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Get Rea!: Hong Kong's world of cubicle dwellers | Full episode

Feb 20, 2020
Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the


, to be precise, it has 22,000 people crammed into every square kilometer of developed space. It is estimated that the average person in Hong Kong has around one hundred and thirty square feet of living space - not a lot for the equivalent of four queen-sized beds, but even that is a luxury for tens of thousands of people living in the infamous city ​​cohort unit, or they are nice, very psychopathic, they are houses created by enterprising owners who divided their apartments into small units and rented them out for easy money to the approximately 100,000 residents who live here, their houses are illegal, but for years the government turned a blind eye because there aren't enough public flats to house dong, you go for her, the bar guy made those hands. linked to me why you got their two fatties in the energy bar they get real enter the







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is theirs every afternoon john q yen, 62, picks up to take their daughter from school, it's only a 10-minute walk, but in that short distance they remember where they are in the troubled Hong Kong because this is where the Chungs live.
get rea hong kong s world of cubicle dwellers full episode
It is known as a house divided. His landlord had divided the original apartment into four units and rented the parts to them. has the largest unit, but at 150 square feet or the equivalent of just four queen beds, it's still a tight space. Split houses like this are common in Hong Kong, where only 7% of the island's 1,000 square kilometers is developed for residential use. the way the city packs seven million people into its little space GSR Gilly no no she comes at my invitation Oliver Tommy Lee Eunji hearing a third party talk walkie I told him he was just a machine for Tyler enough big for mr.
get rea hong kong s world of cubicle dwellers full episode

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get rea hong kong s world of cubicle dwellers full episode...

Cheung perhaps, but not so for his daughter Elaine, the fall of the lamb because in case the anthem of the land Raphael should be sung by Mr. Chun is a single father and unemployed. He wants to move to a public rental apartment but is stuck. He is not eligible for public housing because he has an ancestral property registered in his name but he says he cannot live there because it is an hour and a half away. half the bus distance too far from schools mr. C


