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May 29, 2021
okay royal family you can see we have a special host brother at the table today okay single ladies in the house he is an Emmy nominated actor a comedian currently starring on the hit shows on ABC. don't forget to go to the daytime reels instagram page use the hashtag



live to join the combo it's manning our bora i'm an abyss everything right now deion the winter games are in full swing and you definitely look like spirit bro yesterday you posted your high school gym pic with the caption let the roasting begin look at that pic tell us what booze was like in high school only its value grew like black it's Conan Angie Tribeca now you own what made you pon that picture even though you know i screwed my publicist saw it it's like oh look at you you look awful oh you didn't make it but dream yeah i can see you were good enough that you could be a kid.
girl chat vault a sex tape leak
I came in like 300 what's your favorite in gymnastics tics floor floor drop parallel bars that was time but i eat rings and honor i wasn't sexy enough ok but today i'm twenty eight can you at least do a somersault yes yes i can i can't do one backflip if i do my body was so posted online i like it when people do that so video surfaced online yesterday on twitter of blac chyna allegedly engaging in sexual acts with an unidentified man according to TMZ Chyna, who is being represented by lawyer Lisa Bloom, reported the video to police and plans to sue whoever posted it one of China's other lawyers Walter Mosley took to Instagram demanding that men in general need to do better he said citing men should stop sharing videos with each other at the club at the barbershop and online maybe it's time to set an example say yes do you agree with what mosley was saying about guys who p they post and stuff?
girl chat vault a sex tape leak

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girl chat vault a sex tape leak...

We are very. I think we have it. Yeah, I think we should stop posting things. I mean send things like that or whatever. p proving we don't have sex lies do that even though you seriously like it yes and what will younger guys say are you not yeah we're just real sit back and be like you had a good time last night yeah no either we know exactly what that means, but i think young people like he said are trying to show that since look what i got, what we're assuming here is that it was a man you don't know who


ed those photos. sure but that was my problem my second problem i don't agree with her taking all that naked but the problem here is consent so that's the real problem whether you're okay with what she did or didn't, what are the right repercussions? now because now this is like something that people are doing this a lot so why what happened?
girl chat vault a sex tape leak
What is revenge? They find out. I think this is what I think revenge porn is. whether you consented to it or not, I think this is more consensual as if you obviously could have known. They were videotaping you and then when you are no longer together, to annoy you, they posted the pictures of you to embarrass you, well the supposed person in the video with her is an ex-boyfriend supposedly called Michi, I think he is a young man, help me . according to him i saw a post online saying he hadn't posted it and he was upset because he was like you know now mine got there but then someone came in and said it wasn't him and he was just trying to get me on the Wave that it's me and they said, isn't it you?
girl chat vault a sex tape leak
He will have a better story than her when they, when they come out, understand what I'm saying, that is, first of all, if you. you're in the public eye about you making


s you obviously should know this could happen shoot me shock me go ahead no I'm just saying it's never okay to share or post something against someone's will because it could end up being very dangerous. at the same time, I'm just asking if anyone here got a good look at it. Watch it and I'm also going to say that it's never okay to post or share something that's some kind of mediocre DIY if you know what I know.
I'm single and would like to learn something when I see a DIY so there it was. not to me in any way lighting the ball at least not, but I think that's where the question arises: who


ed this, I don't think, I don't think anyone leaked it. I liked it, it just didn't seem like it was intentional, yeah, wait, wait, no, what Adrienne said, no, I mean, so it didn't seem like she was intentionally like that, it's for the world to see, isn't it? ? It wasn't, I'm just saying, I'm just saying it didn't look like she was intentionally making a video to the world of what you've enacted in any of those activities, if something is going to leak, it's going to be the good one.
You know what I'm saying, it's going to be this point, it was everywhere, it was all on Twitter, it started on an anonymous Twitter account and then of course, you know, I guess maybe I follow some. I follow a lot of young people who just post and repost and I looked at it for a minute and then got mad. problem with your welcome cheney i have a problem with people reposting that yeah you know what i mean because you are in no way engaging in that activity on that ok they can check your ip big time they go to find out who did it, then what are they? the repercussions when they find out who this person could be she could be okay she could go to jail she is a criminal because that is not without her consent so it could be you know she could press charges yes that is a person , yes, what did she do? find out hope she's not travis scott ok what are they?
We asked them what they thought about it. I'm adding two and two right now as high as 4:13. She said what was leaked. We haven't talked about her. at one time and she loves to stay relevant because she's always racing ahead with the Kardashians that's what one person said at the end back off you know how technology is so just don't make sex


