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Glitter and be gold

Feb 22, 2022
Hello, welcome back, let's do a building challenge. It's been too long. I was tidying up my lego, which is the most boring job. I thought you knew what's perfect let's do a too


build yeah okay so yeah this is definitely going to be a challenge because this is the biggest plate oh no wait there's a little stand like the stand minifigure is the largest plate size and bricks. this is probably the best we have so i mean


has fancy shapes in general and there are a lot like lots and lots of wheels there are so many wheels what can i do with all these wheels?
glitter and be gold
I just don't know how I'm going to do something like structurally substantial with what I have so this is the base plate the minifigure base plate oh oh I have some pillars though that will be useful oh and yeah oh i like that wheel that doesn't have to be a who and where the bit and the pegasus has golden wings so we can totally use the pegasus so what other animals do we have here? More wheels, oh my god how am I going to do this? There are so many there are even pieces that I can I don't know how I'm going to connect them so animals we have a golden kitty there's the pegasus there's golden frogs there's a golden owl over here somewhere they came from a harry potter game there's no gold doors or door frames, no gilded windows except the internal parts of the windows, like the shutter parts, whatever it's called, the actual window parts instead of the frame and I can't use it in isolation because I don't have any clips that they're going to fit well not gold and but what i do have is a little storage drawer full of guns so you have a bow that doesn't really have to be i mean if you just look at the shapes you can be creative and i don't know what they can be i think about what they can be besides wea pons because of the chainsaw but it's yeah i don't know and a whole world of shurikens like thanks to ninjago because i have a lot but i don't know what i'm going to do with them, so let's have a vi stazo to creating a figure for this build a gold figure actually a gold mini doll a gold mini figure would be easy because oh look at these harry potter 10th anniversary pieces and oh ninjago wow we didn't get anything like this from lego friends did TRUE?
glitter and be gold

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glitter and be gold...

