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Grading EVERY Team in the 2023 NHL Draft

Jun 30, 2023
What's going on guys? The


NHL Entry Draft is over and this video will be great. How each


did. Randy of the Chicago Blackhawks took Colorado first overall to the Columbus Blue Jackets and took Tyler paddle with the last pick in the


. Starting here guys, of course, we have the Anaheim Ducks. I'd say probably the first impact of the


was taking Leo Carlson at two compared to Adam Fantilly. Definitely, though Carlson was still part of that top three group, maybe even top four depending on where they are. i have michikov ranked i think carlson is still going to be a stud player um i think the numbers he put up this year in shl as a draft eligible player are the best we've seen so when you look at it like that like him and fan Tilly the Gap is so close that I think most people and I would probably still go fan Tilly, but I'm not, you know, like they're really coming or anything in a crazy worse perspective.
grading every team in the 2023 nhl draft
Kind of, um, after him, you know, looking through. some of these names um yeah Tove Coldplay said that right he's a great WHL wing played for a stacked Seattle


. I feel like he's a power forward, good shot, I think two Colston Petros in there for the Flint Firebirds at the first third round pick. The third round has good value for you. I am too, of course, I'm a little biased, but Rodwind makes this CEO on winter fitfires. I love that choice. The first pick in the fifth round. I was very good to us after we came from Niagara.
grading every team in the 2023 nhl draft

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grading every team in the 2023 nhl draft...

Definitely our best offensive defender is very good offensively, in fact we have played a lot forward at some point. I also had a really good World Juniors with the Swiss team, so overall I feel like the Ducks did well. I think personally, for me, I go fancifully. second place and then I'll probably take like Andrew Crystal with the first pick in the second round, but, you know, overall not bad either guys. Another thing, I almost forgot about the Ducks draft, here they actually took this guy Damien Clary, 6-6 goalie. from Italy, he is the first Italian selected player to actually play for Italy on the national stage, obviously Lucas Spies was born in Italy, but he played for Switzerland, so I think that's really cool and of course you can see why the Ducks caught him six.
grading every team in the 2023 nhl draft
Six great goalkeepers. I think he actually had decent numbers where he played now, too, like I said. I would have taken a couple different paths with their top two picks, so I probably gave them a minus, like it's good, but it could have been better now speaking. I'm surprised that the guys in the draft next year are the Arizona Coyotes. I'm still shaking my head. I literally don't understand what they're doing in the draft, so, first they pick sixth overall, they pick Russian Dimitri Simichev, uh, great physical defenseman, really. solid as you know, defensive defense. I had to pick a comparable player for him, Chris Pronger, no I don't see him as good as Chris Bronger, that's why I get six in total, it doesn't make much sense.
grading every team in the 2023 nhl draft
If you're going to go to Russia, why not just take the chancellor and Michikov? Hopefully you get the next Ovechkin, er, Simichev. Here he was a second defender. I really don't think he was the second-best defenseman in this draft class. Some people might not agree. but I'm back to Arizona here, it's a really strange choice, they also went with Danielle's boot at number 12. He's a great winger, six five, really powerful shot, he's a guy most people had at the end of the first round and the fact is that they are both The Russians, as you will see throughout the draft, I posted a tweet about it, but since most of the NHL teams were avoiding Russian players or if they are going to hire them , they will hire them much later because obviously.
There's more risk involved right now, while the coyote is literally getting hit by these two guys like simichai was supposed to be a midway first rounder, uh, boot there, a late first rounder, they take him at six and twelve, doesn't make much sense To me, they are both teammates who play at the Junior Euro level, which is cool, but again, I don't understand it now that they are the first to pick in the second round. Michael Herbert. I think it's actually a great choice. Six seven goaltenders play in the USHL. most people consider him to be the best goalie in this draft class, so I'll definitely make up for those two first round picks with him, but after that, other picks really stood out to me, obviously once you get into the later rounds of the draft there are a lot of guys that I just don't know, most people you know you don't know unless you're actually in those regions scouting these guys, so again I think I really like Harrabelle, they're in the second round. pick I think it wasn't because of him the coyotes might be getting an F but because it's a good pick and also two like even though these guys are reaches, at least you know they reach the guys they're supposed to go in the first round, it was It's not like Boston 2015 or anything, so I think I'm going to give the Coyotes a d-plus.
