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Getting Ready For Easter & Easter Hamper Haul | ad

Apr 11, 2023
hi good morning everyone starting today's video sitting down to do my makeup thought i'd update you guys on last week it was my birthday I'm officially 33 which surprises me I haven't put my SPF on yet so I'm gonna do a bit of this. I haven't tried it before. It's the Super Goop Glow Screen SPF 40 sunscreen oh it's tinted ok it's lovely let's see if it reacts with my eyes because I find SPF makes my eyes water a lot. time so I'm very specific about which ones I use but it looks good and I actually posted on my Instagram the other day that I've been sharing Fragments of my life on the internet since I was 18 so 15 years which is crazy.
getting ready for easter easter hamper haul ad
How old do I have to be to make it half my life? Oh, that's a lot of math for a Monday morning, and honestly, I had the best day. In fact, I let Alfie decide what we were doing because he was under too much pressure. with doing something and I didn't know what to do and everyone was like oh what are you going to do for your birthday um and I was like I don't know so I said to Alfie you know what I'm leaving? You in charge and honestly it was the best day. Started the day.
getting ready for easter easter hamper haul ad

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getting ready for easter easter hamper haul ad...

Farewell, with a fancy breakfast plate, which is always my favourite. Hotel and Spa for a little spa treatment which was lovely and then when we got back Mark was here and the rest of the family came back and Alfie had booked them as a pizza shop which came to our driveway and it was just perfect and the la pizza was so good and then Mark stayed home which was really nice because I don't think he's stayed at our house for a long time and that was my beautiful 33rd birthday. party for my 29th because it's such a random year to throw a big party as many of you are like why wouldn't you have done that for your 30th or like I don't know if it's my 29th for any of you who maybe knew or don't remember for my 29th Alfie I had a massive 90s themed birthday at the house Alfie secretly got S Club they were an S Club 3 at the time now they are on S Club 7 again best news ever um they came and they performed, which was crazy and so many people were like that, it seems like such a big thing for a 29er, then they covered the hit and my 30 and 31 were like okay, my 30 was like in a total blackout, I didn't see it. no one did anything my 31st was i think the day before they had said you could have six people in the garden so my 31st was in the garden thank god we had good weather because we wouldn't have been able to do that this year and then my 32nd we're in a lockdown so no, um, it was very relaxed.
getting ready for easter easter hamper haul ad
I'm so glad I threw that big party when I did because I really don't think I would do that now honestly if you want to like the brightest glow this iconic highlighter is so brilliant to look at this reminds me last night I had a dream where I was trying from filling in my brows and doing a really terrible job and i had one brow that was really dark and angled and patchy um what a crazy dream i really need to get my brows done ok i always find my left brows are so much more easy to fill in on my right brow, well i have replicated my dream to be honest. a very dark forehead, what have I done there using the Vive Soul shades in Terror which is a beautiful new Quad?
getting ready for easter easter hamper haul ad
I love it and let's unlock my hourglass. Brilliant. I'm wearing this new jersey and it's probably one. one of the most boring things i could say but i love it i love this shirt so much i can't even remember maybe it was served to me i'm scared i'm like doing my makeup maybe it was served to me as an ad on instagram. I don't remember or someone linked to it, but it's a brand called boa, probably the best quality jerseys. So soft. The perfect amount of stretch fits great. it's like the poppers are like thong style, which isn't my favorite, like i don't find them that comfortable, especially since i don't really wear thongs. a pair of those briefs with the thong snaps is creating a bit of a roosh but i can overlook all of that because it's such a nice top i bought it in black, gray and white huh i'm very very happy about um I don't actually remember what size this is but I feel like I bought a couple different sizes um I think maybe this is a size small and I also got some extra smalls so the extra smalls are going to be really tight because I I think I'm really a small, I might have to buy a few more in other sizes, but I'm really loving it when I get out of here.
I'll double check the brand because I have the other two on the hanger. That is my face. I'm actually heading to the office this morning not for the whole day I'm just going in in the morning to catch up with Maddie oh my god my stomach I need to eat I need to eat something catch up with Maddie oh one of what I really want to do today is obviously Easter Sunday this weekend as you're looking at this actually it's Easter Sunday here in the UK so happy Easter if that's anything they celebrate, but I really want to put together a little Easter basket. for Otti, so I just wanted to stir up some Easter bits.
I actually have a little basket that I got in a PR package that I'm going to use as my basket because I thought it was a really good size um I have al


