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Goldberg - The Biggest Fraud in WWE History, Why Wrestlers Don't Like Him.

Jul 23, 2023
Goldberg's name is synonymous with both WWE and wrestling fans around the world. There are three things that immediately come to mind about WCW: his legendary winning streak and his desperation, but what if I told you that his hundreds winning streak was a lie and many


talk about it? In-ring skill or mic skill, frankly, is in the middle, so how is it possible that a former football player can climb his way through a stacked roster in WCW, where he is the best company man, eclipsing even Hulk Hogan in popularity and money? knowledge or training in the business now, while it is not unheard of for a wrestler to become a top wrestler through gimmicks alone, like the ultimate warrior in the past, it is difficult to make the case with Goldberg as he has been able to get away with yours.
goldberg   the biggest fraud in wwe history why wrestlers don t like him
For almost two decades in an industry where we have


like Seth Rollins working day in and day out looking back holistically, it seems a little unfair that someone with Goldberg's statue was able to achieve so much more than others around him being able to win. both the big gold and the Universal Championship respectively within his career, a feat that many wrestlers dream of when Goldberg debuted in WCW in 1987, he went on to play a guy who would be anyone in a matter of a few seconds, he captivated the audience With his muscular physique and quiet charisma watching him destroy superstars on a weekly basis felt great at the time and it was a no-brainer for the company to choose him to be the face of WCW, fans were dying for a superhero-like character to take over. .
goldberg   the biggest fraud in wwe history why wrestlers don t like him

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goldberg the biggest fraud in wwe history why wrestlers don t like him...

New World Order and every other hero dominating the faces of WCW at the time, to me and everyone else, Goldberg was everything they could have hoped for; However, looking deeper into the legendary and undefeated Street, many remember the day Kevin Nash along with Scott Hall defeated Goldberg at Starcade. 1998 and was controversial, some criticized Kevin Nash for breaking it, stating that he was going into business for himself and using his creative powers to make sure it would happen and on the other hand, Olberg went on record saying that Kevin was willing to go off the rails any time he had at the time, while Goldberg's year-long undefeated streak was impressive, the record of 173 wins and zero losses may not even be official, many wrestlers for so many years have argued that the record of wins and Goldberg's losses were inflated and WCW did this to generate as much Buzz as possible Kev, can I finally understand the truth about Goldberg's streak?
goldberg   the biggest fraud in wwe history why wrestlers don t like him
I don't know what the number is, but there was, I mean, we definitely had it because we worked so many dates. However, when we move on to his limited in-ring skills, things get a little worse. At the time, we all believed that Goldberg was capable of putting on great matches, but now that I think about it a little, instead of being a kid, I barely can. remember any of his matches exactly something decent let me know what you think in the comments one that many talk about is the match against William Regal since this exposed Goldberg's limitations in the ring where they faced each other in 1998 Regal who was returning After seven weeks out against a newly arrived Goldberg, he claims that the match producer told him to have a six-minute competitive match with Goldberg and to have a six-minute match.
goldberg   the biggest fraud in wwe history why wrestlers don t like him