I don't think they are in that c range. I think they could have done a lot better than they did. I get a d plus, moving forward now with the Boston Bruins, so they have a first or second round pick, although their first pick is Christopher Pelosi. I watch playing in the USHL for Sioux Falls. I think it's not bad. Valley there at the end of the third round after that, though again these. It's actually kind of funny that three Americans followed by two Swedes don't have a first or second round pick, it seems like a pretty average draft based on what they had so I'll just give them a c here uh there really isn't much to say Buffalo Sabers guys, I really loved this pick on Zach Benson at 13.
I was hoping my Red Wings would take him at nine. I expected him to be gone long before this election, so I think Buffalo steals him here too, great. I know in one of my mock drafts I had him reunite with Connor geek in Arizona and it turns out he ends up reuniting with his other forward teammate Matthew Savoy in Buffalo, so I mean between him, Savoy Quinn's cousins, of course, you have Taige Thompson, Alex, JJ Patrica, as well as that Buffalo Ford field, so young, so good, even the defense obviously between the power of Darlene, I think Buffalo will be a powerhouse in not too long, after him, some of the picks that I liked uh sure here actually second round from Slovakia another guy in the US shl I thought he was a pretty solid and decent defenseman Ethan edema here this is actually another cool pick at least you know for me I played for Windsor I ended up getting traded Kingston and trading Shane Wright, going in the fourth round.
I feel like you know he's a power forward, didn't you know he scored a ton? But, for a draft, your player actually got a good amount of points, especially two. for us, but he usually he played like just on the third line. I liked it at Windsor. I think that's a really good value for Buffalo so overall I think you know Buffalo here can surely steal the draft in Zach Benson at 13. A lot of people are super excited about him and I almost forgot to get the grade from the draft here guys, this one is easy, you are getting an advantage.
I am again. I think Benson's pick is very good, plus they already know some good second and third round players, Medina. in the 4th round, they did pretty well, now moving on to the Calgary Flames, here they have Samuel Hanzick there with their first round pick. Middle of the first round. I think it's a pretty good choice, a little high, maybe it was supposed to go with him like you know. range from 15 to 20, although he's not crazy at all. Six-foot-three winger from Slovakia, we play for the Vancouver Giants in the solid two-way game, powerful on the puck.
I think he was going to like the range in the 20s, that's not too bad. of a choice that the Flames, of course, probably don't care about. You know, getting bigger playing in the west, you have a lot of big teams. I think Echin Moore is also a very good second round pick, with a lot of value for him. potentially he was going to be late first um after that I just noticed this guy's name here is another uh, I've been Ivan, we have Igor Igorov, Russian goalkeeper. I mean, I'll give them points just for drafting that guy, but Overall, I think this was a pretty decent flame draft.
I like his first two selections. I don't think they're home runs or anything, but they're solid. I give you a b and then guys we have the Carolina Hurricanes their first round pick was Bradley in a doe uh he was actually playing the bchl and I feel like it's always hard to rate players in that league since the league It's not as secondary as who says who, so, for me, you know it's a little riskier choice. His ranking was also between 30th at the end of the first round and the middle of the second round, so they reached the upper end of his ranking now that he said that he played very well in the bchelli. he averaged more than two points per game.
He has bad hands. I think it's probably a pretty solid choice, one that I really liked. Jane Perron here at the end of the third round. They almost arrived in the fourth. Such theft again because she is five nine. drops in the draft, I think they will end up being a very, very good pick for the Carolina Hurricanes and after that too, one thing I noticed with Carolina was the opposite strategy from Arizona, they took two Russians early, uh, Carolina starting the fourth round. They started taking almost all the rush, they actually took five Russians in this draft and, honestly, I respect that I feel like they definitely had a strategy here, which was, you know, try to find value for these guys who are probably dropping them, probably getting them later than they should.
So, again, I think if you look here, you quickly see that 19 Russians were recruited in total and Carolina selected five of them, so more than a quarter of the Russians recruited went to Carolina. We'll see if the strategy is worth it for them or not. I definitely respect that, although I like teams, you know, trying something like this or trying to get an advantage again for the shrimp pick in the third round. I really like it, I think the range pick was okay, so I'll give Carolina an A minus here, looking at it right now, there's definitely potential for this to be an amazing draft for them, but obviously you don't know anything in particular, so time will tell, we'll see what happens now, speaking of, you know certain things, Dark Condor first overall.
Chicago Black Blackhawks, which is about as sure a pick as you'll ever get, followed by Oliver Moore at 19. He fell a little bit in the draft, absolutely stole a pick, best skater in the draft, fastest skater in the draft. good two way game good hands I love that pick um I think you know here second round at the third pick Andrew Crystal is available he fell out of the first round Conor Bernard's best friend plays roller hockey with him uh they Met each other while they were growing up, how do you not take them to bring those two together? um, instead, they do it with Adam Gage and, hopefully, I got his name right, another Slovakian.
