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Glitter Girl Adventure 157 : Back to Scrapbooking

Jun 06, 2021
I have to admit that I haven't been


as much as I would like. I look at all my materials and wonder what to do next. I feel like I don't even really remember how to make a page even though it's only been a short time. break little one, can you help, of course, no matter how long your break was or even if you've never had scrap before, but today I'm going to talk to you and the idea of ​​you having scrap before you have at least a good amount? of supplies and you've taken a little break and now you need to remember how to glue paper to other pieces of paper in an aesthetically pleasing way and how to capture your stories and your memories on your pages, so I have a really simple formula for you to follow today together with whatever supplies you want to choose because my first two tips for you are to choose photos that speak to you, photos that you love, don't talk or don't, don't choose the photos that you like.
glitter girl adventure 157 back to scrapbooking
It's like trying to figure out what the story would be, choose the photos you really remember, the moment or moment when the photo moment grabs you and follow that feeling, then choose the materials you like, don't worry if you already whether new or old, today I'm going to use quite a few things that are quite old and I'm going to choose colors that speak to patterns that you like and that may mean that your page will look completely different to mine, I hope so because then your choices are yours and the things that you really care about even if you're following a formula, so I'm going to use this cricket and red Cosmo pattern for my


ground and then I need a second pattern paper.
glitter girl adventure 157 back to scrapbooking

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glitter girl adventure 157 back to scrapbooking...

I really suggest one that either has a small repeat print for this second pattern or something that has a direction like these little chevron arrows. Now this can be a pattern, it can be solid, it can be white or it can be colorful, it's totally up to you, but then choose something to put on top of that, so I'm going to use these arrows on the sheet right now many times you've seen using three or four inch wide boxes that take up a third or a quarter of the page can be a really beautiful way to compose things, but today I'm going to start with a six by twelve piece.
glitter girl adventure 157 back to scrapbooking
I'm just going to ink these edges brown because today I have cream-based papers, soft because of the depth of field. It's shallow but also the colors are quite soft and warm and this is a tangerine paper of Amy's from a few years ago and now I have a


