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Jun 04, 2021
than running well I'm going to make a bigger area here because I have more fans ha ha ha okay. I need to break this fast and make sure none of my pets escape. Why did I just say pets? They are not my pets, they are my animals. you are not allowed a skype oh my god this is so unprofessional. I still have two labs. I want to use each and every one. it's just not right where are my seeds and my seats are here okay okay there we go let's keep going let's keep going let's keep going okay okay I think I'm going to start building my house too we'll continue to build my house okay you here ok step aside cuz i'm gonna go here ok beautiful ok i need to go build my house now this is like something i need to do it's a must i've been like uh i'll put it more late and I think, I think I have to build it now, okay, amazing, I have so many eggs that it's actually crazy, okay, I'm going to save this, yes, these must go, go far away, these I'm going to change, uh, what was it? 18 I think okay I think I needed 18 so I'm going to put them back and stack my wood like hey farmer no he ain't farmer I need someone else where's the guy I need?
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I don't know where he went. I'll put Stone in there whatever I'll put a window in there oh god it's like Sunset no more it's not I'm just being dramatic it's not right I'm going to put the s tone here yeah oh I need to fix this because I didn't fill it okay, oh no, that's not what I want to do, okay, and I need to do the floor. I don't know how I want the floor to be, I think. I want them to be like slabs. I need a shovel because this is very inefficient. Do I have something here?
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Through my veins and I don't like it. I'm just going to dig the ground right now and then I'm going to fill it in the next day, okay, look at me being so organized. I'm like yeah, I'm organized. I have my life put in the book ever my real life don't have to put together but in my fortnite my minecraft life is put together so you know things are good ok why did I say fortnite instead of minecraft , that's when you know? I'm having trouble mixing Minecraft and Fortnite, yeah that's ok I need to find a guy who will.
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Oh hello, oh hello, why did I like it? lo and i was like oh yeah hello what am i doing i need this come back here don't run away from me why i don't have granite oh he doesn't want it now too too too much i don't know ok polish the door right? Sally could polish Dora if you want, but I guess he doesn't want to, she wants me to buy polish for Dory. Okay, where's the boy I want? No, it's not you. I do not like you. Nobody likes you. I'm sorry, where are you? What are you doing? i'm going to take the wheat because like wheat it's easy um yeah i need to find a guy who will buy my brown wool you stay look how many emeralds i have i'm so


what am i going to do with these emeralds what am i planning to do with all these animals hey hey move it stay back i dare you to have your own bed go find your own bed if you really want this bed then you may as well have it once i move i need to get out of here who are you always the type to want to sleep in my bed and the cat it's my cat he always likes to be in that bed you won't sleep in my bed you could i guess you can sleep on top of me whatever but whatever ok i'm going to get my Meats my merchandise ummm not really I like meat in real life, but I like it.
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No pumpkins? What should I do? Okay, I need to get my life in order because right now I really don't. I am so confused and stressed and I don't know what to do. carrots my the cat is raining so hard I could hear it through the wall cat shut up you're so loud ok okay we have to go here there's nothing to be Harvesting here except potatoes I really don't like potatoes I mean I love potatoes in real life but like here it's just a waste of time they don't like to fill you up that much and you have to cook them and everything to make it worth it. t and it just ain't worth it yeah okay okay uh no no no no nothing else is ripe enough to be picked up uh i don't like you because he wants to be in my bed farmer hello farmer Farmer Brown uh i don't like you i got enough pumpkins for you .
I need to grab more pumpkins. Maybe I'll just get a bigger pumpkin farm and eventually get a lot of pumpkins. I think that's what I'll do. I'm going to make my pumpkin farm big. we're expanding no no no i'm not going to use all my gourds just a good amount ok my ho my hoe is here four ok one two nobody two three four that's what i'm doing yeah why am I am doubting. I literally forgot how to play minecraft ok here we go there we go everywhere ok I think I got this. ok i'm going to look this up where are my seeds come on ok i'm going to put my carrots here too ok great i feel like i need to get more animals. s now because i have so many similar spots on my pen my pen is so big i'm sorry and it doesn't seem like i don't have so many animals because they're all like everywhere now this is the most popular spot on my pan now because oh my god it's A hot new place to be and that doesn't make sense, okay I'm just gonna steal your whole pot, who are you? you don't really like me but that's ok none of the villagers like me oh wow oh i have got a pumpkin is oh yes it goes in the right place ok i thought i wasn't growing very well my ax broke ok um you stay there you have white robes , OK?
You got a white Roby thingy. What I need? I need this. Do not have enough. I'm so close and yet how many beats do I have? get more i'm going to break all these eggs i don't need that many eggs it's ok you i no i don't need you why am i talking to you you give me all your money what oh this is how much the farmer likes me oh the farmer likes me no i know who he loves me the most he's the guy who works inside this little mud house i don't know if he's here right now yes he's him he likes me the most because i always tell him things oh he doesn't want granite he doesn't want stone he doesn't want clay , am I ever going to sell you, can I sell you clay again because I have a lot and if you want it? you have to pay ok i'll wait ok i have enough wool now ok boy that really don't like me clipping cause i got wool for you ok i think it's him no it's not he, okay he says double that good stunt double okay where's the guy i need? he's there, he's talking to him to leave and he says: hey, kill that girl because she's weird and she keeps sleeping in my bed.
So random black dye for an emerald is easier than