It's really great to see many more Slovaks being recruited. The goalie of the future was one of the four or five best goalies in this draft class. I think he was the first to take over the Bell from him, which is interesting. I feel like his Bell is, you know, kind of unanimous, the top-ranked goalie, but. They still have one of the top four goaltenders, so it's not a terrible pick. After that, when I was watching, no one else jumped at me, so even though they might not score the best goal in the draft class, which obviously We might have to wait and see how they easily still get a plus here .
I don't think they're going to pick anyone else in this draft. Behind The Darden more and they still got a plus eight, so it's pretty easy to rate the next one here. with Carter Avalanche, so I think they did very, very well, they got Callum Richie there in the 27th. He was supposed to be, you know, in the middle of the first round. In fact, I see him play a little bit in Oshawa, a solid playmaker. I think his team was Not the best huh, but still you know draft year he got decent points, but Kelly Gulia here is also the offensive Russian defenseman, they get him at 31.
Of course, you had some Chef in the sixth, there is a chance that Ghoulia ends up being the best defense. under two then Avalanche get a lot more value obviously Simichev is more of a physical defensive back when Ghoulie has offense. I think you know ABS here again has great value of course uh Ghoulia they actually came back with the Alex Numo trade in the second round. from us, Ross Colton, very good job, um, after those guys came back in like that, I have no ideahe. Jerry Hanzel was a defensive back for Seattle and of course they had a stacked team again this year, so he played on a good team, but as you know.
I didn't jump on you or anything like that again, although I really like those first two picks, so I'm giving the car to Avalanche. I think they deserve it. They did it pretty well. Now next up guys, we have the Columbus Blue. Jackets should just be called the Columbus Wolverines at this point, the first two picks get Adam Fantilly who falls to them at three, the Ducks of course pass, then they get Gavin Brinley here in the second round, pick 34, also from Michigan teammate Fantilly, I think Fantilly. He said Brinley was going to be the steal of the draft, huh, the fact that he fell into his hands, how perfect he is, I really thought Brilliant would have gone late in the first round, so I worked on wellness.
Columbus worked well for fantilly, Britney's other smaller player. you guys can see here, he's only five eight, which is probably why I fell in the first round, but he's probably the second best skater in the draft, behind Oliver, plus at least the second fastest. I also know Fantilly, very good skater, good speed, I think Brinley is here. What a pick for the Columbus Blue! Jackets, um, two after that, they get a couple more teammates, how cool is it that Liam Whitelaw is there, if that was the best White Cloth 100 name in the draft along with Andrew Strathman, after that also Luca Pinelli fourth round pick Auto 67.
I think he's a great value. Again, he's five nine, which is probably why you know he's drafted to get him later, of course, Mr. Relevant, Tyler pedals, it sucks to be last, but at least he was one of the guys that got drafted, so which, really guys, I love it, I love it, I love it. This draft for the Blue Jackets I think they did so well, they are another team that gets Nate and I also think they did very, very well here. Next up we have the Dallas Stars, so Dallas Stars, you usually know our pretty good draft team.
At least in the last few years they made my first round pick, their late second round pick here, Tristan Bertucci, is actually a flint fiber defenseman. I'd say he's a solid second round player, a little early and after that they picked up another OHL player. There, Brad Gardner, was a center in the 67th office, kind of like Seattle and the WHL. Ottawa was an absolute beast in the OHL, so I played on a good team, he was obviously a part of that, after that I'm really not very familiar with a lot of things. of these type of later picks here, so I mean, overall, looking at Dallas, I think it's a pretty average draft, we'll just give it a c, next guys, my Detroit Red Wings, look at all those picks, I mean,


one will say I'm beaten afterwards. this one, but I'll give you the grade right now, it's an A plus.
I think Eiserman did very well here, so ninth overall, Nate Danielson, I'll say this is the only part of the draft. I have some criticisms that I think you should have. Zachary Benson left I like Nate Danielson I think Benson has the highest ceiling, we are a team, we have a lot of good players, we don't have a lot of great players, I think we should have taken a chance on a guy. like Benson, could you tell he turned out to be a great playmaker? They compared him to Mitch Marner. I would love to have a future Mitch Martin on this team.
