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Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Steaks On Kitchen Nightmares

Feb 28, 2020
Okay, onion rings, shall we fix? Are they already out? What is that spoon? The steam table looks like it's a river running through here. Don't look at the state of this stove. neighborhood but the


s an old neighborhood in ruins yes what is that is that you Wow are you kidding puts it in the phone room puts it back there what is that is right hand coding so that a chosen can does not stick yes Wow my mom's definitely lost her high standards in the last 15-20 years grandma i know she cares about this place but the passion and fire i've seen in her before isn't there anymore dammit i'll probably burn them out son of what is that? horrible little taste very watery taste like the end yes sorry is if i absolutely thank you wow that's terrible Tina Chef Ramsay is asking for you at 43 i'm always that oli sees oil is that canola oil wasn't five hearts is that he is that what you are serving there is that mixture look at that jesus it smells bad what's inside there I don't know nothing has been cleaned I don't know you are the front of the house what a mess we bought from the abides yes to the basics whoa what is that tara misu oh my god now they have done it every day probably a couple of weeks ago what is that a fake massoud tree is that is a real toaster oh come on no this so it just sat there cool and you said two weeks no probably three weeks ago thats more than three weeks sorry son yeah how long do i have these desserts next to her a couple months I cook them twice as much as mine. monsters for me three weeks now I would say ours mine was a couple months do they stay out all night?
gordon ramsay being served the worst steaks on kitchen nightmares
Yes, that is a health hazard. Oh my God. Chefs will be a writer. Here are our things. you're welcome wow what a mess i ordered mid-rare but somewhere you have to stick your knife in it to kill it i mean movie still movie sam i'm trying to cut into that i'll make it kinda weird but it's like that steak was frozen probably just check with the chef yeah it was that fake frozen he wants to know I wasn't that frozen yeah yeah I don't know if I should laugh or cry whats next great so looking forward to a nice piece of meat classic we have flaming flaming in that i serve people table side they just love it chef dream for them in you hmm something simple wave to you from the tile yes im going to finish it its still cooking you will love this salmon this it's butter and garlic Oh Donny see sir and so the tsunami is the garlic butter running down the drain ok to be honest thank you very much very welcome well that's the toughest and most curious servant of Philip I have tried in my whole life , does it mean I'm chewy is he assuming I'm so tough yeah no I'm done Chef Ramsay hated the food he hated the decor and I can't figure out why oh thank you steak yeah oh yeah my steak New York, no rum, only two cuts of steak, two


on the menu, house bug must be minimum eight to ten.
gordon ramsay being served the worst steaks on kitchen nightmares

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gordon ramsay being served the worst steaks on kitchen nightmares...

Colin Farrell is like you, how are you doing well for justice? So I'll start with crab cakes, then maybe the shrimp and roasted garlic ravioli and then I'll have the filet mignon with the gorgonzola demitasse. Thanks Kelly, no problem. I know Eric is a good chef, so why be nervous about what his crab cakes are plus filet mignon with gorgonzola medium rare and it's probably fine. I love what I do this is perfect my food is good and if you criticize it like you've seen him criticize other people's food. I'll probably throw it at him. What is that crab cake?
gordon ramsay being served the worst steaks on kitchen nightmares
Someone spat on my plate. Wow that's dis bursts it's stale plastic bits of trash moving through the crab cakes so okay oh yeah chef send a little surprise there's bits of plastic running around there let's see the plastic I don't know about where it came from, but it's deafening there, but I'm done with it. Thanks, okay, stern warning for what's to come, Eric, your sanity is a classic event, there's a strong he. I have no idea where that place came from. watching tv and wondering why everyone is doing well is josie there at the end yes all the time she will sit there most of the night oh yes joe needs to move and start paying attention always my food is fantastic.
gordon ramsay being served the worst steaks on kitchen nightmares
I can leave you alone to eat you know thanks would you like to bet me pretty big now they always said with Rory Enzo yes no thanks my pleasure

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