a brown thing. I don't know, honestly, I don't know, I'm not g. I am going to be upset because it is very difficult to kill squids. They used to drop two ink bags and now they only drop one and it's really annoying ok wow my cheapest is like lighting the cells on the wall. I don't know what they're doing but they're like working really hard and they're like wool, oh I wish I could get it out of my hair. I'm like here bro and they're like wow oh my gosh they're growing so their world is growing so fast it's crazy.
I have to cut it all the time, oh wow, look, it's crazy how much we have, okay, I don't have enough, I don't have enough, I don't have any more, okay, I need three more. so easy quick ok i was given she she or he i don't assume genders but whoever whatever the gender this sheep this sheep she gave me three wools so i'm very happy about that. Where did my stuff go? I dropped my shears and I don't know why they want they're in the water oh no I dropped them why are all my animals in that corner and they say oh my gosh it's the new place I have to eat all the grass here because the excess grass is sparse, but this is great, okay, did you see it, did you steam my shears?
I don't know what happened to them you know what I'll find them later oh runaway boy I know he's in there ok you got more wool for you thank you. I don't want to buy shoes. Where are my other scissors? I want my scissors back. Where did they go? It's fine and the sun is setting. I love them I swear I'm not weird oh wow look how useless my sword is and I had it for so long that's when you know there's a problem. I don't fight like things. I was meant to break all these eggs and I didn't.
I'm going to do that now okay I got a chicken I got three that's pretty good three chickens and 19 eggs not bad foreign that's okay bro that's not broccoli that's a carrot why I think the carrots are broccoli? I have mental problems, I swear, it's okay, no, yeah, it's okay. what oh joy some kind of cartoon said that oh joy oh I remember who says Starfire from Teen Titans she said oh joy oh that's cool I guess that's ok I just heard one of my chickens pop I'm going yeah was this little guy ? take that egg out it's so small how did you do that oh well i'll break it ok no cool chicken how dare you you're going to die for doing that how dare you how dare you run away now i have feathers uh who wants my feathers i really don't want them you know just no I don't really need feathers I wish my pumpkins were faster plus they're as slow as mob droppings here okay stressed all the time now cause my business is like stressful okay no you didn't go you were you yes was you want in my clay please say wa no my clay you don't want my clay wait oh wait no it's a discount I just found out it's a discount and I'm so dumb it's a discount oh wow Eileen dying for an emerald so happy it's ok wait stay there i'm going to get more for you ok you're going to love me ah well ya love people like me i'll lottery you even more come back here come back here you go to sleep if you want to sleep i'm going to be so angry o ah oh you're here no that's not you I know it's ok I'm going to sleep whatever I'll find it in the morning it's ok let's go to sleep yes yes it's ok it's ok I need to find it now you' right there you come back no I don't want buy bricks i don't want to buy bricks yay oh and he don't want anymore ok ok i guess it matters ok who lives next door to this house no one lives here.
I put a bed in there and no one wants to go and then no one appreciates all my hard work oh wow ok I'm going to share these absolutely beautiful stunning beautiful sheep I have an egg not a chicken how dare you give me an eyeball that has no side of chicken? That's like offensive yeah I don't know my world offensive I guess why did I do that? I have a lot of potatoes I don't just have hot potatoes that's another pumpkin I have enough pumpkins now I do have them I sold a pumpkin I have so many emeralds and I don't even use them for anything I don't know what I want to use my emeralds for I don't use them at all why i am accumulating so many emeralds there are people in the world who really need them and i say no i am going to have them no i dont know what i am spending my emeralds on i mean i bought a sword once it was quite expensive but as if i would last, this one isn't going to last very long, I mean no, it's not going anywhere.
I'm going to fly away because I'm not wearing it at all so I have to figure out what I'm wearing it on I'm going to spend my emeralds because I don't know oh what is it doing. Hello, may you only sell one sword? Wait, what if I saw them cooler? You don't love me yet, it's okay, I don't have enough coal for you, I'm sorry, oh, nothing at the moment, she has it. She could get a bell, why would she want to fight? and they're inside they're not 36 34. it's a discount for a bell why would you want a bow? i could grab one of these bells ok guys but i think i'll end this video here i hope you liked it if you did Smash that button i like it and i'll see you next time bye

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