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Gon Lost His Mind. Everyone Misunderstands Why

Mar 31, 2024
You guys like anime videos right, yeah, yeah, I know. I want to talk about this little weirdo. Actually, there are already a lot of good videos about Go Freak's personality. You can probably find them somewhere here, although this video is just my opinion on the little guy. I'm also writing it like my oldest and stupidest videos because it's anime and you guys like it so if you get mad at the screen it's probably your fault, there are actually spoilers for Hunter X Hunter XX starring V diesel too now that I'm writing your name. Look at this like sure gon is a stupid name but his last name is generating more letters every time you look away from him.
gon lost his mind everyone misunderstands why
He's supposed to be German anyway. It's also appropriate that it's pronounced freaks because that's what he and his father are. not in a pejorative way, they are like sexual fanatics, I mean genetically sexual, not sexual, I don't think any of them are sexual, especially Jing, maybe he learned some things from those women on the boat he always talks about, but he was 10 years old the ones I'm with. Kwa doesn't have that, but yeah, these two were actually born better than


else, yeah, let's do this again. If you didn't know characters who are born more talented and better than


else, that matters a lot to me, but it's a good way, it's shown in a story adjacent to hand wave logic, which is probably why It's so common.
gon lost his mind everyone misunderstands why

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gon lost his mind everyone misunderstands why...

You can have scenes where a green baby Yoda in shorts effortlessly beats up a grown man, how does he do that? Oh, it's real. Well, how come Batman didn't get shot by 20 guys? Well, it's really cool how that Jedi knows about the Assassin and was able to block 10 guys shooting at the same time with a stick even though he's clearly filmed to be as slow as a normal person. uh the force did it, it loves it, it's gone and so is Jinger, well, well or the most, let's establish a level of kindness, scaling skills of kindness in the world of Hunter Hunter, there is something called nen, I'm not going to do it explain why that will wake you up.
gon lost his mind everyone misunderstands why
I'm really analytical and he will try to write a real video instead of this, just know that he gives you superpowers and usually you need to be trained to know how to use it, but sometimes people use it accidentally and so do people in the environment. He seems to be much more durable and more powerful than real life, even after losing the ability to use nen he is somehow more capable than everyone else and before learning nen G runs an 80 km marathon for about 6 hours to the context, using Bolt I could run a sprint. distance of 100 m at almost 45 km per hour which took 9.58 seconds 12.5 m per second H that is quite fast a normal person jogs at about 1.5 to 2.5 m per second you start running beyond everyone In this 80 km race they were jogging casually at about 25% speed using Bolt ran for 10 seconds, he did about five beats of sweat.
gon lost his mind everyone misunderstands why
Kwa was just bored, many people completed the same race but most of them were tired because they were like this, how did he do it? He ran marathons for several years. exceeding the limits of an ordinary boy i didn't know nen no yet not only was he good he's very good he also carried three grown men on his back he could hold his breath for 9 minutes and 44 seconds he broke the arm of a tall hunter range with one hand he trained with a 50 kg vest and then opened a door that weighs 4 tons. Sometimes he can also apparently jump over the tops of trees and has a nose so sensitive it rivals a bloodhound even though he has a little triangle, you know.
The anime boy knows it. He wasn't much of a woofer spy. He was poor and played in streams and with wild opossums and as a kid he didn't have any damn superpowers, just social awkwardness. G is also often portrayed as one with nature, animals looming over him. and other strong hunters, he hears, why when someone is a Tarzan type, animals love you, animals don't hate each other in the wild, that's where they get eaten alive? After all, you think that if animals would love anyone, it would be people who are animals. He's not one with nature, maybe he misses her spraying his pheromones on them when they're not looking along with all these superhuman feats.
G is also 11 mhm, the real reason he can do these things is, uh, this is an imaginary fake person. made up that the guy who wrote it lied about him being real, so don't be depressed, you can't do that stuff, you'd actually have to try, but all it had to do was be ink on paper, which frankly , I think it's a bit embarrassing for him, but in the environment that's how it works, it could be that he was using n subconsciously because people do that, but it's mainly because he's better than everyone else. Wing says that he and Killa are one in 10 million talents, so he actually Masters things with much less effort than normal, mundane dooky-level humans.
I'm just establishing here that Gone is superhuman, he has many natural advantages over almost everyone he meets and even before becoming a hunter, he can't necessarily be held accountable to anyone because no one could stop him and that's an important thing to remember when evaluating someone's character to be strong. Let's now look at his motivations. When we first meet this kid, he's trying to catch a huge fish to deal with his average human mother. Sister's size aunt, the thing is that if he catches it, she will be allowed to take the hunter exam. Nobody can catch the fish.
