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Girl Talk (ft. Jen) - SimplyPodLogical #74

Dec 24, 2021
famous actors or whatever, no, not at all. I think it was just a suburban Toronto thing where other suburban socialite moms were putting their kids in commercials hoping they would become child stars. I don't really know, I'm making assumptions because I was a kid and I don't really know what the conversations were during that time, but that's just my guess. 20 years ago, I never wanted to be famous. at the dance because i thought i was going to be a backup dancer one day so you know what or who you want to be back in probably beyonce or something britney is being a great guy like that um so yeah i was happy to be in the background Of the things I remember we had to sacrifice the potential to compete for dance like you could do a competitive dance and I remember our dance studio asked us to do it but we couldn't because we were so busy after school going to commercials and We didn't have time to go, uh, uh, drive six hours for a race on the weekends, did we? so yeah we never did competitive dances because we were doing commercials yeah we sound like brats literally like a prime bra and we didn't even want it we didn't even want to be an actor but here we are on a podcast that's just not the same this is totally an arc no i'm not acting right now i don't have an agent you know me this is real life ok next question from steve zanders jen what is it like having a sister who is widely known on the internet affects the way you interact with social media and internet communities, do you think having family in the business has changed the way you view influencers, either negatively or positively this is a very question interesting so let's start with the first half of this how do i interact with social media on the internet community tells us not really um and i think it's probably because of your platform that i distanced myself a bit from her and decided it's not my thing I don't know so I don't really post much I don't really do much on social other than maybe with my immediate friends I'll send them memes but you know what it is yeah , i know what that is um or find tick tocks like you know um yeah i use social media but it's not really a big party i don't have it yeah and i'm not one of those who if i go out to dinner , I'm taking pictures of everything. you know i'm more like one i'm going to live my life and then your friends take similar stories and whatever when they go out to dinner some do some don't some are like me and some are more interested so i don't know, I just guess for me, I just don't care, I just don't care about posting a lot of stuff and I think that's really interesting because I and I'm sure a lot of my audience is so caught up in this in a bubble of constantly being on the social media, whether you're a content creator, you're making it. art or you're just someone who loves social media personalities and wants to know everything that's going on but then my sister is the complete opposite like you don't know who some of the best youtubers are not like liza caution , she's right she's even made youtube videos for three years but yeah that's an example like you know her because when she was starting to get big on youtube she was yeah and she was funny yeah and she was funny, but no, I don't.
girl talk ft jen   simplypodlogical 74
I really, yeah, I don't really use YouTube much, sorry, but you do watch this podcast, though. i want to tell people why um because i do anything other than your loving support i love hearing my sister's voice all the time why do you listen to all our podcasts um so i can write what you say no and keep it in a secret box i do the transcriptions yes made fun so for y'all add english subtitles it's jen who writes them yes for the most part thanks for the most part what are you saying you're not doing them all yes the ones uh i do it's very helpful have a human write the transcript instead of google write the transcript because like google doesn't know how to spell my name right now to spell holo you know they'd be wrong so thanks jen for your efforts there um but yeah , having family in the business, I guess being family like me has changed your perception of who an influencer is because there is this perspective of a common person who is like an influencer or super vain or everything that impedes them. orta is like like on a video yes What do you think now that you meet someone who is so me?
girl talk ft jen   simplypodlogical 74

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girl talk ft jen simplypodlogical 74...

I think and say this all the time. I think social media and influencers have a really amazing component that's helpful to society in communities and then there's a really dark side. and it's hard because I can't, you can't put all the influencers in one box at least in my opinion because they're all different and depending on the content that they're creating depending on whether they're actually being organic and true to themselves I think it's something that's interesting to me because I mean, I know my sister and I see what you're posting and it makes me want to hope everyone else is true to themselves like you are and likes to try. it actually helps the community but unfortunately I think some people feel pressured by society and social media so maybe they're not being true to themselves and I think there's a big dark side and then another dark side. yeah some people who get that fame and get that money change because sometimes fame or greed or whatever can change a person and then yeah I would categorize those as maybe the vain type of influencers but no , I don't believe it. you can put all the influencers in one box i think there's good and bad i think it's great to hear as a layman an average person who uses social media occasionally say that and understand it because i think if you ask someone like out of the street that is not right, no, like they are influencers, how is that kim kardashian and they just don't understand that there is a depth and a difference in the types of people who are influenced, yes, yes, it is.
