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Grant McCann reacts to Carabao Cup win on return to Hull City

Aug 09, 2023
Give your opinion on that tonight, yes I'm really happy, the excellent performance was a big contrast to Saturday, it's really great to see the energy levels of the group coming back tonight, when you were playing against a very good team you had to be really good tactically tonight and you know they have a certain way they want to play and I thought we did well, probably after the first 10 or 15 minutes of the game, the way they build Ingram and the two center backs after two midfield players. and the nines fall, we had to be patient, you know, we didn't want to be Ingram and get bounced, and we did it for the first 10 or 15 minutes and we made it a little too easy for them, that came down to uh just Really honesty by part of George and the moles, but once we got it right, I felt like we looked like a real threat, especially in transition.
grant mccann reacts to carabao cup win on return to hull city
So I was pleased that the boys didn't get the start you wanted and fell behind after three minutes. What do you think at that stage? was fine with that, you know, um, what Tom did and played that role, that's something we wanted to do and that's why I don't mind genuine mistakes, um, you know, I told our lives, I want you to be brave tonight. You know, get to work. make things happen, he's tried the right thing, it just didn't happen, it didn't work out and we're a little bit open um and the kind of road got unfortunate with the Ricochet and the rebound that didn't fall in the EST's opinion, I think Yeah.
grant mccann reacts to carabao cup win on return to hull city

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grant mccann reacts to carabao cup win on return to hull city...

It was good, so I'm very pleased with the overnight performance. The fact that we came back from behind, it didn't bother us too much, we tried to play our game and we managed to get the job done, yeah. response after falling behind really very good, particularly when addressing the press, yes, absolutely, and it's difficult, you know, if you don't do it right. You can get hurt. I've seen lame teams doing that to people and I felt like we were behind, like I said. After the first 10 or 15 minutes we were fine, we just had to keep an eye on that long ball from Ingram and the runs of the wide players and obviously get the communication right between Taylor and Deji, James Maxwell and Norm Bailey, um, but overall.
grant mccann reacts to carabao cup win on return to hull city
I'm really happy with the group tonight, the impact of the substitutes that came in, you know, it added that little spark and energy to us as well, so it was good even though George Miller will make the headlines, of course, two goals tonight . What do you think about this? performance yeah brilliant brilliant and I mentioned it before George has broken through the PM barrier a bit for us at the moment and you know it's great to see the money is on the pitch you know he'll get goals. There's no doubt about that and you'd be in too, but we're lucky to have two really good number nines here and we're pleased George scored both goals tonight.
grant mccann reacts to carabao cup win on return to hull city
What reward is it when you try hard? that barrier of opinion is hard for him to overcome right now, you know it is and you know we're trying to get to the bottom of them, hopefully we'll have some answers over the next week or two, um, but you know he wants to give us everything that is, you know, he can see it in his eyes, the guys just want to play and score goals, so, no way, if you know that if something needs to happen, we are here to support him and help him, and Uh, you. knowing that scoring goals is what everyone wants to see in terms of giving it their all too Tom Anderson playing a full 90 tonight wasn't in the script wasn't in the plan um, but just watching him I felt like he was comfortable. um, in terms of what I had to do, um, I didn't anticipate in the plan 100 minutes or 104 minutes or whatever it was tonight, um, but look, we'll take care of Tom for the next few days, you know, I think.
He's going to have a big relief now, after that, I haven't been away for that long and to understand it, you know, 104 minutes of intimate bonus, plus getting a few minutes, yeah, great, since obviously I missed probably two or three, maybe three weeks of training. It's very nice to see him back, it's also good to see Sam Brown here with us tonight from the under 18, 16 years on the bench for us tonight, a reward of, you know, for the games I've seen in his equipment and things like that. So yeah, it was a police night for everyone, so we're happy with the win.
It could be a great night for a young climber to come and have this experience. I've been in the first team setup. in a place like this is brilliant, so, you know, the four of us are young, that's a chance when they deserve it, so get on with the task now, taking this performance tonight into the weekend, absolutely that's what says. For the group, you know it's great to win tonight, but I would give up. I'd give this one three points at Newport, there's no doubt about that and we didn't get into the frame and create that mood.
Tonight we wanted to win the game, but if you don't understand what I mean, the league is our bread and butter, it's going to take an absolute miracle for us to win this trophy, so the league is our bread and butter, and we know that we would love anything we like more than going to Newport and winning the game on Saturday. Fantastic support tonight from Doncaster, almost a thousand of them here tonight. Amazing energy on a Tuesday night too. um, I know not. So far, it's about an hour away, but it seems like this cup doesn't get much support until you get through the rounds, but seeing over a thousand fans here tonight singing the entire game just got the players going, you know?
The creditor really appreciated the support they have received.

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