ground that is half one pattern and half another, that's where I'm going to start, right? You know? The reason the arrows are pointing in that direction is because the direction of their eyes is also going in that direction, so I'm going to build on that now that I've printed both on the same piece of paper.
glitter girl adventure 157 back to scrapbooking
They are four by six each, but you could use two 4x6 prints and just put them together. I printed them on one page and then cut them out with a white border around the edge so you could. I had a white board or I had a contrasting border if you like and then I'm going to meet again with a mat that's a little bit brighter than with the white, so now this is a third sheet of paper and for this I want a single pattern. color, so I only have shades of blue here. I haven't entered any more colors and this is a color that already appears here but it's not the same color as that big, bold background I have there.
I want some contrast and I want something. I want this pattern to be a little calmer to give to the photos. This is a little bit psychiatric around them, so there's going to be a lot going on on the rest of the page, but I still want to be able to direct our attention to the photos, so I'm giving them that little bit of extra space which is the white. help with that and then this pattern and be something that's a little more subtle, very small and doesn't bring any new colors, the two most important things that go on my pages are my photos and my words to tell the story, so with this big block. of photos I want a journal box and I'm not too worried about the flowers here fitting the theme because I can build on that since they don't really go, but what I was looking for was something that was pretty simple. and I designed with this neutral and white pattern and something that they gave me lines to write on, so now I'm going to determine where they should go to have a similar amount of space on the two sides.
Here this will overlap, but it doesn't need to be identical because having a little more space here gives me room to stuff something underneath. I want to make up for these. I don't want to. I definitely don't want this blue border to be aligned with that, but I also don't want this white border or the border of the photo. I want them to be a little bit displaced and different in a different place and then I'm going to put some things on top of this and I'm going to play with a lot of different embellishments to try to tell this story, so this story is about there was a miniature railroad that you could come and write and on teddy bear picnic days you had to bring your teddy bear and then as you went down the railroad into the woods all these teddy bears came out to play like that and for some reason I couldn't get one good photo showing the train, this is the closest I could get and your eye doesn't really go to the train car all the way here.
I'm hoping to get my fix and have this photo of him watching the train arrive so we can get you on next, but I don't really have one of the Train lined up and no. I don't think it's really obvious that it's the train so I went through all my ornaments trying to find something with a train and I found this one, oh and it's exactly the right size to cover that flower so it's perfect and of course, it's teddy bear themed so I pulled out a couple different things that I thought were teddy bears and a little bit of a collection and I have a few different things like that but I also have these stickers that I've kept for probably 15 years, do you remember when?
Stores used to have the stickers on a large roll on the wall. Well, I've had them ever since. There are Sandi Lion furry stickers with teddy bears. I don't know why I've kept them for so long, but I guess always. I just thought they were cute and small so they didn't take up space in my stash and I could keep them well too. Now is the perfect time to put them on, so I'm going to put teddy bears. on my page even though the conical shape is obvious here and then I have other pieces here. I really like the color here because I don't have much paper that goes well with his shirt, so I went with softer blues. but this one blends well and it has a cream base on the bottom so it will work well and I have three so I can use them on three different areas of the page and I think now I have my embellishment areas.
Although I want to say that word could work well, but I think I'm going to cover it up and now I just need to figure out where those three dots could be, one could work up there, this one could hide under here, try that and then that means this one could be touched up here. I think it works well, so this one has a dreamy edge, so I had ink on this one. I'm not going to add ink to the ones with the blue border because I find that ink brown. The blue just makes it a sickly green tone.
I don't love it, but that one works up there. Other little pieces I took out. This one looks like a train ticket. Maybe I have to go anywhere. Oh, or I could. going there should say I can check things under there okay so I'm going to leave that there for the moment and I have this lone cloud that I thought I could go with this go ahead and paste this do you think that's why what's going to go? I like the joining of the articles here and we're monitoring, so those two could work together and then I can put my title in this little space because it's given me a nice little framework to run some words right there, okay, commit.
I know that chipboard doesn't appear again now I'll show you something else that I had thought about but I'm not going to go for today and that was if I didn't use this big piece of train, this type of composition. It works great with a large ornament of some kind and then you can leave a planer, you can put more things on top and this big tree was an idea I had that could go here, but in this case I think it's in both sizes. and the motif matches better, but I'm determined to put that stick around something because it's a beautiful tree, but it's quite big and the other thing I pulled out is something I haven't used in a long time, but I used amar and that's another thing which can really help you but you know at some point you really enjoyed using it and see if it starts to feel natural again so I haven't used them for a while and I still have a nice one.
