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Goop & Misfits Just Chillin on CSGO (new knife unboxed)

May 31, 2021


bought Türkiye, where did they go? Everyone has to get into the yes, did you buy it in the? They will have to be. Oh, I


got a pink purchase at that price, so I might take it, it's great. I got the SG. I need to open my recording in case I get something good, here we go, screencasts, yeah, do it, let me wait for the content. Wow, buddy, don't give it back, give it back. I really have, oh, I'm sorry, I'm just sorry. I'm going to replay your case unpacking because you're lucky oh my gosh look at this crazy


it's unpacked bro can you believe we have a


guys this is amazing.
goop misfits just chillin on csgo new knife unboxed
Oh, buy more, yes, valve. I'll get more keys oh my god I unpacked more than half of those boxes I just unlocked they are m249 damn yeah I'm going to buy jack. I guess I'll get ten more if we get another Beretta Dual. I'm going to buy more cases hahaha, my last one and onobu, okay, ten more, Toby. Toby, I'm trying to send you a friend request and it's a song, mmm, it didn't work, I said, but I went to your, I accepted your friend request, friends, yes, epic and very good, you have a lot of money in your account there.
goop misfits just chillin on csgo new knife unboxed

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goop misfits just chillin on csgo new knife unboxed...

Excuse me, I have a lot of money in your account. I ask your forgiveness. Just my accounts? Do I need to spell it? I see your cash and you have a lot of it Ted, how are you seeing all my cash? I don't really reveal how I can see. I need to know that cash needs to be sent to me and life works. I would like them to be winning very soon. Are they wasted right now? No, I'm not wasted. Oh my god, who? boy, just a metric, it will take cases, you see, it's a fart, Travis.
goop misfits just chillin on csgo new knife unboxed
I made the biggest purchase I have ever made in a single moment in my entire life. I bought a computer, oh that convinced me and do it. Like I just said Ted if I ever hope to be as rich and famous as everyone else this fall will you buy this piece yeah I really was you know I was sweating yeah my bank tried to stop me so I had to do it hey buddy What do you have, how did you do it? guys been doing I feel like I haven't talked to anyone in a millennium I have a house I have an ad for the house so I didn't buy it I'm renting he has a property I have my TV today I have three TVs and you bought three TVs you live alone and you have three TVs That's a flag You watch TV yourself I'm in my bedroom or my console area We're in my living room So I'm fine for an episode of mobile porn Wink Are you interested?
goop misfits just chillin on csgo new knife unboxed
What logic I just heard OBS. I just heard this dream lives text to speech, but it starts talking to me. I'm not even streaming my someone went to my streaming labs and donated $10 just now and said open a case on this yeah. oh, you know, we're going to open a case that you can open with like three and ten dollars oh, I was actually going to save the other one like six dollars, there's still going to be something coming in, I'm sorry, I mean, they did, they just said Oakland is our case, so just So, go home, three of them, okay.
I don't know if you can do three. Oh my god, are you trying to one-up me? Hi Jesus, I'm trying to be able to urinate at least five to seven times a day. I feel like that's the damn order, no, my creation, why are you off the pee frequency and not the water amount? Yeah, that's so weird backwards, dry penis skin, okay, these are just things you don't share. I thought you would have found it interesting because I thought it was very interesting when I picked up my handkerchief and saw that it was covered in white flakes.
God, his crazy new operations might actually have a problem. Travis. I think you know I'm looking at how much I've spent. Steam sandwich like money I've wasted oh no it looks like $50 Australia is 30 US dollars. that's like doing kung fu and I was younger and we did pushups and you had to bounce on the first two knuckles, the dumbest thing ever, it literally doesn't mean Annika wobbles, well yeah, but then I definitely feel like it would make your fists a little rougher and you would be ready to punch someone for sure if you wanted to be rough.
I am not looking for judges in my fists, artificial calluses and yet arrogant souls in this coming call. everyone I don't know this is just my thing I don't know why I do this I like being so handsome kappa pride I also wonder ted could you fill us in yeah it's pretty good I don't know I found it I rarely discovered, like later in my life, that it was conventionally attractive. I discovered quite late in my life that I am conventionally unattractive. You're not unattractive. There are thousands of people in the world who could be much less attractive.