s if you'll regret it after the hashtag of Elite, think before you act. Thank you for your report or you if you are. choosing to engage a lot in this type of activity or behavior maybe you just have a non-disclosure agreement while you do it to be protected then you can easily sue do you get what I'm saying because it's like here? look I get that but if that person somebody hacked could have hacked it that doesn't matter I mean whoever is doing it saying the guide is on the tape is saying they didn't leak it for sure supposedly and so it's kind of otherwise it could be a woman did it, it could be your friend posted it, it was happening with blac chyna, it could be a woman, it could be me seeing the body, how to move on, taking responsibility, chris rocks, the last special of temporary stand-up that was released recently after you.
Lonnie recently premiered on Netflix and in it, Chris definitely keeps it real when talking about his failed marriage and his part in ruining it. Chris says quote it's my fault. I didn't listen. I was not nice. I had an attitude. I thought he would pay as much as he could. i want it to not work out your wife finds out and she is never the same again she goes back yes ladies but what do you think of Chris's candor? factual about what you did what you could have done what you wish you had done because at the end of the day it's the close of a new journey in your life you're not going to keep it real to yourself any relationship that goes down that will reap the poison they're leaving inside of you want to get to you, Lonnie, your comedian, what's your take on all of this?
I just think being a comedian he has to talk about these issues in his life because a lot of people don't know acting is where c disappearing and being someone else that's comedy is therapeutic for the comedian yeah a lot of it's a lot comedians who don't feel good about themselves and it comes out in their comedy because they have to be honest about this and they put up with it like a lot of people put up with a lot of problems you see it doesn't turn out well so I'm glad he's blown off steam and can move on Go ahead and know what's right and what's wrong, yeah, what is.
Saying the material the way he says it sounds like he wasn't in love huh and that's what I got out of him and I think the lesson I learned is when you're not in love it doesn't matter how long you stay in a marriage it doesn't matter how long whatever you try to do if you're not in love it just won't last yeah but did you think it was refreshing for him to be honest because as a comedian sometimes you don't have to tell everyone your details but that was kind of a little insightful he's blaming himself, it's like it's not working because of me, that's right th How do you feel about that?
I had a couple of issues because he was saying cheating changes a woman cheating changes everyone, yeah me man I get cheated on, have you ever been cheated on, yeah how did you feel great? He was just like wow, I think he came at the right time that he needed to come out and so he was like that, so you were Sinhalese. No, I don't love the way that sometimes I don't love the way that people love me. they never asked and the way they love me satisfies them not me Wow I think it's times like hearing them talk like that and being honest about what they need in a relationship what they are looking for in love is super important and refreshing as Jeanne said who heard Chris Rock take charge of what he did in the relationship and say that I think it's really refreshing that people can acknowledge that this is the role I played in the demise of my marriage, well I'm glad he didn't either. hitting his wife while saying all this I'm thinking okay, was she okay with all her dirt being there or was that her way of apologizing to her?
I mean, did he apologize to her so she wouldn't pay him a bacterium? we'll be you know you'll be on our date taylor swift you'll be inside us yeah yeah i'll talk about you happens in myself where are my tomatoes? What I have to say is that he is being very honest. about the fact that because he thought he had money and he was the breadwinner for the family, he felt like he could get away with it and I think that's a very common thing that nobody talks about, yeah, and I think as women we have the power to change that i think if we feel like we have our own worth and our own like we are contributing our own thing to the situation we won't feel like that we won't feel like i have to stay and be with this man who is disrespecting me he was cheating because he has all the money and d because i need to maintain the lifestyle that i live and i can live that because i'm with him let him go with that you yourself work and practice much more than anything money can buy so women sometimes than them women are breadwinners therefore they told me they had to act a certain way yeah like its hard to get in you know someone like that i wasn't kept as a man at one point yeah oh seriously I left with a comedian and she used to fly me to town okay she wouldn't put me on the show but just keep me in a hotel room and she ended up sweethearts we are i'll sleep with the attitude

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