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GHOST OF TSUSHIMA Iki Island PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary

Jan 14, 2022
wait until huna finds out about this i'll tell her myself go back to your posts i'm watching you samurai let's make the impression go away and the wolves back off and if i don't impress her i've seen her tie up men and let them drown at high tide, even hang a traitor from his ship's captain for the ghoul's tweet, but I don't know what it will do to the seminary to those people anymore. victims of eagle venom not as lucky as you tenzo you are running out of clean rags check my underpants i have a shirt you can undress come on chin finish wait it was that your house needed more than me yes watching over my favorite bag tenzo get your ass up here come pune remember make up and keep the attitude samurai welcome back tenzo i can explain i hope because right now i am very curious why did you bring the samurai to my house you sent me to find people who can fight fight for us not against us if i wanted to go for would you know it's ok tenzo i want to hear this samurai dig his own grave i'm here because the mongols invaded my home too and if ego doesn't stop on your shores she will bring her army and her poison to


we can Defeat the eagle and save our homes , but only if we work together, he is your prey, Tenzo, what is your opinion?
ghost of tsushima iki island ps5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 full game 4k 60fps   no commentary
Maybe he'll help us out or he'll be skewered on a Mongolian spear and you can brag about another samurai dying on Iki Island. you have nothing to lose you are in zamurai i hope you don't get seasick when the next storm comes we will take all the ships in this cove and attack that mongolian warship sounds like a good way to lose half your men find out about that warship war and i can sink it tenzo get this fool out of my face jin may be right we can't get close enough to board the warship but a mongolian ship from ike resupplies them every few days we can take their supply ship and make the delivery ourselves tenzo if you think this can work you're in charge i need ed a dozen jin men could be one of them they're yours the supply ship docks on the northeast side of the


look for a small inlet steep cliffs i'll meet you there it's been a pleasure just watch your steps samurai watch out my lord riku has a taste for warriors what are you talking about black henriku the cursed pirate captain who terrorizes the


iki of sfrom beyond the grave hmm how mano rico didn't die at sea years ago i did i am kasira i sailed on riku's bloodstain banner the things i saw still haunt my nightmares maybe you can tell me the story of course i hope so have a strong stomach black hand riku was once the cruelest pirate captain to ever terrorize the repulsive island he cut his victims piece by piece always saving a morsel for his loyal companion a vicious monk riku built his armor to honor a brutal sarugami this monkey demon inhabited his armor his cursed whispers led riku to risk tempting him with the spoils of battle while pushing him to the brink of ruin nk six years ago black and rich attacked a refugee ship their cargo children we threw the young overboard his protective samurai he skinned alive his crew watched in horror as riku's monkey fed on the scraps then the crew mutinied de black henrique planned to poison his wretches leader was stabbed in the chest and blinded by the poison but clung to life protected by the armor of the sarugami riku set his ship on fire and fled in his overalls while his crew burned to death in their grave of fire before he died riku hid his sarugami armor somewhere on iki island now haunts the shoreline an angry spirit that preys on anyone brave or foolish enough to seek the cursed black hand armor riku so you sailed with black and riku imploded his death someone had to stop him and no one has found his sarugamiyama many have tried but they all fell victim to his wrathful spirit people say icky's monkeys are his eyes and ears if that's the case he You already know I'm interested.
ghost of tsushima iki island ps5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 full game 4k 60fps   no commentary

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ghost of tsushima iki island ps5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 full game 4k 60fps no commentary...

