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GTA 5 Roleplay - DOJ 258 - Mirror Park Street Race (Criminal)

Apr 20, 2022
It was probably pretty mangled, but we should get the county blank. That is the last effort. This thing we did at least isn't just one of you in a car. using a push or something is hammer hate yeah this is slow here we go yeah and up to 91 93 94 95 96 crash traps and take me to a hundred that will make it good faster this car ever I'd see that's a super sweet check oh my god you shot it was a shot I didn't shoot I didn't shoot either but it was definitely a shot d id someone just shot us it's going to roll yes it's rolling no what are you doing he's trying to switch my iPad and that damn it wrecked it you gotta be kidding thats done yeah whats up with your driving tonight just telling everyone and its all good alright the corvette was doing 120 off a cliff it was just a matter of time first we brought out the type of me that definitely it will
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