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GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Michael Rooker Panel – Steel City Con August 2022

Jul 18, 2023
yes. it doesn't hurt, don't worry about it, but it's in your contract that you become yes, they pay me more, they pay me more when I die, yes, of course, that's my contract, that's right, no, I don't know, It's okay, it's okay. Here we go, we have more, we have a couple of questions back here. Hello everyone, come in. They have a question. Yes, I'm coming, sir. What's the weirdest thing you've signed for someone? The strangest thing I've ever signed for someone. I know there's nothing weird I know you have a question, sir, go ahead, go ahead, what's your question, okay, go ahead, let's do it and say it again, dad, shut up, dad, okay, what's your question, honey, can you , you have a question?
guardians of the galaxy michael rooker panel steel city con august 2022
No, she's fine, what? Your question: How many takes did it take to make I'm Mary Poppins? I'm sure you were a tank, yeah, one shot, are you okay, yeah, okay, okay, do you like it, do you like pigs, do you like ducklings, do you like ducks? you like it you like it you like little pink pigs do you like little pigs do you like chickens oh no, that's a duck, right, oh yeah, ducks, chickens, I forgot they're all the same to me, I eat them Go ahead sir what is your question so I am curious if you consider directing, if so what would you like to direct?
guardians of the galaxy michael rooker panel steel city con august 2022

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guardians of the galaxy michael rooker panel steel city con august 2022...

No, I haven't and I don't want to direct anyone. I prefer no address. I like it. That's what I like to do. Without direction. Action. Hey, hey, hello, what's up? Above, you have a question, what is your question? Go ahead, I'd probably be in jail. Hey, Mike, who knows. Oh my god, I have no idea about Michael. We have something on you. You know, we have about five minutes left. Five minutes. No way, okay. Here we go. Six minutes, so. Ever had a scene that went wrong and it was actually done of course and it looked better than the actual scene that was written correctly, we would always do that, there are mistakes all the time, you know you've done it yourself in your own work, right? a mistake and it also turns out to be true, lucky me so yeah, that happens with acting too and hopefully you won't be, hopefully everyone else agrees God, I thought that was great, oh geez, let's do it again, you know , hello, Andrew from Pennsylvania, um.
guardians of the galaxy michael rooker panel steel city con august 2022
I know how Marvel cinematics works now, like characters can come back, yeah that's right, could you? I was talking about it this morning because I would love to see you, but you know what, yeah, I know they can bring anyone back. Okay, so give me a break, I mean this whole Marvel universe thing that they don't care, they can do whatever they want, you know what's up, man, wait, go ahead, wait a minute, I have a new microphone for you, here we go, oh. i turned it off by accident what's your favorite zodiac sign or what's your zodiac sign mine what do you think mine is leo what's leo what's leo what's leo what's leo is basically a lion and yeah, oh, okay, I'm on uh um uh April April 6 Aries or Aries okay Aries okay, okay Aries right, that's April Ares how about you what are you what sign Taurus tourist you're both Taurus and in this mom and a child or a friend and a friend because they both look really super young?
guardians of the galaxy michael rooker panel steel city con august 2022
I can't tell a friend your friends and your friends your friends how old you are 24 25 do you have identification 33 33 I love it do you guys always get a card when you go to bars and stuff I think they do too? just for fun now you cards me all the time now in canada they can take you in canada they will ah i bet they will hello honey are you with these people? Yeah, sorry, hey guys, do you want to sing? the anthem once again we really don't know you know what to say you have to fix that these these young women that I've seen a few times are from Canada uh, they're not Quebecers, though are they?
I'm not coming, but you're guys from what part of Canada you're from Ontario Ontario and yeah, from California and Toronto, but you live there, yeah, no, no, you're not going, that's right, ah, good for you. you're going to Toronto you're coming to that's true, I'm going to the convention up there and why the winner, when is that convention in two weeks yeah, I'll see you in two weeks, yeah, that's true that's right, yeah , that's right, who's going to buy me my first jack and coke ah yes that's my girl I love baseball games games j this is what I call a game j are the blue jays is that your team oh yeah Dodger well, they're both blue, the Blue Jays and the Dodgers are all, yeah, that's right, okay, oh, fine, I don't have any teams, I'm not a big team person, are you a team person? like a baseball team a soccer team hockey team volleyball team uh ping pong team possible possibly yes wrestling team do you see big time wrestling I used to oh my gosh I used to dream about those guys yeah when I was a kid that me loved it?
I loved it when people would hit each other's heads and fall and get up like nothing had happened. You know, I was crazy. How does that happen? Because when they hit me in the head I don't understand it. Up immediately it's like, how do they do it? Did you ever want to be a wrestler when you were a kid? Oh yes, of course, of course, of course, I wanted to go back when I was a kid. We saw these two cousins. Crusher and Bruiser and they were midwestern phenoms and they were like these two Polish guys and before and before every fight they would do these tag team fights, yeah, so they still do it well, absolutely, they would do the tag team fights and before the fight.
They would get up if you would get up, I'll show you what they did, but we don't, but they would like him to come up and smash, make a forum for each other and the others. and they crush each other, they just crush you and they did it like 10 times each before the fight and the other guys are there saying, "Can we leave? I really don't want to be in this. I really don't." I don't want to be in this ring right now, so yeah, yeah, I love those guys and, uh, vern ghana, he was the champion at the time, um, I don't know, none of these guys make sense to you, but, Uh, them.
They're all old-time wrestlers and beautiful people, that's a hard, hard life, it's really hard and it's gotten worse as time goes by because they're so athletic, now they're almost too athletic, I mean their careers. they're very short lived, so if that's the case, if you see some wrestlers here on your show, go say hello and, um, yeah, and high five them or something, you know, because they work hard for it. my job is my job it's not that hard you know, I do my best to try to make it harder uh you know, just to make it feel like I'm doing something, you know, I mean, like I like, well, I have, I have I did some stunts and crazy things in my career and I don't anymore, you know it's too hard on your body, but you know I can still do some things, but I prefer to keep them to a minimum, you know, physical. all the physical things you already know, and so guys you have been a marvel, I tell you amazing, thank you guys, you have been in total, two guys can do better than that.
They are Michael Workers. A total thank you. Thank you so much. thank you absolutely in a fantastic way let's go down we have we have uh we're still at our table so come out and say hi buy some stuff if you want but we probably have the best artist in the world. outside world, go to artists alley and if you find something you like, do it if you don't find anything you like and you still have money and you leave, you go home and oh my god you still have some money, ya You know, come to my table and I'll take it, gotta love it, thank you, okay, you can do better than that, thank you, thank you, pittsburgh, yeah, carry on Hi, I'm Aaron Ashmore and you're watching Phantom Spotlight. make sure to like share and subscribe like now oh and have fun and follow your fandom

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