Where did your ship sink? I don't remember much about that night, but another crew member survived. go the whole temple they say we can eat a lot and find safety with the eagle tribe there is no safety with the mongols if they are spreading lies i will find this temple and stop it it is as strong as the buoy that made it i have done what i can test my steel on a handle that armor could use a lot more than a spit polish hmm army are everywhere my lord watching listening waiting he is the best oh hey come here samurai you broke long ago without me to guide you your soul is doomed to wander for the netherworld so weak and fluff your weapons useless hmm not strong enough whatever i heard what it does to people whats up you are not alone in this world if you ever need clean guidance adachi will help your clan adoption she's dead.
ghost of tsushima iki island ps5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 full game 4k 60fps   no commentary
I tried to save them. You can't blame yourself. come on foreigner i used to sail on the han black rich quiet you listen so you believe the stories some nights i feel riku looking at me i can hear his pet monkey sucking the marrow out of the bones i know it sounds crazy but i swear on the beauty the monkeys are watching us TRUE? I remember something about the night of the mutiny anything that could help me find this final resting place we were anchored off the northeast coast there was something under the water something that was shining the reflection of the moon the moon was not out that night glowing water it's not much but i'll have to do it all do yourself a favor forget the armor i'm going to die quickly hard to see sparkling water in daylight i could rest till nightfall in minato camp a shift boss a good friend lost in the herd from sunsets l Ead to Dawn Foreign Hmm Where is Tenzo talking to a friend in a patrol car ambush?
ghost of tsushima iki island ps5 gameplay walkthrough part 1 full game 4k 60fps   no commentary
More Mongolian lies. The ego tells the truth. He will make me wait. Jin, next time, don't be so quick to kill your enemy. You called him a liar a lot, what did he tell you? Nothing that can't wait. The ship should speak soon. Once I tell your men, we'll take it quietly if we cause too much damage. get close enough to attack don't worry about yarikawa we'll take that supply ship without a scratch i'll get some rest the ship will be here soon it's time they brought robots ashore we'll borrow them to get to the supply ship the fog will play in our favor if they see us coming we risk scaring them let's move it's the eagle's venom still on you i won't lose focus if that's what you're asking it's not what you said it made you see things things i'd like to forget like bloodstaining your favorite e silk akama a little worse than that ok i'll bite what's the worst thing that happened to jin from yalikowa losing my father we were in battle together sorry don't be you didn't know you know drill fast and damn no we can pay more attention, oh, the shore is ours, ready, the boats, damn, the fog is lifting, Narcia is coming, back off, no, I can go that way, get those guns out, they'll blow you to pieces, show Ranos what a summer I can do what is that fire the assailants know who you are they are leading you into a trap you are not real when you die the assailants will pray for you the same as they spoke before murdering your father what was that prayer again you know the words that haunt you what your death will benefit all beings shut up uh you're helping the people who spit your father's name when he died you were too weak to save him it wasn't my fault uh wow oh ok oh sure it took you time to silence those cannons i thought you needed a chance to catch your bre ath how considerate what's going on with you at one point we stand shoulder to shoulder but then you're ready to cross blades now no samurai we have a job to do and let's finish it and talk after setting a course for the warship of the eagles let's hope they do don't realize you're manned by a crew of raiders we need more than hope tell your men have them hide when we are in sight of the warship an empty ship that will not look suspicious will give us time to get closer beyond the range of their heavy guns we will wait for them to board and attack we will move away from the black powder stores and rip the belly of the beast you better be right about this chip it looks big up close they are upon us we have to attack now still don't hold attack send these bastards ready um let's find another way around oh find your black powder reserves oh make the black powder explode before it explodes rapidly today we hit for four days shelter then recover disgusting and one day escape the endless wheel of suffering well work tenzo i think the funeral will be pleased no she us you are going to skin them both alive what are you talking about tell me sir sakai a whisper of your real name and all the people in this shelter will line up to divide it into two yes, let's say. my name compels me to defend myself this is what the eagle wants samurai and raider spilling each other's blood but she knows we are a threat if we work together who told you i was a fool it was the mongolian you interrogated the eagle wanted you to know this is what i get for trusting a fucking samurai i grew up here you know i learned to swim in shallow water i helped build half these houses i broke my arm falling off the rock wall trying to impress my wife you were married years ago she didn't make it through the birth funny she helped me bury them this is my house these people are my family if they find out I brought ikki's son's butcher here they will bet the two of us making a feast for crabs I won't let him let this happen stays between us yes we are in this together eagles hurt thanks to what we did today we can save iki island if we stick together but our fight is just beginning you know amurai and your speeches i will tell you fune your plan worked when you are ready i am sure she will want to thank you in person in some way.
