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Glass of Water - Sans Lesson

Jun 06, 2021
Needless to say, I love the themes more than anything else, the implicit and explicit messages and


s in part of my heart as the only reason anyone has created art in the first place, while I tend to rate the episodes based on many factors. I've probably realized that themes are the most important defining factor, and whether I think an episode is good or bad, you can have fun, fun characters, but if you're teaching people a horrible


, then the whole thing That goodwill goes out the window, Donald. Trump's selfishness and stupidity were pretty funny until he started running for president, but that begs the question: Can a TV show get by with just being funny without trying to push a particular lesson or theme?
glass of water   sans lesson
Yes, the problem is that most of them don't star. The forces of evil is my favorite of the new Silver Age animation in which we find ourselves, it is a riot of laughter with strange images and extravagant characters and the main character is the most precious adorable cinnamon roll that exists, it is the closest thing to a perfect cartoon I've ever seen. I can honestly say he exists, he just wants to sit back and have fun. A show where the words Narwhal blast and Honey be tornado swirl exist. It's physically impossible to get bored watching this show at its core, star versus the forces of evil, it's so delightfully simple in form. premise that its writers are free to make as many fun things as possible and the reason it works is because it sticks to what it knows, it doesn't waste time trying to be anything more than silly fun, whereas it's common for people do it.
glass of water   sans lesson

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glass of water sans lesson...