He's too big or something, but he was a baby and he can do it because he's so good. I would like to point it out. which doesn't actually do anything clever, it just catches it, makes it seem like the swamp master isn't hard to hook, you just have to be strong to catch it, maybe, but it doesn't matter how strong you are because there's still a thread of fishing between you and the fish. I guess the fishing line is also very good and never breaks or maybe it was used unconsciously to improve it or something on it.
I don't care, I just wanted to do it. fishing too, if it was based solely on G-force, just jump into the pond and hit the fish well, whatever you get, the most important thing is that when the story begins and he is 11 years old, he is already one with nature and has superhuman powers, but that was not always the case, 3 years before, that he is not so strong nor so concerned with nature. Dr. Grips is going to analyze his formative years. He's fine, parents. His first cousin is basically his mother. He's fine. He never met his father and only knows that he abandoned him. him, although Mido later admits that he stole custody of her, she doesn't say why, but it seems like it was because she knew Jing was an idiot, he would be a terrible father, not that she would fight about it, so she left without a father . a mother who tells him every day that he is not her son and that her main motivation now is to meet his father and become a hunter.
Well, it's because the show is called Hunter Hunter, huh, but it says it's because being a hunter must be amazing for a parent to abandon their child, you know, it's one of those anime things where a kid says something stupid and out of touch. reality and we're supposed to respect him because his innocent wonder contradicts the reality of the world around him, but hey, there are shitty parents. Teenagers throw their babies in dumpsters from time to time I myself was a victim of terrible parenting, not the dumpster, although many of you probably had bad parents too, that's why we're both on YouTube.
Hey, maybe the guy who's known for being unreliable. and selfish is untrustworthy and selfish, maybe becoming a hunter had nothing to do with it, maybe Jing is just a terrible person, we later learned that yes he is, most hunters are terrible people in various ways. senses, we will talk about that later. he becomes a hunter long before he meets his father, this does not satisfy his goal at all, in fact he even sells his license at one point because it is not that important to him, it gives the impression that at some point it is about know why his father left.
It doesn't really matter, what's more, he just set himself an arbitrary goal and now wants to hunt it down to completion, since this was Kite's exact goal, maybe he just appropriated it to some extent, when he sells that license, he knows what is to be a hunter. it's like and being a hunter is quite nice from the beginning they tell you that making billions of dollars becomes absurdly easy, the entire internet seems to exist to funnel money into their pockets, the kind of world government that also allows you to commit crimes or do You name it, as long as you like hunting for things, that's why the Hunters Association exists.
They like it when people aggressively pursue goals, but the association doesn't care what the goals are or how to achieve them, mainly if that sounds crazy, well, 95% of the countries in the world say this is a great system, It seems like it's because they secretly know how good Nin powers are. Society at large has no idea that Nin exists even though crazy things happen everywhere all the time and entire national economies are driven by the powers of the people. There are public fights. Arenas that show superhumans doing things that the public can't see because he's nen, but no, he doesn't care about being a hunter even though it's the most advantageous status you can have in the universe, he just wants his father to tell him specifically why you think. being a hunter is great, his obsession with his father is so strange that there is a moment in the story where Jing has a recorded message that is about to say that his mother is gone, he turns it off and doesn't want to learn, he stops make me learn facts. because Meo is his mother, aha.
So Gone didn't have a father, but he's obsessed with him because Jing abandoned him for Hunter. He's fine, but her mother wasn't there either, but he's not obsessed with her. He could be dying in a ditch screaming. Her baby's name right now and Gun doesn't care she's his mother, she pulled him out of her hoo-ha and that hurts a lot, I'm told, especially if you're giving birth to a pineapple, that stupid looking hair It probably left him scarred. There's something fierce inside, and sometimes mothers develop attachments to things they drop, like Ling, and there's no explanation for her abandoning him before her father; in fact, it may not even exist because Jing used a Greed Island card that allows him to defecate babies. her anus or hatches them from an egg, he gets up or does GRE gong like an apple from Jing's nkin who knows it's a big mystery, so you think it would be even more important for her not to be around, but no, who cares.
Importantly, you can make up some reasons for this, the most reasonable being one that I find totally unreasonable: since he grew up with a foster mother, he's much less worried about that mystery. Meo was also clearly in love with Jing despite her being a talented human trash. so she never kept quiet about him, plus she was 3 years old when she met him and his cousin. The raw point is that she didn't know her mother so she never talked about her so she probably got it into her head that her father was fascinating, that's the intrinsic reason, the real extrinsic reason is that Tagashi probably didn't. he wanted to talk about his mother and needed to go find some generic general gold to chase for the plot to continue, his father anyway gon and jing are designed to be incredibly similar when gon is abandoning meo to go on a stupid mission , she compares him to Jan because that's exactly what Jing did.
