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Guide to the Yautja Clans

Jun 08, 2021
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. Before we get started, I'm just going to go over what I'm going to cover in this video so you know exactly what to expect. We'll start by exploring exactly what is meant by clan. clan how a clan is formed how an individual joins a clan the structure of a clan a clan status among the archer community interactions with other


and we will end up listing as many predator clans as I know, as well as some of their most notable members what is a clan a clan consists of a group of yangjia who often refer to each other as brothers while living and sometimes hunting together, although not all predators belong to a clan, some groups are highly respected while others are seen as Yaga dishonored who are banished by the rest of their species forming a clan, although there is no uniform way in which a clan is formed, some writers have suggested that it is determined by an individual rising through the ranks and taking the reins of a group existing or form the new one all together as a highly respected individual, other writers have implied that a lower-ranking individual can challenge the position of a leader similar to some marginalized animal communities, bad-blooded predators have also abandoned together to form their own new clans in order to increase their chances of survival against more traditional hunters by joining a clan the variety of literature available on Yaga has indicated that there are several ways to join a clan the most obvious ways to be born into a clan However, that does not mean that you will ascend to the rank of blood hunter, since some non-bloodthirsty individuals die during their initiation into hunting, individuals born in a clan can be brothers or related parents and children;
guide to the yautja clans
However, these relationships provide additional pressure as poor performances can embarrass the parent, who may be punished as a result. Some of the outsiders managed to enter clans after proving themselves to be worthy members. This can be achieved by challenging an existing member or champion of a clan. Finally, clans will even accept members of other species if they are impressed by their hunting and hunting skills. Machiko Nagashi was one of those humans. who received a shun des mark after helping him defeat a xenomorph queen the structure of a clan clans have a hierarchy of power the leader is usually the oldest and strongest individual who shares his power with his matriarchal mate below the leader of the Clan are your group of elites of which one will be selected by an elder to be next in line for the position of leader.
guide to the yautja clans

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guide to the yautja clans...