The Champion shows that friendship is magic and Steven Universe for covering important and heavy topics as proof that animation can be mature. That idea has always been a double-edged sword, while yes, Friendship is Magic and Steven Universe have provided some deep and thought-provoking intellectual lessons. in the past most of the time they don't both shows miss more often than they get right for each it's not easy to be Breezies or bismuth make you think about the very nature of subjective morality and the application of force there is a dozen Spice up your nightmare lives and hospitals by teaching yourself to blame others for your mistakes or recklessly allowing your children to fight a war against the horrors of Eldridge for every fire glove or earthling who tells you a very detailed story that asks you to reconsider your own values. a dozen things stranger than fanfiction or conscious education very directly refuse to tell their stories in favor of filler when you start covering themes and metaphors in your writing, those same concepts ask more of you as a writer and poorly teach a good lesson is much worse than teaching a bad lesson, well, you could fill your desk with as many neo-reactionaries as you can and they still won't behave as badly as a progressive-minded person who can't write because you remember when Lauren Faust thought it would be good.
glass of water   sans lesson
I thought about talking about the radical feminism thing with this and then I had to deal with the fact that she's not a very good writer and trying to introduce a theme into a show that never wanted those things in it, Friendship is Magic , it really can't be helped. that problem because it was built from the ground up to be a show about lessons, the central concept of French Piss Magic is not its world or its lore or any of the other things that bronies claim to be interested in, they are the topics that often make me They call the French critic the most negative of his magic and, although I find that attitude extremely reductionist, I can at least see where he is coming from.
glass of water   sans lesson
I tend to focus on the French themes of his magic because that's what the show asks me to pay attention to. to something that most other critics completely ignore, let's take the times they are changing, for example, an episode that contained very strong allusions to racial prejudice and was surprisingly topical for a children's series, a topic that was almost universally ignored While most other reviewers focused on the biology of the changelings or the nature of the hive, I've seen many Brodys treat the actual material as just a sandbox for fan works, getting actively angry if an episode shoot them in the head, Canon and completely ignore the real story.
Take this in contrast. to Steven Universe, a show that presents many complex themes but does so in such a nonchalant manner that it might as well not have existed. Steven Universe gets a lot of praise for its LGBT representation and Chilton's shows, but it's the only worthwhile relationship they've ever had. Garnet's existence might implicitly say a lot about Ruby and Sapphires' relationships, but it also works as a method of avoiding having to write that relationship down. There was an episode recently that briefly highlighted the fact that Steven is Racked with Guilt for not being able to save Jasper Bismuth or Ruby, it was really interesting for about 60 seconds before the episode ended, but apparently it was important to spend half the episode to Garnet singing about trauma before they brought up the fact that Steven has problems, they started a really interesting story thread about the pink diamond and left it there for several filler episodes.
Rebecca Sugar seems to take every opportunity she can to not tell her own story, and when she does bother to tell the story, she often imparts horrible lessons to the people you remember in the nightmare hospital that episode applies to helicopter parents the one where the message is confusing because instead of personal independence or general decision making the freedom Connie wants is the freedom to fight an intergalactic war, something even the most hands-off parent would never agree with, yeah that's fucked up with the metaphor of skosh. Steven Universe gained a reputation for this when Jasper returned begging lapis lazuli to form malachite again so he could crush the crystal gems that people assume the sugar was producing.
Allusions to domestic violence because mediocre metaphors are pretty sweet at this point and also because Tumblr has a notorious aversion to nuance, haters spending a year fighting a battle of wills isn't exactly the kind of plot thread that makes a story is reasonable. If anyone sees an abuse metaphor here, it's only because Jasper says some ridiculously cliché lines about I've changed, so some people think there's a metaphor here. Remember when friendship is. Magic wanted to talk about depression, self-harm in the guilt complex, but instead of a normal metaphor. Pony who can only hurt herself, they decided to do it with this eldritch abomination that could cause serious damage if she lost control.
It shapes the message when the person in question is not only a danger to themselves but also to the very fabric of reality. The big problem with The Legend of Korra was that she wanted to cover themes like equality, terrorism, anarchism, and fascism, but she approached it with a teenager's understanding of those themes in the last season. Toph sits Kora down to talk about his previous enemies and talks about how his biggest flaw was. that they took their ideologies too far, but if you were paying attention to the show up to that point, you'd know that the problem wasn't that they took their ideologies too far, the problem was that they were liars.
Amon didn't want equality. He wanted to punish the teachers because his father was abusive. Oona Locke didn't want to bring the spirits back. She wanted to enslave them to gain more powers. She didn't believe in freedom. He wanted to abolish the government because he was a selfish idiot for the fourth time. In the season they just stopped trying and never bothered to show Kuvera doing any of the tyrannical things the other characters accused them of imagining and calling her a tyrant a few times that will work. The Legend of Korra wanted to be smart but I don't want to respect anyone's intelligence in the process of doing it.
She was rooting for Kuvira to win because she wanted to see someone kill every last one of these idiots. Let's go back to Jasper and Lapis for a minute. People often see this as a metaphor. for abusive relationships let's say, for the sake of argument, that is. I'll walk with you to that dock. Who do you think is the abuser? Most people would say Jasper, well, we'll pay for this dialogue. I was terrible to you. I liked taking it all. I hated you, it was bad, a lot of people don't seem to realize that if this is supposed to be a metaphor for domestic abuse, this line is the red flag that maybe Lapis Lazuli was the alleged abuser, she was the one who sealed Jasper away. .
After all, being at the bottom of the ocean and holding her there with all her strength means that Lapis Lazuli is a minor character. The bow is an abuser who slowly becomes healthier. It's certainly a much weirder and more nuanced story idea than most abuse stories. Or maybe it's not an abusive relationship per se, but rather a relationship that deteriorated because the two parties involved were inherently unsuitable for each other, something that happens much more often than many people want to admit to people who care. They should never have been in a relationship to begin with. and only one of whom cares to admit it is almost Depp.
I'm not saying that cartooning shouldn't cover serious topics, what I'm saying is that it's difficult and can cause harm if you're not equipped to handle it. We're going to cover something heavy like abuse, depression, or indecisive parents, so take it seriously. These are complicated problems that take a long time to solve and must be approached with patience and care if you start reducing these problems to simple solutions or empty platitudes. or worse, you ruin your message because the scenario you use just doesn't work or makes you look crazy, you're done, people often use it as an excuse to be lazy and make pointless crap for kids, but I think it's an attitude just the same. harmful is to start introducing heavier themes into cartoons that don't belong or that the Creator simply isn't prepared to handle because trying to be intellectually mature is a double-edged sword.
I wish more shows covered heavier and more important topics. It's a highlight of a lot of my favorite shows and it's been my favorite topic for a long time, but I'm not the only person in the audience and the rest of the audience seems to want an issue brought up and I never talked about Steven Universe is a great magnet for this, making a cursory nod towards LGBT issues and mental health and get Loudoun for that, as I mentioned before, getting a shitty version of what you like is often better than not getting it at all.
I like a challenge I like something that makes me think congratulations steven universe you made me think about something the conclusion I came to is that you have no idea what you're talking about and now I'm left with a bitter taste in my mouth Meanwhile, Star versus the forces of evil is about nothing, each episode consists of 11 straight minutes of absurd comedy and every time I watch it I have a big smile on my face. This was a really convoluted and pretentious way of saying that I like Star versus the forces. of evil I like star against the forces of evil

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