She left, yes, when she was 11 and had superpowers, but when she was eight, it seems like she didn't have hers with nature. This is when he ran into this guy Kite Gon is wandering through the territory of a space bear or something and the bear was a mother, which clearly doesn't impress, but to save his mother bear life Kite has to kill this poor thing. killer. extremely aggressive animal that will brutally kill a child for walking in the general area that poor kite creature asks why he left he doesn't know about nature and left he says it's because he has no mother or father oh I see that Meo Is that my mother the shit?
She hits the road pretty quick, doesn't she? Was not she? She didn't teach you about the forest you live next to anyway. Kite tells him that her father is alive and a hunter in Meo really appreciated that after years of lying about her father's death. although Gone doesn't tell Meo that he knew these things until three years later, so I guess he knew it would cause her to spiral into depression and when he admits to knowing these things, he tells her that he can tell when she's lying, she does it a and again. This is a cool family dynamic you have because her mom is also her cousin, so she's a little older now.
She was also 13 when she adopted him because her parents died in a mysterious accident and Jean's father's date did not return. of fishing and her real mother may also be her father. I don't know. I will do that. I'll give it a pass, but getting way ahead of myself. I would like to point out that Gone loses his damn


about the death of kites. Then people like it. Smoke screen, how strange is thisWhen talking about the 2011 anime, it didn't introduce Kite until the beginning of the last two arcs, so people like to say that it was much more significant in the manga, it wasn't that they met Kite and beat him up. the face talked to him a little bit about the hunters and his dad and how he's into it enough to piss him off with the ninja zumies, but after Kite introduces himself he's on one more page and there's no time lapse, he just gets up and he leaves, so presumably maybe they had an hour-long conversation that we don't see and that was their life-changing friendship.
If he was around longer we don't know and that's the important part, it's not even implied when he's gone and Kilaa runs into Kite again, they're together. for about 2 months before Kite dies, for now I just want to emphasize that meeting Kite is treated like the most important thing that ever happened - she left and made him the boy Tarzan, but figuratively it was nothing to a normal person wouldn't put that much value on it. someone like kite you probably forget it existed now the 2011 anime is not responsible for any misunderstanding, it never made sense to treat it like it did, it actually dilutes what gone does later and how that is relates to his real personality, so don't do that, there is a real reason why there is actually some idea behind this, so misleading everyone who mentions it is doing the real story a disservice anyway, although this is where his fascination with the Hunters Association went and his father, a guy in the woods, mentions it for a few minutes.
He leaves and is left with this fantasy in his head for the next 3 years while he tries to live according to this natural order. What Kite said was important for vague reasons. I think it didn't come across well and, again, it was mostly a writing conceit. It also happened in the first one. Damn, so I'm not going to criticize it too much, but it's very important, that's how Babby was formed. He was born better, but apparently perhaps never developed until he ran into Kite, after that, he surely became a Wilderness child that he was. He's obsessed with this mysterious world of hunters outside of the little one he grew up in and that's the key to understanding it.
He is extremely naive due to his lack of exposure and because he is a homeschooled child and sees the normal world through the lens of how natural it is. The world works like any dumb animal, its motivation is centered on curious impulses and selfish desires and it's gone, basically, a wild, selfish animal that prioritizes what it wants above what happens to others, sometimes to the point of point of harming the people you care about and that too. It's true for most of the hunters, it's a constant theme in the series, me, me, but he has also been raised with excellent values, so he remains a good boy for now, that is his formative basis as a character, since that helps frame your moral compass or shortcomings. of one when you watch the series, let's talk about that ass, that moral compass when kilaa mentions that he is a murderer.
Not only does God instantly believe him but he also doesn't care about the idea of ​​oh this is a person with no moral character who will murder someone for Money never occurs to him, not that he characterizes Kwa exactly like that, but it doesn't even cross his


. off the top of your head, it's just a curiosity, something to learn, you might think it's because it's too strange an idea since Gan is so naive, not because Kilaa also mentions stabbing his own mother and brother in the face. According to him, he has a mother and he doesn't react much to it either, whether it's listening to a scammer talk about scamming techniques, someone breaking his arm to advance in a tournament or even watching a murder happen he just doesn't care all of this relates to that he was a little boy from Wilderness.