Benson played center and wing at the NHL level. He's probably the winger. Danielson is a center. a little bigger with six and two. I know they wanted a center, that's probably what made them lean Danielson's way, so again, I don't hate that the pick would have preferred, uh, Benson, but Daniel is still a good option. I love being in police at 17. I think he could end up being the best defenseman in this draft, so again going 17th overall is an absolute steal. I definitely think one of the best Skane defenders in the draft, he or Guliev probably have some of the best hands and passing skills you know in this draft. for the defenseman so I can't wait to see what happens with him, of course that's the Horanic trade so basically we already have Chronic's replacement.
We followed up with Trey Augustine early in the second round, that's when all the top goalie prospects started leaving. Herbal Gage and Yarnson too, so um Augustine, I think he's a good pick, he's actually a spitting prospect. He had the best single-season save percentage for the under 18 national team development program, which is pretty crazy, it was like a 926. That's a good sign, solid Sioux defenseman Andrew Gibson is a guy too local LaSalle, so right near where I'm from, very, very cool, Bradley Cleveland, just a big 6'5 defenseman, then you have Noah Dower, Nielsen, here. it's a really cool pick because we actually drafted his brother a couple of years ago and then the rest of these picks here obviously I'm not very familiar with some of these names.
I really like what Eisman did in the draft this year, especially to make that trade for Yamamoto and the cost of literally getting those two Edmonton guys for free. I think Yamamoto being in the top six with us and with the right players could really break even and of course let's take a solid six player against the Oilers last year so azureman. I'm not sure if we can count the trade, but either way they're getting an A plus. He did a great job now talking about the Oilers, which is why they only had three picks in this draft.
The late second round pick is actually a solid one. I think it was Nathaniel's day too, glory to the Flint Firebirds. I saw him play a couple of times. I thought he was a solid goalie. He got caught at the end of the sixth round. I have Mac company here. I'm not very familiar with it, but I like it. the two picks they didn't make, I think were good picks, although they would have a lot of picks, which could probably affect the draft grade. You're only choosing a few times. I feel like they did what they did decently.
They had here, I'm going to give them a C and the next guys before the Panthers here, so, their first pick was actually a late second rounder, Grayson saw another guy there in Seattle, wait, I said how was that one? team and that shows you. How many guys have been recruited? He is a solo playmaker, fights hard for the puck. After that, Luke called and I heard a little bit about Ramusuki, late sixth round pick, that's not so bad. Again, no first-round pick for the Panthers. I feel like you. I know they got pretty good value on Sachin, who a lot of people thought would be a second rounder.
I hope I get his name right too, but I think Florida didn't do too badly here. I'm going to give them a c. Also, I think it's pretty fair, um LA Kings after that. I think the LA Kings really work pretty well here again. Another team without a first-round pick. They get Jaco to work there in the second round and then they get Zeimer in the third. I feel like Those are two pretty solid picks in those spots and again the next three guys, uh, Matthew Mania. I watched Sudbury play, it didn't stand out to me, so that's probably why it's in the late fifth round, but yeah, I think the L.A Kings here did pretty well.
I'm going to give them a B minus because, like I said, I think Dvorak at the end of the second round and then Zeemer in the third got really good value. I'm going to go crazy next, so, uh, Charlie's trimel, this was a little interesting pick at the end of the first round, most people had it in the second, if not the third, now they get height recovery with the last pick in the second round, so I thought it was an absolute steal. I feel like the whole year he was ranked, you know? Halfway through the first round and then right at the end, their rankings really started to drop, so I feel like those are the guys that really get the value, especially when you start following the rankings after the seasons are over.
It's like what's affecting the ranking so much. just like bad interview drafts, stuff like that, I don't know, I feel like those are the things you can teach so easily, like maturity, manners, like whatever brought them down, you can teach those things like that, it's not hard, it's It's a lot harder to teach a kid to play economical Dave than it is to teach him to say please and thank you, at least that's my opinion. I'm not sure if that's what it was like for him. I'm just saying it was a bargain. Schmel, that was a little difficult.
I'm going to butcher his name too, but a couple of lines, I don't think he was a bad second round pick either, so even though Shermel was a little elusive in the first round, I think you know the height. It was enough of a robbery. I'm going to give them a B minus. I think B minus is pretty fair because it could have been better, but still not too bad overall, next year guys Montreal Canadiens okay, how interesting. draft your first pick there is uh David uh the Canadian Demario is proud to select David rybacker uh if you saw the price uh there on the podium I felt very bad for him but uh David Reinbecker at five, that was also a big shock .
