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George Foreman Is Haunted By The Whispers of Muhammad Ali | Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

Jun 06, 2021
Oh, yes, let's pick him: it's George Foreman, ladies, sir. I continue, it is a great pleasure to meet you, sir, I am happy to be with you. Wow, look, do you mind if I start with this because it looks fantastic? How old are you? 52 Wow, well, actually, maybe it doesn't look as good as I thought. like 65 or something, but you look good, should I start over? start over, okay sir. Four, would you look like Billy when you're 20 years old? It is a pleasure having you in here. Yes, there are so many things I want to tell you.
george foreman is haunted by the whispers of muhammad ali friday night with jonathan ross
I am a great admirer of yours, but let's start with the great decisive moment in your life and in your career, which I suppose everyone rises up with you, but I have to also do it at the moment when you fought against Muhammad Ali, which well defines one of them, I'm overcoming this gap of five or six rounds. I'm in Africa, yes it's hot and I beat it. during the sixth round, the seventh round and then when I thought I had him, I hit him in the side and he fell on my ear and he said, oh, you have George, I don't want to be defined like that, it's okay, it was so big .
george foreman is haunted by the whispers of muhammad ali friday night with jonathan ross

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george foreman is haunted by the whispers of muhammad ali friday night with jonathan ross...

What was the rumble in the jungle I call the heist in the jungle now I came back with nothing but you know what I find so interesting about you either I have studied that fire I am a big fan of boxing and that is fine particularly I I have read books about that fight, you know, you don't need all this stuff because you were actually there, I guess, but I was just a young man then and I read all this stuff and you know what's interesting. You seem to be such a different person from all of us.
george foreman is haunted by the whispers of muhammad ali friday night with jonathan ross
He beat the hell out of it, but it's more than that because it seems like you know I've had a transformation and you started breeding. I have 10 children and you raised them to feel good. Stand up straight, put a smile on your face. I sold this product for so long. I started using it myself, so I'm trying to sit up straight and smile. Yes, you seem happy. You see more children. More relaxed with you. Say yes. I'm looking when. we are working, this is a documentary about the struggle in Africa. Muhammad Ali is there and my kids are just smiling and having fun, so I decided maybe you should smile, uh, it hits me in the jaw in the movie.
george foreman is haunted by the whispers of muhammad ali friday night with jonathan ross
I called him when he was. a fool, well you know, but you know, if you're going to lose to someone, lose to Muhammad, ah, yeah, yeah, I made it from this just because it's a fantastic movie if you haven't seen it yet, but I'm not going to show the part. where you can opt out, how are you going to show the part where you are still winning this. I'm still hoping to win this fight, well this is just the first three rounds, you still have work to do, oh, okay, okay, okay. This is from when we were kings This is back in 1974 This couple in 1974 I was enjoying I was the world heavyweight champion I'm in zyre I'm in Africa and I wanted a cheeseburger so I go out and I have my cook to fry I got up Oh Gracie and all that and I got into the fight the Fat Academy got bogged down he hit me with a right hand I lose the title 20 years later I have the opportunity to fight for the title I have this grill called George Foreman lean, bad intimidation machine to reduce the fat.
I put the burger in there right before I was hungry and I go out and win the title at 45. I think you think that would make you the vanilla gorilla, but that's the most blatant product promotion. Dyson was almost beautiful, but I've traveled through them, but you know what they are, we don't have to talk about this in particular, but now you promote. I want to talk about so many things with you, but you promote. in America now and here now, I guess it's George who has a grill that Santa gave him, called a lean and mean grill machine, okay, that slows down growth.
I have one, it's fantastic, thank you, look at my size and I'm 73 years old. Normally you would never eat portobello mushrooms, oh yeah, I never had eggplant with egg until you put it in the George Foreman flavored the food and I told you no, I knew it would end up on QVC, I just didn't think. It would be this. I had a few more months of meat and onion. Oh, enough with the onions and mushrooms. Let me ask you about your children. Do you have ten children? Yes, we have five daughters and five sir, okay, and your five sons.
They're their names are George Edwards Foreman, okay, all, all of them, all five, what happened is when you're going to be a boxer, you have to prepare to save money because most boxers go broke, so you have to prepare. due to memory loss, so I enter the house and ask him. I asked my wife to please be called George. Two of your daughters are named George. One of them is called. Why stop there? I wish I hadn't stopped because it gets confusing. around them, but those when you call George, how do I know which one you want to tell?
I never know when George knows what I'm talking about. You know you seem proud of your parenting skills. You have done a good job with your children. I think so, and one of his daughters is Frieda Sheba Frieda, she is a boxer, in fact, there are six professional boxing matches and they lost one. I guess a lot of people would think that they wouldn't necessarily want their daughters to be a boxer, they wouldn't want me in that profession, they wouldn't want their sons in it, so especially you know former professional boxers who can see the damage it causes, no.
You have no problem with that Union, you know, you raise your daughters. and one comes to you and decides I'm going to do this dad oh no you can't do it I don't want you to do it right I'm going to do it right I'm not going to lend you the money I don't care, I'm going to do it and if all my children had the same kind of determination and pride within themselves, I would appreciate it, yes, but to tell a woman what to do, let the women tell them what to do and not me, you know?
It's just that you know you're letting your kids do what they want, they should do what they want, they just can't live your life, you know, I know her from my life, one of Muhammad Ali's daughters too, huh, and Leila and I we mentioned before. We put them together and I said I told my daughter to stay away from those alleys I'm going to take your title and then I'll start screaming I'm the best, you don't want that in your past, but yeah, did you feel them and I guess? most American boxers must feel in Ali's shadow, you know, regardless of what you've accomplished and there's no bigger shadow than Ali's.
I tell you everyone asked me who was the greatest boxer of all time, Joe Lewis, but I tell them The greatest man to ever do anything with Muhammad Ali, what a great man, yeah, you know he's pulling out a roasting machine. I don't know about your wife, nothing is surpassed. I heard it survived yours a little bit. try it, do you know she could sit me down and talk to you all


? I suspect it won't be as pleasant for you as it would be for me, so I'll let you go, but Georgia, it's truly an honor to have met you.
It's a great pleasure. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I said we've enjoyed spending time in the company of him, George Foreman, well, you know what? And an inspiration to all of us. A little bit, yeah, fantastic, used in the connection, it was fantastic. That was impressive Annette, you came in well, it's a good machine, right? I'm not just saying you know and any of my family members are watching, that's what you're getting.

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