Bill had never done anything more than a 92nd fight and the The words were and we both heard it: have a competitive fight. Goldberg, on the other hand, claims that Regal was stiff with him and made him feel Green in the ring and looking at him now it is evident that Goldberg was making a big mistake during the match. missing points and signs from him quite frequently to the point where you can see William Regal visibly frustrated with him. The reason why Goldberg was kicked off the street and he finished his matches in 60 seconds was because he didn't really know how to fight and many stars.
He knew this behind the scenes, William Regal just indirectly exposed it. Everyone began to think that Goldberg was not capable of interacting with some of the best technicians in the world and that will ensure that the nagging question of whether Goldberg was safe to work with Bill really does not. he freezes, he doesn't know so I'm just working around him and that's right, if I tell you I'm trying to get him to do things and I'm working around him, we all know it takes two to tango. In the wrestling ring, even if a top technician is working with an average B-plus player, the average wrestler expects the top to take him to a decent match, but on the other hand, the top wrestler expects his co-worker to lead them to a decent match. keep them both safe while working if Goldberg had done this maybe we would have seen a much longer career from Brett.
Hitman Hall recognizes that injuries are a part of this sport and you can't blame your opponent every time for putting you in a difficult situation, however Goldberg in more than one. The occasion has come close to ending the careers of many superstars, one case that many fans know about is in 1999. Goldberg's breakfast as a star of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship was when the cracks began to appear, the match is not memorable for being a classic rather it is remembered for what made most people turn against Goldberg and is the end of Bret Hart's legendary career during the match Goldberg legitimately kicked the bread in the head, which caused Brett suffered a severe concussion, however Pan was unaware of how bad the concussion continued to wrestle a few more matches later, this is where things got difficult as Brett was diagnosed with Host Concussion Syndrome. and was ultimately forced to retire as a result, Brett has not forgiven Goldberg since he openly confessed his hatred for Him several times and has not been shy in stating that Goldberg cannot wrestle.
This is what Brett said to Stone Cold Steve Austin at the Broken Skull session and I'd be hurt before listening to another wrestler and I only wish I could. I wish some of the wrestlers I worked with, especially at the end like Goldberg. Goldberg for me was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers that has ever existed in the business. I want to give Bill Goldberg to be in the Hall of Fame. He listened to everyone who worked. with you you could also fight a real gorilla, another recent case of his bad wrestling is when the gobo bug faced The Undertaker at Super Showdown in 2019 and even though they were both past their prime at that time, since you know they both They are over 50 years old.
They nearly ended each other's careers. Goldberg, true to his own tradition, used to bang his head on a locker to psych himself up. This was evident when he came out of her driveway with a bleeding forehead and he only got worse from there. To make up for this, during the match, he ran headfirst into the corner post, giving himself a concussion to boos, while The Undertaker missed the tombstone power driver that nearly broke Goldberg's neck. Goldberg took a horrible looking jackhammer to the dead man that nearly injured him horribly overall. We can all say that it was a combat disaster, it is the


