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Giants vs. Cardinals Postgame Interviews: Brian Daboll, Daniel Jones, Darius Slayton

Sep 18, 2023
What happened at halftime and do you know that the second half was such a different looking team than the first? It was executed well, what did you say to them at halftime? Not much, but keep it at home. That's certainly not the reason why Poor execution plays a big role in football and I think they executed well, yeah. Daniel did some good things last week today. Oh, I'm progressive. Yeah, I thought he finished strong. He played a very good second half. You know, we had a couple of things that could have been improved. In the first half I talked about that, but he is a resilient young man.
giants vs cardinals postgame interviews brian daboll daniel jones darius slayton
I went out and played well with him. I would say that several people, yeah, I still don't know, guys, I don't know anything about injuries, Bredesen, no. I don't know, I think it was his head, but I'm not sure I don't know. I haven't spoken to Ronnie or any of the medical staff yet. No, we always communicate like that, yeah, so I always have a sheet with me, but Mike does. fantastic job, I communicate with Mike, I communicate with tmac, I communicate with uh wink, so the offensive staff did a good job moved the ball, scored points, you know, you did your job, they gave you everything you had to dealing with Andrew and stuff during the game penalties this is satisfying victory like you've had since you've been here uh I don't know, they're all satisfying um you know every game is different every game you fight against some adversity um you know this one night it was you You know a good example of being resilient and playing the next play and focusing on the next series and you know they did their job in the second half.
giants vs cardinals postgame interviews brian daboll daniel jones darius slayton

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giants vs cardinals postgame interviews brian daboll daniel jones darius slayton...

I thought we did a good job on third down. You know, we made some explosive or fragmented plays. some timely stops at the end of the game, you know, you made a winning field goal, so you know you played a lot better. Much better coach in the second half and, you know, you hope they don't know it. I'll start 20 nothing. You know it was a job that we didn't do enough work, not good enough in the first half, but fortunately it was executed well situationally, I think four or four in the red zone offensively, almost you know, 65 percent, third down, that's usually . gives you some points and you made some big plays yeah, yeah, I know some of what we talked about coming out, you know we were, I would say we were possessing, we were, you know, we're throwing some timely possessive passes, try to get the ball out, get in. balls or The Playmakers hands um and then we just didn't convert enough on their downs and then we know we had one before you know we had a chance to make one before um we just didn't just didn't do it so um you know it was a good second half, how much I think your tenure last week was a slippery slope, I feel like you created a slippery situation for the other team, yeah, I don't know, yeah, I'm not sure, um, just me.
giants vs cardinals postgame interviews brian daboll daniel jones darius slayton
I'm proud of how resilient the guys were and you know they didn't focus on the scoreboard, that's a hard thing to do, you know we're in a production business, uh, and to just focus on doing your job, and you know, I thought that Hyde stepped forward. I grew up as a young rookie and made a couple of good plays for a sled player, you know, and then obviously, Daniel, I thought along the lines for, you know, the young players, you know, they did a great job, those young people on offense. line and you know, when you look at it, you know, who didn't play much last year is really like a rookie, you know, and mckeithan and Evan Neil had some and then you have John Michael and then you own Corners, you have two rookie Corners .
giants vs cardinals postgame interviews brian daboll daniel jones darius slayton
So you know, those young players have contributed positively and we're going to need all of us to continue to improve. It's good to get a win, make no mistake, but a lot of cleaning and you know, in a short time. This time the time was right for the biggest comeback in franchise history and you were staring into the face how much a win like this can mean to a team in the future. I don't know I've been involved in a lot of comebacks so I'm in the end of year games where it's a lot or a little bit um I don't know really Jordan I think I really think playing well and preparing I mean I know it's a growing record, but that's the truth. in the National Football League you can't go from one week to the next, you know something, those teams are based on the ones you've been on that have had those types of wins and that kind of drives you, yeah, I mean With all due respect, we are in the second week of the season, the boys fought to recover, we have a lot to work on.
I'm proud of our team, I'm proud of our coaches, but there's certainly a long way to go, but it's definitely good. get a win you said you know the idea, you know comebacks happen in this league, but to come back from 21 points, I imagine at some point you start to feel like you know this isn't just a Hail Mary, this is a possibility, there was a time? For you in the second half you felt like the tide was turning in your favor, no, you just again get into the rhythm a little bit and that play obviously helped Jalen and then they went down a score, but you know, I think I just think it was positive. plays and execution and then ending up in the end zone for a team, that elevates, you probably know the whole team, but not a single thing in the specific art again.
I thought the team played played until the end, uh, brave bunch, um, and that running back is a, he's a tough motherfucker, um, so again and then you get the sigma hand interception, they get on going. I just again so I can keep competing, that's not always the easiest thing to do, but you know, we talked a little bit about it. Halftime made my point clear and ultimately it's the players that come out and have to execute to play and then yeah, and explain just the offensive line combination like I'm a guy that didn't understand a lot of times that he didn't. they actually played, so yeah, well, they have.