girl talk ft jen   simplypodlogical 74
It's kind of frustrating to see influencers maybe influence certain things just because they want money and fame, so I think the content that you're creating should be because it's actually something that you enjoy doing and something that you really like, not it should be just for fame and money if it was that simple yeah yeah just on the subject of family because i know i've seen this question before. People ask how our family perceives me online and I just think it's so funny that like my grandmother, for example, from time to time she asks me: oh, are you still taking those nail painting classes, those nail painting classes? nails online? having your real job as well as a whole generation gap between understanding what someone is doing on social media these days yeah and it's also fun because friends of mine parents finding out maybe now you're an online influencer what whatever you do they say they won't fully understand it either and they say oh she owns a nail salon too and she oh she does people's nails I'm like I'm not sure not quite a sometimes i do your nails sometimes yes i'm naked right now although yes this is a shame you usually paint your nails and i like it the one time you don't have it is true usually what were you thinking scale from 10 to 10 how iconic is it avril lavigne she's more of a christine idol i think iconic 10 out of 10 tumbleweeds we'll give her a 10 she exactly had the baggy bloomers the chains in the pockets the tank top the white tank top i don't think she was wearing a corb tie but like i have it i feel like i remember maybe you dressed like her once with a tie for halloween or something.
girl talk ft jen   simplypodlogical 74
I remember something like taking dad time, yes, but I don't think you did it on a daily basis. anyway i love you avril uh the nail polish bottle asked if you ever had a fight because you fell in love with the same guy at the same time i am guilty the nail polish bottle is guilty he is guilty so a lot of people wanted to know if we ever fought over the same guy no actually what actually what hulk hogan huh yeah he's a stretchy toy stretchy toy we had we had a stretchy toy that was hulk hogan and we fought because we both wanted that's right we both fell in love with him and we wanted to play with a stretchy toy yeah i laugh at this question because even thinking about who i would have been if it ever happened like there was literally not a single person i could think of and i think thats because three years between us is a big gap when you're in high school. young adulthood like i'm in college age and i'm 18 and you're 15 i would have wanted to scream and be so upset if you were trying to date an 18 year old right?
Or I would have gotten mad at my friend if it was like my friend was trying to do it. date you and then if I as a 19 year old was trying to date your 16 year old friend that would be equally disgusting yeah so I think the three year gap I think there would be some illegal laws as well yeah , legal components even if you're past that and you're technically the age of consent and whatever, uh it's still very weird and possibly inappropriate from a societal perspective to do that kind of thing when three years old matters so much more when you're that younger age if we had like 23 and 26 the question of age is not the problem there the problem would be it has been like that my friend what are you doing?
Maybe there would have been some of those kind of territorial issues I guess, but I think that's what people were looking for, but there's literally not a single instance that I can think of as a don't worry I'm not in love with ben ok i'm just checking he's ok maybe xyler but ok yeah he's mine um cute little dead asked what jen is interested in having kids. Have you ever felt socially stigmatized by your position on having children? I am child free and feel like whenever I bring it up to my coworkers, friends, family, they often tell me I'll change my mind or I should have kids before it's too late, so I'm going to get started.
I answer this question simply by saying that I think and I think it's okay because she wants to ask us this question but I think it's in the workplace or even if you don't know someone that well I think it's such an invasive question to ask a woman, you want to have children? Do you plan to have children? Because not only is it their choice but it's up to them to decide if they want to share that with you or not, but you also don't know what struggles they've potentially had. going through what you don't know if they've had previous miscarriages or health conditions or anything like that and I think it's very intrusive trying to bring up that possible trauma, I don't think it's fair to do that to someone.
