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GTA 5 Roleplay - DOJ 386 - Testing New Tech

Dec 27, 2021
bikes, tell them, hey, everything is fine and they work great and we're not in trouble and then we could walk to the front. to the front gates and then you guys can do whatever you have to do is that, do we know for a fact that you'll give up once you get to where you're at? there's no way to tell really, yeah I mean it's either that or you guys are after us forever and we fly to you guys you know Liberty City or something like that we got a deal what do you think? I don't know, I didn't hear them, what did they do? say um he doesn't know ok so here's the deal i need a couple of names before they go just in case we can find them and put a warrant in so if they give me their name i'll I will do.
gta 5 roleplay   doj 386   testing new tech
I give you my deal and you guys can we'll follow you to eight one eight and we'll take care of it from there how about we just go yeah? They didn't ask if you have a rocket then you could stay with us but I guess well the thing is yes but you can you can keep it on the ground though you have at least you know how to say for me. have us on the air though well the thing is also if we show up with a giant trail of police cars and that's again that doesn't look great you're doing a I'm just saying I feel like I have a little more leverage than you guys, I mean, I'm wrong, okay, so here's the deal, we're going to have four, okay, two people for the police cars, we'll take them to eight, one, eight, the guys will put the bikes down, wait a second and you. we're going to be stopped or police cars oh sorry you said everything was ok right yeah?
gta 5 roleplay   doj 386   testing new tech

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gta 5 roleplay doj 386 testing new tech...

So that's two of you, two officers per person, so there are four police cars. we will find you there we are working with you you work in the field look I told you where it will be we will find you there it's okay what would you do I don't see, it doesn't hurt, you know we'll meet there, come on, I don't want to go through those centers, I'm totally comfortable with I'm back in the cars, we'll meet there, I took five off, yeah. I'll go out the door. I will do it legitimately. Hey, that's another cab.
gta 5 roleplay   doj 386   testing new tech
They also have the air unit on us so they will be able to see how much and what we are doing. We did not give our names. no we're making a lot of demands yeah we got the power here like we don't really have a choice okay I'm grounded inside and I'm putting the bike you know the garage doors opening in the back Yeah, I'm gonna put them in there, okay, dammit, the bike, get on? I'm right in front of there. I hope they don't get into this facility. Oh come on, Harry Potter. I'll start running to the front making sure to wait, listen for the sirens, of course I do.
gta 5 roleplay   doj 386   testing new tech
I want to make sure they don't come in because I don't want them to stay put, even after all that. oh god i'm dead i don't know where the bike went now if i can get her to let you back in the arena bring them more anyway oh they're coming where you are right in the front lift and that seems to appreciate that yeah out front alright ryan here oh i see hands up yeah and guns out come a long time they didn't even point a gun at me I guess if that's the right word I already did I mean was it work with you or were you just going to fly I didn't I didn't want to run forever but you understand my position like I do.
I worked years to get into the position I'm in and if I lost my job I mean I wouldn't have anything to live for no I mean a rocket bike I didn't even know that was possible no that's cool man you know yeah , those things are like he's now up in the air and flying around, oh yeah, well, you know, I'm holding my side, I hope you'll go easy on us with the charges, appreciated. I don't know what laws okay thanks for sticking with your end of the bargain any day I just didn't want to be a criminal for life you know yeah okay yeah just to depend on you putting those possessions down and seeing if you keep them and you will get them. you in the back of this charger here watch your head go right in one of these other officers could have done the frisking instead of waiting for ryan to catch them no no or frisking you now look for the next group of cops on the scene or everyone just stood there I could have been frisked while they were doing that other guy I know I'm washing up and they need a warrant to be a single mom here like these fucking cops no yeah I mean I know yeah that's what I got would like to know i have a cell phone and a wallet what they are accusing us of is does it come with a question mark involved because they broke oh we stay below 500 feet too you guys are just yes guys it's just drones i think that's what that the lock knows martin is trying to get them classed as drones single man drones motorcycle drove on the dum-dum card oh he goes to but that might not be our call that might be that could be the call for the return of the white district what are you saying yeah I don't know what he started to say okay okay I don't have time for this I was kidding for God's sake he just frisked me Unless you don't trust yours, actually, I guess you know, considering the fact that everyone just stands there and waits for me to bark at me anyway, so go ahead and get my ass out of the car, okay, just to show you have no idea what you're doing come on tell me rub me you got water let's go to the crack.
I don't know you're going to have to plant it I think he said I think he said scratch scratch my crack scratch my crack yeah that's what got one of those weird conditions yeah grab my crack and then it's my feet on the floor we work for Lockheed Martin and they do experimental stuff for the


industry. stry open my open my mouth and if i put my hand in your mouth he said open your mouth i'm going to put my hand there i should have a dentist appointment last week i don't need i don't need any extra we need to burn that let me know i'll tell someone let's catch the ball with the hand so that goes into my mouth i think we are he had no gloves on would have been without gloves no protection no words so i know you probably already answer this but what are they really accusing me of?
Great totally awesome ok yeah we'll probably try to get you a lesser charge though if we can't get you a lesser charge I may be able to work something out with the DA to get you less time you worked with us so we're willing to work with you yeah and there was that whole possible sexual assault case so I mean you know I did pretty good here man yeah we Literally after all this we just get charged with felony evasion everything this, let's get a Fitz. danger there were a lot of things, but they will only save us for

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