I think a lot of people thought that Michika fell to Montreal, they would surely accept them and followed the defense's turnaround. Many people considered Rhinebeck to be the best defenseman in this draft class and having said that he really wasn't supposed to be. top five is supposed to be more of a top 10 pick, so montreal catches them up a bit, they also overlook meechkov who was the only one who thought the entire draft class would be considered even close to Bedard more than fancifully, it just has to do with all the other things with him in Russia that he wasn't more than three years and


thing else involved there, so, the choice of Montreal, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't a big fan of Rhinebacker at age five, could prove him wrong. it could be like you know Detroit coming up and getting cider ends up being a great pick, but you know, initial thoughts took it too soon and they could have taken a better player.
After that, they get goalie Jacob Fowler, he's actually the first of three goaltenders they look at, so that's interesting. I wonder what is the most team goalies ever selected in a draft? I feel like three have to be close, so clearly they're here with the quantity over quality method because they didn't take value. until the third round that they find out that you know their starting goalie of the future uh, Florian Jack, the guy here in the fourth round, um, he's obviously Arbor Jack's brother. I think Arbor Jack is a better player, they signed him for free as a free agent later.
He wasn't selected and Florian goes to the fourth round like he's not as good as his brother and yeah, this is too early for him and the fourth, um after that, too, um, not really, you know very well with a lot of these. other guys, so Montreal I don't think had the best draft. I apologize. I like it when Montreal is a good team because they're obviously one of the biggest hockey franchises you know, but I don't think it was a good draft for them if you look at it. like these last two drafts that came out last year on slivkoski, first overall ryan came back to his fifth overall.
I think Montreal fans are going to be upset when they look back on these two drafts, time will tell I may be wrong but because of the rain now I'm going to give them a d I think a d is fair, definitely not an F or a failing grade but uh D makes sense after that guys we have the host city here in Nashville. I really like what they did, first they picked Matthew 15th overall, there are some concerns about what skating is, but Really, very good shot for him, obviously, the big player two at six, four, the tender Melindeck, also at the end of the first round.
I thought it was a really solid choice. People say I said his name wrong, but then I think it was Pecorino who announced the election and said the same thing. The way I did it maybe we're both doing it wrong, someone said it's like Melendi K or Melendika, I don't know, uh, kill and Linda's second round pick from Red Deer. I thought it was a really good value, it should end up being a solid one. The center forward six, especially for them, also has some courage in his game, a bit of passing. I feel like people always love those guys, but not on their team.
After that too. I think the coolest moment, honestly, might have been. this last pick here, Aiden Fink, so originally he wasn't Nashville's pick, the devil had it and the devil's general manager, Tom Fitzgerald, who was actually the first captain of the national predators, changed this pick to Nashville to that David Poel can let you know one last choice. and he would be involved in that, forComing full circle, you got Nashville's first GM, first captain, working together here on a final pick. I thought it was great, especially also, Barry Trotz, I think he was Nashville's first coach and he was involved, of course, with that pick as their future GM and in terms of great guys, I can't really count that at all with this grade, but I still thought they did very well with their two first round picks.
I thought Kayla Lynn was there and the second one was nice. I just realized they got Dylan McKinnon in the third round. It was a defense for Halifax at the tail end. He looked pretty good as a decent skater. I like the strap for Nashville maybe. It's like you only know one moment to feel good. I'm giving you a thought. I think, Nashville, they deserve it and we were talking to the Devils guys. They are next here, so there is no first round pick, but there is a second round pick. round they get Lenny hamanaho I hope I got his name right uh, he's a smart forward, a good 2A game is supposed to go, you know, mid to late second round, so there's good value for him, then from that they got Cam Squires, their late fourth round pick, here he is. about a point per game this year on the tail end playing for Cape Breton.
I think like 30 goals, I think he's actually a really good value pick, so after that, you got Cole Brown out of Hamilton. I didn't really notice too much of his game. I think the second round was a solid chamber honestly. The squires could be a bargain, so I'll give the Devils a B as well. I think you guys did a pretty good job here, I know, unless you're the New York Islanders of the course, no. Detroit, first round pick, had theirs, Roxanne and Polica, and in the second round, although they got Danny Nelson, I think he's a pretty good pick, six, three, Simon, from the US national team development program USA, driven forward, not afraid to play physical, you know, pretty good offense. o skill set can also shoot, can pass many people thought he could be a late player in the first round, so the aunt has the honor of getting it in the middle of the second is a good value, now after that, another rest of the guys really jumped out at me so if they had one up average pick the rest are just average I think a c plus it's probably fair to the Islanders uh the Rangers are next here guys so you get to Gabe Pro, they're putting in the first round.
I thought it was an amazing choice, I actually thought of Chicago. could go on their way, but I didn't see Oliver being more available, so they get a pass. I think Perot is one of the best playmakers in this draft class. A game at 23rd in the first round should be a steal and they actually get a team. of him in the national team development program attracted Fortescu, the fencer, who is not bad value at the end of the third round, after that, you get another player from Oshawa.Dylan Roblebreck six seven centers, so I think I Remember Curtis Douglas, who played for the Spitz.