I doubt you'll be careful, Tenzo, and watch what you say. You too. Jin from Ryankawa. wartime entertainment plus we are using bokeh to avoid injury only duel with a clear purpose you want purpose we offer generous rewards as long as you win if you are interested the contestants are waiting in the ring i guess i could use some sparring practice in honor your excellent katana we will call you octo a few tips each fighter has a unique style with different strengths and weaknesses challenge a contender do not keep the people waiting sword made of steel you must lack technique this katana is for war for you i will use one made of wood i once impaled a man with a wooden sword i did it when i was 13 and you're still bragging i've hit a lot since then stop thinking about the past and show me your skill today challenge kai i'll split you open and now it's time to submit fast and your opponent the brutal speed comet kicks and punches are allowed first to five touches wins start withdraw dot rosie disconnect lucky bastard you another one of those treasure hunters looking for the sarugami armor the monkey demon that's what the rumors say if you want to join the quest kashira won't stop talking about the cursed armor who's camped out at the hunes lodge oh listen thanks if i can improve on your brains now you'll have a chance you tough bastard like you need heavy duty armor too much i'll put a notch in your boat well done jim i can't believe i'm about to say this but good job with the warship is a thanks don't push it my ships can finally get out of the cove if you're itching to charter a boat back to sushima i won't blame you we are days away from all in iki fall victim to the eagle's medicine we will join his army and if iki falls my home is next it's ok yarikawa jin stay and you can help us clip the wings of d the eagle that rode from sakai fort hours ago my scout saw her leaving with her main force she must be planning something where is she now i have no idea she is covering her tracks well but she left her fortress exposed now that her main force is left this is our chance to recapture fort sagai while it is lightly defended even with fewer guards it won't be easy getting in the place is a prison camp the captives are being tortured and forced to drink that witch's poison until they swear allegiance to the eagle i know i escaped once before some of my best men get trapped inside free them and they can help you free the fort then i will finally have enough strength to fight the eagle tail destined to tighten In the defenses around the shelter if this works the eagle will be angry . he won't protect you he suits you he needs a name someday we'll go for a leisurely walk uh uh i can free them if i cut the mongols uh face me aah we were before the eagle captured us what are you some kind of samurai i'm a friend your boss me sent to free his crew and win back the love of the feet, the eagle may be gone, but he left his commander in charge, kunbish is torturing the prisoners, destroying us before we are forced tohere do you know why end your reign? of terror not to be healed for years you hid your pain the sacred medicine allows you to see it against my will your medicine is a weapon don't let the darkness take you boss let your spirit soar in the eternal blue sky i don't fly over my people them i serve even the people who killed your father yes even them what a waste to handle the other stenzel i will deal with the ego how can you fight you can die here like a coward beg for your hmm oh now i breathe face the judgment of your ancestors lord sakai father help me um we should have died here together as warriors.
I'm sorry I failed you, father, not me. Our clan. My sakai name is tarnished. The people here accuse us of terrible things. Sometimes what is necessary is also terrible. Done, you did what was needed on the battlefield, not at home, I needed a father, I just lost your mother, I kept the sun. of shame and defeat avenge me kill him you call it no i will never be like you the way you lived was not my choice i knew death was not my fault hmm um ah hey one day you will face the judgment of your ancestors one yes that you Benefit from death for all beings Now is your chance Are you okay?
I will live. What about you? Do you still listen to her? No, I'm sorry, and me too? Sounds like a celebration. Later, don't wait too long, so hide in the dark, my father. he fought his way out of life at last, so it looks like the samurai wants to talk to us, they both look good, they feel better with the eagle. It's funny, he said, we'll meet later, Sakai, I could use the help of a samurai who knows how to keep a secret. Looks like you're healing. It only hurts when I laugh, so I should be fine with you. anyway, but i will never stay up late like i used to, i will no longer rob innocent merchants on the high seas, how will you make yourself useful?
Too many people here still suffer from eagle venom. some recover like you the eagle medicine forced me to live my father's death gave me another chance to avenge him what did you do i realized i didn't need revenge i have spent my life running from a dead man trying to live up to him blaming me for his death hating mine goblin for choosing to live so i turned my back on the past and left behind my guilt and it healed you the darkness never


y goes away but back off maybe this is how to heal others guide them through the memories help them face their fears I hope you're right.
Years ago, I could never have imagined saying this, but I'm glad I met Tenzo. Never thought I'd do this either, but thank you, Gene Samurai, bowing to a radar.

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