They've been practicing the last few weeks and that's what we see Dan. I know you don't see it, but Mckeithan did a good job all week. Zulu has been doing a good job at tackle. He has quick feet and a lot to learn. I'm sure I can't. I will give you an evaluation of them. I'm just proud of the way they competed for 60 minutes to the end, so we'll see, and Andrew we'll see that it was you. I know I was, I'm not going to give a percentage of how close it was better than him, we just thought it was the right thing to do knowing we were going to play a game on Thursday, you know, he practiced more than he did on Thursday.
I practiced on Friday, some team reps did some stuff like that, so it's a quick turnaround, we'll see where we are. I would say the same with Wandel, I just know we'll be talking for a short period of time here. but, yeah, we'll see where we are at Dave's, why are the first and second half so markedly different? Somewhere, I mean, I thought we pressured the ball a little bit down the field, which Danny did a great job, the line a great job protecting and you know those guys, whether it's Waller Slaton Hyatt made some plays down the field Goodreads and we stayed at the forefront of change, so any time you can do that, that helps an offense, you know, too many penalties, you know? difficult difficult start to the game, a lot of things to work on, but the ending that these guys had was you know, it's good to get one win two more, you said you left your point halfway through, that's nice yeah, I would.
I would say I would just say you know, I don't know if that was necessarily the point. I'm just saying what I had to say, but it's not really a halftime speech or a halftime adjustment, you know. those things all the time I think it's about knowing the will of the player and knowing that when you haven't scored a point in a game and a half and you go to halftime you know that I would say that as a leader there is a delicate balance between you know, focusing on the next play and maybe a little bit more, but again, all the credit goes to the players, I would say to the play callers, the assistant coaches, you know, it's nice or good to get this win.
It made it difficult I'll tell you that made it difficult again, you say and maybe a little more, you mean focus on uh, you're sure they'll come back to the end, yeah, you just know how to believe, um, but you can talk. It's not always easy to be mentally strong when you're I know whatever 60 to nothing after a game and a half um so there's encouragement there's details about what needs to be done and you know there's you know I wouldn't say yell and scream. , no no no. I think that's the answer, but you definitely put emphasis on what needs to be done, how it needs to be done with confidence and severity, how did you maintain confidence at half-time that you were going to be able to do what you did in the second half?
Yeah, I think we always stay confident and you know going back to simple execution and you know trusting it and seeing it and taking advantage of it, we had some opportunities to make plays in the first half, we didn't and uh. you know, I knew they would be there, I just had to do it, I had to execute, give our guys a chance to make those plays and we did that and we kind of built off of that going forward, how have you evolved to the spot? where you have the confidence you have the ability to do something like that yourself in that situation things look pretty terrible um I think you know I think it was uh I think we did a great job of creating some of those opportunities and and and uh, you know, calling things to get the guys open and the guys did a really good job making plays and the offensive line did a good job, you know really the whole game and especially in that second half how important the 58 yard pass was to start the second half just to get things going in the right direction, yeah, I think it was important, I think it was important, a big play by Jalen to get it done and then yeah, it gave us some confidence and some momentum.
In the future, when it's 20 to nothing at halftime after what happened last week, does it feel like the sky is falling? you just know it's about execution and, uh, you know you can't really afford to think about any of that or know the emotions, you know, emotional or think about, you know anything outside of what your job is and that's execute and focus on, you know, one play at a time and being there, you know on that play and making sure you take advantage of it and make good decisions, giving the guy the opportunity to make plays and, you know, It was my focus and I thought I would do it.
We did well as a team after your touchdown run was called off. Did you have to say something to 39? um no, I don't think so, I mean, I think we all knew where it was and we knew what the task at hand was and uh we have a resilient, you know, tough-minded group, so you know, we trust. Trust everyone to refocus and know what they have to do to make the play. You said there were some missed opportunities in the first half. Did you mean that you personally felt like you didn't make some plays that were there?
Yes I believe. so I think there were some pitches that I would like to have back and then a couple of things that I need to see better and read, so I will definitely look to improve those situations in the future. How worrying is it to see if that happened? For Saquan at the end of the game, he was a big part of the victory, but obviously there are some unknowns here now, yeah, it's always hard to see someone go down, especially, especially saying Kalani is a big part of who we are. doing, he's an important player on the team, so you know, I know he'll work hard to get him back, whatever it is, whatever's going on, I hope to get him back, you know as soon as possible, how did Dabo do it?
