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Ghosts on the underground

Mar 08, 2024
Take us to the Witching Hour, come with us on a nightmarish journey into the depths of the London Underground network and we hear from people who have seen


on the Underground. The London Underground is a vital part of London every day, over three million people. They make their way into the tunnels and


passages without a second thought, most of them travel completely unaware of the history of their surroundings, from the early days of construction to wartime, there have been thousands of accidental deaths and suicides, add them to the plague of tomb cemeteries. wells and church crypts that tube construction is disrupted over the years and the number of potentially disturbed souls begins to number in the thousands.
ghosts on the underground
This is a journey through the world's oldest


network, the first time men actually work the tube. have shared their stories, these previously untold experiences will reveal just how haunted the tube really is. You could hear the click of doors one, two, three. I know I saw this picture of a woman and all I could do was sit and stare, it's a bit disconcerting to this day I I I I can't get over it the pace of daily subway life rarely changes before it closes for the night At night travelers return home in several states, all desperately trying to make sure they catch the last train because if it left without them, they would experience a very different place than the one they are used to, the crowds would disappear and be replaced by silent, empty stations and hallways. and alone 24 hours a day.
ghosts on the underground

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ghosts on the underground...

The CCTV of each station in London is monitored by a line controller based in At a separate location in the summer of 2000, the line controller noticed a man standing on a platform on Liverpool Street in central London. This was particularly unusual as it was two in the morning, the station was closed and there were no contractors scheduled to be on duty that night was Steve Coates, a station supervisor with 23 years' experience. The line controller called Steve and asked him to investigate. I asked him if he wanted me to go take a look and he said he would if he had seen it.
ghosts on the underground
Someone in a white jumpsuit was standing at the entrance of the eastbound tunnel. I went down to the central route. I couldn't see anyone as I approached the tunnel heading east. There was nobody there. I looked into the tunnel. I looked around. There was no one present. I walked. to the bottom of the escalator and used the phone to call the line controller and explained that he had conducted an investigation. He had looked into the tunnel. I couldn't see anyone there, he said, but this guy was next door. How could you not see it? So I said, "Okay, I'll come back and take another look," so I went in.
ghosts on the underground
I looked around again. I saw no one. I went back to the phone, called the line controller and said, honestly, there's no one here. I looked around and he said but I'm telling you I can see you on my CCTV, you were standing right next to him. I told him he's sure he's not just a flash on your CCTV and he said no, the guy was right next door. You and I said, I can promise you there was no one there, so he said, "Okay, okay, thank you very much," as I turned and walked back to the platform heading east, to my left was a bench and On that bench there was a white paper monkey.
At that moment a chill ran down my spine if someone had come out of the tunnel while I was on the phone, I would have seen them, they would have passed by the area I was in and I certainly didn't see anyone with white ovals or see someone placing a monkey on that bench in Liverpool Street. If you travel One Stop heading west along the center line, you will reach the bank. It is one of the oldest stations on the network and is located in the heart of London's financial district. Andy Harkness worked for the London Underground.
For 35 years in 1982 he was working the night shift at the Bank, the last train had left and he had just begun to close the station. Then I went down the other elevators four, three, two, one. I took a look at number one, even though we weren't even there. I used the elevator and considering these are old elevators with old heavy wooden doors, so I looked in the elevator, there was no one there, it was clean, I turned it off while walking about six feet away from elevator number one, a knock was heard. knock, knock, knock on the door and I thought no, that's not true because I just looked there, there's no one there, there's no one else there with me, there were no wings, you know, every once in a while you could hear the noise of these doors, but it was not like that.
It was definitely hit, hit, hit, I was like no, this is not happening, so go ahead, ignore it, you know, leave. I'm telling myself, I'll walk across and then to where the switch room is. I open the switch room and open the door. and turned off the old emergency lights, I just left them on in the emergency lights and started to walk through the ticket office when I walked through, all of a sudden the back door slams, Wham, like that and I wouldn't even look back. There was no wind, no, nothing and that's what scared the hell out of me and I said no, no, that's not happening and I said I almost made a mess out of immaturity and I left, you know, and that was the last time I was working. in that. side of the station and was glad I had never returned as a passenger.
