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May 10, 2020
he. - He loves me, he doesn't love me... *together* He loves me, he doesn't love me, he loves me, he doesn't love me... But even though you're shitting in my car. - He doesn't love me... Is he more important than me? No never. - He loves me, he doesn't love me... - *Furkan laughs* He is never more important than you. - He loves me, he doesn't love me... He loves me. She loves You? But I think they love you too. Hear what happened, see the real bomb. Samet did not tell anyone when he would come to the club. - Ah!
geceye nasil hazirlandim make up routine
Another friend takes a photo of Samet and sends it to him. Then he gets angry, he writes to Samet on Whatsapp, "what kind of person are you-"-*laughs* "how can you go to the club without telling me?" He goes crazy. Samet showed it to me too, I was surprised. Then I was dancing, I looked over and there he was. *gasps* By the way, he was taking care of me in the morning, I was sick, they gave me an IV and he thinks I'm sick and resting at home. He took care of me. Aww... - *gasps* Think about it, they send a photo to your lover, you're at the club but they think you're sick. - The frenzy. - Slaughter. - But do I have to- what am I going to say when I go out to the club?
geceye nasil hazirlandim make up routine

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geceye nasil hazirlandim make up routine...

Do you know what he wrote on WhatsApp? Do I have to answer you? - *sneaky smile* - I thought we were going to a restaurant or something in the Bosphorus... *laughs* Not the Bosphorus, we're in Etiler right now and we're going to eat something incredible. - By the way, we are in a parking lot in Etiler. *laughs* Look, you won't believe this. Furkan, he gets out of the car immediately. - Welcome. Hello how are you? - Hello how are you? Are you OK? Thanks thanks. Wait a minute, how many will you eat? - I never. - Isn't that something like that?
geceye nasil hazirlandim make up routine
It is not like this. Is it like sushi? Give him one with sausage and one with chicken. Enough for me. Eat two chickens and a sausage. - Don't be stupid, ever. You can eat them. - Oh no. Wait a minute, one chicken... Two, four. Two two, two two. Three four, three chickens, one minute, three... *WARNING: FATAL ERROR* One minute, four, three, four... *404: KERİMCAN NOT FOUND* Five chickens, four sausages. - OK. Yes. And ayran. Wait a minute, are we going to eat hot peppers or not? Without eating anything? - Oh, I say, I don't think so, I have a very bad throat, it would be good...
geceye nasil hazirlandim make up routine
Please, it will be fine for me in a big way. One for you, one for me, at the same time. - Why are you giving me a big one then? Ok, I'm going to get the same size. No, eat that part. Eat it. - AAAA! Oh, I ate it. - OOAAA, no, no, no, nooooo... Ayy, it's too hot, girl... Ahhhhh... - What is this Can?, how hot... *BAM* - Fans... Ay, This ear is fire! Uhhhh… What are you doing dear uncle, are you okay? - I'm fine, I'm doing manchuria. *gasps* Ayy, I don't think so, so what are you doing?
You mixed cheddar cheese with chicken. - Exactly. Oh, I don't believe you, what are you doing man, what are you doing dear uncle, come on dear uncle :D - We are achieving it, we are doing manchurian... Could you put a little bit of that? Chili in it? - I like this. Ayyy, you're great. OK. Okay, that's enough, they can't eat it. But there was no Manchuria, that's what they said. - They told me that there was also Manchuria. They told me too, so look, I came. If you are in Istanbul, come to Etiler to eat Manchurian.
For me, for example, in Izmir, Kardeşler Büfe fry meat, cheese and egg. Look, if you're in Izmir, go there. If you are in Istanbul... - Manchuria in Dürümcü İlhan. You will come to eat Manchurian at Dürümcü İlhan. There's nothing like it, really. - That's what they said. One of my favorites. Look, they told me. - Furkan: Did you receive ads or something without telling us? :D Noo, I love it though, eat it, it's a good thing. Did you give me money or something? - No. And then? Health. I love it.
Whatever. WHAT IS THIS?!?! What is this, ruthless, what kind of thing are you doing? How is this? Who found this? For the love of God, tell me. - We found this. Swear it. Say it like a boy. - Although I don't think so... Well, then I can't say. *laughs* Well, come on, what are we going to eat? Ayh...he did me so good, so good, you won't believe it, my eyes are open...How much for the bill? - 425 lire. What are you saying now? Come on. How much for a Manchurian? - 25 lire. That's worth 25 TL. And they- AAAAAY! - AAAAAY!
Look, it's the evil eye... Every time I come they bring me a 700 TL bill. Girl, we paid less money at the club though. - I don't think so... *laughs* Make some discount, what is this? 450 lire... So it was 450, you made 400. - May God not curse you, what kind of discount is that? Oh I don't believe you. *low voice* 300 is enough. We made a video and everything. Do not exaggerate. Thanks to you too. God damn you. What is this? A wrap for 25 TL. And you know, a person would eat at least three or so, only then would he be satisfied.
Wow. Come on girls, let's go. But you know? We went to have fun at the clubs and all that, and we never got carried away. That's all for today, I love you all. Hope to see you next week on Friday! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like the video... Don't forget.

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