piece of dog.
The Undertaker and Goldberg openly admitted that this was their worst match yet, so as you can see, taking care of your opponent is a must and if he hadn't hit his head causing the first initial concussion, who knows, maybe we could have had a classic in our hands. No, Goldberg's long list of Boces in matches with various wrestlers can be found throughout his career, this is the reason why wrestlers like Triple H feuded with him in the first season. from Tough Enough For example, Triple H went after Goldberg and embarrassed one of the rookies when he said that Goldberg was his favorite wrestler, if your


idol in this business is a guy who's been in the business for about a year and he got everything. delivered to him can have a fight lasting more than four minutes years later, the conversation is Jericho Goldberg confirmed that there was real-life friction between them.
Triple H's opinion on Goldberg is not far from the truth since he constantly got hurt. Another example is December 1999. In an episode of WCW where he had to chase a limousine belonging to the New World Order, he had to break the windows with the help of a metal pipe in his hands, but as a result this caused a severe laceration that It only lasted put him out of commission for five months, but the doctors thought they were going to have to amputate Goldberg's arm and let's not forget that, unlike him, McIntyre's retired script in 2021 went badly because he didn't know his line and Remember when you were wrong. direction to pursue Chris Jericho in the early 2000s, where we all saw him live, where Jericho went in one direction and where copper is going, so the main point we should make is that after WWE acquired WCW, it is only a matter of time before Goldberg debuts in the company, when he finally did, it was strong and he went toe to toe with the great The Rock in his first few, the match developed in a counterpunch and both They faced each other for 13 minutes.
Goldberg was not used to Long. matches and also showed that he had not changed at all, even with the experience gained in WCW and practice, the fans bombarded Goldberg at the event and they could not be blamed, after all, Goldberg was in the ring with probably the most famous wrestling star. of all time as a result of the crowd in the arena constantly booing Goldberg, he began to show a bad attitude, things didn't help when he got into a terrible fight with Triple H that I mentioned before, but this time it was in the Regarding After the World Heavyweight Championship, the fans continued to reject the Old Man and it was difficult for me to defend him in any way possible, you could tell by seeing every week that Goldberg became furious about the negative reaction he was having that same day. a feud with Brock Lesnar I thought to myself that hmm gold was right, he got better with this show and things will go back to normal for him, but little did we know we were all wrong when we got to WrestleMania 20, the fans found out.
Prior to the event that would see both Goldberg and Brock leave the Wrestlemania company, the match saw the crowd rejecting both stars and raining alcohol on them throughout the match. Now we all have to admit that it was painful to sit and watch those few minutes because the result didn't matter at all Goldberg's first run was a disaster at different levels of the company, knowing how he was signed in WCW, they could have created a different star, but he was not destined to make things worse in his second career. The 2016 offering was a little better, but still had flaws;
There comes a time when you have to start giving back to the business; It is your responsibility to pave the way for the future and position Young Island to successfully push the boundaries of the industry. No, I don't think I will. The gangs thought Goldberg would make the new stars look good after his feud with Brock ended, and while he or WWE's creative booking team could have called for it, what we got instead was a series of bad guys. decisions that undid everything good that came from Brock Lesnar's match When Kevin Owens won his only Universal championship in 2016 and started a program with his tag team partner Chris Jericho, the two hosted the most entertaining segments weekly Roman Reigns as brother Who Could forget Jericho's list that was a wrestling community?
The community knows that the two should have the Main Event at WrestleMania in 2017, but Vince had other plans besides Goldberg's signing, after the match with Lesnar he asked to keep the title once again. time into his contract, this meant that Kevin had to drop the title to Goldberg at Boss Lane 2017 and you guessed it in just a few seconds, an insulting defeat for Kevin Owens, who had really been working hard throughout the year that Goldberg was. defending the championship against Brock at WrestleMania and ladies and gentlemen, this is what led to Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens challenging for the US Championship instead of coming in second at WrestleMania in a disappointing match.
This was the beginning of the end of Chris Jericho's WWE career as his decision to leave began because he no longer had faith in the company's ability as it would take Kevin years to get back in the car, as a result fans were not. They like Goldberg to this day, they argue. that he should have gone against the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKevin Owens winning the title instead of putting his ego at the forefront and not caring about the company and only thinking about his own image and money, his fight against Brock Lesnar did little to help him anymore.
It was a marquee fight and he didn't need the title to elevate him. He should have made it clear to the executives backstage that his fight we brought in didn't need any Championship on the line. What's even moreInfuriating is that Goldberg did the same thing. to the demon in the Super Showdown in 2020 and I can confidently state that Bray Wyatt was never the same after that pathetic loss, the demon was portrayed as an unstoppable powerhouse who was able to absorb countless amounts of damage and still be in the expensive. Here comes Goldberg and it only took four spares from the former WCW man to put an end to the demon and win his second championship.
The theme character who was the most popular thing in wrestling at the time died that day, so this was just another case of selfishly booking something he used to do. complaining about when Regal Nash and Triple H did this to him, making him look like a hypocrite to fans, however, Goldberg has claimed that he has no control over the ending of the match and is simply following the company's instructions when speaking. with Fox Sports he next said: I don't make the decisions, I just follow orders and do it. I go out and do my job and try to do my job the best I can.
Nostalgia is what Goldberg even relies on. When he was inducted as a member of the Hall of Fame in 2018, Goldberg complained that Superstars were disrespecting him, since most of them left before he even gave his speech, but with everything that has happened .happened in the last 20 years, it is evident that Goldberg was a bad wrestler but a great performer and will always have a special place among wrestling fans around the world and someone with a similar career is Hulk Hogan, learn how he ruined his career and why his wrestling players hated him in the video playing on your screen right now.

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