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Golden State Warriors vs Washington Wizards Full Game Highlights | Sep 30, 2022 | FreeDawkins

Oct 01, 2022
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s and we're on our way Wizards with the first two see you and NBC Sports Area from the Bay, we already started the mid-range shot clock at eight. Looney all the while throws it for the first basket for the Golden State Warriors when Monte Morris goes to the baseline and hits the hairy jumper with a pass to Draymond. it's to get looney down say that again moody to looney ball on the floor another turnover this leads to cal kuzma solo for the two handed goal


still on the ball here's moody and that three is pure i mean driving looking wise men fall to the ground wise good pick and roll here between Anthony Gill Ard Gill gets the shot is blocked by Wiseman sometimes when you win you can't have these benefits and his losses you're losing a free agency make the money Anthony Gill and he has There was another block from James Wiseman Monte Morris trying to get off the screen finding Cal Kuzma with a nice head fake and going straight right Carol Cruz showing up in preseason nice pass from Draymond Green on James Wise here's Kuzma deep three inside against Draymond Green and it's pure Curry wide open to James Wiseman tossing the rim Curry's distance three is good one of the best he's done since d distance stephen curry nice attack on basket daniel boss that foul is going to be good now here's curry's shot kavon looney was denied by


scooped up from behind by marie hachimura and daniel gaffer i think he got pricked in the eye his Championship race has been baked in the way they defend people as Bradley Vale gets the offense Morris step back in jump the more he takes fouls three seconds for porzingis and ties a good jumper get used to it lizards fans feel porzingis inside your head so with the rebound and get his own shot up Drew yeah Bradley bl3 Williams getting the rebound off the shooter Dante and even Shinzo getting the offensive rebound and the floater to go down 5.8 seconds left gears right picking up a three and hit the Yum they have a lot of energy and they're hungry it shows and they don't get as many opportunities but when they get a chance they see James watching me so Michael Green tried to get KP to say which he denied.
golden state warriors vs washington wizards full game highlights sep 30 2022 freedawkins
The Morris kids will be great for Washington. I love his floor


and just his demeanor. out there you see james wiseman extending his range he tries to make a great player so much better and that part of this game is so underrated right now he's just crafty he could go from point a to point b in different directions he's explosive george with the shot spin hook There's been a cool dribble transfer, are you serious? The spin is a figure skater, the Vincenzo is a three and he hits it around 53-46 Golden State, that's James Wiseman with two hands for safety there.
golden state warriors vs washington wizards full game highlights sep 30 2022 freedawkins

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golden state warriors vs washington wizards full game highlights sep 30 2022 freedawkins...

Ryan Rollins is getting to the cup this kid can absolutely play and I know the Warriors and I know the people who know something know something yeah but this is the first time I've seen Baldwin Jr attack live with his hand left. for that layup and here's Patrick Baldwin Jr. Okay, you're more on a post, look offensively, he's on his side right now. Delon Wright walking up the stairs with Daniel Gafford. coaching staff and medical staff to see what is the right thing to do for preseason as PBJ can win the dunk contest and people don't really realize how much rebound Daniel gaffer actually has and look at that athletic move there by DG and he go to the line with a three point play Lester Quinones solo and he gets the dumpsters to go to


to put them now five Ryan Rollins is in his bag until access denied by Delon Wright I mean this is just different build for a point guard Johnn and Davis look at the ease here for Washington to come out Wisconsin Big Ten player of the year rookie, turn the tables on the Warriors, take him out last witherspoon to end the fourth, a couple of guys from the Big Ten there on the block with Johnny Davis yeah he's a dribble handoff to Isaiah tie I like to attack the basket and the bucket Isaiah creates time and that's travion Williams getting the and a Rollins trying to come up and Vernon Kerry Jr denies it if you know about coach Tom Thibodeau he loves defense and Taj Gibson is a staple to coach stay in the league young man stay in the league hey Jason Smith said you better evolve or die , the dinosaurs, friend Rollins, with a pure jump shot in the midrange, here he is comigo, he has the ability to be a really special player. what can't you do and play with James Wiseman Wiseman and kamigla getting the offensive rebound from Carrie that left hand game is good disrespect but no disrespect they get checks I think the Thunder game is something. in that exchange, Dave walks off screen finding Tash Gibson another shot and ends up with three others, the 37-year-olds.
golden state warriors vs washington wizards full game highlights sep 30 2022 freedawkins
Dangerously, here's Wiseman, oh, nice shot on Johnny Davis. bucket to Washington with a spoon trying to turn, put that pivot foot down and Golden State will hold the ball as they get their first win here in the preseason to go to 1-0 Washington will go to 0-1 both teams will see each other the Sunday at 2 p.m. local time
golden state warriors vs washington wizards full game highlights sep 30 2022 freedawkins

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