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Grilled Cuban Sandwich Recipe | Mojo Pork and Cuban Sandwich Grilled on Big Green Egg

Jun 06, 2021
Hello, welcome back to how to barbecue. I'm Malcolm Reed. Today we will show you how to make Cuban


es. I've got some


tenderloins that we're going to marinate, put on the smoker and some good hickory smoke and then we're going to cut it up and make these


es on the grill. You'll love it. Let's cook today. I'll start with a couple of


tenderloins. You can get them at your supermarket. They usually come in double packs, just clean them. It rises a little bit when you open them, take off that silvery skin, they have a little bit of fat, okay, that's flavor and what we're going to do is put them in a marinade and this is Cuban style. marinade I'm starting with a little bit of orange juice, a little bit of fresh lime juice, a little bit of zest from those oranges, we've got a little bit of cilantro and a little bit of mint to give it a little bit of flavor, you've got to have a little bit of garlic and then we're putting some seasonings on it, we've got salt, pepper, a little bit of oregano and a little bit of cumin, it's going to balance everything out when we get it going in the food processor, we're going to drizzle a little bit of olive oil and bring the marinade together.
grilled cuban sandwich recipe mojo pork and cuban sandwich grilled on big green egg
Place the pork loins in a Ziploc bag and simply pour the marinade on top, but save about half a cup. I'm going to show you how to make a glaze for the exported tenderloins that we'll use right at the end of the cooking process now they need to marinate for about two to three hours in the refrigerator. Hey, if you want to spend the night with them, they'll absorb even more flavor, so now I have these pork tenderloins fresh out of the marinade. They sat there for two three hours in the refrigerator and I took them out.
grilled cuban sandwich recipe mojo pork and cuban sandwich grilled on big green egg

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grilled cuban sandwich recipe mojo pork and cuban sandwich grilled on big green egg...

I just want them to come to room temperature while I light the grill. I'm going to cook on my big


egg today, we'll get it ready for Indirect cooking got going a nice piece of Royal Oak charcoal and a couple of cubes of wax just to get the fire going once those coals are nice and hot, you want to keep going go ahead and put some firewood. Today I'm using Hickory, just about three pieces spread out. On those embers it will give us a pleasant smoke. Set the plate holder for indirect heat. Turn on the grill and then close the egg and let it stabilize.
grilled cuban sandwich recipe mojo pork and cuban sandwich grilled on big green egg
You want to adjust the vent at the top and about an inch at the bottom. airflow that you're going to need, we want to keep it between 275 and 300 right in that range to cook these pork tenderloins and of course, as always, you can cook these pork tenderloins on any grill, just set it up similar to us. If you want to cook them in a smoky environment, so set your smoker at about 275 degrees, go ahead so the eggs run right where I want them, about 275 degrees, we're going to put these pork tenderloins in there, make sure they're in there straight. because that's how they will be cooked, you don't have to put any seasoning in the marinades, making the full strength of the flavor.
grilled cuban sandwich recipe mojo pork and cuban sandwich grilled on big green egg
You can still see that we have bits of that garlicky cilantro, that orange zest and mint that will have all of our flavors right there. we'll just close the lid and cook them until the internal temperature is about one hundred and forty degrees so now we're going to cook the pork tenderloins close the lid this is a good time to move on. and I'm going to show you how I'm going to make this glaze with that reserved marinade, so I have a small saucepan here over medium-high heat and I want to add a half cup of that reserved marinade from our pork loins to that.
We're adding a little bit of vinegar, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of honey, a couple tablespoons of mustard, we're going to whisk it all together and take it to a small bowl and reduce it until it's almost a thin consistency. Take it off the heat and store it in a jar until we're ready to use it here, when these pork loins are cooked through, our pork loins have been cooking for about 25 minutes. I want them to be colored on both sides, you can see. They're starting to dry out a little bit on the top, that's what we want to see, they're getting a little bit of color, but I want to turn them over because I want a little bit of this on both sides, you know, when you cook them it looks even. .
Well, I'm just going to close the lid and continue to let them cook through, so we've been a total of about 40 minutes here with these pork tenderloins at about 300 degrees over the eggs right where we want them, we should have some color on both of them. sides and this is the point where I want to start glazing them oh yeah that looks beautiful a little bit of charcoal and let me grab my thermapen just to check I want to measure around 140 145 we're around 144 right there that looks . Great, it feels good when you enter. I know they are ready to frost.
It will not be long. We probably need about 5 or 10 minutes. Now we are going to put this glaze that we cooked. It has the same flavors that we have had in our marinade. and we just made a simple little glaze that smells good, looks good, the glaze will sweeten it up a little bit and I just flipped the tenderloins over and we'll get a little bit of glaze on the underside as well. keep the lid closed and let the glaze sit on those pork loins for a while. 5 10 minutes will be ready to take off, okay, we've glazed both sides with our pork just to make sure, oh yeah, 148 of that. one's done, we're there, they're both where we want them, it's time for these guys to get up, look at that.
Cuban style pork tenderloins. You know they're going to make some good sandwiches. I ran inside. Get all the things to put together these Cubans. sandwiches, stick around, we're going to show you how we make them, how we're going to finish them, okay, our pork loins have rested, so we're going to go ahead and cut them up for sandwiches, and you just want to. to cut them thin for this part I won't try to jump in there I'm just using my knife keep it a little skewed you can cut them however you want this looks good to me man it's cute.
I'll get that out of the way for a second, we just want a little bit of the smoke ring, you know, it's good on its own, juicy, tender. I'm cutting off about a quarter of an inch, just enough to make a Cuban sandwich a bit. peace mmm mmm that's the flavor, I love it, it really tastes, the marinade in its glaze makes it a little sweet, but the citrus comes from the orange juice, the lime, the mint, it's all great for the pork, so that the pork loin is sliced ​​now we are. ready to prepare a