bought her a little extra Easter egg and bought her a couple of stickers from


activity pack i think a book mark also bought her a book hopefully by the end of the day i will have some kind of


basket oh my god my stomach can you hear it? I'm so hungry I'm going to have the whole family too and I've ordered some Easter bits basically this is going to be a pretty packed Easter Vlog so if that sounds like a bit to you I hope you enjoy and I just bought a couple of decorative pieces for the table and um Alfie and I have made big plans for an Easter egg hunt not only for Otie but for the adults.
In fact, we did this once at Alfie's. home but it took us a while to remember how we did it because I was sure we were all like running around trying to grab plastic eggs, it wasn't chocolate, we've done a few Easter egg hunts as adults. over the years some of it involves chocolate but then there's too much, there's too much chocolate and it just doesn't get eaten and if you forget where you've hidden stuff animals and wildlife will eat it up and we were kind of like oh there's so many of us that we'd have to hide so much chocolate it'll melt things you shouldn't eat you'll eat them so we thought we'd stick to inedible eggs so we ordered some on amazon in various colors sizes and shapes I actually ordered some baby carrots false and let's do a scoring system my stomach feels like my stomach is vlogging with me at this point multiple eggs mean multiple different points everyone will have set a number of obviously the time between Alfie and me one of us will have to hide the eggs and not get involved, which I'm perfectly fine to do, um, I like to be the leader of the games anyway, so in the end it's fine with me. we count everyone's scores based on the eggs they found, so obviously some eggs will be much harder to find because they will be smaller, some eggs will be a bit rarer so they will be worth a certain amount of points and the winner will win an Easter prize.
I think it will probably be like an Easter basket with a lot of nice things, but also when I'm in town today I want to buy things for that, so there's a lot of things I want to buy, as you know, I love them. an easter event is no exception i just want it to be fun and enjoyable for everyone and i feel like if there is a good prize that people want to win then everyone will be a bit more competitive even though my family is just as competitive as all of us we're pretty competitive i would sort of say who is the least competitive though actually i think amanda is the least competitive i'll just say that she just wants everyone to have a good time she doesn't really care everyone else will be pulling every one taking the hair of the others to get the eggs, which is always fun.
I also ordered a tiny bunny that I'm going to hide for an extra prize, so if someone can find the bunny, they'll instantly get an extra prize, I don't know. what's that bonus prize right now hope to see it in town huh but yeah it's just kind of fun and also the bunny um it goes with otis's animal toys so i thought you might keep it later what which would be nice but yeah that's the plan for this week it was bower this is the brand boa and this one is extra small and i bought i bought a gray one here is the gray one which is extra small so they might actually be a little tight for me because I'm currently wearing the small and I would say it probably fits me perfectly, but yeah I love it.
I'm going pretty smart today. Smart money for a day at the office. I'm going to put my Converse on my jewelry. This is obviously my necklace. which um Alfie bought me in New York for my 28th birthday we went and who watched the Vlog was a while ago but we went and did it then one year poppy Sean Amanda and Nick bought me this charm to add to it that was my 30 actually which is so lovely and then for me 33 Alfie got me this necklace which I love it has a little Zed charm with a diamond and you can add other letters or other charms but I really love it I love that the chain it's slightly thicker than i have this snake chain here a lot of necklaces a lot going on here um why do i feel like i forgot something on my face why do i look so weird i have overdrawn my lip these pants are i mean bershka h m m doing my vitamin d one spritz which is all in front of me um sometimes i like to leave this with my perfume because then i remember to spray it in my mouth i haven't picked up a perfume and spray it in my mouth yet.
I feel like it's just a matter of time, but at least when I come here to put on perfume every day, I remember to do my vitamin D, so sometimes that just stays here with my Joe Malone fragrance from the day I'm going to do blackberry and Bay classic nice and cool now i'm off to the office i've arrived at the office i'm so excited to be here there's something about being in Brighton Town in the Lanes on a sunny day that instantly puts me in the best of moods. Anyway, I have a very exciting sponsor for today's video that I can't wait to talk to you about.
I al