You hope this guy can eventually be like a fourth line signee, you just dominate with size. I think you know, getting him in the sixth round is a decent place to take him, you just know how to take a chance on a guy, so overall I really like the pro pick. I think the Rangers here did decent again, are they doing much better than average, maybe just ever? so slightly, so I give them a B minus. I feel like that's a fair rating for them. Next up, guys, we have Ottawa Sanders, so you can tell they didn't have an odd first, second, or third round pick with Cyrus. this year they missed the playoffs and if you look at all the teams below them that also missed the playoffs, none of those other teams don't have a first round pick, most of them actually had multiple first round picks I think that the only ones that had only one were Vancouver and Anaheim and the rest had at least two and of course St Louis had three, so you guys wonder why Ottawa didn't have an option until the fourth round, well, the first round traded the paper for Jacob's chicken, which actually I think you know it makes sense that the chicken is worth it, although the second round pick was traded contract download sites, the third round pick was traded to get rid of Matt Murray's contract and, as a result, they were left without a pick in the first three rounds after missing the Playoffs. which is not a great place to be right now.
I'm looking at the players here. Personally, I don't see any crazy theft or anything. um Matthew Onnonovsky is the player most familiar with the defense from there for Kitchener, he didn't really jump. Let me know every time I saw him play, of course, Spitz got stopped catching his first rounder this year, so I don't know if it's fair because they didn't have, you know, those three picks, but I'll give you the Senators and F. I think that if you missed the playoffs and you don't pick until the fourth round and you don't find any amazing SEALs or something, you should get a I don't know how you can see it any other way.
Also, I'm not going to lie, I wanted to give at least one team in F. It seems like Ottawa made the most sense to me. I apologize fans, next year guys, so quite a stark contrast, honestly, you have Phillips, the Flyers probably had one. of the best drafts, first pick Matthew Meachgov at seven, as I said, the only player who potentially rivaled Dart. I think dropping to seven is an absolute steal and I have to say I totally understand a lot of the fear surrounding him when he showed up in the draft so clearly like he wants to be in any jail or he wouldn't have even bothered going to the draft like why?
Would a guy who never wants to play in the NHL waste his time and money going to the draft? if a win is selected it's meaningless, so I'm pretty sure Mitchcock will eventually be in the NHL. Now you will have to wait. You know that three years that KL contract will probably end, but there is also a scenario where you can buy them out. I'm under contract to the KHL, which means he could be here even sooner, so I feel like this pick is nothing more than an advantage for Philly, there's obviously still some risk, but I really, really like having Michikov at seven years old.
You could look back at this draft class and it could. He would easily be like the second best player behind Madari if they didn't know that his comparable number one is Alex Ovechkin, who will go down as the top scorer in national history, that's what they are comparing them to, like dynamite 7 and absolute love for heist. that pick for the Flyers, they followed it up with Oliver Bonka 22, which is not a bad pick, probably not the best pick they could have made at that spot, for example, the gay pro is still available, he would have been a great creator of game to eventually have it. as a duo with michikov once he gets there, but uh, the bunk isn't a bad choice either, he was supposed to be like a late first round, early second round guy, after that, they have Carson's grandson in there, Of course, Brandon's weak Kings goalie, he's one of those.
Goalies, that's probably like they're in the top four of the draft class, they get him a little bit later than the other three, of course, when they start the second, they get him like in the middle of the second round. I think he played very well for Brandon this year. I like it. that that pick I'm actually a couple of picks later Denver Barky there London Knights almost in the fourth round as the second to last pick there the third I think it's an absolute steal Barky there in the third round when you look you know some of the Other players in London have really good values ‚Äč‚Äčabout a point per game this year in their draft here uh more Points per game in the playoffs.
I believe it again because he is five nine. I think that's why you see it slide after the two you got. Carter Southern, Portland's defenseman in the fifth round of the WHL, is not a bad pick, so you also have this Mario man, pretty good name, six six defenseman from the Q, obviously, a great defenseman, always they may, you know, have a little more chance. be like an NHL guy matched up like a bomb just because they have that size, they have that physicality, so Philadelphia here, like I said, one of the best drafts, without a doubt, of any team, easy, easy, a top grade for them, there is no doubt about it.