I believe that a woman should share what she wants to share when she wants to share. So I think it's a little rude to people, especially co-workers, who maybe you're not very friendly with or don't know you that well to ask you those questions just because you were born a woman. I don't think it's an appropriate question. I completely agree with you and you know my perspective is the same and has been the same. I think it's complicated because people are socially conditioned to think that women will have children and that there is a clock. marking if they don't once you hit 30 when you're having those babies like it's not cute it's not fun it's huh it shouldn't be the norm I'm arguing you're arguing why is this normalized Acting like this I think it's like old school and traditional and it reminds me of what a 50 year old man would say to someone but not something of ours or subsequent generations should be saying i hope people change their perspective on that and it starts with people like us saying don't ask if someone wants to have kids they'll tell you trust me right they'll tell you on facebook they'll text you they'll tell you they're happy to have kids and that's great and it can be great news to people but you don't give them the Back, you don't ask someone when they're going to have kids. do something they may have never said they want to do that they can do um yeah you don't know their life it's not fair to assume that's something they want to do just because they were born a certain gender right yeah and just sorry sis just I mean this person is asking the question very respectfully so it's not like no no I don't have a problem with her with this question I think it's great that she or he asked the question I don't know if she asks or him if they ask the question um why and I think it's an important issue to make people aware that maybe it's not okay to ask those questions to people you don't really know just because there is a certain sex and also to the point of people telling you oh you will change your mind its totally unfair to say that to someone who is just plain rude and yes exactly i mean they are entitled to their own choice and what they want to do with their life with their body with their future and that is not right Somebody say oh don't worry baby you'll change your mind orshe'll like it when the right man or stuff comes along literally shut up i can't take it i hate that it's not about the man or your partner or whatever it's about you and your choice yeah and it feels unbelievably childish and condescending every time someone says that to me and it's like people close to me say that too and I like to throw up when people tell me that, yeah I don't but that would be me. sy yeah you just know when someone asks you that you can answer politely i try not to get mad even though i'm frustrated that the internet is constantly asking me this question i think most of my followers know they like dislike or like. that's inappropriate but occasionally people ask that or when you're getting married or you know because there are young people on the internet who think that's normal and I think the best answer is to be good well you don't have to say anything first place so you never have to answer you can say I don't want to answer this question yeah I usually reply sarcastically but that's just my approach to things like someone says uh when are you going to put a ring on that finger and i say yes you're right i need a man to complete my life it just hasn't happened yet but i'm being sarcastic yes and i think it's up to you how you want to deal with that but yeah don't ask people When are they going to have children? your advice yes so we didn't mean to do it i think it's ok in that context but just because you know you are woman and peace some generations think that's why they put you on earth maybe it's different if it depends on your relationship with the person likes if he is one of your close friends and you want to have this conversation. don't say this to strangers on the internet like it doesn't make sense to me or random colleagues that you would like to try is that it's not small


let's just say it like this like it's not exactly small


small talk sucks, yeah, don't make it worse, yeah, asking people, okay? next hizbah question is gen dating someone and what do you think of them in caps what do i think of them or what do you think of them probably what do i think of them um so i think i have answered this question before but yeah i am dating someone.
Did you ask our dad for permission? No I dont think so. I lived my own life. Anyway, he wouldn't mind. golf um so yeah you're dating someone I think they're great but we also respect your privacy and we're not going to put this person on the internet blast we're going to expose all of his insecurities right now. Just kidding this is what I don't like about your partner no I'm dating someone well I guess it's considered dating when you're cool I live with them too I guess except you're comfortable saying that and uh , that's me Guess where we'll leave it, you're dating someone you live with, yes it's so strange, don't tell anyone you're waiting and You're not married, oh my God, you don't live in sin, grandma, don't listen, she doesn't know how, actually, she doesn't care, she doesn't care either, we're being funny, but yeah, okay, one last question to get this over with keeping Mindy Lou, what do you guys like the most? one from another?
