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Game Theory: Does Isaac DIE?!? Binding of Isaac Rebirth's Endings EXPLAINED.

Feb 27, 2020
Hears!! Have you seen the first episode of my new show "Deadlock" yet? Think about video


debates on STEROIDS! Click on this annotation or the link in the description to check it out. I will also link to it at the end of the video. The early response has been good, so... I think you'll like what you see "Warning! This video will most likely contain a comments section full of YouTube commenters aggressively arguing about the merits of the organized religion. Vectors of this video, you're all set!" But readers who dare to go below the fold, discretion is advised. "( Video Game Music ) Hello, Internet!
game theory does isaac die binding of isaac rebirth s endings explained
Welcome to Game Theory! Queue up John Williams because we're putting Indie here.The Binding of Isaac Man!This


is depressing, disturbing, dark... even some adjectives I DON'T start with D Like huh... Baffling, obtuse, just plain weird! a HUGE hit on steam so last year they tweaked it and expanded it into "The Binding of Isaac Reb irth" Honestly it's a fantastic top down roguelike tribute to the original Legend of Zelda so you know the gameplay It will be good. But where is it? game really leaves its mark is in its history. This game comes from the Five Nights at Freddy's school of storytelling.
game theory does isaac die binding of isaac rebirth s endings explained

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game theory does isaac die binding of isaac rebirth s endings explained...

Throw some crazy and disturbing things against the wall, Leave some hints that there's meaning behind the madness, and leave it up to the theorists of the world to figure it out, And that's exactly it. what we intend to do So the game begins with an opening narration spoken over some drawings. It tells the story of Isaac and his mother. They tell us that they live alone on a hill. Isaac draws while his mom watches Christian TV shows, probably a cross between EWTN and the 700 club. Anyway, we're told Mom starts to hear a voice from above. Presumably, God tells him that Isaac is dirty.
game theory does isaac die binding of isaac rebirth s endings explained
The comic then shows her taking away her clothes, toys, and drawings. She then locks him in her room. The voice congratulates her mother on her work, but then demands that she sacrifice Isaac to prove her loyalty. She enters the room with a large kitchen knife, but Isaac escapes through a trap. he hidden door under the rug and he is plunged into a world where he must use his TEARS as a weapon against demons, bugs, anthropomorphic poo and the womb of his own mother. Yeeeah (kids cheering) Indie games, ladies and gentlemen! Ho ho and I should probably mention that there are 16


game theory does isaac die binding of isaac rebirth s endings explained
Most of which feature Isaac opening a chest to find some horrible new item and all, somehow hinting at a greater meaning! But what is this? Well, that's why we're here today and why an episode of this game has been so requested! So grab your bibles and knives because we are diving into the depths and cathedral, chest, catacombs and womb to find out what this game is REALLY about and a quick spoiler warning we are talking about the various


of the game. be honest, this is so complex and open to interpretation anyway. It's not like I'm really spoiling anything for you, just deepening your appreciation.
So, you're welcome, the Internet. Now I've seen a LOT of forums online just dismissing this story as a jab at religion With mom being a religious psycho and all And I can see how people would jump to that conclusion The name of the game "Binding of Isaac" is also the common name from a story mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, the Koran, and the Christian Bible in which God commands Abraham, a very old descendant of Noah, to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, on a mountain. lots of emotions. I just had a conversation with God! That's great, but he just told you to kill your son, that sucks.
Still, he commits because he trusts in God. kill a ram instead Since, you know, old school religious parables are HARD So the game clearly references the story and then you have mom standing in the doorway ready to attack her son with a knife Clearly tackling religion Unless she's standing there ready to attack here son with a knife Watch as a story is presented to us through Isaac's own drawings You can even see his name in the bottom corner signing his artwork Plus, remember the part of the story where