is what social workers called N nothings, needy people who do not have access to public housing and who do not qualify for any social assistance.
get rea hong kong s world of cubicle dwellers full episode
Give up, yes, some cities are my own country. Now he says that Father Thomas, seeing this reaction, is a total idiot. housies is the raw sensor Suzanne, the new dancer, as it is essentially your entire dance. The truth is that it takes approximately 1 2 3 4 5 steps along the entire length of Mr. Chan's 150 square foot apartment and for this you are paying 2,100 Hong Kong dollars or about 270 US dollars a month, that's actually considered cheap, sir. Chung says an identical unit down the hall costs twice as much in red, but if he's looking for some of Hong Kong's most expensive homes, the younger Seon, 54, knows where to go.
get rea hong kong s world of cubicle dwellers full episode
Lives, young Sven rents a windowless cubicle of only 35 square meters. feet a little bigger than your bed is so small there is no room to stretch out let alone cook there is nowhere you can go except sit here on your bed as your things will pile up in the corners and under the bed It is not a lap of luxury however, it costs mr. young 180 US dollars a month in rent to add insult to injury, that's $5 per square foot, double the rate of some private condominiums, worse still, the landlord imposes a hefty premium for electricity. This entire unit is approximately 700 square feet, which is even smaller than a typical 3-bedroom apartment in Singapore now the owner has obviously tried to squeeze as much profitable space as he can.
There are 13 small rooms here, including one right above my head. I have been told that an old man lives here and the space is so small there he can barely stand up, sir. The young man resigns himself to the lack of space, and he is also used to sharing only a bathroom and a sink with his 12 neighbors. What bothers him most are the bedbugs and the unbearable heat; with only one window shared by 13 residents, heat stroke is a constant danger. only in the last year mr. young man was hospitalized four times you need to like it, you know, do it, tip him and you can't, I'm going, yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah, get over it, I thought about it, did you guys meet?
Or when you enjoy, okay, I don't know, he's a cooler, you know, verse mr. young and mr. Chong lives in the poorest districts of Hong Kong, Sham Shui PO and Tai Cox V. Here we will also find the houses with the most cubicles. These houses serve as cheap shelter for immigrants from mainland China, the elderly, ex-convicts, and most of the city's poor. They earn less than half the median household income of $2,700 and many are waiting to escape to a publicly rented apartment, but with supply lagging far behind demand, the burden is often higher than the three-year target. years set by the government;
Currently there is no law against partitioning the house for rent as mr. young man, this owner has done it, it is only a problem if the rooms present a fire risk, better unlike you than mr. Young's house will pass the test it's quite a oh you understand what the sorceress convinced I call our Tampa service area 1 PR response 1 PR Diego wants the house to open hello Troy says after the break how serious the authorities are about solving the housing problem in Hong Kong where the space is a premium house with Madame Chan roofs would be the envy of many, after all there are two bedrooms, a living room and an outside view of the night sky.
Well, she disagrees. I'm a Dong Yi, besides the bad weather. There is the constant threat of eviction, Mrs Chen, while 13 other families sharing the same roof are living here illegally, but she did not know about it until recently after she was given a warning letter. The older monkey returns. i Lala shows the neuro roof and party three. The rooms are supposed to be illegal, at the same time these people have to use water, electricity, telephone, guess and even advertise services, and although the government provides them with water and allows them to use advertising, that doesn't really mean that we are accepting their acceptance. as legal: do not resent this year for the guidance towards her, ha, ha, ha, supernova, loosely in the silver harmony, as she is allowed to avoid her language sutala Sagat, support her father, ha, ha, ha, I think, hello, general, now you take off your dance pants. woman, I wouldn't do it to you and this is an advance or a stop, we are on a track, she summons, says Hong, poor thing, ha ha, the guardian in the hands is linked to me, why didn't I do it.
How about new CEO Jung in January? joonyoung promised to increase the supply of public housing or consider it, but hey, doing a 9 9 ye, the IT guy could no longer blow up the Joel gun and adjust to my performance. I know they would be singing in a man, Tiger, to enjoy it, so don't do it. I want an IBM song to say it's so dark it could send Tiger Diable the plan to build 20,000 new units a year, up from 15,000 now, critics say even at that rate it will take at least a decade to erase the current waiting list of 210,000 housing applicants, others, such as legislator Frederic, point to the fact that Mr.
Young's plan takes effect only in 2018, after his five-year term expires. Chief Excel Davis was not elected by the people. He alone cannot be accountable to twelve hundred people like this rotor, since they are not chosen by us. No, you look broken. People don't care, they care about seizures and people's problems. You are a legislator, yes, do you know what you think he can do? Well, I in Hong Kong a legislator can do too much because we have no authority or power to formulate policies that I can keep suggesting to the government how to improve the problem and how to solve the problem.
I have raised it or not, it depends on the government and the boss xff and there is the question of political will. Hong Kong is a capitalist society and our economy has relied heavily on real estate development, so if the government provides a large volume of public rental housing, who will really bother to purchase the facilities? So we say that the Kong government also has some kind of best interest in terms of sustaining a private company. The real estate market, especially the government, is selling land to private developers so that the government can prepare on the ground.
Patience is wearing thin in recent months. Hong Kong residents have taken to the streets to show their anger. This afternoon, a group gathered at the office of the Society for Community Organizing or SoCo plans another protest SoCo is a non-governmental organization that works on behalf of Hong Kong's poorest, this time demanding more financial aid for the poor. Madam Chan had participated in previous Soco protests against substandard housing. Did they go out there? They told me they told you to come from where you're from to get a Town Hall on a young album. Come there, you woke up in my lows on my Moodle.
It was worth the fight just two days before. Mrs. Chen finally received. her public apartment after an 11-year wait. She's fun to watch, so now I'm a girl which is something. Hey Molly I'm coming yeah I'm going or not once I see a lunch they picked out on that outgoing DUI yeah why is Ola the cat coming? I was not a number, but for every successful case like Mrs. Chen's there are still many more waiting in the Curia and in the last six years their number has more than doubled to two hundred and ten thousand, but there is a disconcerting trend despite Of the clear signs that more people need housing government statistics reported that fewer people are living in divided houses, in fact the numbers have dropped by a third to 66,000 if they weren't sleeping on the streets, where have they gone?
Oh, these are ads. showing divided houses for rent 630 u.s. dollars for a one-bedroom unit 490 u.s. dollars for a hundred and fifty square foot space, it's hard to say that most of these places are actually illegal, according to a study by the Society of Community Organizations. Split-floor tenants pay between three and eleven US dollars per square foot. The irony is that many of these technically illegal homes are more expensive per square foot than some of Hong Kong's luxury apartments. In recent years, rents for sought-after homes have increased rapidly; They are now at least twenty-two percent higher on average compared to 2008.
With rents rising, some people began looking for cheaper alternatives. Their search led them here. This looks like a normal industrial estate until it gets dark, it's 9pm. m. get real is back with social worker Angela weed she is from the Society for Community Organizing and focuses on housing issues we are here to meet you why chan is a construction worker and this is his house a factory floor divided into 30 windowless cubicles, each barely larger than Mr., with a single bed, can only hold the essentials: a television and a fan for fresh air. The rest of his things are in Shenzhen, on the mainland, where his wife and his daughter live.
Mocha prices are high tech. The leader OD Pallenberg, a car dealer. car ready sorry, sorry, lieutenant Oh, yeah, colossal time, you know, that's history, here comes the height of the front. Oh I'm so sorry the helm is an angle the owner has set some basic rules for living here and one of them is that you can't light the cook flame the reason is pretty obvious it's just wood everywhere parts, bathrooms and toilets are shared among the 30 residents, sanitation is rudimentary at best, soviet era, go see where you're coming from, fokaira, mr. Yi and her neighbors are constantly worried about being evicted, but as compensation they are willing to make for the rent they pay around one hundred and seventy US dollars a month for a 30-square-foot cubicle, the clincher is that they don't have to. .
Pay a hefty deposit for rent and utilities. If it's a good business, it's even better for the owner. When it is for a factory in a large area, it only costs seven thousand eight thousand even ten thousand at most and when they can use that area to separate it. a pallet or 15 cubicles and each one can cause fifteen hundred so you, by a simple calculation, will know that you won a lot sir. Yu is typical of a growing number of Hong Kongers who cannot afford even a divided house on the market and are becoming younger and better educated, except sleeping on the streets.
This is your only option. Building Hong Kong is situated in this perspective. You will have a higher educational level but that does not mean that you cannot get a good job and do not hang upGetting a pretty good job then doesn't mean you have a pretty good sailor waiter, you can hear in a city where average home prices have risen 76 percent since 2008, social workers say the government should do more to help reinstate rent controls and provide additional subsidies to those living in subdivided housing, but these measures, like temporary ones, are the real solution. he says is to increase the stock of public housing near gangwon-do by killing a yankee war and now working young-shin applied for a public housing apartment a year ago he is tired of living in a small windowless cubicle no bigger than his bed but Also stacked against him with another two hundred and ten thousand people in line and only 15,000 new units a year under construction, he can only wait until then the park is the only place he can go to escape the stifling confines of his cubicle at home. , OK?
You know that I can take you away from your son, Quito, so for me to hold on a little, there's nothing more, they don't tell you.

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