I was raised on a farm and yes, people devastated by the death of a pet, it seems a little strange to me. I don't like to see it. Animals suffer and it bothers me to lose one, but I'm more disconnected from it than someone who has only had one or two pets in their entire life, but for them to be gone is basically inhumane. His general attitude seems to be that nature is horrible, but it happens that way. when you encounter something, a bear, a serial killer, whatever you have to assess, what is that creature about to disappear, this is all natural behavior, it is simply the state of the world to be in conflict and that each thing fight for different reasons the most important thing is how creatures survive in nature they use their senses to learn about the world and then kill or manipulate to satisfy their individual goals if something wants to kill it it's gone it doesn't want to die so it will resist but He won't blame them because that's what they are, there are very, very few exceptions to this, he gets violent with the Ghost troop for being hypocritical in killing, it's fine that they run around killing people as far as they're concerned, but when someone kills one of his friends, well that's a scandal, this triggers the idea that he's gone, he's the best friend of a professional killer and his value of a stranger's life fluctuates a lot when watching the scene, it's easy to see him as a hypocritical and yes, it is, it is a little hypocritical. by people's standards, but their logic is that one, this is not natural since it is nothing, two, if your instinct is to see everyone as disposable, this also makes you disposable, and three, their confusion is what It really pisses him off, we'll see about that later.
With Neito protecting a human, I'm sure the kite fury is part of it, but what really pushes him over the edge is getting there wanting to fight and then having to wait for a reason he can't understand. The Cima ants have seen all humans as prey. which again is just nature for Gone But A Cima ant that is killing for malevolent reasons and without purpose gets on your nerves this is still within the limits of nature it is a common intellectually misanthropic thing masterbatory to say that animals only kill to feed, but anyone who's been on the internet for a few minutes knows that's a lie, animals kill things or torture them for fun all the time, but it's outside the scope of what ants should be and this stupid sexy cat seems to be defying his own nature. established already when he killed someone, he left, the car, he left, he's still a naive and selfish child, so you can probably see why that sends him into an internal tantrum and that's really the core of gon, he's a child stupid, he knows about things, he's smart except when it comes to math, but he's incredibly stupid about consequences because he prioritizes his instincts and impulses above all else, just like an animal.
Things only have value if you find value in them. Gon's moral compass is not like that of a person. For him, there is nothing necessarily wrong with killing. or deception or something like that, animals kill and maneuver prey, it's when killing and lying or for a purpose that he can't process, he starts to get confused and frustrated and when he gets frustrated with how things should be according to him, he gets angry, is human. specific goals and a gray morality that really annoys his dandies when he helps scam people out of money in an arm-wrestling contest.
You can tell this bothers him, but he's not really sure if it's a problem, probably for many reasons he doesn't identify. he values ​​money a lot, he doesn't like dealing with numbers, he's legitimately beating people in a challenge they accept, but they also don't have the full context of what they're getting into, it's for something he wants, but it's a lot of steps to take. remove it Kwa also realizes that it takes almost a million wins to get the money they'd really need, so he's probably feeling pretty disconnected from what gon really wants, but he and Leorio end up fighting people for quite a while. .
He's just a little boy. accepting something that an older friend wants for us this is probably wrong because these people have no chance of winning it is just stealing with one more step ahead it is probably morally confusing because it is oblivious to what they have seen in nature and does not understand Se has gone, he is portrayed as innocent in the same way that Goku is. Goku fights with people all the time. He has many murders under his belt, but he can travel on a holy cloud because he is very pure of spirit. Goku and Gan are innocent.
In the same way that a wolf or a hippopotamus is innocent, they are as dumb as a bag of bricks when it comes to complex human affairs when Goku massacres the entire Red Ribón Army, people from a wide range of backgrounds and economic and circumstances. policies that could never pose a real threat to him matters and uses him as a training dummy. until he thanks her and throws away his innocence when a monkey grabs a baby tourist from his arms and runs through the treetops back home or he will be torn apart and eaten alive innocent, so pure and innocent, what to be holy so pristine these creatures.
They are to be one with nature like Buddha or Jesus, when you think about it, what not, yes, maybe being one with nature is not so good when nature is known to be the most evil thing in the universe, we call the evil people when obeying their animal impulses above human judgment nature just doesn't know how right she is and that's what supposedly makes her innocent and that's gone he just doesn't realize how right nature is the crux of the good and evil is the knowledge of good. and evil nature is horrible, but we don't blame it because nature is stupid, humans are not stupid, comparatively, so we try to invent technologies that allow us to eat meat without killing animals, when we have to kill an animal, we try to do it. without pain, we try to make sure that the animal doesn't even have time to experience fear when we find out that a corporation treats animals horribly, animals will eat anyway, people will raise hell when a pet is suffering, put it to sleep, but when a human is suffering. that suffers and wants to die will try to stop them for many complex reasons, meanwhile, in the wild, a bear will eat a baby deer from the ass for hours while it dies in agony because the bears don't care, it doesn't have to respond.