I'm still here guys, the guy Kyle of the Pittsburgh Penguins was, of course, his first time as general manager of this team, he takes Braden Yeager with the 14th pick of the first round. I really like this pick for them, I thought Jaeger was going to surround that spot and hold us. Together they are projected to reach the top 10 and maybe even the top five, let's say about a year ago he had, you know, very good numbers playing on under-18 cannibal youth teams. I was like 16 and he looked so good. Good player, I think I picked 14 Jaeger, you can't really complain about that at all after that, at the end of the third round, they get a food pin and hopefully, I said it right, uh, pretty solid defender, I think you'll get the third round. like a two way guy he can play power play he could play PK I'm also two here I see they put Cooper Foster in that pile the whole '67 team um I feel like you know dubis here did pretty well um they did something amazing um, I mean, I think you know it's worthy, at least that's how Raquel does it with her first draft.
I feel like I'm going to give Pittsburgh a B minus. I think you know that's fair enough, it's like not jumping off the page. I mean it's an amazing draft but it was solid um after that we now have the San Jose Sharks so uh the sharks are interesting to rate because I really thought they would lead me to come to the four and they fit perfectly. It's going to suck for the next three years anyway, now they have Will Smith who was the next best player to draft so you can't fault them for that. Quinn should be there 26.
I think it's really good value, it's supposed to be a pretty good season with Sudbury. I was probably high in the rankings at the beginning of the year, but I dropped a little bit in the draft rankings, kind of like Jaeger. I think he had a record for most points in a Sudbury Wolf game. Casper Halton also early in the second round. I think it's a great choice. there from Finland, in terms of strike draft guys, it honestly hurts me because I feel like Smith was definitely the wimpy pick there, but I'm going to go with an A, if they had taken Michiko they would have gotten an A plus, but still, In general, I think. the stripes did pretty well, next up we have the Seattle Krakens, so Edward Shallow follows them at 20.
I think that could be a bargain, obviously a lot of people aren't too sure about him, that's why he fell among the top 10. but one of the best playmakers in this draft class was obviously playing against men in the Control League. I think this could turn out to be a very good pick, then in the second round they actually had three picks, the first being Carson Raykoff there from Kitchener. I thought he looked pretty good, you got Oscar Fisker Mulgre from the Swedish League, another decent pick in the second, uh, Lucas Drake aesthetic. I think the late second round pick is a really good value, obviously, it's more of an offensive defense when you guys were telling me the defensive game needs. a lot of work, but I still think he's a guy that has the potential to be like a power play quarterback and then they go with Tayden Price, plus a defensive back, they put their field pick there from Kelowna, so I think Drake is priced at the end of the second end of the third as good value.
I really like this draft for Seattle. I think they have a lot of good players there. I think I'll give them an A plus. I feel like they did a very good job. work on this draft, I can't wait to see how some of these mid-round picks turn out, after that guys we have the St Louis Blues, so number 10, his first divorce at work was supposed to selection was going to go well. out there I think he's a good pick for them um again I probably went Benson's way he was still available um Auto stun break there 25 not a bad pick I think I'll end up being like a really good third center line, he's got a great two-way game Theo linstein, that's going to be interesting, he's a guy, of course, he was supposed to be the best defender in this draft class, let's say like a year ago, and then actually , draft stocks fell and fell and fell and fell, um ends. going late in the first round there, the blue, so you have a guy that you know he has the potential to continue to be good.
I think of a Trump-like Timothy, a cop who was supposed to be the best defender in his draft class, but ended up being. a playerpretty solid so late first there for him not bad at all uh Quentin Burns the Kings are known for fencing and the third round has decent value after that you have another defenseman from Ottawa again it's funny how those stacked youth teams that you can I see some of their players getting picked, so St. Louis here, I think they do well, are they worthy of an A plus? I don't think so if they had three first-round picks and got good value on each of them.
I'm going to give you an a. I think St Louis did a good job here. Next guys, we got the Tampa Bay Lightning. So no first round pick. They have Ethan Gothy there. Early in the second, he, of course, hopes to go to Montreal before they do. I traded that late first for Alex, new hook now after moving on to get Jason Chuggaby, who might end up being a good pick, uh five nine, so probably another guy fell due to his eye size coming to college again. from Minnesota Duluth, so it's obviously a good school. program I think he also played in the USHL this season, so again for the 4th round not bad, plus Ethan Hay from Flynn got to see him play a little bit, you know a decent player, especially with it being his draft year and 7th round, I mean, you're taking a chance on the guy anyway, so I'll give them a C and besides, I feel like that's pretty fair, especially for not having a first round pick, after the guys got the Toronto Maple Leaf , so this is what I was referring to before.
