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Gm 2: Oilers @ Panthers 6/10 | NHL Highlights | 2024 Stanley Cup Final

Jun 11, 2024
in the Stanley Cup


centering the fourth line as expected they are making a change in defense Vincent from AR is in and Cody CeCe saw a lot of that combination in the third period when they were down two to zero they played more than 6 minutes together, it was handled by Stewart Skinner Lo toen and kept by Montour and then a back pass to londell who launched it into the net post towards the far boards Terrace in front of Montour and a save made by Skinner now Kachuck who only had one shot in the game. a high shot from Emman Larson could have come off Skinner's shoulder and into the net, Dechman Larson joined the rush, but Bennett couldn't handle the first pass and Rodriguez collided with Carrick, he's shaking here for Reinhardt, second off the lead behind.
gm 2 oilers panthers 6 10 nhl highlights 2024 stanley cup final
Austin Matthews   66 here's a three on one for Edmonton's EOL scores, passed by Sergey Bosski and Edmonton has their first goal of the series, it's one for nothing and it comes on their first shot on goal. Matías Holes is going to start the three against one. and the puck goes right through bosski EOL has all kinds of space because the Panthers had committed too much in the offensive zone, there are three of them below the goal line chasing McDavid, he makes a little hook pass to Matías , Echo and Bob were perfect in the first game.
gm 2 oilers panthers 6 10 nhl highlights 2024 stanley cup final

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gm 2 oilers panthers 6 10 nhl highlights 2024 stanley cup final...

Rodriguez drops it with a nice moving hand from Eblan and it's on the near wall for Londell and Skinner snatches it out of the air and wants to give those guys more space. He looks at Skinner trying to move with the major penalty for Fogle back. from the Montour line through a crowd and pinned to his chest by Stuart Skinner here's McDavid flying up the boards from left wing McDavid to the net and bosski stops him at a difficult angle up to 318 to start the first period one nothing Edmonton McDavid You could probably tell when Bosski stopped him, he tangles behind the cage with Aaron Blad, well, two men missing at the moment, with Fogle missing, here's barov soers one and teraso played again, they would have been offside, so what terrain no Don't play it now, the 24-year-old defender, Bard, put it in the net, deflected by Bob Rosi in Eck Holmes, fifth of the playoffs.
gm 2 oilers panthers 6 10 nhl highlights 2024 stanley cup final
There's Bennett, who will be the first. Stedin steals in front and Bennett missed at point-blank range. Range that looked like one of your T-shots, big hook, big hook, go get it, there's terce senko in the midsection of Skinner, a long-time employee, Joey Moss, who worked in the Oilers locker room. Montour had one blocked high up by Kane as he left. and a nice pass from the air, first-round pick of the Atlanta Flames in 1979, EAD put it in the net, deflected by Skinner. Marov sent him behind the cage for Reinhardt. He ends up back on the line with Montour on defense with an EGL spin. verigy shot looking for his first Stanley Cup it's been 26 years and in the head coach almost an own goal Mika gave a good hit to babski here it is londell drops it he scor niik mikola Ted oh my god I just shot this on B, save Bob, you could get an assist here as the puck jumps across the ice now Mika takes a deep breath and joins the rush and beats the new Skinner on the glove side.
gm 2 oilers panthers 6 10 nhl highlights 2024 stanley cup final
This is a goal scoring spectacle shot from a guy who never scores his second playoff goal that came. with an ejection here is kachak all alone and Skinner stops him, the puck squirts out Bard played it to dry Sidle and Bard ripped it wide open he is off the track gets the dry cidal return feed here oh yeah, what bar each hit one in the first period Florida leads the series one game to none Newen Hopkins down right along the goal line sent into the net by a dry touch and handled by Bob RI the goal line there is no angle here but look if bosi isn't there it's on the net, it's so hard to take a puck from such an acute angle and get it to the goal and rosi, you see the left arm bending along the boards, a battle for This is played against Rodríguez, on the B front, stopping at Point Blank Range. by Stewart Skinner if the Panthers can win the puck and Rodriguez does and he passes this to Bennett as soon as Bennett stops the puck, he doesn't once the puck bounces off his stick allowing Skinner to push and push away so that he able to reach the line played by eblad Evan Rodríguez now tried to cross which was blocked by Brown, returns to Rodríguez and scores Evan Rodríguez makes it two on one Florida while the Oilers have a couple of opportunities to clear the puck and no Get him out of the area.
Evan Bard returns the puck to Rodríguez. Bard throws this cleanup attempt right at Rodriguez. Oliver Emman Larson goes and now Londell survives a Bard check. They score on Evan Rodríguez again. A power play. Goal and 3 to 1 lead in FL Puck on his stick EV Bard had a terrible third period, he missed the goal that led to Rodriguez's first goal, he gets beat on the boards here and Rodriguez has a great deflection before Yanmar can come back to deny his dry stick Sidle they are out there together Hyman centers he wanted a straight shot for a and then Brosi's mask fell or in the sand while Evan or when bosi squares up to the EOL shot, he lowers his head and this thing hits him well Square on The Mask, you see the strap fly from the back, a little shake, B, wrap around, one could have hit the pole, or maybe Skitter got it now.
McDavid McDavid, stop by the Bobovski room to see that incredible speed that the Panthers yearned for like they did in the EOL. Goal and they take a beating on the ice from Mcdavid's Clean and now all Kachuck can do is try to bother him the best he can. Drle shoots. Bard has been active for over four minutes, but had the timeout in the middle. Bennett. it was tied that Aon NL scores with cents an empty neck goal that will give Florida a three goal lead a strong play here as Bennett runs towards the stick pushes the puck out of the zone and eblad follows him simply throws it into the net empty the Oilers have scored an unwinnable goal like this, the Panthers have the maximum score for winning their two home games with a two-zero lead in the series.

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