One would hope that incidents like these at Liverpool Street and Bank would be fairly few and far between, but the reality is that they are not what a spirit like that would be doing there. On the London Underground it's a strange kind of glitch when something like this happens, especially if you don't believe in it, it doesn't make any sense, even though a billion passengers pass through the 253 London Underground stations every year. There are still places where passengers never go. One such place is Kennington Loop, a section of track near Kennington station in south London where more unexplained incidents have been reported than anywhere else on the network.
The loop is there to allow trains to turn around and head out. Back north, again at Kennington, the carriages are cleared of passengers and the empty trains are sent to the loop where they will often have to wait up to 20 minutes in the 150 year old tunnels and while they wait there is absolutely no way. Anyone could get on or off the train. Larry de larabiti and Bob Cann worked on the Northern line. Bob was a driver and Larry was a guard together. They have almost 50 years of tube experience and both have extensive experience traveling around Kennington.
Loop 25 years ago I was a guard on the Northern line. Well, one day the line controller contacted us and asked us, due to an incident further down the line, to divert to Kennington Loop. We trained passengers at Kennington heading south and then we walked away and waited on the loop until the northbound signal came, which normally, on that particular night, was about 10 minutes, we were there for quite a while, about five minutes, which which seems like quite a long time when We are stopped there when nothing moves when I heard the doors of the interconnecting cars open now this is a unique distinctive sound like the clicking of the doors is unlike any other on the subway I heard the slam of our communicating doors which are the doors between in the middle of the train you could hear doors one, two, three, noise, click again, car five, six, seven, it was getting closer and closer and I thought, well, this is strange, so I got up to look at the next car and hope to see my driver. there, but there was no one there and we actually searched for a train through all the connecting doors after the doors opened, but there was no one there.
You just think about how strange it happened sometimes, apparently, um. The story goes that a passenger died on a man's circuit. He was killed at Kennington trying to board the train between the carriages and as a result he was apparently swept onto the sidings and died 221 feet below London. The London Underground's unique tunnels place passengers in an environment they would never normally find themselves in. Look, this has something to do with the large number of strange experiences reported. Vic Tandy is a senior lecturer at Coventry University. He has been exploring the reasons and explanations behind paranormal experiences for over 20 years.
He believes that he has a simple explanation for why there are so many unexplained experiences in the subway that most humans can hear between 20 Hertz, that is, 20 cycles per second, up to about 20,000. um, infrasound then begins to 20 Hertz and descends. The effects of infrasound are that it can activate the fight or flight mechanism which makes you feel cold, makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and therefore the whole system gets worse and worse and if you do nothing at all Regarding this, that in itself will cause visual disturbances and you may see gray objects in your peripheral vision.
To test his theory, Vic would first need to find significant levels of infrasound in the parts of the tube where strange experiences have taken place. The microphone works in the same way as a standard microphone, the only difference is that it is very sensitive to low frequencies. The first place he went to do some recordings was on the Northern line in Kennington Loop, this is Kennington Loop and this is where the trains actually come in and then turn around and go out again, so one of the stories involves people They have There are strange sensations here, so we are measuring the level of infrasound in the tunnel as we go along the circuit.
There are actually quite high levels of infrasound displayed on the trail. I want to stop it, analyze it and take a closer look. but certainly, again, I think there are apparently quite noticeable levels, so it would be interesting to spend a few minutes looking at it more closely, certainly at the point where the terrain was stationary, for some reason the infrasound level became quite high, so we were talking about 90 decibels, in fact at one point I have measured 95 decibels now, if that were an audible sound, it would be a nightclub, it would be as loud as you can stand, you would come out of that with the sound of urea clearly.
It's not going to cause doors to slam and that sort of thing, but it could simply be responsible for feelings of unease that then other events could give a sort of paranormal feeling. Much of the noise generated in the subway is made by the machines and motors that run constantly during the passenger hall and provide services that have become second nature to travelers, such as the 408 escalators and elevators that operate at any time. across the network at night, when the last train leaves, it is the responsibility of the Barry Oakley was a station supervisor working the night shift at Hyde Park Corner in November 1978.
