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Feb 23, 2022
the UK is totally opposite huh it's very very different but yes in latvia it's not very huh ally I guess not. I'm not sure how to describe it. It's just that it's totally different. It's like day and night. You know what I mean. I didn't really accept anything as remotely different you know how you know that's how you have to be if it's different there's something wrong with you kind of thing and you know if it's very like that at least when I was growing up as a kid how could it have changed could it change that, honestly i dont know but let me get it right ok we are going to have a lot of people join the param jit squad i said right i am sorry if i said that wrong thank you sir thank you for joining i appreciate your face bro thank you praise 411 well i mean why do we have these ugly wheels i just realized these weren't the rules i had on this twenty thing my man thanks arvid appreciate bro no message though uh what's up with that i have to put the message my friend you know make sure to write a message thanks for the donate uh let's change these wheels what are these wheels do you see these wheels this no I'm glad you're paying attention to what viewers want to see.
gta 5 roleplay   jet flip car trolls cops redlinerp
I'm sure I'm not the only one who would enjoy a buy car transmission bar video. Yeah sure, I mean a lot of you wanted to sell and buy. one that we did a sale yesterday we did like a half sell one that we didn't like doing a full one if you want to see him buy one we can definitely make that happen boom finally hit the street dj sunset my man with the 20s macarons is on alright let's swap the let's go around the front let's swap the wheels on this thing I don't like these wheels I don't like these weirdly ugly wheels what the hell is it that's the job still stuck on your screen it's dude bro it's it's dead like the worm is dead i saw it dude i swear i swear by absolutely everything i have after everyone has everyone who loved it i saw this this little this little one moved down i can see it is moving up through his bear is moving he moved it was like he moved around the screen and then he sort of went to the side i was like oh okay he went when i fall asleep i come back and that bunk lmente has died in the is bro yes i have have you ever heard of something like how much crap you get? poop bro dude i got wax on the grill dude wait oh someone is here oh oh run i think there is a worker there oh god oh there's the work go go go go go yes this this oh me one of my workers is open up there ok ,


satish md hit elite prime girlfriend prayer gesture and he probably doesn't have any girls you mean you mean this boyfriend dude he doesn't have girlfriends ok we're going to have to turn around let's get in. the secret area here yeah i didn't think anybody was open there ok we're just going to thank you thank you all the way to austin texas thank you sir we're just going to change the weather to be how um can we we put it as sunny because it looks so depressed isn't it sunny? oh it's really sunny oh yeah ok he's just looking outside it looks really depressing outside you know all this rain and stuff so we need to do vehicle options vehicle mod here we go and then we go to the wheels let's put something a little better on it re because i don't like those wheels those wheels didn't fit me buddy yeah oh those ain't that bad you don't know who it is you know smiley face bro listen im sorry , there's a lot going on I'm, I'm, there's my brain, my brain only has a capacity of a couple of megabits, dude, oh yeah, those look kind of gross, but I like them, who else has the new stuffed animal? of three?
gta 5 roleplay   jet flip car trolls cops redlinerp

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gta 5 roleplay jet flip car trolls cops redlinerp...

I had these cool wheels and I don't know where they've gone oh I really like them they have like an orange outline on them and they look so sweet pee poop poop the gang is bad thanks for the 24.99 mace on my man thank you appreciate it big donut my man thank you sir oh yeah nate thank you bro okay we're just moving some wheels here because I don't want I don't want to be wearing on some oh, I like them you know I like them they look kind of gross but I like them oh yeah we're just gonna rock these dude and make sure I put the stamp back on yeah we're gonna rock these I can work with these this will work they look a little weird thats for sure oh we need to do something too mate no dont worry i just need to do something here we just need to do something quick i need you guys to close your eyes mate in reality just gonna make your imagination bro here we go smiley face thanks paul diaz baldi is a compatriot ok we just need to spawn a car and get rid of that car oh yeah and then that makes the plane shoot some flames baby here we go hello, I'm a big fan, I hope in a few years s play with thank you sir i appreciate it. the support my man thank you very much thank you very nice of you my friend oh yeah please kidnap elite and also fix their discord pouting uh yeah brother the uh the the uh about the guys you been telling me to do that this fixed it the discord like i lost count dude it's been a while ok so n Well basically what we did we had to spawn a gta 5 car which is the vault y'all know the jet car in gta 5 and when we spawn that it's kind of weird i don't know why this does it like that and so now with my boost look it fires the rockets and it looks a lot 100 times better.