He handles halftime, the same thing he always does. I think he definitely, you know, he preached the kind of urgency that we needed and the importance of starting fast in the second half and taking advantage of some opportunities, but you know he's consistent. you know, ardently passionate, uh, you know, you know the same message that he always gives and the guys accepted it, that's the score and that's the result of what the first half was, if you want to do something about what it seems like, It takes one individual play at a time, you don't have to look at the scoreboard just like looking at the clock or worrying about what went wrong, it's like if you handle individual plays you get back in position because you're going to be doing things right, that's the approach. that we take because a lot of times you can get distracted saying oh man we're the jam like we need a big play we need this we need that instead of just going out there and just executing let's make something happen the first push okay let's keep going because it was sustainable , it's a big spark at that point in the game and it's like playing in the National Football League, you don't know when that spark can come, of course you wanted to be there earlier, but that was the opportunity for us in this game and the we took advantage and that allowed us to, you know, build some momentum and sustain it and push it because we're good, this is what we're used to, this is what we've been doing since April throughout this whole process like we know what we can do as an offense and yeah, that definitely gets you going Darren, how difficult was it when Jones came in for that touchdown and they negated it with a penalty and now you guys have toregroup the emotions there have been incredible, yeah man that's the roller coaster of American football and it's like you know it hurts for a second but it's okay I have to get back to the middle because it's going to be high plays like it was and it's like it instantly went back to a low level dramatically and it's like you have to be able to just take a deep breath, be like, damn, and then go back to the Huddle and uh and go to the next play, how important is that.
Daniel Jones' leadership in the Huddle when you guys are trying to get out of a huge crater like that, um, great man, uh, just like I said, just the poise of it because, um, like they're talking at all, like, it looks like this. but it's like you keep your attention off of what the results look like and more on what the process looks like because it's a process that goes from 20 to 0 to 20 to 7 to 20 to 14 like each and every stage that doesn't you can see. in the final stage, like, okay, how do we win this game, it's how do we win this play, how to win this possession and he's one of the main guys that leads the charge behind the players that have to make the plays. come alive and continue and I think we all understood that at halftime and we had to continue for a second, yeah, there was a moment in that second half for you, foreigner, we came out of the tunnel, we had the ball first, you know, it's like an offense in the one you have to start believing. right there because it's important to go down and get a touchdown and you know, I think we scored from the right half and we went down and got a touchdown and then at that point, okay, we gave it a little bit of momentum and the defense came. stop and then from there you're just scoring points.
Was there a point where you felt like we weren't going to go? um yeah, like I said, we came out of the half, we got that first touchdown, okay, it's kind of like you. I know in basketball and they say taking the cover off the rim is fine, we get to the end zone and now it's time to say what changed though Darius, why the first half just didn't go the way you wanted it to go and then it just did. click, uh, I think we were missing little things here and there, like little things in the run game, little things in the game before, but in the second half we got going and then obviously you know Jalen did a good job. getting going he had the first big bomb, he made two big plays down the field, in fact, that helps a lot in driving the ball and, you know, I think those two things help us a lot, we don't know exactly what Barclay's injury is . but on the last drive he ended up going something like 30 yards to put you guys in field goal range and, of course, they caught the pass that took the offense over 50. and very, very critical points, yeah, I mean, I was a great a career of, let's say, Quan, I mean, he's a special player, he showed it at Apple, I don't know, he broke five, six tackles, something like that and you know he got us there and you know it's because We love it, we are glad we did it.
I'm glad he's on his team, that you've ever been a part of a comeback like this, down 21 points midway through the third quarter, yeah, I was just telling him, man, I don't know if I've ever had a comeback from 20 -0, so that was probably the first one for me, so Isaiah, you caught the touchdown pass attempt with four and a half minutes left, it seemed like the passing game really got going in the second half and you guys were able to cut them off and do what they wanted, what changed them. I know, I think we got together at halftime and we had more of a sense of urgency and we realized we were shooting ourselves in the foot and we were moving the ball around a lot and it just fell a little stupid. mistake, so we go in at halftime, man, we get together, you know, we get together, we said all the time and off season, spending time together and the camaraderie, like you found out about that, now you know, and the tough times you don't find them.
That, you know how close you are when you're up 30-0, you find out when you're down, so you know, that shows how close we are as a team, so I think a little birdie just told me this. It was a very special day for you and your family and it was nice to catch that pass in that situation. Yeah, yeah, my son and my parents were there in the end zone, so I was able to give the ball to my son and it was his. birthday, so it's definitely a birthday for him, remember, I mean, he won't know it now, but he'll remember it and it'll be a cool moment, so it's a big celebration.
What does Daniel Jones have that allows him? control the Huddle and continue to fight and fight and bring them back like he did, yeah, I think like the calmness and his poise, you know his self-confidence and you only act like that when you're sure that you know you can't. stay prepared and sit there and lead a team if you don't have confidence in yourself and you know he has confidence because he prepares very well and all week long you know he's one of the hardest workers, he sits there and makes sure that wide receivers on the same page as him, so you know when we have that look and on the touchdown, literally looking before it was like ready, like he knew it was coming, so you know, like he, that's how prepared he is to sometimes we talk. about momentum being a real thing, sometimes we don't know, the crowd was going crazy, it seemed like when you guys came back, you were baiting them, so how did that get to the last drive that won it?
Man, that played into it a lot. I mean. Giants fans travel like crazy, you know? And I mean, that was one of my best experiences, just witnessing how deep they travel and I was surprised, even before the game, to see how many Giants fans there are there, so I mean, shout out to them and all their . loyal fans and they definitely helped us thank you for your time congratulations I appreciate it thank you foreigner

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