's mother takes all his toys and pictures away where she is even shown to rip them off the walls?
Well, watch in the background during all the cut scenes. We see Isaac's drawings hanging there. It's weird right?! & Seriously, let's be honest, Isaac


n't actually escape through a hidden trapdoor to fight hordes of sentient fecal matter CLEARLYYYY this is a game about fantasy versus reality The story that frames Isaac illustrates is exactly that, a STORY, a fantasy he created Mother is not sacrificing Isaac, at least not literally. And when she menacingly appears at the door, that's just a child's overactive imagination. Mom probably just got back from cooking dinner BUT there is clearly a connection between Isaac's real life and the fantasy we play out in this game.
So what is really going on here? We'll have to start separating the symbolism. Obviously we know that this is a religious house. Isaac's mom watches Christian programming. He creates a story themed after the story of Abraham and Isaac, and all the other characters in the game are Biblical allusions as well. There is Judas, who betrayed Jesus, resulting in Jesus' crucifixion. Eve, of Adam and Eve fame, who committed the first sin by listening to the Devil's advice. Kane, one of the two sons of Adam and Eve, who killed his brother Abel Magdeline, most likely a reference. to Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus' followers and often considered a reformed prostitute.
And Samson, who is a bit like Hercules with his hair blessed by a vow to God acting as the source of his strength until he let a woman cut it off. So there's your cast of playable avatars and at the end 12, we see that these are not separate characters. These are all Isaac assuming the different characters. See how he went through them all. We even see how he enjoys dressing up as them. In one of the load cut scenes, we see him receive Magdeline's wig, which he excitedly wears until all the other kids tease him about it.
Kidssss SUCK MAN If the kid wants to dress like a Biblical prostitute, I tell him to let it. 6th and 7th grade (whewww) THOSE WERE THE WORST Sorry I'm projecting a little too much But my stinky high school experience aside. Look again at the list of characters you choose to dress up. sinners Judas, the traitor. Eve, the original sinner. Kane, the first assassin. Mary Magdeline the prostitute and Samson the boy who cut her hair Well one of these is not like the other but it's a big deal When it comes to a God who


n't cut your hair and gives you great strength in change for it.
Issace, by dressing as these guys, sees himself as another one of these profane characters. He sees himself as a demon. And it's not just me being metaphorical. He LITERALLY sees himself as a demon at the end 13. He closes the bible, looks in the mirror and sees the evil within him. He then looks over to the toy chest and, as we see in ending 12, climbs into it, with the DEAD cat of it. YEAH! This is where he starts to get dark! If the stuff about a fanatical mother threatening to kill her child naked hasn't gotten you there!
Isaac is a sensitive, creative. Guy. He draws, reads, reads, proudly dresses his Mary Magdalene. He has an incredibly rich inner life. But as we see throughout the tracks in the game. His outer life has been hard. His mother may not have actually wielded knives at him, but she certainly is restrictive and unloving. Isaac's room is sparse. She gives him poop as a treat. She pushes him to the side of her when he tries to hug her. And other children are no better. They laugh at him, they take off his pants, they even, AR-ARE THEY SHITTING ON HIM?!?!
SHEESHH!!! KIDS ARE THE WORST!! and although the introductory narrative says that he and his mother live alone. Ending 14 tells us even more. They live alone NOW. But while he was growing up, Isaac had a father, one who, as we see in the final Polaroid photo, left them. And if all that wasn't enough, in ending 16 we see Isaac's dead cat, Guppy, who is a very important part of Isaac's life. Every time he receives a finished game, all of his possessions are bequeathed to HIMMM. GUPPIES! A DEAD CAT! And certainly all this weighs on Isaac. he feels guilty about it.
He responsible for all these bad things that happen in his life. In fact, one of the new characters introduced in the "Rebirth" update alludes to this "Azazel", the scapegoat, the one who takes the blame! And because of ALL of this, he needs an escape. A literal place to hide, the toy chest. The toy chest is where Isaac goes to escape the sinfulness of the world. Both own and others. It is his place to withdraw from all the bad things in life. Abuse by his mother, father's absence, bullying by his classmates. The box is his imaginary world.
But escaping from reality can be dangerous. In ending 10 we are introduced to "???" Known to fans as "Blue Baby", the crosses in his eyes are cartoonish signs of death. The blue color a stereotype of those who died of suffocation, suffocating to death. It also goes back to a fear that Isaac himself has in one of the loading scenes of him, struggling to BREATH in the box. You'll also notice that in ending 12 when Isaac cycles through the other characters, Blue Baby is not present. That's because the characters he goes through are the ones he plays in his fantasy world.
Blue Baby is not just another imaginary character or custom. He is ACTUALLY a dead Isaac in the chest. A TRUTH with which he cannot accept. This may be getting personal, but have you ever thought about death? Do you have a cold nauseating feeling that his mind and body can't comprehend? The mind simply projects the thought directly! That's how I feel at least and clearly that's how Isaac feels when he takes on Blue Baby. Unlike his response to anything else in the game, his reaction LITERALLY has him spiraling backwards. That's also why Blue Baby's real name is "???" Isaac is unable to comprehend the true nature of Blue Baby, of death.
He is faced with his own corpse in that box. So is that where it all ends? Is there really no hope for Isaac's survival? YES actually, that's it! At least in the first game. Isaac hides in the box, he hides in his imaginary world and the fact that the game never really ends, continually respawning and recycling in new ways, only adds to the fact that he descends deeper and deeper into his own manufactured reality. . But then last year things changed for Isaac. In the updated release of the game, the developers introduced several new characters. But this time instead of being sinners, these guys relate to the subtitle "Rebirth." Most notable is Lazarus, who died and was raised by Jesus.
But then there is Eden. Now he wouldn't be alone if his first impulse is to think of "Garden of" as the perfect place that God created for Adam and Eve before Eve's original sin. So how does that relate to