I mentioned that really sourly and bitterly before I think I've got it so we're going to have to create something out of little bits of gold so I don't know we've got lots, lots, well not a lot but we've got some head pieces and hair pieces these are all the body pieces i could find that had a fair amount of gold on them so the gold skirt is really very useful this little top with the gold skirt looks good huh i know there are golden socks. I don't know much because I don't know where I'm going with this. some body parts that are in the color of andrea but the only face i can find that has gold in it is this one from the elf theme and she has the light nougat skin tone so i will have to match it with the body parts plz which limits our options for actual body parts oh my gosh so i mean this will do this ok well how about we try the helmets Oh there's also a scorpion i forgot it was a scorpion animal so that makes it really i don't like a hairpiece or a hat or not it's not and let's see this is a real valid hairpiece i can't remember where it came from , but it's nice it's very very nice so it'll work fine but let's take a look at everything else and see because I mean I don't know this part covers the only gold that's on his head anyway and he would have to ah , this is a real hard gold firefighter helmet if we face it like this might i'm so lost here a loki helmet maybe we could do lady loki oh i got lady loki toupee here too silvi toupee uh another one of the firefighter helmets uh crown that doesn't look too bad on the mini doll actually speaking of the crown with the hair looks really cute on the mini doll we need more hats with hair started has started so hopefully we'll see more of those as we go a headdress egyptian i would love a theme Egyptian.
glitter and be gold
Wouldn't that look so amazing on Minnie dolls? his face the one that completely covers his face it would work if he could find an outfit to match it king neptune yes he actually looks pretty good but it doesn't match the rest of his outfit i don't know what we are we're going to do here this is sylvia's headpiece and the hair looks so cute and the little yeah some gold is so hard it looks really cute actually with that outfit it really works well let's see what else we got we got mercury the god of what is the god mercury the god of is completely like he is fast the god of swift feet mercury this hairpiece is actually from salazar from the pirates of the caribbean but in gold and comes with the pieces of the statue of freedom so it's supposed to be a llama this is hermione's head piece which looks cool and we could have c3po just appear on top of her head which wouldn't look nice it actually looks very funny but i've saved this piece for last because i think this is really the only viable option but we're not going to put it in c3po we're going to put it just because it looks very very good however its outfit doesn't work with the marks on her face, so I'm going to taking this outfit from the lego goblins theme it's not all gold but it has gold markings on it and this is actually the body that comes with this head but now we have gold hair and it looks so much better which means we'll have to do a fantasy theme build and add a layer the layer already has gold flecks on it so that will work well fill it in and make it look more feathery.
glitter and be gold
The feathers could be a shape. designed for mini dolls let's see if it works she looks great she looks very majestic ok majestic we'll call her aurelia which comes from a latin word meaning gold and i had to look that up because i couldn't think of any name that mean gold so aurelia that's lovely and it's going to have something with a windy foliage look so we're going to have feathers foliage wind I don't know what theme we're going with we're just going with what's available in gold , that's the thing we're going with so let's remove these parts and these are the biggest boards I have I need a motherboard to build so I'm going to do my one big trick like I did on the transparent build the build too transparent i'm going to use only 10 base plates as a base because otherwise i don't have anything to put it all on and hold it together as a cohesive build so what are we going to do?
Let's do something. play around with fencing pieces and see if i can make a shape in the moment i want it to be a bit symmetrical maybe like a throne room because every time i look at gold i think of regal and spacious throne things and it definitely looks absolutely like i said majestic she's definitely the boss of whatever we're going to build now the wings of the pegasus we'll gently rip them off and then set aside the pieces we won't be using we'll use the wings for maybe one of them the curvature is so beautiful i'm going to see if i can do this in the back for a throne ok so if that continues there and then oh my gosh the lack of pieces is tricky so this round piece of brick and then these on top and then this will make a lovely seat because I It's on a gold tile look at the different colors like the shades just in the gold so these are all called pearl gold but they are two different shades very interesting , it is very and interesting, however, this is a completely different type of chrome gold. which is sparkly with the rings and i'm going to wear that as much as i can using all the rings i have to adorn this and just to break all those gold pieces so it's centered that looks amazing like a throne we're going to move this all over one and she can't wash herself she might sit on that if she wasn't wearing a cape because that makes it very hard for them to sit on so let's make a frame behind this that we're not going to be able to do solid walls but if I make a kind of a cute curve and then i break it up with all these gold rings to add definition i think it might work so ok these are pillars for both sides of the throne the gold nuggets in the little broken eggshell piece the crown piece looks great when framing it so plus maybe more curved parts around to add a frame and shape so these curlicue wind pieces are just beautiful so I'm going to use I have quite a few of them so I think we're going to see them a lot they also go with the curly cues on the fencing pieces so if I do this everything is very symmetrical right now and also i can tilt them so maybe another curve around the back and all this negative space like holes in the middle look yeah they look great you don't need a solid wall we don't need a solid wall we're doing good , so it will look great from the front, I just need the appearance to be connected. basically even though it's only touching on the back oh well wow okay the throne room ties together nicely so lets add some gold nuggets here on each side I'm just using whatever I can, oh, and plants tenderly. they just add to them finish the curls like the curls going up and down and up and around and down to the end of the fence oh ok i have made a fabulous fabulous frame i am so happy now i want a fancy rug to go up to the throne so you know we don't have I have like two quarter cake mosaic pieces in really shiny gold so I can't really use them. the wings down and it will add texture and I might even angle them a little for contouring so let's see if we put that one here and this one there and then do the same for the next one up she has one winged the path leading to her throne I'm going to move it a little forward oh my gosh this is really coming together okay a little more ornamentation very very fancy ornaments uh pots a pot of gold and if it had one if it had a flame or like maybe it's an incense burner.