gta 5 roleplay   jet flip car trolls cops redlinerp
I don't know why we have to. It's a bit strange. It's like a weird bug. I don't know, but we're fine. Now hey, that's uh, what's that dude? hello from finland what's up my man thank you thank you for joining hello to all finns finnish finns i don't know hello to all of you guys appreciate it watching from finland thank you james my man james double 009 that's uh that's pretty good that's pretty good little double oh i like that but uh lemme see here yeah so i've always listened to everything and everyone loves me so far smiley face smiley face smiley face smiley face smiley face respect that all videos there are many yes there are many videos y'all they thought damn hi bro im a fan thank you india thank you my man thanks for looking all the way from india i appreciate it my man thank you thank you so much sir so guys we about to find some


, okay? before we get in trouble ok watch poop master while i poop that's the right way to enjoy videos bro guys make sure if you haven't already let's mash that like button ok let's hit that like button if you're watching live. right now ok make sure to click on it guys and if you're new and haven't subscribed yet make sure to subscribe so you don't miss the next episode later in the day.
gta 5 roleplay   jet flip car trolls cops redlinerp
I hope all is well with you, sir. doing what you're doing thank you appreciate brother brother we're smashing th The members we've already got 50 new members let's see if we can hit 40 again let's see if we can hit 40 new members we're crushing you guys 15 new members if you want join too become a member link it's in the description guys I'm looking forward to this my brother thank you sir I appreciate it I appreciate your face ah look at that guys we're getting a big old pick right there bro please stop the 420 on my screen it legitimately stopped the 420 which was the one that was good i respect you guys thanks guys i appreciate the support can you listen to my rap song okay yeah look for


we might not look for cops instantly you know it's my time to shine with a smiley face oh yeah oh yeah she works we just gotta make sure we just gotta make sure everything It's okay, we have a lot of glasses on. alot of them wait i think i swear someone texted me right lemme take a look did someone and message me bro i love your videos my man from dallas who delivered?
Did you get poop? That's a great name, thanks, I appreciate it, man, I'm glad you enjoyed them, you know, I'm glad you enjoyed the videos. to get stopped, can you make a video? Oh my god, why didn't anyone tell me? i missed it y'all were on the case dude sorry oh come on please ok that should work fine oh my gosh today is my birthday 11 years ago imagine 11 years mom happy birthday bro can you imagine if i got into a police chase right at that moment i was like out of fuel bro we would have i got instantly caught that would be good i'd be in big time i've been a big failure dude hey bro i'm a fan of tamil nadu india hey thanks i appreciate it thank you so much dude watching all the way from india looks like we have a couple of people from india watching appreciate it guys we are babies all over the world right we are all over the world david whats up my friend in the game it sounds too low for sure oh yeah i dont know if im sure its ok i want say i'm not really doing anything right now here hey thanks for the 10 donors and p banks i'm fine bro i'm doing a lot a lot I'm a lot better now that I'm You're watching oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, there's cops right there.
I don't want to get hit instantly. Yeah, we're just going around here. I don't want to be chased instantly. irl, I'm about six four, your boy is big, okay, your boy, ain't you, boy, ain't you four eleven, okay? in your videos you are my favorite poopy thank you i appreciate it ok i think we did it we got wet from that cup i want to fool around maybe as a civilian if we can find one maybe like to chase him a bit right before we inevitably get into a police chase and we'll probably get busted you know what i'm saying jesus perez thanks for joining join me im dying whats going on thanks for joining the squad i appreciate it my fans want us to rave together we can work it out uh i don't know my man we're not going to have to see i'm looking for someone yes just looking for someone yes we can have fun see you nice see your face time to talk hundreds 106. what and how does that look like a smiley face thanks dude that that's very nice that's a great donor i appreciate it dude thank you so much that was very nice of you my friend appreciate it dude cheers my friend thanks tri trizzy my man there's the ambulance let's see if we can i ss with him thanks for joining to the squad oh we got 20 new members already rockin' it guys we're rocking it today scared of the pants sir he's a genius i love your idea i'll tell him what i mean he caught a lot of things in my life alright alot words but genius is oh oh genius is not one of those that calls me a lot hey there are many that sound very funny man I don't just want to find someone who is not a god there are so many cops it's like I'm seeing so much s cops let's just drive for a second here y'know yeah there's cops everywhere from ohio oh all the way from ohio my days have been good uh it was a pretty quiet day um like i said i have i'm prepared we're all going all set for tomorrow we're going to make some shrimp on the barbie you know we're going to have some barbeques and a couple of burgers for tomorrow oh thank you sir how's it going there?