For anything there is no pure police if there were no human police and there were no consequences for ignoring human morality, many humans would also return to their natural behavior if someone was strong enough to face any consequences, they could throw away morality completely and that That's what a hunter is. someone who is so strong that there can be no punishment for animal behavior. Behavior other than being attacked by another hunter could make the right humans have evolved to have ethical systems as a way of ensuring group cooperation that increases the odds that the ugly, stupid kids you see on the street will grow up to do ugliest and stupidest children.
They don't need to be strong, they just need to not be strong and we're still not doing a great job. Are most of the hunters we see exhibit morality of some kind, even the evil ones? Ahsoka is portrayed as incredibly evil, but he has risked his life for the safety and even the ambitions of his toys. ILY is perhaps even more evil, but at least he prioritizes the safety of his family. Above all. Hunters have moral codes, but they are completely personal. They are selfish, they don't care about other people's moral codes unless it is inconvenient for them and they can do it because they are nen and the Hunter Association allows it.
The goal of this oo is to allow hunters to pursue their selfish ambitions. Selfish ambition was to cultivate powerful opponents to fight when Mar refused to fight him and only wanted to speak in human terms and refused to see him as anything other than an animal that would lose his nature, so he kept trying to start until he started. and then he died Hunters are human animals governed by their nature. The weapon is a human animal governed by its nature. You can really get a good example of this in Greed Island. Gon's incredibly stubborn and foolish tendencies are on full display here all the time. he's there, he refuses to cooperate with anyone and intends to do things his way, which basically boils down to trying to take the hardest and most direct path, not sharing cards, not bypassing the intended mechanics, when he fights against Razer in the dodgeball game, he insists on trying to win. with Brute Force at one point, Razer redirects Gon's strongest attack back at him with such force that he would simply sail out of bounds.
He did it knowing he left, he is so stubborn that while he could win by just moving out of the way, he would insist on trying to catch him foolishly, the only reason and I mean the only reason he left doesn't die is because he faints. , Tagashi basically turned off his brain long enough to not ruin the scene. Besides, he's gone, he can't even launch an attack. his own kilo endsdisfiguring his hands just to hold the ball acknowledging that this tgar comes up with a way to help throw the ball that doesn't involve Splinter and kills his hands at Flesh and Bone's gifts. gon's answer to this is basically no, that's it.
Also poor Gun's response to the reveal that Killa was with his hands up is like he knows he will probably be crippled for life, but he will and his hands are my favorite hands. He tries to imply that he wouldn't hit the ball well. enough if they used one of their many other options, but shut up, the real reason is that gone is stubborn and willing to abuse his friendship with kilwa if kilwa decides to leave him, which kilwa does because his friendship with gone is the entire Foundation. of his life goes beyond being a tool for his family's murder contracts.
I wouldn't say he's been manipulating Kilawa so much as just not considering him. The anime tries to have emotional, bloated music to paint this as a moment of supreme friendship, but that's not friendship. friendship would be trying to protect your friend's future by any means necessary, which Kilaa does, but he's not gone, he just pouts and refuses to consider other options because he wants to win in a way that gets his stupid pants cremated. green shorts. No, this is terribly selfish. behavior and they criticize him, but he does not learn anything that is seen immediately afterwards, when they are fighting the bombers, he decides in the middle of the fight to ignore the plan that Bisy came up with why because he had a great idea, his great idea was to leave fly to Ginu. one of his hands outside of this allows him to land a blow that he didn't even need to land, all because he was angry and just wanted to hit him so bad after his windpipe was also crushed for equally unnecessary reasons. which, believe it or not, also works, believe it or not, would have resulted in him not getting hurt at all, but he stubbornly left and chooses not to do this because I want to throw a t, I don't want to think I want to drill the rescue because of these two stupid decisions it's a magic card that heals everyone's wounds, even though Gthr is a mass murderer, I guess he's good now and gone heals him, you know, because gone is innocent and also very pure.
Even though Ido is terrible at exams and stuff like this, he somehow is the best test taker in the end. I don't care much for Greed Island, he's become very stupid and Tagashi only hand-feeds him rewards. I can give you other examples. of this like refusing to challenge Knuckle in a roundabout way but still being rewarded for it or getting picky by promising the palm and not even remotely keeping his promise or well you get the idea that this is just who's gone, this is his nature the one who prioritizes her goals over her safety or even her friend's safety, even if the goal isn't that important, she also tends to refuse to complete goals in any way other than the most forceful and forceful way possible, especially if it is the most difficult option, he creates his worst problems. and he is usually rescued by other people or pure circumstances, yes, he is an enhancer, but being an enhancer does not make him that way.