As usual, he closed and emptied the station and closed the escalator after he had checked that he correctly removed the switches, a piece of equipment that prevents the escalator from moving, he and his colleague then returned to the supervisor's office, now the audio supplies were off and everything was silent and around two thirty 25-3 there was a commotion outside in the booking hall area The Concourse area when we came out to the Buckingham area we noticed that the escalator we went up was the one I found strange love on because As far as I know, once the circuit breaker is turned off, there is no current on that escalator to start on the escalator. upstairs you need to physically use a key and around that it must have been three twenty when we got back and all this had happened and while I was doing these two I felt a sensation in the back of my neck that Saint was looking at me or something, you know, there I couldn't describe it and the room was so cold now it was like ah you know you could see your breathing through the cold and I turned around and when I turned around and actually buddy was against the side of the table against the wall he was he had turned white like a dull color I wonder if he was getting sick do you know if you think it happened so I immediately went to him he is trying to bring him it took me About five or ten minutes for him to come and talk to me.
He said: Did you see the face? Do you think someone's hay went through there? And he looked at us both. Not long after he decided to go home. Tariq Rana was a station supervisor and worked at Beacon Tree station, he acquired a commuter station on the district line in east London. He was working a late shift one afternoon in the summer of 1992. He was about to go home and was finishing some paperwork in the Sac Beaconshire station office. We had a gate leading to the National Railways platform while he was doing my job. I heard the noise of the door.
I didn't think about it at the time because the trains usually passed. on that side after a couple of minutes I heard the door ring again so with all my heart I heard a noise the first time then there must be a train coming and then after a couple more minutes I heard it ring again and thenmade. I have someone booked at my lost tonight to work there. I said, well, there's something. I just talked with him. If he saw this, you saw someone there, we certainly don't have anyone booked for that stretch. I had to search the tunnel so I had to search the tunnel so I went back into the tunnel when he came from the other side and after about 20 minutes I found myself in the middle and this old man with the lamp there was no way to be seen.
It's a bit disconcerting because it didn't make sense and the search took a long time and as a result the first trains had to be stopped, which is not a popular thing to do and I remember the worst part. The thing was, my coach was now interviewing me in a semi-disciplinary sense because I delayed the trains and he wanted to know why, so I told him the story and I remember he gave me a very old-fashioned look and said, I knew about South Island Place and ghost stories there so I said no I'm sure he didn't believe me and it was getting worse by the minute and he said there was a myth about an old man being hit by a train. and I killed donkeys years ago.
I have no idea when and there was supposed to be a ghost down there. I said he gave me a very askance thought. I'm sure he thought he was one. I was bothering him, so I caught a storm since then, yeah. John Graham is an ex-stationer and was alone working the night shift at Bethnal Green, a station on the Central line in East London in early spring 1981, as usual, until the last train, everything was everything, everything went home and everything, and I just secured the station and went back to the office and started doing some paperwork because all the staff had gone home.
Some decision lights went off and all of a sudden I was sitting there and I heard the sound of kids crying at first and I dismissed it as nothing and then all of a sudden it seemed to get kind of loud and then all of a sudden. There are women's voices and people screaming and loud noises, a combination of all of which made for a pretty scary situation. They really want it to go on for about 10 or 15 minutes and it was like people were panicking to the point. I left the office and went to the top of the booking room and remained older at that time.
I was struggling to get back to the office due to the noise which was now quite terrifying. In fact, I even want to go through a bus in the green toilet to this day I I I I can't forget it, you know it's really scary, in fact, yes, of the 173 people who died in Bethnal Green only 27 were men, all 146 The remainder were women and children, although infrasound alone could never offer an explanation as to why. John heard the women with children's voices, that might explain any strange feelings. We took Victandi to the station to see if he could put his audio expertise to work and find a possible explanation for the strange noises.
This is the Bethnal Green station office where the person. was reporting that he was feeling strange sensations which then led to him hearing screams, so I thought it would be legitimate to measure the infrasound here to see if there's any infrasound that might have been involved in that and then we'll go out and do some experiments. Outside I'm running out of breath, yeah, I don't know why I'm running out of breath, is it too high? Here, wait, foreigner. Ty DB after carrying out infrasound testing at the Bethnal Green office. Vic made a recording of the ticket office and electronically simulated the frequencies of a female scream from outside the three entrances to the station and recorded them to see if the sound would behave in an unusual way, the blue represents a frequency that is equivalent to a female scream and you can see that it stands out quite clearly, so it is quite possible that all the people hear sounds from outside the station within the ticket office itself.
It may be that in this particular case the infrasound can establish the kind of context that might make the person feel a little uncomfortable to begin with and the proof that we demonstrated that sounds from outside the locker can sound inside the locker. Obviously we can't say for sure, but at least we know that sounds from outside may sound like they're coming from the locker itself. Oh, the idea.


