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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire - Movie Review

Apr 04, 2024
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is called, it has Godzilla and Kong in the title and an for the last time Godzilla versus Kong. I've even been asked about it, it's like the Fast and Furious


s, the trailers call it one thing, the poster says something else, the movie has a different title and then we all just call the movies whatever we want to call them and in the La latest installment in the monster-verse Kong and Godzilla face a colossal deadly threat that threatens the existence of their species and ours, as well as delving deep into the mysteries of Skull Island and beyond.
godzilla x kong the new empire   movie review
This movie has a blessing and a curse, it's a blessing. to come out right after Godzilla Minus One captivated audiences around the world and became the first Godzilla film to win an Academy Award, Cur is also the one that comes directly after Godzilla Minus One, which captivated audiences in everyone and it became the first Godzilla movie to ever win an Academy Award because everyone is going to compare it to that movie and that's not good because it's at least my favorite Godzilla movie ever made. I think that movie is absolutely tremendous, although the American Godzilla movies have never reached those heights and don't seem to even try to be completely honest, although Godzilla has been around for so long since the 1950s that the different eras of Godzilla since then have different feelings for me.
godzilla x kong the new empire   movie review

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godzilla x kong the new empire movie review...

The Godzilla and King Kong movies have always had a special place in my heart because they were something I did a lot with my mom when I was a kid, we rented a lot of them from Blockbuster and went to see as many as we could in theaters whenever they were new in United States. or other movies from Japan were re-released in American theaters, it was very important for my mom and me to see Godzilla or King Kong movies and for that reason I have a big soft spot even for some of the bad ones that I just feel like a part of my childhood and I really appreciate that Godzilla versus Kong came out in a very interesting time period because we were right in the middle of Covid and very deprived of Hollywood blockbusters, we weren't really experiencing the love of movie theaters.
godzilla x kong the new empire   movie review
We didn't go to theaters and it was one of the first big blockbusters to come out, so it felt special and unique to be able to see that movie. This film is not going to receive the same recognition. Fair enough, I don't know, I don't think this movie is as good as Godzilla versus Kong, which I still haven't rewatched since I saw it, although I enjoyed that movie, it was two titans punching each other and I found myself having a great time with it. that aspect of the film. This movie felt a step below that, as chaotic as it was, this movie feels a little more confusing when it comes to what the characters do and what the monsters do.
godzilla x kong the new empire   movie review
We're doing where this movie works is the exact same place where Godzilla versus Kong worked for me and that's the fights, watching these monsters face off against each other on the big screen will always remind me of that part of my childhood that loved renting Godzilla movies. from Blockbuster and watching them with my mom, will never stop working for me. The things about this movie that don't work for me are pretty much the same things that haven't worked for me in almost every Godzilla movie, except less. one of the humans, I don't really care about them, they're basically exposition factories for what the monsters are doing, they're essentially WWE ringside commentators explaining to us that Godzilla just did this and Kong just did this and oh Oh my god, the scar King just threw. a whip around Kong's neck made of Godzilla bone appears to be powering up at the moment.
I wonder what he will do next. In that aspect of the film, the human characters are essentially disposable, except for Rebecca Hall's relationship with her adopted daughter whom we meet. in Godzilla versus Kong, he's having a hard time connecting with her, he learned sign language so he can communicate with her, but obviously because of this girl's upbringing and where she comes from, he'll never fully understand that part of her life. of the movie where they injected some humanity into the characters, but for the most part this movie is about watching monsters fight. Any movie that starts with Kong fighting a group of monsters by ripping one of them in half, soaking himself in its blood, and then taking a shower. in a waterfall he has some merit.
I really liked Dan Stevens in the movie, although he plays, I guess, the monster-verse vet. This is, of course, a reunion with him and Adam Wingard after the really good movie The Guest, the movie gets off to a bit of a slow start though because it's trying to catch us up on everything, catch us up on all the characters, catch up on the backstory, if we didn't watch the TV show Monarch, I guess I didn't actually watch it. know all these things and the movie reminds us of many things, as well as a relationship with Rebecca Hall and her adopted daughter, but once they arrive in the Hollow Earth, that's where the movie picks up steam and started to feel like a blockbuster. summer blockbuster or in this case I guess a pre-summer blockbuster, there are a lot of swashbuckling adventures, things like temples and ruins and puzzles that you have to solve to find hidden passages, stuff like that is a lot of fun, one of the best parts. of the movie is that there is a lot more history and world building in the Hollow Earth, there is a lot more exploration of the ecosystem and the various creatures that make it up, you learn a lot of that of course as the characters talk about it, but so does Brian Tyrie.
Henry's character is trying to film a documentary while he is there because no one believes him about the things he saw in the last movie and every time he filmed things while narrating to the camera he couldn't help but ask me why are you doing it? that? man, you're not going to be able to eliminate that, you're recording your narration into your footage. There were also some surprises at least for me because I didn't really see any of the trailers except the first one, once you get into the Scar King stuff, Scar King of course is the antagonist of the monsters here that people are against.
You have to unite to fight. I admired the commitment to the dialogue monster sequences, there are a fair amount of them and I think that could perhaps be a reaction. What a lot of us have said about previous American monster movies is that, hey, less humans, more monsters minus one, it was like no, we'll actually give them more humans and make them cool and a little less. Godzilla and we all loved it, so I think we're probably confusing them here, but this movie had quite a few sequences where it was just the monsters fighting or at least communicating that didn't involve any people at all.
However, part of Hollow Earth is that when you see these monsters there you can't get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir size, you have to see them next to buildings or people to understand how gigantic they are, they actually look a little small in the movie. there's a shot where Kong walks on the skeleton of a gigantic creature and you're like that thing dwarfs Kong in that way, what else exists in the Hollow Earth and I think even though this movie explored a lot of that and I I really enjoyed that part. I would like to see even more.
However, there is a sequence and this is like in the first trailer, so I don't think this is a spoiler where Kong needs a device put on his arm. and handing him that thing legitimately felt like a teleportation. I do not know what happened. I don't know how the character who brought her to him got to where he was so quickly and brought her back so efficiently and to everyone else who was waiting. For him standing in the same place, it was an instant transmission. I don't know how that happened. There are also a lot of people dying in this movie.
I don't know how many people died, but there definitely will be. It would be kind of a reckoning if they make another one about how much good the Titans are actually doing on Earth versus how much evil I would love to have seen that explored a little more here, so look, this movie worked for me in a very specific way. level a group of monsters fought and beat each other for a long time there are a lot of monster fights in the movie that's a lot of fun for me and also always reminds me of that connection with my childhood self who got really excited about these movies Regardless of what people said in them, my theater had a lot of kids, a lot of parents brought their kids and they jumped and clapped and seemed to be having the time of their lives, that's where I think this movie will live on.
Will I see it again if my children want one day? I don't think I really feel like I have to. I've seen minus one three times, although I haven't seen Godzilla versus Kong again. anyone, but maybe one day I'll watch the whole series if they make another one and complete this little trilogy for Adam Winguard. I still think that the human part of these films is the worst and the least interesting. Monster things are handled. very good and at the end of the day that's what we're paying for guys, thank you very much as always for watching if you watch the movie.
I'll be curious to know what you thought. Thanks as always and yes This way, you can click here and get stuck.

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