The fact that it is like this makes it an enhancer. That problem comes to a head when he has to fight a sexual cat, he sacrifices his body to realize his potential, you could say he had no choice because Peda was going to kill him, yes that's true, but he chose to do This alone, he chose to instigate a fight, he chose to take Pito to a place where he could help. He didn't reach it, he chose to make it seem like the kite wasn't dead yet, he chose all of these things because that's what he is and that's great character writing, he ends up here because his pre-established traits disappeared, he may be good, but that No.
He doesn't make him good, he may not prioritize the safety of his friends over his choices, but that doesn't make him evil. He's just a naïve kid with a forced view of how the world works and is completely dominated by his desires and character flaws, and again he's so damn strong that he can get away with anything until he has to sacrifice everything to murder an animal that He was simply following his nature. What he roots his entire morality in is that nature is nature, he throws away to get revenge on a guy he knows. for about 3 months total for his entire life, I can hear you screaming even though you're wrong and I'm right, so let's get into that kite, I mean, not the kite like you, you know, his face is weird, look at him, It looks so fucking strange. it's like if you polished and waxed an old person or if a bird made a wish to be a child, huh, you could racialize Gun's obsession with Jing and make kites in many ways, some of them are the writing Meo is obsessed with Jing even though she only knew him until she was 3 people can't remember much about being three the idea that her whole world orientation around Jing is absolutely vapid he came home but only to leave no, They didn't really know each other, that's deashi is treating a three year old girl like she's 29.
Same thing became obsessed with the kite and they met for a few hours. It's a stupid relationship, whether or not it's placed at the beginning of the manga or at the beginning of Chimo Antarc in 2011. anime, you can make up something like maybe it was there for 3 years, but at that point you're just writing fanfiction, like this Yes, part of that is that Tagashi simply didn't base these specific relationships on anything coherent. At the beginning of the manga it was more important to get things going, so a lot of ideas hadn't been developed when he left, he returns home in chapter 65, there are a lot of hands waving around to quickly explain as much nonsense as Tagashi can make a great job establishing relationships most of the time, but not with anyone from Tutorial Island, even in chapter 185 when they meet again.
Kite barely remembers the meeting, in fact, when Gon says that he left Jing's hunter's license behind Kite's reaction. is what I did, oh I have a feeling that Tagi, like me, loves to analyze and break down systems and ideas, but sometimes we just skip over things that don't interest him at the moment. It also helps to have characters who never ask obvious questions. questions and only wants to know about Power Systems, but Tagashi is also a scoundrel who plants ideas that take decades to bear fruit. He's not Oda or anything, but he does play The Long games sometimes, especially since the poor guy has a crippling spinal injury.
Sometimes he's spent a lot of time planning things in his head, so I think this really weird obsession with Jing and Kite is for a reason, maybe the reason Gon's mother never grows up is because he doesn't have one, not one. new theory. true, but something theorists never really talk about is why Jing would create a baby. We understand his ambitions in chapter 338. His original ambition was to enter a royal tomb. He doesn't say why she only wanted him. A hunter could do it. he became one out of convenience so he didn't want to be a hunter either but in handling this tomb situation he found people who didn't care about money or fame just the truth but when he finally enters this tomb he admits no.
He doesn't really care about the truth, he just enjoyed watching the scholars around him enjoy it, that event came and went, his modern goal is to leave for the Dark Continent because it is something he can't see in front of him, in other words, he like. watching Unseen Greed Island was similar, he surrounded himself with people who had a goal and realized something new and exciting. He's like an attractive Airhead on Tinder who says they're adventurous and love new experiences. You can see why his relationships with people are paper-thin and fleeting and also why he has no concrete ambitions.
Beyond wandering around looking at things, he's one of those exciting people for a while, when you meet them, it's not until they leave that you realize they were just a vampire. they got a new experience and now they're done, now you're just a disposable hookup, the series presents this as a good and healthy thing because i don't think dagashi realizes that this isn't a positive character trait of his, there's a reason why which Jing is incredibly insecure about talking to his son in the presence of other people. He doesn't like to show affection to anyone unless he is an emotionless professional.
He is a lonely wanderer who puts his ambitions first and does so because there is nothing intimate going on beneath the surface. He doesn't have real substantial relationships because he isn't capable of having them because he doesn't want those things. He is driven by vague basic ambition and nothing more. He's a selfish human animal, a prototypical hunter, and like many hunters, he paints them as narcissists or Psychopaths, which is probably why he didn't leave, either with a card or a stinking bum or P.E. for any reason other than will be linked to one of your personal objectives.
What is that objective? We don't know, but he makes me wonder if he's gone. It's not actually some kind of weird nen clone that Jing intends to become when it's him or a tool of some kind. Jing knew exactly what he would do and when he would do it from the Greed Island tape. Jing knew exactly what. would be developed now, part of this is probably just an anime where the characters are so smart that he knows everything, but it could also be that Jing knows exactly what he would do, so naturally he knows what he would do in chapter 345 Gon explains his mentality in pursuing Jing and it's what I assumed before.