In fact, I even notice that they only had three picks in this draft, of course, they make a first round pick in Austin County for the London Knights, that's what I was talking about with Philly, they get Austintown at the spot 28 overall. and you had Philly taking Denver Berkey at 95th overall. I'll show you how its points right now on the screen. Barky was putting up more points in the regular season and in the playoffs he's only two inches shorter, so he makes 67 picks later, like me. I don't get it, Callum might end up being the better player, but in terms of value I think only Barky is way behind Chadwick and Lethbridge, the big western defense guy.
I don't think I like the Leafs. Draft I feel bad, Toronto fans, especially the two beers, they are not show franchises. TorontoMontreal. I'm copying your drafts. People aren't going to like this, but I give Toronto a d. I don't think you'd give them a D minus. That would be, you know, too bad, but, wow, and I feel like I could have come back and gone at least in the second round, maybe even the third round, of course, I just had a couple of late picks after that. , so, yes, Toronto has a d. and then after the Vancouver Canucks, their first pick at 11th overall, Tom Lander, I honestly thought he was going to be around.
I was expecting Arizona to go back to No. 12 and that would be a little tough, so the fact that he goes No. 11 has a lot to do with him probably being more of a 20-year-old teenager, kind of a first-round pick. . I feel like the Canucks here, a better pick would have been Saint and Police, for example, or even just taking Zachary Benson, uh, he's from the Vancouver area. Don't know. I know I feel like you know there are better options in the third round here. Hunter Bruce Wicks from Kitchener when I saw them was definitely one of their best defenders, so I like that pick in the third round.
Seattle's Sawyer Mineo against the team piled on him to get a player. drafted, that's not a bad pick at the end of the third after that, I'm not familiar with these other guys so I feel like the Canucks had a decent draft. William probably wasn't the best pick they could have made, for that reason I'm going to give them a c minus I think that's fair to Vancouver, next up here are the Las Vegas Golden Knights, so their 32nd first round pick in Overall, David Edstrom, he's a really solid two-way center that does everything for you, of course, he's that size. six three uh reading the scouting reports on him, I feel like he's probably going to be like that perfect, prototypical third line center, uh, Matthew Cattleford, also in the third round, uh, from Halifax.
I think he's a really good pick, a really good offensive player can pass can shoot, I think the third round pick for him is a really good value, so looking at Las Vegas here, at least you'll see that. I feel like they're, you know, a decent couple. The picks based on where they were drafting didn't have a ton of picks either. I'm going to give them one more C. I think you know they knew. You knew pretty well what they had. The Washington Capitals are next here. The guys really like the draft. they had him so Ryan Leonard at Ada thinks Great Value and they're the team that finally drafts Andrew Crystal uh prevents him from slipping even further into the number eight pick in the draft there in the second round at 40th overall .
I think he's a guy who could finish. being an absolute steal, one of the biggest deals in this draft for him, the concern is speed, but his overall game is not bad, he has very good edge work, he has great hands, I can shoot, he can pass, I feel that is going to end. being a guy that many teams regret passing on Cam Allen the fifth. I think you know he's a guy who probably fell more than any other prospect. At the beginning of the years he was projected to make the top 10. I think I can even look at it like you already know the fifth overall pick fell all the way to the fifth round.
It's such a big drop that I don't know if he's ever seen that before, so he's a guy who could end up being an absolute, too. stealing even if he ends up just being a bottom pairing defenseman to get a guy who will actually play in the NHL in the 5th round is a great pick. I really like this Washington Capitals draft. I think you know to finally get Crystal there early. seconds, a really great pick, Leonard, eighth overall, Kim Allen right there at fifth with respect to the grade boys. Honestly, he was trying to decide between an A or an A plus.
I feel like the other teams I gave advantages to, like Columbus Detroit Philly. I made a lot more picks so because of that I didn't have as many players watching, although I still got an A and now finally the Winnipeg Jets here, so the Colby Barlow 18 scene I thought was a really good pick, he kind of drops a little there. um winger power forward very good shot good nephron presence always like tipping those Pucks for rebound opportunities uh Thomas militia is a great pick obviously uh Canada's world junior goalie is also going to the fifth round when he had 20 years old, so I guess last year I could have been selected.
I'm also Connor Levis here for Kamloops. I think he's a solid player. I'm pretty sure you have a point for the games draft year. I think that has really good value in the seventh round. um too. also Jacob Julian, another London Knights player, fifth round pick, their center, 6-4, pretty big guy, good value, not too familiar with the third round pick, but overall I think the Jets could use it. it went well and they got good value at the end of the draft. I'm going to give them a B plus, so those are my DraftKings guys.
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