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GLITCH vs. THE MIMIC.. (Roblox)

Jun 10, 2021
the imitation, you return to your old high school in hopes of finding your group of missing friends, however, you encounter a mysterious entity lurking within your school, you eventually venture into the unknown depths of a mysterious world, warning , blah, blah, blah, yeah, I don't. I don't need warning, I'm literally not even afraid. I don't care if this miniature might look scarier because I can't tell what's going on, let's see the trailer that's taking too long, let's see it, don't even worry. On that note, I bet this is going to be easy. A lot of you commented that I should check this out and I have no idea how to play or what's going on girl yeah stop walking to the side well thanks he's a gamer why did he do that?
glitch vs the mimic roblox
You here, my man, chat with Willow, you know, I don't know if I want to chat with Willow Wisp, what do you want? I want some of that. A beautiful supreme that you are wearing right now, mommy, get off my Facebook, excuse me. I'm literally offended he called me friend but I'm clearly a rat cha. I want players to max this one out. Yes, I was teleported inside this thick room. Well, I have some questions. Why is the ground not flat? What's going on? As? They make bricks work like this. This is fine gravity. Why is everything dark?
glitch vs the mimic roblox

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glitch vs the mimic roblox...

I can not see anything. Where should I go? How do I open the flashlight? Let me press all the buttons, don't worry. uh oh okay bro guys what are you talking about? They just jump, scare me girl, what did they do? Where are your eyes? This door is closed. I should find another way to get into the gym, the gem. I have no idea what's going on too guys. I changed my head tracking program for my cartoons, so if I do any weird winking like this it's me looking away. I have to fix it. I don't know how objectively I located the key near the pool to open the gym entrance.
glitch vs the mimic roblox
Because? there are ketchup footprints is this a mcdonald's that stepped on the ketchup lockers like unlockers lycanthrope backpack thick black backpack ah the gem from what I remember the pool should be on my right ketchup steps yeah okay your ears are in the way , wait, wait where' You got that key from giving it a keyboard now girl, what is this? It's a note. Yes, I speak too. She says you guys should like the video and subscribe if you haven't already. Thank you, magical side, I respect what it is. that, ah, is just a poster of me, a cat and it even has Arthur, what is Arthur doing to this game?
glitch vs the mimic roblox
Cherry blossoms bloom with the arrival of I can't read that, William, why does grass grow in the gym? I just don't like that I know what it is I don't respect that I'll leave now goodbye she likes to imitate them be careful don't be fooled come back now before it's too late you're telling me to turn around now that I'm right next to her This beautiful bathroom, are you crazy man? This is everything I've ever wanted Oh wait, how do I feel boy? Where's the door? I found a new area, okay, why is it flashing? You should investigate this room for a key.
Many games require keys. Okay, dream, believe, achieve, yes, inspiring, this game hasn't even been scary. Still, it's a sewer that sounds like a sewer, bro, perfect, what's that? What's that? Honestly, this is walking. simulator I'm walking more here than when I walk simulation wow, we just got teleported to Japan what are you talking about objective find the key to the hidden door of course it's a maze Am I going around in circles? Well, I found people now. Mom, follow them, what is that? I found the key, yeah I found the key, don't worry about the dead person with the ketchup everywhere, why is it that color?
I don't know what's going on and we made it shut down or we're not meant to. Come out, I don't know what's going on, why it's so easy, I mean, yeah, sure we found a dead guy, but I mean there's nothing scary about this maze, maybe he just tripped, you know, maybe he was holding the key, but he stumbled. And he stabbed himself with the key. Surely there is something else here that's scary. I have to get out of here. I have to get out of here. Where is the exit? where's the stupid accent? what was that thing?
I never want to see that again where we're going Now, why is that thing so creepy? Oh, there it is, yeah, get me out of here right now, get me out of here right now. I found the hidden door, but I need to keep it, that's the kite charging, please wait as an entrance with a flashlight, that's right, uh. although aesthetic, oh, we better keep walking hello, what is that, what was that, that thing just rang, that thing that disappeared, talk objectively to the farmer, the farmer must be here hello, I hadn't seen you around here before, let me shine this extremely bright way? flashlight in your eyes, like how nervous and worried he is, you're welcome buddy, please be careful around here, my brother recently went into town and hasn't been back since I don't know how much longer I'll be around. able to stay here she's probably already looking at us while I'm talking who is she if you've seen a lady playing the biwu it's too late if it's too late it's better to stop playing right now I saw her when she was coming in I have something upstairs that you might want, okay let me into your house okay i literally just robbed this poor guy explore the cave and find the door to use the key okay i thought it was a face see those eyes. and then those are the lips, how romantic, right, even the statues are smelling the wall, man, I respect that, that's what just moved, that's my bike, no one told me, one of them moved, did what are you talking about the scariest part?
This is what takes you from the beginning, yes, yes, yes, I've seen the lady, hurry up, yadda, yadda, moment guys, I'm going to do this in five seconds, are you ready, stop one, two, three, three and a half, three point six? I ran out of energy very careful very careful what am I talking about I'm back where I was last time how don't I die here bro they literally catch nah the product those are pretty Palestinians he's right behind me I started moving how can I? I think I escaped, bro, it's not even that scary. What are you talking about?
I think as long as you follow these flashlights you should be on the right path. No, I finished at the beginning. What are you talking about? I just spent all that time Nothing, what do you mean? I found it, I think I found it. Look guys, I never go in circles. What are you talking about? That was just a practice round. Where is the entrance? Hi, you should see what's down here. I don't think so. I should do it, I have to do it, I don't want to go down there, bro, what to escape from the hotel, what am I doing, we got a hotel and why is there more grass everywhere, how would there be a hotel here?
I don't understand it, you know? what I don't understand this what is that what is this man doing hey what are you talking about why did they call you a penguin on your shirt why are you pink why are you going to cut sideways what's going on here I have a chat with them I want to know what this is Everything she does, man, okay, that's all I need to know, let me get out of here who could I ask. Well I don't know either, all I know is that she is some kind of evil entity, it was a relationship, no.
I accidentally missed that woody coconut, didn't I? I'm sure you've already heard of her. She imitates people. I've been here too long, you can't escape. I've tried it many times, man, it doesn't seem like it. you're trying at all, what are you talking about the elevator? Okay, you know what I'm betting on, I can escape this first try, don't worry, oh no, I can hear that sound coming from right there, I don't believe it, buddy. See you later, talk to you, what is this? A labyrinth, brother. I'm going to, guys, you can't see anything. Okay, I didn't just take a screenshot so I could figure this out, don't worry. about it okay let's go I'm not scared at all there's nothing scary here that can scare me except for the fact that there is grass wait that's not shit that's a trey why is there a tree in the floor?
What are you talking about? About that, it's scary, boy, hey, this is pretty awesome, what was that sound? I don't want to play this anymore. That was actually terrifying. Bruh, my whole body is like tingling. I'm going to wait here until someone comes back. I won't do it. come back in alone no way how do you keep fighting me in these games man don't leave me alone please I didn't know you felt that way about me go no I heard it again I heard it again walk away , for? stop, it's strange, why were you chasing me?
Okay, I'm pretty sure we have to go this way. You ventured into the unknown in search of your friends, you managed to escape from the hotel and whatever that was, or so you thought, did anyone escape safely? job, whoever chapter one, full end of chapter one. I made it so you can basically just sulk all the time and wait until someone else finishes it. That's good guys, that was chapter one. If you want me to play chapter two, let me know. in the comments and I'll look at it for you

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