mentioned this game in a video. I think I could have mentioned it in vlogmas actually the game in particular is colon which as I said is a puzzle game there are a lot of different minigames and things you can play within it but the main part of the game is that you level up and connect the dots and complete each level by removing what you need to remove and i love playing that but there is also a part of the game that is my favorite part of the game and this is what i mentioned in my december video for myself, my favorite part of the colon app is the scavenger hunts there will be scavenger hunts from time to time um i think there's currently an easter one that i have yet to complete because i've been saving it and it's essentially a beautifully designed world um, all based on different themes, basically you have to find all the elements and it sounds so simple, but I can't tell you how much joy it gives me.
I actually went into the app earlier to see how many I did because you could get little collectible badges for each of the different levels you complete or different treasure hunts I've completed 61 treasure hunts I've collected 61 different badges that I'm very proud of This is one of the maps, so as you want, find the things you discover more and more. I feel like it's the kind of thing. Maybe I'll show a little graphic on the side so you can see it a little more clearly. It's fun. It is designed so beautifully. so visually appealing and another thing that i really love about the app is that because it has so many different games within it, there is something that each person might prefer to play, so Poppy for example prefers to just play the classic colon swiping and matching all the dots and climbing up the leaderboard whereas I myself am much more of a scavenger hunt gamer because I find it very relaxing so if you are looking for a new game to play on your phone or want to something relaxing to do in a night I'll leave the link below to go and download it it's free on IOS and Android and I'll also show a little QR code here if you're viewing this on a TV or screen you can hover your phone over it. and you can download it from there. egg hunt and also some lunch because actually i'm still hungry have i eaten anything since my stomach rumbled this morning yes it was filling and nutritious no so now i'm going to go find something that's pinching on the tabs checking some of your Easter bits so I can get some for Otty for her little basket how cute is this too carrots what did we just see oh this I know this has been around a long time I think she'll love this so me and maddie have grabbed one of those nice ones , it's like reallycitrus i rubbed it on my nose oh this maddie is twilight in a bubble bath you smell it wait let me get you a bag here you go this looks fun this is easter oh that smells delicious i haven't actually been to a store Lush in a while I'm probably going to have wild copyrights for Brittany, so I may have to turn them off.
This is too tempting. Walking around the city in this weather is so lovely. Maddie and I were saying we haven't been to a Lush in a while, but it's actually a really fun experience. It makes me very nostalgic to go in and smell them all and look at them all. I feel like I used to get into Lush all the time. Now I just don't have time to do it. blog posts in the past about all my Lush Haul bits and pieces that I had ordered remember they would ship it in popcorn um but now we're going to Joe and the juice have lunch and I'll show you what I bought when we get back to the office I'm back my lunch has been eaten and I'm going to share with you what I picked up so let's get started on Lush this little hops Easter kit in which you have follow the white Rabbit Bath Bomb Rockstar Rabbit Soap and confetti cake lip scrub Just thought that was a cute thing to add now, you might have no idea if the person who wins this even gets a bath because Abby's parents don't bathe, my mom doesn't. t take a bath there is soap and lip scrub so they can use it so as you saw i picked this for otie this is the Technicolor dream bar for your most inventive creations seven colors each wake up with their own fragrance beautiful for the hottest model baths It's great and it foams, so Otti is really into Play-Doh and kinetic sand right now and I feel like he'll love playing with this in the box.
She'll probably end up as a big brown lump, but I think she'll really enjoy it. and it smells amazing this was a thing for me too it's the sleepy bubble bar um like i was saying my favorite fragrance in lush i love it oh i saw this and thought aussie would love it so it's called the cow Toby's Magic how cute so she's a little white cow but obviously inside she's all colorful oh she smells delicious. Actually, I have not used many bath bombs. record what was going on um so she might be a little more interested this time then i bought this for otti's basket it's a little carrot bubble bar and then i got a free green one too the lovely lady from the box was like I'm going to give you a green one.