that keep station staff company and travel with everyday travelers is not something new; In fact, there are dozens of stories circulating online and rumors from staff, such as line passenger Baker Lou when he is sitting on the begaloo line.
Traveling north you can apparently sometimes see the reflection of someone sitting in the seat next to you even though the seat is actually empty. The body train is widely reported to have run in earlier parts of the last century. The now boarded-up tunnel is believed to have run towards London. The hospital train to Whitechapel carried nothing but dead passengers to the station and Naylor was murdered in the 18th century. Her screams are reported to be heard on transport platforms and people at the station have nicknamed her the Screaming Specter. Despite the rumours, one thing is for sure. the subway is expanding more graves are being disturbed and with it the number of unexplainable experiences is increasing the hairs were sticking up on both arms and I could feel it on my neck it was like a tickling like static electricity outside the Jubilee line is the newest of the London Underground line however, the extension from Westminster near the Houses of Parliament to Stratford and east London cut its way through the grounds of several monasteries, forcing the relocation of 683 exhumed graves.
He reported that monk sightings have increased on this part of the network since then, as with every other line, the entire 45 miles of the Jubilee Line are checked each night on foot by patrollers who walk along the tunnels for their account. Bill McCone is a track walker and has been patrolling the underground tunnels for almost 20 years. He was walking the Jubilee line north from Baker Street to Saint John's Wood in the early hours of the morning. He had sat in a tunnel to take a break, so suddenly I heard this noise. There are no bullet holes on that side or on that side. anywhere, so the next thing was to see the palace moving a few meters away.
I sat there with my mouth at home looking at the footsteps on the ballast as a ballast sank with footsteps, you know what I mean, as I sat there my hair stood on end. directly on both arms and I could feel it on my nerves like a tickle like static electricity and it just happened and after that when it got about 10 meters away it just stopped but the main thing I was worried about was that I still had to walk. in the same direction as whatever it was, which was a little doubtful, but obviously he had to because he was patrolling.
I came back to Charing Cross from Finchley and I was talking to the gang mum when I walked in, he says oh bill. You know, white furry, I mean, I know you're not going to believe this, I said, don't tell me you've seen Footsteps in the Ballast, I said, how did you know?, he says, you're not the first person to see it. He said well what happened well, what do you think it is? He says well, from what I heard, there was a patrolman who used to walk through that part of the tunnel but he died and is actually still walking through the tunnel like a ghost patrolling because he still doesn't realize that his debt reports about ghosts in the Subways are apparently becoming more frequent;
However, some stories remain more famous than others. The Covent Garden Ghost is probably the most famous of all, but as the station becomes busier and busier, he is seen less. and less does he seem to have the same reaction to crowds as the rest of us. The last reported sighting of the ghost was in 1972. Christopher Joseph Clifford was a young elevator operator at the station which at the time was mainly used by nearby Market Traders. Christopher had emptied the elevator after the last train and had been locking the station for the night. Jello came down and I put on my TV, not my TV, the new radio, the other portable radio, and then there and that and then I don't know how. time, it could be five minutes or something and something like that and then I showed up and they told me diesel was standing there six by four six by three is always taller than me pretty that way and he was dressed in old fashioned clothes, you must having what you call a type of vest, no, I mean, because your cup was like that, let's say, because it's not always cold, so it says, okay, I'm sorry, I locked myself in.
I thought I must have woken up all those stairs. Do you know how many stairs there were? he came over to get me the keys and then I don't know when I saw him back, he was gone, here's where he went. I said she had come down. I went down and looked at both platforms in case you were standing there looking for a train no, say someone showed me a picture that was taken, said it looked like him, I said, I'm talking about memories and I said where did you get that from, but the block He's been dead for years and years, 100 years or more, most people never cross.
Descending 150 feet below London to the tunnel corridors and London Underground stations never crosses most people's minds, but the network that takes us all to work and home is possibly one of the most haunted places in the world where passengers can find themselves. familiar with his surroundings, which may be a mistake in 1860, the arrival of a doctor announcing the coming end of the world would be accelerated by the construction of underground railways that would go into infernal regions and, therefore, annoy the devil, so next time you are in a crowded subway. You can take comfort in the fact that he is not alone, and if you are not alone, will you ever be absolutely sure that the person sitting in front of you is not a ghost.
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