If you could choose one of your sister's abilities, which one would you like? So now we have to congratulate ourselves. This is going to be hard. No, we never will. end this podcast who goes first say at the same time if you have something short like two words or something you like to blurt out and we can say it at the same time um yeah no she says no im trying to think of the right one just like choose a few words and condense them into one or two words a concept a very short concept and we'll let it out and then we'll expand it it's good done three two one such a hard worker reasonable person that was more than two I don't know I couldn't I couldn't do it, I had four, right, whatever I doubled up on, it was like too many words.
If you didn't follow the rules, um, thanks. I said social. I didn't really hear you. really eye opening all the different kinds of jobs you've had in your almost 30 years of life like you've been a waitress a hostess you've been a real estate agent for years which is unbelievably hard you would literally fail like me I would never sell a house but like if you were really good at it now you work in government and you've had so many different positions that use your uh innovative uh perspective where you can put yourself out there and make statements and find findings and help people and you like to control the room and lead the stuff and you're really good at all that stuff with your social skills and I always struggle with that so wow wow thank you I'm missing that skill set of yours so if you could just give me a little of that thank you uh oh I guess that's my test um i really admire how hard working you are and when you're well for some reason i can't remember the word but when you put your mind to something i do but i think h there is another word that would discipline describable yes maybe discipline when when christine sets her mind to something she does it with all her might 100 and she does it very well because she puts all that passion into it and i think that is probably why you are so successful now as well for that dedication and discipline I think it's the best word because you have a good head on your shoulders and you do it which I admire I mean you do the same you are very disciplined and hardworking you work you always have worked like three jobs somehow as if you always would have worked more than you had to yeah but i think you're doing better ok that's how now we're fighting over who's the hardest worker um which is really ironic because we've always been b unbelievably i think If I can fairly say, we've been incredibly hard-working people, whether we had 12 years in acting or whatever, or worked through high school, but we both t We worked all through high school, we both went to college, we both did additional things related to education after college, and we've both been through multiple different jobs and career paths, so I saw other questions about wondering if we're opposites in the sense of his career or whatever and i think we are we are very similar when it comes to siblings like we're not opposites like we're more similar than different probably yeah i think so that's why we get along , that's why you shouldn't get along, they say opposites. attract, but we're not attracted to, oh yeah, I don't know, I don't know how this works, but I think because we like to think that we're both pretty reasonable human beings in general, so I think that's helpful as you. you can have those conversations with each other and not roll your eyes and be like what is that person saying or what's wrong with them, you know, yeah, we only did that when we were like 16 years old.
Sure, but if you're out there and you're young and you hate your brother, just know that the future is brighter down the road, hopefully, hopefully, and hopefully, you can find common ground, you can find mutual interest that you guys enjoy but it might take some time because like we hate each other you know 10 years yeah 10 years ago no but then again 15 years probably over really like utterly stupid like so stupid we can't remember yeah nothing significant yeah that's going to affect your truth stupid teenage stuff that really matters when you're that age but then you don't remember 15 years later okay thanks for coming on this podcast yeah I'm done huh? where can people find you if they can find you? you can't.
I'm kidding, I have Instagram, but she really doesn't usually have. I'll be honest with you. I'm not looking for followers. You will probably get bored of my page because I rarely post. you post your dog i post my dog ​​sometimes bentley her birthday is next week so its really everyones fault its taco tuesday so her birthday is tomorrow its wednesday yeah its ok so go follow jen rhodey on instagram and wish your dog bentley a happy birthday you are going to make a birthday post, he will be 10 years old. yes milestone birthday i think he deserves it yes he is 70 years old in adulthood or human maybe menchie and zyler will give him a little birthday gift for a cousin wow a little comment on social media , that's all, I got it. something to wear for her birthday so a necklace a vest you don't have to wear you want me to ruin the surprise bentley are you listening good ok thanks guys for listening hope you enjoyed this podcast with my sister jen if you want more podcasts with jen we are open n because we're double vaccinated i think we are but i'm happy you can finally come and we can do more of these so yeah yeah let us know in the comments below if you're watching youtube if you have any more questions for me i'll think about answer them, we'll revise them for next time, okay?

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