I'm trying to figure out where to put it. If it had a golden flame, it would look really cool. t of there it looks great on its own though no it's an incense burner you have to imagine the tendrils of incense coming out of it they are imaginary gold now they make a beautiful big vars or big pot you can't put together these two pieces without putting a stick in between them because they don't actually go together unless you have a stick to hold them so this is it and then we put another little chrome ring on top and that gives you just enough lip to hold Yes, to hold the plate. on top and then if I put this here I can use a clip to put some flowers or plant on it.
There are no gold stems so I need to pin it on top this part here instead of gluing it down. in the planter that is seen from the front, let's look at it from the back so that our very sophisticated vars can put it, oh I want to put it here, so if we move it to the side, I can put it in this little curve of the fence. that's not centered let's move it a little ok oh my gosh ok i move it a little and then I have to make sure the pot on the other side is equidistant ok oh my gosh ok now I don't want to be symmetrical now i want to put something a little different on this side i want to see if i can hang something from that tendril so i wonder if i can get a lantern to hang through the um ok so this here i want another chrome ring and a tassel because you can't get enough gold tassels I just want to put them everywhere so I actually wanted to clip to one of these cutely plant things like I already hung them on there but I can't put it on with a clip because I don't have a double ended clip so I don't know oh I can glue it.
I can get one of these, these bar pieces, glue it together and then attach it with a bolt that has a hole in it, okay, okay, and trim the top with one of those little bar support pieces, okay, okay, so we'll just put this one that I pre-prepared earlier ok we just pre-prepared we'll take out the unprepared I'm just trying to get it to hang straight now that's uh this is pretty maybe I should loosen the bolt on the back so that hang up no that's right i'll keep fiddling with that it's not all it's good it's all good we've got a go on one side a lantern on the other side right here a bed in the throne room of course and I'm going to use the other wing because again the contours of this will make a really good bed I think if I can find a way to suspend it and attach it to the floor so if I put these offset work pieces I can sit it on top of that , so maybe these pieces of glory look like feathers on the back and something else. clips here that should get it the right distance off the ground I think and then a pointy pillow for comfort and then a bunch of these offset pieces because they're a substantial brick piece and I've got quite a few of them one more I think to break it, that's good let's just check that she can really lie about that look so perfect she'll fill that void there just with some angled with some cheese sized pieces of goldwhich is very good ok she has a bed and we have a little mat to put it in front of the bed and then this will maybe join this together to make it her own separate little room but combined no that's too close that's too near the other plant tendril oh look we're making walls without actually making walls it's like the idea of ​​a wall now apparently she plays the harp do you know why she plays half because i found out i can basically do this is a harp huh a piece this This build is from one of the elf builds but it wasn't all gold so I had to tailor it a bit with the gold pieces I have so it's not as substantial as the original build but it will hold together .
I think so if I put this bar piece in there and then because there's a little bit sticking out of the bottom, we can put a plant and put a plant in it and we have a heart for Aurelia to play in and she's going to need a seat for her to be comfortable oh, this piece is from uh, from one of the jasmines. the decorations are very pretty, but they're on a gold tile, so we're just adding a little color with the stickers on this side. there are no actual connectors on this and i want to see if i can use these filigree wheel pieces and maybe just stick them all together, put a stick through and i'm going to need a bolt to attach it to the actual base plate to make it work if i stick it in between the posts which should work fine and to join them at the top I can put that in and then put one holy post here and then I'm just going to rest the other one on the top it's connected it's fully connected but don't hit it too much and I can put a flashlight on top here and use some clear pieces huh which is my go to trick for these builds because they are transparent they don't have any color so they will hold it in place on top oh yo I have some padded pieces curves that we could use as seats if I can fit them in here and they will actually hold the two plates together, just not have to move my wing fittings.
I think so, look. that and I have I have three of them so I can't get it to rotate all the way but I could put two and then different seats like little seats on the other two sides so just yeah nice simple seats I have a matching one I think I can do for the other side here except it's a brighter gold oh no and it's a bit off and I can't I don't know how to get them off the base plate it's so hard to get off you can't use the brick separator if I put a stick on top and i just make a lever that worked fine so i put it there that o h that looks bad too no no no that's right it's just the angle is ok yes it is yes that's perfectly placed around the table oh and even she gets sits there nice oh my gosh ok thats a little messy but i dont care i just dont care ok so this is all i can fit in this space im honestly surprised we can get this far on our feet wow gold we have and do something that has ended up being quite cohesive and very lv oh and she needs a cat of course she needs a cat because we have one so let's give her a partner maybe we'll put him here maybe I don't know maybe another seat we'll put it there we go there we go oh my god right a build with too much gold I was afraid it was going to be a build with little gold it actually turned out it would turn out well who certainly didn't know me at first it just goes to show that you've got to have faith I don't think so this could have been a disaster I think it was I was just lucky I had enough duplicate pieces to be able to make something symmetrical because symmetrical helps too.
I don't know, I'm not going to think too much. It turned out really very well. i'll see you for another version very very soon please subscribe if you like to see this kind of content be sure to leave me a comment tell me about the stuff all the stuff we'll be back with another video very soon so I'll see you later bye

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