If a specific elite is not selected upon the death of the leader, this group will fight for dominance to determine the next leader. Ancients also have a valuable position within a group. However, the clan takes on a more spiritual mentor role for younger hunters, as well as advisors to clan leaders and elites. Some clans are believed to have a monarchy in which younger hunters demand much higher levels of respect than are accorded predators of the same age. Individuals may possess highly ornamental designs to indicate their royal status The status of a clan The status of a clan may also vary from one group to another, for example, bad blood clans have a low status within yatra society, while While other clans have legendary status due to the hunting prowess of their members, these high-ranking clans will often outrank and outperform other factions that interact with other clans, although clans tend to stick to their own, the Council of ancients can pit two clans unknowingly against each other to determine the strongest units in other cases where clans have divided.
guide to the yautja clans
Large-scale wars due to conflicting ideologies or blood feuds, if the occasion demands, clans may converge to engage in large-scale animal hunts or to defend their prime against outside threats. Finally, some individuals have moved from one clan to another or have collaborated with other clans for a time. period, this can be seen with Viper working with cracked fangs despite having his own snake clan. We will now explore the variety of known yogic lands. I will try to discuss as many clans as I am aware of, but inevitably there will be exclusions and it is not possible to include them all, so we will start with the jungle hunter clan.
guide to the yautja clans
Jungle hunters have a history of war with super predators. Its most notable members include the jungle hunter, the crucified predator, an unnamed jungle hunter from the AVP evolution, the yah-tchi warrior. from the same game and it is also possible that the MKX predator belonged to the same clan, since he looked a lot like the jungle hunter. The individual known as the Rogue Predator may also have originally belonged to this clan before joining another tribe in Los Angeles. hunting group also known as The Lost Tribe landed in Los Angeles in 1997 hiding their mothership beneath the city. This group was led by Grayback, however, only the city hunter participated in the hunt.
Its most notable members include the hunter of the city of Borg, the gray boar. Guardian Explorer. shaman snake that is or was also part of the snake clan, stalker and warrior, the isolated clan, the isolated clan, also known as the Antarctic clan, is a large cloud of predators that sent their bloodless individuals to Bouvet Island every 100 years. Members of this faction live isolated from other clans on a mountainous world with freezing temperatures. They have adapted bases with special spikes and thermal nets, as well as complete armor to live in these extreme conditions. Its best-known members include Skaar Celtic or Celtic, depending on how you want to pronounce it ancient chopper the super predator clan this exiled group of bad-blooded super predators were in conflict with a clan of jungle hunters who abducted and hunted other life forms on planets. of Game Preserve without adhering to traditional future honor codes, its most notable members include Berserker the Falconer, the tracker.
I'm also going to mention Night Storm here as he was the first thief who went rogue like bad blood and formed the super predator race, so he may actually be the creator of this clan, Gotham City's hunting party. , this clan landed in Gotham City between 1991 and 1997, its most notable members include Big Red, also known as samurai, predator, albino and wasp; However, it is very likely that there were some other members, including the individuals who fought with Batman in the comics, the Dark Blade clan. This highly powerful clan was famous for its advanced weaponry, but probably lost some prestige after Scarface.
He allowed his technology to fall into human hands. Scarface would later redeem himself and restore the honor of this clan. This elite faction possesses some of the most formidable Hunters who are equipped with the most powerful customized versions of traditional reactor weaponry. The most notable members of the Dark Blade clan are the long spear, the quick knife Scarface Stoneheart, and the eldest, the Youngblood group of BG 386. The Youngblood group was a group of five inexperienced yoga Youngbloods. who traveled to BG 386 to prove their worth by participating in a xenomorph hunt on the planet. This pack was made up of a group of five inexperienced Yoga Youngbloods who traveled to BG 386 to prove themselves by participating in a xenomorph hunt on the planets, however, all five members were killed.
Four of these individuals were anonymous predators. However, the most notable member was Klaw, the elite clan. The elite clan is a group of skilled fighters with legendary status that surpasses most other clans in rank and performance. They themselves were only subordinate to the Council of Ancients. Ruled by predator society as a whole, the clan was led by Spartans and would adopt young, pure predators who wished to prove themselves worthy of membership and carrying the title of elite. Most notable members include Spartan, the alien-headed predator, also known as snake hunter, dark hunter wolf. and at least one unnamed predator, the Sand Rat Clan, When Sandra California became infested with xenomorphs, the warrior arrived with Hunter to aid human soldiers Lynn Kurosawa and Major Dutch Schaefer in their battle for survival.
The most notable individuals of this clan include the warrior, also known as the tireless fighter hunter, also known as the Berserker. a mad predator who was an infected condition with bad blood duties and at least one unnamed predator who had a mask similar to that of the Celtx clan deshaun DS or pack deshaun day also known as broken fang had a powerful clan known for sowing xenomorphs to hunt them as part of the initiation. He looks for bloodless individuals, unfortunately, a large part of his clan died in Russia, where the clan's landing ship was destroyed. A young actor named Shindy became bad blood and took over the clan, and II would eventually regain power, but died fighting a xenomorph. queen before marking Michiko Noguchi as a blood warrior, this human would join the surviving members of the predator mothership as a new member of the clan.
Now please forgive me because I tried to pronounce some of these names, and a sparse waraqa, shindy a Siegen Michiko and agachi. Beck laters has another name that is very difficult to pronounce, but it seems that this group belonged to a larger clan that also included the buns and the Deshawn Dee packs, as far as I know, known members of this clan included Baek Lita. I'm sure there are other better Mars packs at some point, members of this group included Topknot Shorty Light Stepper-Stripes Michiko Noguchi, although she subsequently left this clan and two Stripes were banished as well.
Smiley's clan, this tribe of yes, Joel was carrying out xenomorph-related activities. an unknown world already colonized by a small group of humans emoticons the most notable member as the other still remains unnamed prince's clan this clan was led by the archer prince of the monarchy and operated in the early 23rd century in kirari lv1 2: 01 Known members of this clan include Prince, First Light Predator, Second Light Predator, First Heavy Predator, Second Heavy Predator, First POC Predator, Second POC Predator, Assault Predator and some unnamed dead printers found by Prince in the canyons near the capsules. The next clan name is extremely difficult to pronounce and might even sound like something else when I say it, so I hope I get it right, but it's the Tilly Klopse clan.
I apologize for that, correct me in someone's comments section, but this hybrid Yantra clan came to earth during the Viking Age. In order to hunt them as the most powerful warriors, the most notable members of this clan included Tilly clop shriek turaga Catan ooh. I apologize again for butchering all those names, but if you want to know more about those individuals, read the book or the story sleighs remain from the book if you bleed now my next clan appears in the same book as the previous one also from a story, but this time it's called revenge and this story is about an anaconda who pairs up with his companion Barghouti to visit land to find and kill Sloane, a former marine and ranger who cured a predator in a previous encounter.
