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Gigi Hadid Talks Modeling, Motherhood And Move To Fashion Design

Sep 14, 2022
That's Gigi Hadid, star of the video for Calvin Harris' 2015 hit How Deep Is Your Love In the decades since she signed with a


agency at age 17, Hadid has become one of the most famous faces on the planet . Memorable advertising campaigns. Countless magazine covers. and catwalks around the world have turned Gigi into a global icon with 75 million followers on Instagram, which has earned her the opportunity now to make her dream of being a


er come true on the eve of New York Fashion Week with the launch of her new clothing line as a guest in residence.
gigi hadid talks modeling motherhood and move to fashion design
Gigi invited us to her studio this week for a Sunday sit-down at 27. Gigi Hadid has spent nearly a decade walking in other people's shoes. You are officially in the supermodel category. Oh my goodness, there will always be supermodels. Do you know who? I grew up with my supermodels, but I think you know I've put in the work and I've put in the years to understand how to take creative direction and be kind and work hard, that's the part that's kept me around more than just being the prettiest person. in the room, welcome to the guest office in the residence, this is HQ, huh, so when it came time to launch her own


line, this is like a blanket you can sleep on.
gigi hadid talks modeling motherhood and move to fashion design

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gigi hadid talks modeling motherhood and move to fashion design...

Hadid decided to wear something a little more comfortable. unisex also I don't know if I could yeah that's it yeah I think it's okay let's go willian jump I trust you I trust you I try to be stylish and edgy because of my job but I'm always comfortable and I think no You have to be uncomfortable to look good and we just want people to feel comfortable and cozy in Cashmere Hadid's new in-residence guest line, which takes the famous luxury material to new places. Boxers, oh come on, Cashmere boxers you didn't know you needed. until you put it on, that's all I'm saying, people have such easy access to fast


and these pieces that yes, maybe they are priced very cheaply, but the only way I felt good about launching a product and starting a brand was If I really tell people you know what to buy me less, I would rather you save up for a sweater and have this beautiful piece that you can keep for a long time.
gigi hadid talks modeling motherhood and move to fashion design
I'm sure people have come to you over the years. I would love for you to start this brand or do this or that. I felt a little suffocated by it at one point and thought, look, let me think about it. Cashmere just came to me. Each of my parents gave me a sweater when I


d to New York, that to me was like a family heirloom and something I cared for and it meant a lot to me. Well, you learn a lot about style, don't you? and you find inspiration simply by walking through new places. york, yes, yes, and all that doesn't always have to mean that you're copying a specific item of clothing, but you can see someone who has an essence and an energy like everything really could be inspiration, now that Gigi grew up in New York.
gigi hadid talks modeling motherhood and move to fashion design
In Southern California, the daughter of real estate mogul Muhammad Hadid and model-turned-reality star Yolanda Hadid, her younger siblings, her sister Bella and her brother Anwar, are also models. Gigi booked her first concert at just two years old to guests 18-year-old babies the captain of her high school. The school's volleyball team was walking in its first New York Fashion Week, but she dreamed of studying criminal psychology. I went to the new school. I never finished, but for a while there it was like flying back from Europe from jobs, writing an essay, landing, printing, going to school. but yeah, that just wasn't realistic after a while, in the nearly decades since Hadid appeared on 35 Vogue magazine covers, became the face of Maybelline cosmetics and the muse for iconic brands like Versace, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger.
Hadid joined a group of famous friends and boyfriends she shares with her two-year-old daughter Kai and her ex-partner and One Direction band member Zane Malik. I think she's a genius, but I think that's what everyone says about her son. She is also mobile right now. Oh, she's moving. so mobile from so early in the morning that's so mobile that's when it gets exciting jumping very brave which is cool but you know you look down for a second yeah where did you go? We are practicing or practicing doing dangerous things carefully. It's something Hadid also practices in her own life, how do you treat Gigi with the celebrity side of your work?
I think you know for everyone there's a time when it can be overwhelming and all you can, all you are is human, I mean I've learned the hard way and that just means I wasn't always perfect and I made mistakes once. time. Serena Williams told me there's nothing in the press for over three weeks. Breathe, learn from it, get over it, you learn from things like that, so this is essential. that's what we launched with and those are our signature shapes that will live on all year long with the launch of guest in residence


hopes to leverage her years in front of the camera to create a blueprint for the future.
There is nostalgia here. I think it's very important. Our brand is this feeling of memories and the memories you make and the people you are with. I built this team from friends of mine in the industry who I've worked with for years and it's really nice to look back. 10 years since I officially started


and I realized that among all the photos there are real experiences, lives and memories with people who are never seen in the photos. The guest in residence's premier collection, including those cashmere boxers, is available online now at with new releases every month, don't forget to subscribe to the Sunday sit down podcast to hear the full interview with Gigi Hadid.
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