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Guess the Colourblocks Episode - Emoji Edition!

Jul 17, 2023
foreign, more flowers, but they are not red, they are not even a little bit red, many things that are not red, let's find where they come from, that's not right, that's not red, that's not red, blue, cold blue like me , whoa, I haven't. I've seen you before you're not red no I'm blue great to meet you I'm red I'm excited to meet you I thought blue was the only color in the world and I thought red was so what does blue do? Blue is a cool color you'll find it in delicious things like blueberries oh Reds in them oh oh yes it's in flying creatures like redheads you can also get blue creatures like this blue butterfly ah what's my big boss is red oh now what else is blue?
guess the colourblocks episode   emoji edition
Red is going fast again. The orange is a little red so I think it's me next and the orange is a little yellow so now I'm the one next. Green is close to yellow so naturally I sit here and green has blue so this seat is for me we have saved the best until the last purple goes between blue and red not red orange yellow green blue purple wow this looks bright yes it's cyan and magenta my printing team we love a spin room for two more we're going to need a bigger wheel an eight color wheel who wants to pull the next lever we have to find the right places for magenta and cyan well they look a little like blue so I should go yeah yeah and I look a little red so I should go here okay take all your seats orange yellow green cyan blue violet magenta I would like you to meet my friends cyan and magenta new colors and they are very bright hello, I'm cyan, I'm pretty calm apart from on the track because I live to run and you look a little like blue.
guess the colourblocks episode   emoji edition

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guess the colourblocks episode emoji edition...

I'm like blue but I'm different. I'm cool cyan, oh yeah I'm magenta and I'm easy to spot. I'm always excited to fix things, especially my racing cartridge, well I


. I'm a little reddish but I'm a different color I'm magenta you won't forget me quickly in a minute yellow how did you know about the Print Zone? Yes, yes, no, and we don't, oh, I have. I've been part of the printing team for years riding full speed on my cartridge makes me super happy printing team cartridge, let's show them how it's done magenta printing team oh let's do this foreign foreign we can't seem to stop the red huh look what What happened when our colors mixed, oh, do you think we should mix with the yellow to make cream?
guess the colourblocks episode   emoji edition
I wasn't expecting that and I wasn't expecting other colors, so tell us about the green. Green doesn't make things grow naturally. I like the nature. All these plants are green. and this frog green green green red means stop, oh, right, police, to see you. I am green, I am red and this means stop. I know it's green, which means it's a go sign. green means go go frog go oh you've given me an idea for an exciting new game dream means that means stop hmm green means go yay green means go go go river that's what happens when our colors mix we can make this blue and red purple cool I'm sure you don't see me Everywhere you know that's why I'm special I'm royal purple I've had many adventures Imagine riding a crackling octopus to the moon Oh wonderful!
guess the colourblocks episode   emoji edition
You found my purple castle. Oh, it's your castle. I thought the blue flags would make it Castillo. blue and I thought the red flags would make the castle red, it's your majesty, mmm, they look quite wonderful. I hereby decree that your fantastic flags will always hang from the purple castle, now everyone will see that red and blue mixed to make the purple, so excited except the red. blue next to me purple foreigner will obviously be me. I'm next to the red wheel and I have the best real dance moves. Green, but red is nothing like green.
Green is on the other side of the color wheel. Your opposites. Green is opposite to red, but who do I want, if you are sure their two colors really stand out, they look so bold together, they are opposites but go well together, oh it's about time, thanks, time for the next clue , let's be similar, oh yeah. let's go to the front thanks light blue bright blue dark blue let's get salty this skateboard is light blue this scooter is dark blue three blue cars but which one is the bright one Hmm this one is light blue and this one is dark blue so this one is bright blue eh we I have classified all in three types of blue light, bright and dark, come on, what's the problem?
Friends, we have had an energy drink and hats, boots and socks, some orange, some green and some purple, some in light colors, some in bright colors and some in dark colors we have them all gagged wow, that's a big classification job a job for this classification Express foreigner this sock is violet light violet hmm I think this hat is a bright color bright orange this one is green yes, of course, green thank you, we are missing two colors every rainbow needs indigo and violet oh what It's happening here purple I imagine you're oh new colors wait have I seen you before?
I'm indigo I'm like blue but a little more purple I'm like you purple but a little more blue oh and what is this a rainbow ah oh so I imagine this must be a rainbow lever oh shit that's what's happening wow , we have unlocked another puzzle maybe this one will lead us to a real rainbow, finally we will see one, I imagine everyone needs to stand on a stone, but we are missing two colors, we can't solve the puzzle, don't worry, we have friends who can help us to mix the time. Orange, yellow and blue mixed together for me, we need your help to solve this rainbow. puzzle, everyone, stand on your stones, thank you, wait back, back, right, foreigner, foreigner

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