It's like at least. Martin at least ten people how percentiles work what's good what's bad a lower percentage is better attractive yeah whatever the case Toby I don't think you're like that on a track look okay it's supposed to you should do it Say Toby, I don't think our father is unattractive, say Toby, I want to lick your Toby, yes, here now, thank you, thank you. Did you notice that they added twenty-two characters and Ernie added one of them as a woman? This is fair and she is also ugly. Toby, that's pretty rich coming from someone in the bottom percentile, this is a real bro, I hurry up, can I get on with this?
Oh hey Ted you're here, good job big guy, I guess thanks, just money, they call me like big guy, yeah, big guy. Man stuff, oh I heard it's like this, if you kill both enemies you get a fuzzy, oh, now it's erect, kids are literally like made of rubber, have you ever seen the video or is it weird, like That kid gets hit by a car and literally goes under both wheels and then gets up completely fine, walks away, are you serious? Yeah, I don't know how often that happens. It was a bit of an extreme example.
Yes, there was something wrong with the wheels, maybe the wheels were a little. deflated but the kid was fine yeah I guess I don't know it was on Liveleak maybe not man maybe kids are very durable thanks for ending on that good note. I guarantee that the situation you just described would not be the same. if you used like a tank Abrams m1 Oh, like clues oh no way yeah, they would be chewed up what are we talking about we're talking about what you know with the tank oh oh yeah, buddy, that would be a little harsh and you probably already know, probably they would remove from liveleak if anything, they would probably be like that too much, the Toyota Prius was one thing, but Abrams we still have the company motto at lively, okay, we're not, we're not barbarians. that girl should milk his ass Holt that's something we could tolerate the Abrams I don't think so Oh God, no the Abrams could be a clutch musical arrogance that each of you have a little that white rice has a little white rice Ted, not the rice with your hand, oh now what I want you to do, Ted, is I want you to put the box down, just put it down and now I want you to shape it into a ball, a solid ball of rice in front. from the camera, there you go, yes, really, very compacted, really, yes, he goes, it's a snowball, now I'm waiting why are you going to fight with snowballs and I want you to throw it again, thank you, yes , I got you, just watch me be a clown, yeah, put your Ray's head will put on Ted's charades oh, we have to guess what you're doing, can we please, wow, this is a great vision, it's great, it's like If I had never stopped screaming, no, I did, your teeth are very white, thank you, do they remind me of Snow White's boogies? rappers fit when when when when I get my new computer you and I should stream Rust together I guess I know how they are already, I'm so trusting, although I've never been a Rust guy, so be cocky, just go down the list.
It's not actually a bad soundtrack here, I'm just a little violent, yeah, it would be nice with some vocals, okay, hello, I lost my family in a car accident. Oh, Ted, come on, why do you always mention this? It was a week ago. my dog ​​is dead now he ate the brownies myself doing to cheer myself up trying to destroy you with some brownies and the dog ate it and died quickly like the worst imitator is now making fun of me for repeating what he said there would be so much I was driving my car and hit someone's family.
I saw my friend baking some brownies and once upon a time there was a boy named Ted Ted. Ted's family Ted died horribly three months ago. Where is arigato gozaimasu? Everyone stepping forward, is that you? They are Japanese for Shawn's friend no, no, my name is dr. Phyllis Phil Lilith and I will be your Japanese instructor today. Hey, do you know why you don't even look remotely Japanese? No, I'm not Japanese, I'm Australian, but today I'm going to teach you Japanese, so if it just starts with a very gutti gozaimasu okay arigato gozaimasu that's absolutely spectacular so that means thank you I think it doesn't actually seem right to me what's the next word konichiwa konichiwa what is that there you have it then that's hello so now you can say konichiwa arigato gozaimasu and then you said hello thank you Irie Irie gotti because I owe papa Matthews for the two dollars-three Peter John in the morning he has never disappointed me I have fits on attacks on hit parry poor switch rejected 20k i mean it's a winner killing my enemies potentially i will be a villain officially every sin to the top without stopping


mother rush B I know it's okay I better finish that one rice man

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