Thank you so much. He is very friendly. You now have an orange and a green carrot. This is not for her basket, but I saw it and knew she would love it, so she did a while ago. I think it was in December because it was like a Santa shower jelly that she loved, it was her favorite thing to just hold the jelly in the bath and it would slip out of her hands, so I bought the gummy bear. I'm not going to take it out because my hands will get really sticky, but hey, that was close, but it's shaped like a gummy bear.
I think she will love it. the white rabbit smells lovely and again it's like the cow one where it's like white but there's obviously a color in the middle which I think she'll love later on in Flying Tiger I have this little basket of chicks for when Otie does her little Easter hunt for eggs I just thought it was really cute I got these little spring marshmallows I could put them in a little bowl maybe I just thought they were cute and then Otti loves to put things inside things and take them out so I thought this was really cute ya shut up the zipper on the side of the chicken then you can unzip the chick and take the chick out uh i feel like this is very otty and then completely unrelated easter stuff some hair clips well she has a little bit of bangs really long like hanging. in front of her face so something to get her bangs out of the way I think she'll get it out of the way anyway but we can try possibly one of my favorite card games is Go Fish and it's actually weirdly very hard to get. card game unless i'm just looking in all the wrong places but i was trying to buy it for someone who was just trying to buy it to try to buy it for someone not too long ago and i'm sorry i looked everywhere online but i just i couldn't find it and then i saw this and i thought go fish is lovely i got go fish even though we technically have it but it's actually an upcoming mandarin game that we keep in our covered games so we can return it. for them these I thought were fun they are wax crayons but they look like huge pencils and they come with a giant sharpener to be fair I might as well put them in their Easter basket because I have like I think I have a coloring book maybe um i got this coloring book and it has a ton of random pictures and designs and things for her to color she loves to color right now its definitely right up there with one of her favorite activities so i just thought the more things i have to coloring, better because the other day we put some wax crayon on the wall and then I got this too.
I think maybe this might be a little old for her right now, but it was too old. cute and i couldn't put it down it's a sticker book and it has a lot of different animals and you get a lot of different outfit stickers that you can stick on all the other animals I just thought it was really cute and then I'll show you once I get home what other little things do i have to put it in the basket? I'll probably go home now, so I'll see you when I get there. I'm home and I made it in time to play home, oh, not that.
It looks like it has raisins in it oh yeah sultanas they look nice though yeah did you see how you spelled bakery in your story and that was another story before we sold it like that? I just posted a story a second ago guys. cut me some Slackers on Monday that's when you're supposed to be most energized oh my gosh this is unreal the Hot Cross Buns seem to have sugar on top what do you have? Where is the other one? in time for some playtime in the garden the shark is going to touch my finger hey flip 'em ok this is one too angry shark he's very firmly in his time to love Peppa Pig, It is not like this?
We knew she was coming, but she actually likes George better George is her favorite right now right now while she's distracted, what is she saying, well, she's distracted. She could put her used basket to hand-assemble while she's here. because the other day Otie and I sat down and made these little Easter cards, didn't we? We have done quite a few. Basically I just drew the shape of an egg and let her do whatever she wanted, um we have stickers. we have scribbles i think they are all very cute we should move them a little closer to the table what i do need is some of them to sign because they signed this one to Uncle Mark right?
Look out, mommy needs those two, Aunt Poppy and Uncle Sean, so if you sign that one, thanks, uh, it's really not coming out? Do you want to use this pen? Then try that one, that's it, but that's better. or you already signed that one for Nanny and daddy daddy, can you sign this one for Uncle Joe and Auntie Dot? If you're looking at this, she actually signed them. in arts and crafts now it's making cards to send to people we're going to put them in the mail right? we take them to the mailbox i want to post them yourself yes yes well if mommy writes the addresses and then puts the stamps should we take them to the post box?
It would be funny? There's nothing more special than