Gon only had the goal of finding Jing, but in reality he didn't necessarily care to meet him. He also says that he can't think of him as a father, but as a relative. I've heard a lot of stories about Meo pointing out that Jing is a bastard who would never be a good father. Gon's response is that he is also a poor son and he is right, he is not a great friend either. Sometimes they point out that they are the same. The same general type of ambition that Jing had. He wanted something without really caring because it was an arbitrarily difficult fate.
Gone always takes the harder route forward, and so does Jing, so part of me wonders if the reason he left was because he was obsessed with the avenging kite. because he is connected to whatever Jing wants because Jing is the one who basically lifts the kite, he would be the one who would lose his mind judging by his behavior when he tried to leave with the Dark Continent Expedition. Jing is more than happy to act like and uses violence to get what he wants, maybe he's gone, he's affected by it, maybe he's gone, he's some kind of Human Ninja Beast from what I know, but Like I said, it's a wild guess, no, no, so what made him lose his mind actually, this is what I think.
When he left, he actually recognizes that Kite is dead in chapter 305, all of his thoughts are oriented towards guilt, first blaming Pito and then thinking that Kite died because he left him. He never blames Kila, only himself, strangely, he doesn't even blame Kite, this goes around in circles. until kite Dy is solely gon's fault in his mind, as this happens during what is effectively a panic attack. I take this to mean that this had been gon's fear all along, the basis of his obsession when kite left and kilwa headed into ant territory. He had no idea what they were getting into, mainly because the ants had evolved much faster than they expected.
G and Killa also seemed to be very proud of themselves at the time after K sees that Gona was totally ineffective at attacking a soldier ant that wasn't. Even using, he described the path forward as winning or losing, it's not until Kite loses his arm that they even remotely understand how wrong Kow's thoughts are when he escapes, it's that he and they left were cocky and incredibly weak compared to Kite. He could have survived if they hadn't been with him when he wakes up he admits the same thing he tried to lash out but if he had he would have made the situation worse everyone could feel how strong Pito was so the idea that Comet would survive is absurd but when Gone is convinces himself of this, Kilo's response is strange, he refers to Gone as the light and admits that Gone is too radiant to allow him to see the truth, so I think he means that it is in gon's nature to assume the best and that's what he needs the moment everyone else realizes this and uses Gon's fantasy about Kite being alive to keep him motivated from now on.
At this point in the story, Kaa is arrogant about his strength, they have been on a long streak of success this is also part of the theme of AR, let's talk about that theme. The ants are portrayed as becoming less animalistic and more human over time, even when n nov and Morel appear, they are also incredibly dumb and arrogant. his chances Morel badmouths the kilawa and complains about trying to stay in the fight, the entire structure of nro determines who would be part of the extermination team and focuses on acting like a hunter who has a target and absentmindedly makes his way towards it . like an animal at the time when nro is fighting against maram, the king is fighting between human and an ant, but he is trying to behave like a kingauthentic due to his experiences with Kaki, a disabled girl at the bottom of the human social hierarchy when he was first.
At birth, he was unnecessarily violent and callous because he was a beast that acted on the instincts of chimra ants. He evolved to the point that his Royal Guard went to great lengths to protect him from humanity. The lesson that Neo gave to Maram when he dies is that humanity should not be underestimated because of its infinite potential for evolution, humanity and evolution were occurring in the king and in Neo he was abandoning conventional human traits to satisfy his ambition to fight, although Neo spent years focusing his skills by offering prayers to the martial arts despite having as his subject a basuta, whom he simultaneously framed as sinister and villainous, a true liua is destined to be a person on the path towards Awakening to Buddhahood by desiring compassionate benefit for all sentient beings, but we know that Neo is incredibly selfish and only wants one thing to fight against: Nothing like a Buddha, I would say this is because the person who gives him gave the theme of Neo's powers being Neo, he chose what his power looked like, it's not a reflection of what he is, but how he wants to be perceived by both other people and himself. of hypocrisy, selfishness and projection is exactly the type of behavior we see in ants because they were based on evil and selfish humans from NGL.
In this scene we must ask ourselves which of these people is the real hero. Of them, who is the most humane maram, he finally realized that because of the way the ants assimilate the traits of the human species, they were not compatible, human behavior would always override their goals as a species and they would simply become Humans, the Endet survived the war and ended up living effectively. Like humans, they abandon the behavior completely and in some cases return to the lives they had when they were still people, whether those lives were good or bad, the important thing to note here is that humans most powerful are not the most human, I would say. that the most human character was Kogi precisely because he was weak and found strength in his words and in his mind, he defeated the King by elevating him to be more than what he was born to be.