? Well, watch the cut scene while you unlock the character. Isaac falls into the closing chest, shakes, then stops, then a heavenly glow erupts from the box with Eden walking out. Now you can imagine where I'm going with this. As tragic as it is, Isaac dies in the chest. He locks himself up, fights and dies. Only to be reborn as an angelic supernatural Eden as evidenced by glowing eyes, the ability to hover, and white hair.
Even the different hairstyles that he goes through provide more evidence that he is being reborn in different guises. Yes, he is still dead, but at least he has found a new life in the sinless paradise of Eden. But that is not all! If you manage to make it all the way to 15 and 16, there's a new result, one with a little more hope. In order to reach Ending 15, Isaac must face "The Lamb", a twisted demon with an inverted cross on his forehead. In Christianity, the Lamb is usually the name given to Jesus Christ, whose depiction is SLIGHTLY different than in this game.
But think about it from Isaac's perspective. He has created an imaginary world where God tells his mother to kill him. CLEARLY he doesn't have the most positive outlook on these things. So it would make sense that he, as a character, would see Christ as an evil demon. But then the game goes one step further. To get to the final boss, Isaac must kill the Angels to receive key pieces. This opens the beautiful Golden Door to "MEGA SATAN!" If that's not the name of a video game boss, I don't know what is! Defeat Mega Satan and voila, the cycle stops.
There is nothing more to do. Isaac's fantasy world has reached its darkest limits. And THIS is reflected in the ending. Ending 16, the hardest to reach in the game, has Isaac on his chest, switching between his human self and his demon self. FINALLY ending up on him like a demon and him WITHOUT A SMILE. Let me emphasize how important that moment is. This is a game where Isaac is crying ALL THE TIME. Attacking enemies with his projectile tears and yet when he agrees to be aDemon, smile. What does this mean? Well, he's just made up with himself.
He accepts that he is a sinner. He goes beyond the religious guilt with which he has been raised. He no longer needs his imaginary world. And this ties into ending 15. he Features the mother standing outside with a "Missing" sign for Isaac, he has run away. After accepting who he is, both the good and the bad. Isaac finally has the strength to leave his box, his imaginary world, and the abusive home he's been living in. He is no longer trapped by the guilt of sin, he finds his own way. As the title says, Isaac is REBORN! In "INDIE GAME" the movie.
Which is largely about Edmund McMillen. He explains how each game has been an expression of his personal life, especially his childhood. In an interview with Euro Gamer around the time "The Binding of Isaac" was released. McMillen explains that his family was made up of alcoholics and drug addicts who became born-again Christians. Being confronted by this extreme level of faith caused him problems. Which leads to him constantly feeling guilty and developing a desire to fight back, acting against it and look at him now, one of the most successful game creators in the indie world. He struggled to escape from his box.
Like Isaac, he also found a way to escape BUT HEY That's just a


! A GAME THEORY! Thanks for watching! Welcome back to the SUPER AMAZING FINAL CARD TOURNAMENT! Last time 5 percent more of you

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