How are you? Oh dude, and yes, I had my mom and dad come over to see the little one. The poop machine and I'm not talking about me even though you know the actual little poop machine my daughter so that was pretty awesome right there when the poop pants gang t-shirts drop. some poopy gang t-shirts ok i'll work on that something ok let's get some that i like i like that sounds like a fantastic idea man that sounds like a fantastic idea man yeah as they say look at this space bro let's see if anyone he's back in business love from ohio oh mason thanks 25 ok 24.99 i appreciate it though holy big donors coming looks like there's a couple guys watching from ohio i appreciate it how come i can't find anyone but i'm finding cops everywhere clifford clifford lo appreciate buddy thanks for joining the squad buddy i'm really lonely im finding cops everywhere ain't fighting no one else the dazzling god my man thanks for joining the squad guys we're getting guys I don't wanna, don't wanna rank up , but we're getting a fucking train of new members huh we're doing good we're already at 20 and we've just started what's happening to there hey poop so i made a server. of wisdom there's something um there's a police officer there's a police officer coming wow wow wow new server words of wisdom I would say try trying to block something good you know that's probably the hardest funny and daily posts never seen someone post daily best youtuber right now no cap i love you thank you sir i appreciate it nizar thank you for the donator and uh thank you for respecting the routine my friend yes your boy i am we are a pinwheel baby, you know we're a slow grinder a certain audio player and all that's good that's a good name dude i like counties ok i'm fighting cops but i can't find real people maybe we just havereality yeah there we go yeah they are that's me shooting at them ok ok i'm going up uh okay they're focused on me and i might need you to come behind yeah yeah yeah behind you run ok ok huh can i hide here I think I can come in here.
I don't know what to do at this point. I can't go through there. I'm going to try to make a run there. from up here if I can it looks like a can I think maybe I can climb on the roof I can get a roof I don't really know I'm close to this park I don't know what this is eh mirror park I'm here park right here park I'm kind of close I like it this abandoned hotel near the casino parking lot ok i'm close i don't hear any more sirens i think i killed one you killed some probably before i think i have some oh oh oh oh they're close to me they're never in their name oh i'm right next to the hotel they're near you dude they're on the street i'm right behind them i'm getting behind them i'm in the hotel like on the third level ok i'm hiding guys this is intense holy this is intense this is so intense guys you better bust that like button this is rude guys we are five likes. nine thousand guys let's smash it dude i know we can smash all 40 members we got 42 we're gonna get 9000 likes easy guys this is pretty sick im having so much fun here gotta be careful here oh be careful guys no i don't want to do anything crazy that was sick parkour but landing bro thanks man i appreciate it i appreciate it we kind of landed on the butt didn't we?
Hey, that sucks. they're there i think i'm dead mate don't worry i hope mate check the mic yeah yeah ok ok ok ok i got you more i got you more you got two more where are you? I'm in the mirror park I'm running across the street oh no oh no brother I'm fine I'm fine you're fine I'm fine I've got it I'm holy where are you I'm in the park I'm in the park, I'm going through the park right now ok i'm there i'm there oh he shot me in the leg and i fell but i got up from a headshot get out of here buddy oh no come come come come come come come on let's do this too oh no put it in bro come on see how many cups oh my god one two three four five remember the name poop meister you're never gonna get me a cup suck oh cops oh my god there's one two three four five six seven no oh my god that was sick he was so sick bro we tried even to be elite get him apart from other cops or you'll blow him up yeah we should have hey thanks for the sticky bomb 20 smackeroonies from Dirty Decker thanks bro. very kind of you i appreciate it thanks for the stickers sir oh cops why are there so many of you are shooting at us i think i might need medical attention i think they need a coffin i'm serious i think i might need some medical attention is there someone well trained thank you i don't know what dribb is oh i'm coming back alright alright huh we have a medicine cabinet somewhere here huh not on me right now oh yeah hopes are up and i'm closing my leg i mean just brutality yeah and watch out it just took them all to get you too this is true stop buddy i just got a little there are so many of you officers maybe you should stop the resistance the resistance thank you Calvin for joining us I appreciate it, brother. watch out for that you know that was a lot of fun guys that was a lot of fun we're almost at 10,000 likes too guys we need 180 more likes to reach 10,000 likes i think we can do guys what are you saying? what are they saying? greetings from finland thank you brother thank you for there that was so much fun