sandwich and a


sandwich must have some components it must have a good roast pork ubin marinade it must have a little yellow mustard a little ham some pickle slices and a little swiss cheese all of that goes together to make that famous cuban sandwich, of course you must have some bread.
I don't have Cuban bread, but you can use any soft bread like French or Italian. The first thing I have here is a couple of loaves of French bread. Do with our bread, you're just going to divide your French bread in half and then we'll start on that mustard. Both sides of the bread must have mustard, that's what makes it a Cuban sandwich. Now the next part is the cheese and the The cheese will be the glue that holds it together. We'll use Swiss cheese on top and bottom right on top of the mustard. The next layers of these pickle slices use whatever type of pickle you like.
I like these stacked versions. So I'm going to layer it over some ham this is a deli sliced ​​ham it's a little thin it's a honey smoked ham we have that layer on top of the pickles now it's poor time and you're just going to put that right on top of the ham and look how good it already is and we're still going to put it back on the grill. Take it out with a good cast iron skillet so it's flat and these sandwiches are almost ready for the grill I'm cutting. Put a few pats of butter on top to really brown the bread because what we're going to do now is increase the temperature of the grill.
You want it around 375. I have added two sets of grill grates. there to put some nice marks on it and we're going to take them to the grill right on the grill, so we've got our sandwich here right above the grill grates, we grab the other one right next to it here on the handle and now right on top of it we need a little bit of weight, so I'm just using an iron skillet that will be our press, it will help the sandwich flatten out a little bit and melt the cheeses. We need about three minutes per side.
Come back in just a second and I'll show you what they look like. Well, we've been there for three minutes. I want to review these sandwiches to see how we're doing depending on your grill. You know you might have to wait a little longer. Oh yeah, look. It comes out beautiful, beautiful, I don't get it right on the top, let's check this side and see how they look oh man, let's toast oh man, these are perfect, let's take them out here, so we end up pressing about four minutes on each side. Put them on those grills, brown the bread, melt the cheese and combine all those good flavors.
Now I want to cut them out so you can see what they look like inside. I'm just going to cut them on a diagonal here let's open it up do this one too look at that Cuban sandwich beautiful this one here looks great I mean look at all those layers look at the mustard the cheese the pork the ham let's go eat something mmm that's just amazing and you get all those flavors in one bite hey, I want to try a little more with the cheese in that port just makes this sandwich, it would be good with the pork added, it's phenomenal hey, next time you want to make a nice


sandwich , give this Cuban sandwich


a try, no, you're going to love it, thank you for watching us here today on how to barbecue properly.
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