a card in the post, so sometimes we just like to post them, right? Because it's a nice surprise. i've gone forward it's very tricky in three minutes but my head is at three o'clock it feels like i really do whoa i'm going to put these directions in will you want to walk with us to the mailbox yeah beautiful good memories ok we're headed to the postbox, post these cards because if we don't do it now it will never get done and then Easter will end here that's one two three that's the other last one. this one is fine dinner the bathroom and the bed are ready for at least one of us in this family.
I'm halfway there. I put on my pajamas because I wanted to get comfortable. I still have to remove my makeup. and i thought now would be the perfect time now that otti isn't going to be like taking everything out of the basket and try to play with it to show you what i got him for his little easter basket we all know by now that i am pretty ott this It's not necessary by any means, I just really enjoy doing these things and I thought it would be nice for her to have different things to do over Easter weekend, not that she knows what's a weekend and what's a weekend . t Just thought it would be nice to give her this on Friday and she can wear shards over the Easter holiday weekend too yes I currently have vintage EastEnders in the background because it's such a comfortable watch as if it just needs to be transported back to 1999 or a year 2000 early 2000s just put classic EastEnders honestly it's so nostalgic and amazing I love it we have this little bunny inside you get a bubbly bunny a red milk chocolate solid eggs two little um chocolate lollies and a bag of cheeky chalk speckled eggs how cute is that though i thought she would love it so i got the tiger wax crayons and the tiger egg and chick then i ordered these on amazon these are playground chalk eggs.
I thought I would really enjoy using them outside on the pavement so obviously we have all the Lush bits the carrots the White Rabbit and I put this in there too the rainbow um bathroom it's actually called fun we have Mark's book which I thought would be perfect right here raise your flaps and find the cute eggs and then only on amazon i ordered their excellent Easter from Peppers with a hundred stickers otti is very into Peppa Pig as i said before she is also a really into stickers so this is like her absolute heaven, then i also bought this one which is the very hungry caterpillar easter sticker and coloring book so she can use the wax crayons and color um she also loves The Hungry Caterpillar. and then this thing i thought was really cool is painting but you just use water so there's no real color they just dip the brush in water and then they can color all these cute little easter clappers and i got it on amazon too. and that's her little Easter basket.
I love it and I think Otti will love it too, but for now I have to hide it. Hello, welcome to Thursday. Wow, that's not normal. I said um and I said the other day that I would share with you a couple of Easter goodies that I had for the table and I thought I'd go ahead a bit and start decorating the table today because even though people aren't arriving until Sunday, it's nice to feel prepared and I also enjoy making it look good, so let's get started, you know what? in the end all i have done thank you foreigner let me give you a little recap we have 10 placemats that i have alternated because i dont have 10 of the same and i feel its much nicer to make it obvious that you dont have 10 placemats the same, so I opted for three different ones.
These were from Primark a few years ago, these were from hm and these were from the anthropology tablecloth. H m have a couple of these cute little easter saucers? These were from John Lewis home Salt and Pepper Pot uh it was a present from Poppy and Sean. I feel like no Easter is complete without fluffy chicks, so I scattered them around the table. We have the bunny napkins again. I didn't have 10 napkins alike but I have a pretty nice assortment of different kinds so I just mixed and matched all my napkins that felt a little oriental then these little glass eggs are from the house of John Lewis and instead of tying the eggs on these pieces of twine to hang I wrapped the napkins in bunny ears and popped the eggs in the middle so there's a combination of um checkered and then some cute little animals or flowery which I thought were really cute these little rabbit bunnies paper were from john lewis house candle holders and striped candles h m this is john lewis home and then i bought these little mix and match vases because i don't have anything like this every time i want to do cute little flower arrangements.
Amazon they're all a little different there's another one there and then another one there all slightly different shapes but they look so cute and then I got some flowers out of the garden and then some tulips some hyacinths my favorite spring flower and what else . oh these are some heather evelyn candles i love her candles they say hop hop hop happy easter and i also bought these little candle holders from her website i also bought a pink one and a yellow one and then because i felt i was missing something in the medium, I got this as a twisted twine and put it in this vase, but basically I just want people once they've unwrapped the napkin.
I just thought maybe you could add this and hang your eggs on there if you liked it, otherwise I feel like we're going to have eggs rolling around the table and smashing on the floor, so it'll encourage you to do something fun while I wait for you. dinner will be served, perhaps, but yes, I'm very happy with that. it feels so pretty, so fun, so floral, so springy and yes, I'm looking forward toarrive on sunday anyway. I'm going to leave this Vlog here, but I hope you enjoyed it. you're having a lovely easter if you're watching this on easter sunday or easter monday or any other day just hope you're having a good day don't forget to check the link in the description to go and download free colon and i'll see you again very very soon, bye

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