I sealed a set of these cork stickers and I'm going to see if I can put one in each of those places and you know there are some in here that are pretty giant. I actually like the idea of ​​the suitcase and then the other two. You could use something small like these two hearts. Look at a suitcase here and that's channeling the six down and the suitcase. Okay, I'm there, so I won't waste any words and he messes. I'm displaced on this edge. the paper comes out a little more than the suitcase, so I'm going to have one of these in each of those places, but I need to figure out what's up with those ones that don't make much sense in this title idea because I have that pretty blue there, but I don't want that whole phrase to be my title and I'm not sure live or live is going to work with anything else I can put it with, maybe it will. leave that for now instead of those word stickers, I'm going to use two different letters, these flat Sassafrass that I always love and some wooden stickers my tail is going to come in here and what I'm going to do is work from the bottom one up up just in the space, so I know the words are going to start in that little space there and then I can see how the height is going to work, so I'll have a little space there just so I have enough room to breathe. and not feel trapped, so instead of doing it I thought I could do something like Teddy and Trains or something, but no, it seems too obvious and then I liked the idea of ​​including the teddy bear's name in the title and That Little Bear stuffed animal's name is Sheldon, so my title will be the title of Sheldon's day's act in the diary and all the dates are there, so now everything else is just a matter of playing with the embellishments and taking it to a point that really they like it. the rest is fun stuff so I'm going to build these three dots with ornaments and I was thinking the circle would go on top but there's a nice space here which then places it in the empty space in the photo and it still gives me a triangle of those three pieces, this is not a good color, that's why I chose this shade, I didn't have a color for that, but it's also a good color for this even though this is an October afternoon and that's a surprise for We both have supplies that I've been around for a long time, but I liked putting them back together.
I also pulled out a little geotag, but I don't really think I have a good place for it, so I'll save that for another day and I want to include the cork pieces so I can bring this here, but that seems too symmetrical to have the rectangle here and then. a heart circle to know there, so I think it's better if I lower it here and overlay it with this circle and one will go up here, but I'm still not sure that word extends there, so could you look at some words and phrase stickers that I took out, I really like these with that cream background and I think it's actually a very saturated pink, but I think the text is light enough that with that red paper it works well together, ready and pretty . close so it can cover most of it, but not all, but it's wide enough so I'm not going to glue it down yet.
I'll just leave it there while I pick one for each of the others. I use this one here and there's something. a little bit bigger over here and these all need a little bit of ink because I'm getting a lot of layers here of all these different shades, the cream of white I think helps tie them all together but also gives them a little bit of definition around the edges that it's going to appear here and I really don't like that little keeper stuck there, so below I'm sorry, I'm being a little clumsy and it's hard to see them, oh, my fingers, and then you just need something else. that will work with that one and I wish I had something else, it was that color, but I don't think I'd do something like that instead of looking for a different element.
I'm just going to change course here with the same The sticker is. I'm going to choose one that has two words and I think you can layer them so you can cover everything between the two stickers. I think let's see if it works well. I'm going to need to add more, but I think I have an idea that those two will cover everything except this. I'm going to take my heart to the middle part right there, yes it is because otherwise I'll have to reprint that photo if it's or really stuff, so okay, each of the areas has a piece of cork that has those letters on it. and each one has something with the blue and it's Oh, apart from the court being a little bit flat, so it would be nice to bring in a different texture and I also want to bring those teddy bears, speaking of which, my little teddy bear stickers are blurred, so they have a different texture, so I can add one of these to each one, it's the stains that they bring. he down here is probably stuck, yeah, maybe look, just wondering if it wouldn't be betterwith the teddy bear.
I think this is telling me not to go ahead with your plan, so that's going to go back there and he's going to come here once. where it has to go, you know, these teddy bears are a little different from the kind of things that I normally wear, but that's okay, sometimes you're going to choose to wear something just because you like it, even though it's not what you would normally wear and if you keep putting enough things in that are true to your style and then the kind of things that you normally wear will start to look good on the subjective things that I normally wear.
Enable points, we have some red ones. there I was wondering what blue I'm going to save this sheet for both of us, so then I'm going to go to each embellishment area and do some red and blue enamel dots, a little triangle, I'm going to use the giant blue one, just go down. They kinda don't look like they're supposed to be in a row here we go it's big there and one yeah there's a little bit of shine in this corner well some up here luckily that's where I was going anyway and that's it what I wanted to add more to this, so if you're stuck, try it, so we'll start with some paper in the background, then there's a six by twelve of something else to photograph on a block.
You can change which photos they are. It could be one, it could be a lot more, you print them smaller, but you make a block of photos, give it that frame and then a larger frame with a more subtle color, so now even though there's a lot going on there, everything is framed to give it some space. and don't get lost in everything else, get a journal card and space for your title and then three embellishment areas and you can choose all kinds of different things that you like and think about adding some different textures, like enamel dots, like lint and carrots like cork, you can use wood veneer, you can use all kinds of different things and then see if you want a little bit of shine or a touch of some other color for contrast and that's where I tend to use my trusty gold mist.
Thanks so much for looking. I'd love to hear your questions, if you have an idea or something that's been puzzling you that you'd like to see in a future


, go ahead and leave it in the comments or in our Facebook group where we chat and share all things


. and scrapbook like a superhero, you will find a link below the video. There are many other episodes that you can watch and if you want to see more throughout this year, go ahead and click the subscribe button. I'd love to see you, thank you. a lot

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