that was sick that was so much fun today oh i'll let you take them off oh yes thank you thank you very much oh my god i have no idea where my car is going oh, that's oh yes, thank you I appreciate it thank you to everyone who watched today's stream it's been an absolute blast so far I've had so much fun this is such a fun stream guys yeah we'll see that's the problem someone took it uh , okay I'll just stop we knocked out at least like five because I'm the only gangster in town I mean I'll take a promotion jesus at the end of the day oh that was sick guys that was so much fun that it was a lot we almost had fun initially i thought we took out a lot of the cops and then they wrote it down for backup and then there were so many there are so many it's so funny jesus christ the card is my greetings from finland oh you had a job no i feel safe in your i don't feel safe in your presence uh thomas slough here thanks for joining the squad i appreciate it bro thanks don't look at your head oh thanks it's ok if he hits his head hey make sure you remember remember where you leave me ok don't me lose buddy jesus christ get ready to put you in the coffin thats pretty bad officer ok officer im going to get checked out oh i cant believe where did he crash and fall or something funny that was so much fun that was so much fun guys did you enjoy that?
That was great. I didn't think it would work. at least like three four five seven eight nine ten you know he was pretty sick that was cool that was I had a lot of fun I really enjoyed that and we were having a shootout with them we were like we were really confusing them because because uh the other guy during this it was great, that's great, oh officer, there was that last layer of the table in front of him, but I feel much better. They have some good doctors here. Are good. don't handcuff this good gentleman, do you, he needs the freedom he needs. something about you yes they said you're real real not very nice oh oh yes we lost this best video i left my phone i left my phone i lost my phone yes i left my phone i left my phone it would be a brilliant mug i just think it's because you know i'm too good to ps you know i don't want to arrest every criminal oh i just want to think about the mrpd with the suspect.
Did they take your weapons? That's it. I think they must have. I don't know if I did. I don't remember. I didn't even try anything and besides, I think they handcuffed me, I think he was wrong because they didn't handcuff me, but I think they could have handcuffed me. weapons I don't think there was really there was a three four cups yeah I know it was you you were the main target and you survived what the hell cause you suck I'm just a little upset about it let's get in guys jesus oh my god oh I thought that it was an alarm i thought there was a fire smiling i thought there was an alarm sorry sorry sorry i'm going down i'm going down now guys he's going to try he's going to do some wiggly stuff. name on these things yeah um yeah sort of shit the poop sound the poop meister cell well my name is sophie winston you we've done this a few times i guess i'll just wait for it to process thanks guys i never learned it's so used i never learned it sorry wait i'll just sit here and wait we should pay more attention to what criminals say when we get it you know i should uh you might want to put some gloves on. before you do that no no no oh relax relax relax oh you missed oh you want to play that game guess what guys guess what they never searched me oh what what hey hey was trying to shoot him in his legs was trying to shoot him with his legs get revenge for what it's happening i'm not resisting i'm not resisting relax keep your hands up it's ok it's ok I just don't want to die I don't want to die buddy it's ok ok relax relax relax officers what's going on down here nothing nothing nothing nothing no no no no no no there was nothing the c ops got too crazy how did you get that up your ass?
I have a very large rectum. I have been to jail many times. That's why they like me there. i don't think i'm ever going to skate there like you know what's going on sophie winston come on i'm i'm a known criminal yeah well ok you're lucky you're lucky how's that we need you to cooperate please copyright i don't want copyright. You have no copyright. I need you to copy well. ok you're going down ok so i guess just process me and send me the fix they're there he survived he's alive everyone survived voice everyone survived drink some water lift the toilet rip off his penis ripped off our penises you're threatening a police officer cop no i said falafel is going to rip your dick off thats a threat use dick mincer fluffy use chop chop attack i choose flappy that was a lot of fun guys im going to drink the water we took out a lot of cops but we are in jail guys that was very funny really enjoyed that was a sick stream that was a lot of fun guys we'll end there though we'll be in jail next time as you know you enjoyed today's stream be sure to like it please subscribe if you haven't done, it was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed it. guys and i hope you'll join me next week for another one guys take it easy and i'll see his face then guys bye

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