Also keep in mind that it is not nro who kills maram, he is not. nen, or is it science, an invention so mundane that it is used by the scumbag world governments, most ants end up being defeated by their own flaws or their sense of purpose eroded as the humanity within them takes over of the entire Arc. the arrogance of personal strength and courage of character and how that relates to the idea of ​​being a noble human being rather than a wild beast. By considering that issue, you get a clearer picture of what is bothering you.
He is weak but still follows his natural ambition, he is our silly and thoughtless little animal, but he is also positive and full of wonder and naive like a child. , those things are not compatible with the human world in a way that does not understand what is happening. the encounter between strength and humanity is incompatible, that incompatibility that he built his entire life on the basis of not repeating that first mistake of killing a fox bear because he entered a situation without knowing better how to enter a situation is over. while it was weak to be in a state where she is powerless and something innocent pays the price and that is exactly what happens again.
Kite is the person who corrected him and when Kite dies it is a sign that he has made the same mistake. The most important thing is that he has not progressed and that is the only thing. Hunter's entire life depends on him and that's what I've been driving toward. He didn't lose his mind due to the introduction of the Kite anime move. He didn't lose his mind because he and Kite were best friends or something. He


his mind. mind about the kite because the death of the kite erased his entire sense of self on the way to the territory of the chimra ants.
His ninja was deactivated for a month and he felt for the first time in his life what it feels like to be powerless, what it really feels like to be normal and he broke. he collapsed and cried uncontrollably that's why someone who is strong cannot be held responsible that's what the hunters are gone he has always been stronger than everyone around him his natural gifts have always allowed him to overcome problems in the most direct possible his perception of The world is based on an understanding of animal behavior when he leaves he does not understand Behavior that makes him angry because he is gone he is always kind always sweet as long as he has the power to be and that is this Arc Humanity versus Power is when he is gone he can't understand that he lacks power and realizes that not only has he not gone anywhere, but that he can't, that he breaks, that's when he will use an innocent girl as a hostage, that's when he will project blame on an animal instead of on himself, that's when he will sacrifice his entire life to satisfy his helpless and confused rage.
Unfortunately he left despite having the qualities of being a great hunter. He is still a naive child. He remains just like his father, insensitive, selfish, stubborn and adventure-seeking. He was raised in an idyllic moral society alongside nature. a good boy and that's not how it works here all the ants grew up as good and bad humans they were born strong they were born callous and indifferent meam they learned nobility and compassion yui they learned honor though briefly timid they learned manipulation and dishonor died like an idiot and Pito showed a wide range of subtle changes despite never changing their instincts at all when Pito was born, killing kites was the first thing they did to test their strength, they protected Kigi because the king ordered it, but Pito made it lifeless, he even noticed that it was like a mother protecting her son from him, is a direct recreation of the fox bear situation, his starting point, except this time, he practically wishes the mother dead.
I hope I did a good job of describing how crazy that is. incompatible and why it is this exact situation that makes him lose his mind Also, even though they didn't have to, Pito Escor had gone to Kite's body, was completely honest about what had happened and even apologized to him, it is possible that if he left he could not have potentially been a threat to the king at some point, Pito may have even left him and returned home. There was humanity in that situation and it didn't just come from Gon's compassion for the comet point that strengthens Hunter.
Hunter is kind of a disease. to the development of human character power with men is closely related to personal ambition, selfishness and stubbornness in nature, the most versatile and flexible creatures survive, it is not surprising that the best n powers are versatile, but the most powerful and most discouraged are those who are riddled with rules. and the restrictions, honestly, losing his ability to use nen is the best thing that could happen to him while he and his father are figuratively the same person, we have seen what kind of person Jing became, he is just a violent man who absorbs experiences of others. people, he is capable, but he doesn't have much character, he uses people and then leaves them, and we have seen that he has already used his friends, unfortunately, even though he can't use nen, he is still absurdly strong for no real reason, he can climb. an effortless world tree after all, but maybe it would be good for him to live part of his life as a normal, weak person, someone who doesn't have the ability to solve problems by becoming stronger, maybe then he really will change and we he won't make any more fox bear or make mistakes maybe instead of growing up to be like his father instead of being so stubborn, selfish and focused he will learn solutions to his weaknesses he will learn to be more human maybe you will wear some complementary colors to break up all that damn pimple put on some pants see your hair do your homework that way when tagashi writes his powers in you know in 2087 once they invented artificial thorns for this blessed man who is gone he will be a better hunter and he will be better than his father specifically because he has been weak and learned to be a man.

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