00 a.m. m. What are you talking about? It was just strange, it was like there was obviously something going on. I started to always doubt her and made this joke that she was with her other boyfriend all the time. Oh, you're going to go hang up your other boyfriend. I thought it was like a joke, my first relationship didn't end either - cool, I'm not going to talk about that, but I found out that they cheated on me and that was a bummer, but you know, when you are when you are, yeah, I think I did a There are a lot of mistakes in that relationship and I really like completely incompatible people, but too young to say it, you know, I feel like when you're younger, you're going to take the first thing that comes your way and say, oh, this is great.
Someone is really tied up and wants to touch me like that. This is great, but you know you don't look at it logically and think: Is this person right for me? You're just kind of excited that someone cares about you, you know? That you handled it well? I was young, I was like 19, you know, I wasn't really emotionally mature, I definitely, I cried a lot, I definitely, I think I probably hit a wall and it was really hard, you know, like he wasn't in front of her obviously because I came like 5th February. I was actually recording a virtual reality chat video and everything was fine and she wanted to come and she was very sexual with me, she started getting very sexual with me suddenly like last week she was super, suddenly she was crazy about it and that was cool and that night she texted me all this weird stuff and then she just stopped and recorded a vr chat video and i get it.
I get a phone call and it's some guy meaning like who the hell is this? who is this? and I say, are you Batman? It's my name Austin, buddy, what's up? He said, yeah, yeah, Austin, and hung up and then she started texting me. all those crazy things that guys like and she was like, listen, you shouldn't pick up the phone to people you don't know, she was like that, what do you expect when that happens? She started going crazy, she started being like Austin like me. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry, like everything's fine, everything's fine, don't worry, just don't pick up the phone, don't pick up the phone.
I text him like all of you. If you don't call me now like I'm going to block your number like this is a sketch then she called me and said yes I've been living with my boyfriend the whole time we've been dating her. My boyfriend's parents house, how crazy to me, I was a psychiatrist, wow, she lied through her teeth for like three months, man, she told me it was fine and I said it was fine, well, whatever you know , 5,000 text messages passed over the course of like three days, well, she didn't sleep and I didn't sleep and I was going crazy.
She was very depressed and very sad and she didn't know what the hell she was doing and then her boyfriend called me and I said, dude. Like what did you do on New Year's Eve and he was like oh yeah, I took her out to eat and like you know, we did, we like it, you know, I said, Have you been around all the time? Have you been having sex all the time? I kind of went out with her and he was like, yeah, I was like, "Everything went well." She always told me that you were abusive and he said that I was abusive in the past, but not like the dish.
I said okay and then she started playing like both of us. Phillips, she would like to text me and say I'm not talking to him anymore and then she would text him and tell him I'm not talking to Austin anymore and she was going crazy, man, and she kept going trying to play both fields. while he and I would just like to talk about it, definitely not get into any relationship again, but you know, I definitely have an eye for red blacks, now you know, I just think it comes with time and experience, you just start to Notice things like one thing that I highly recommend, highly recommend is that if you go to Google and just type in science, I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship, right? and you will get items for a fourteen year old girl if my boyfriend is emotionally abusive he said he was going to kill me if he killed I'm sorry you left me it's like yeah, you're an emotionally abusive relationship if someone says you get the part of basically what I'm saying is yes As an adult, even in your twenties, read an article intended for a fourteen-year-old girl.
You will find that there are patents of emotional abuse present in these articles for fourteen year old girls that are applicable to someone. in a twenty-something relationship, I don't know, it's like I'm a lonely guy, it sucks because when I do YouTube and I'm really focusing on music and stuff and I'm also going to school full time, it's like I have time for nothing. I do not have time for anything. I'm even dating someone right now and it's like I'm all over the place still and I just like that it's just as valuable to me as having time with people and the way she was.
I kind of abused that so the whole time I was dating her there came a point where I had to start buying her things because she didn't have money to buy food or we could eat or she liked gas if she needed gas, like little things randomly here and Money comes in and out for me, so I'm so dull to myself that I never consider money to be something I really need to worry about too much. You know, I'm just as it comes. It goes in and out, so to me I thought, listen, let me start collecting and you have enough money.
I want my money back for all these things, so that's what I want. I want my money back. I like to hear, like if you have money now, I'd be a really good person if you paid me, you know, her boyfriend called me like five days ago about the kids at home, here's some things you should probably keep an eye out for. If you are in an abusive relationship and you should not accept any of this type of humiliating or shaming criticism that constantly puts you down, refuses to communicate, ignores you or excludes you. Provocative behaviors with other people with whom you are a mother, the person may feel competitivewith the use. sarcasm or unpleasant tone of voice, unreasonable jealousy, extreme bad mood, bad jokes constantly making fun of you saying I love you but I like it conditional love to make it like I really love you but you would look better if you were blank or you would look better if you did this you know like that that kind of thing is like really like negative love, saying things like you don't go blank, I go blank, obviously a good example would be threats of suicide, that kind of thing, domination and control, well, some people like that, nothing we're moving on about, withdrawing affection, making guilt trips. it's all your fault isolating yourself from your friends and family using money to monitor the constant calls or texts when you're not with him or her, so essentially just monitoring you threatening to commit suicide if you leave, that kind of thing Bruce Wayne's relationship with Alfred and he started asking me apparently this girl told him everything about me she told him where I live she told him everything she knows everything about me he knows my last name he knows where I live he knows who my roommates are he knows everything about our house he knows what car I drive and she wanted it, he told me the story of how she wanted him to document me online like she wanted to create bad intentions towards me online and he told me that and I just haven't talked to her since.

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