Most notable members include Nakhon de Vogel. This clan may also have included the predator they were taking revenge on from the story twist, so I'll say an unnamed predator, possibly the predator destroyed in the story twist in 2008, the poachers, the poachers were a group. of predators encountered in alien vs. predator extinction in mission 3, they were possibly a bad blood clan going head to head. faced a faction of players, however, it was later discovered that they were intentional opponents of the player clan by the Council of Ancients to discover their successors. Their most notable member was the clan leader, who was also a master of discs, the murderous predators, this cloud of bad blood.
They were considered heretics by traditional yoga due to their killing methods They refused to obey the code of honor They killed innocents for pleasure They continued to distance themselves from the traditional laws of yarter by using xenomorphs and hunting dogs during hunts The murderous predators appeared for the first time in Africa in the early 21st century, in the comic "Predator Prays to the Heavens", they had a dispute with the regular hunters that turned into a full-scale Civil War at the end of the 22nd century. Its most notable member includes the killer clam predator, Ryu XI. hunters the hunters Ryu most notable task The member of this group is the hunter captain, also known as the alpha male, whoIt's the Hart Harris clan.
This clan was present on the planet Tartarus, where they would find a hab who defeated their champion named Hauled Head before joining and possibly taking control of the clan. It is unclear if this was a Habs from the initial clan or if he joined us as a new member, eventually these predators will join up with the colonial marines and fight a horde of xenomorphs, although some of his clan members were killed and they emerged victorious and some others also survived their most notable. members include the elder, a central hornhead, it is also implied that the following predators may also have belonged to this clan crack task, the hive wars predator and the green renegade predator, however, this is not clear to me and they may be two separate clans, please let me know. in the comments section, if you are sure about the grub clan, this was a rare tribe that inhabited the deadly volcanic regions of youch a prime.
They used specialized masks and camouflage nets to suppress the high levels of radioactivity. The warriors of the larva clan carried specialized weaponry specific to hunting. large deadly insectoid beings known as vy track as they stand, one notable member remains, the aptly named predator of the lava planet, the snake clown, the notorious snake clan, are recognized throughout the Yowie underworld as the mercenary group more skilled and brutal, they specialize in hunting xenomorphs. and occasional clan wars whose only code is to finish each job. This clan is led by Viper and his snake brother, who is possibly the same individual as the Lost Tribe predators.
Notable members include Viper Snake, the night hunter. This clan is based in a field. -black region of ya're Prime near its south pole having developed incomparable night vision technology, members of this clan hunt in coordinated packs in large open areas their translucent skin is an environmental adaptation that allows their luminous green blood to glow at night. through glare and also acts as a location cue in the absence of light, although most of their prey are blind, this clan prefers to hunt in packs in order to gain advantage over their large and extremely dangerous prey, they can be isolated from the rest of the planet and so hunt more.
For survival rather than sport, the night hunter clan is one of the few predator clans that does not possess camouflage technology, as it is useless in that environment. The most notable member is Stalker, but despite sharing the same name, this does not appear to be him. individual from the Los Angeles hunting group, the space tribe, this tribe began hunting non-organic mechanical beings because it proved to be more challenging, in addition to hunting robotic life, a mysterious Yocha rival, pirates called Razer, has threatened several missions of the space tribe and thus also become a target, the rebel space tribe leader has spiked tail, who is allied with the stray armored predators and with laser shots, spiked tails, unorthodox hunting methods and the use of illegal weapons caused the exile of his team from the main outside, the widower clan to which this clan refers. to a pair of female gauchos who have lost their companions during the hunt and are therefore widowed, there are experienced warriors and the clan is highly respected by other predators.
However, the only known members of this clan are the tough Ori and they stand nine feet tall. This female is the largest. natural adult predator ever seen, she is the only yard who speaks and understands English fluently and enjoyed torturing her prey with various Yantra devices. The second member of this clan is Wendigo, a woman, yes, nicknamed for her wild screams and aggressive temperament. stark contrast to the calm demeanor of her deceased Shimano partner. I'm also including HQ 10 on this list. HQ 10 is possibly a response or subspecies of yoga. There are less intelligent, less honorable, with a different physiology than normal yoga.
Another major difference is their killer gland is an organ that produces strong hormones that increase their strength and drive the creatures into uncontrollable rage. If the gland is left unchecked they will even attack and kill their own kind which can lead to their own extinction in their own language their name translates to the people who take territory and can also brainwash other races. to become their slaves. The q10 society also has a hierarchical structure with a clan leader taking command. Some well-known clans include the cook clan. This clan led by shesh cook had exclusive rights to a safari. planets 3 9 9 8 planned keepa the leader of the corrector clan launched a nuclear attack against a rival clan lost under the influence of Kill Grant.
I'm also going to mention the MK The final clan on this list is the Council of Elders, this Council of a higher and main ruling authority of the outer jur composed of the The most respected clans were responsible for maintaining the rituals and traditions and their decrees were law, and other clans looked up to them. seeking guidance before clans could have exclusive hunting rights on a planet. They would initially have to apply to the council for permission. The council would also administer. punishment against threats from other beings to you to maintain the honor of your own race if the ancients have selected successors after completing the appropriate tests, the Future Council acts as a subordinate plan to the current council, the ancient clans would eventually seek the clans Stronger and more distinguished minors will be their successors once elected.
These clans remain unaware of his nomination. The elders will command the chosen ones to participate in two clan trials designed to demonstrate proficiency in bravery and strength. Grabbing a sailor's skull without warning. other humans would show stealth while infiltrating a mature hive. two huntress queens would show bravery by successfully completing these two tests. one clan becomes the council's successors. Known members of the Council of Ancients include a new ancient bearer. The incorporation of the Council of Ancients concludes. this list and brings the total number of clans to 27. Now some of these may be subclans or packs, but either way I have listed 27 in total.
I'm not going to pretend, but this video is extremely difficult to put together there. There is so much information available and a lot of it is quite vague and in some cases quite confusing with numerous writers in different mediums creating a huge crowd. I really think it could use some cleaning, but I'm definitely not the type. So, to do so, if I have made any mistakes or exclusions and I am sure I have, please let me know and I will make the necessary adjustments and re-upload the video later. Thank you so much for watching and remember to like and subscribe if you want to subscribe, but the most important thing is that you stay safe and healthy during these times.

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