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Game of B.I.K.E w/ Logan Martin, Kyle Baldock and Jaie Toohey

Jun 11, 2021
welcome to



's youtube channel oh no they weren't home could you shut up? I can't make an introduction. What's going on? Guys, welcome back to the channel. We have received many requests for some


s and a bicycle. I have carl bulldog here jay tui kimbo is going to film we are going to play a bike


with a twist uh there can only be one winner the two losers have to jump into the pool with all their riding gear on them um It's very cold in the pool , so that's going to suck. These guys probably have a little bit more of an advantage over me because I haven't really been on these guys' level and I haven't been here at all, you know?
game of b i k e w logan martin kyle baldock and jaie toohey
I've been riding in Williams' backyard as you've seen in the post, yes he just got here too, we've been riding for about an hour, like a bulldog does a few warm up laps, he hasn't ridden this setup either, um, so it's going to be an interesting game, stay tuned and enjoy, so we're going to use scissors, paper and rock to see who sets, in what order, first, one will be odd, one gets the set first and then the winner of the next battle. so it's good and it's one to get yes, one, two, set one to make the game you know a little better and you have a mulligan each.
game of b i k e w logan martin kyle baldock and jaie toohey

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game of b i k e w logan martin kyle baldock and jaie toohey...

What is a mulligan? So a mulligan for those you don't know is in one of the sets, you can try a second time if you want, yes, if you want to try a second time, but you only have one, so you better use it wisely, yes, it is okay, use it first, I said second, he said second, so two sets, first call. second method, start with a bench, okay, I'm going to put on a 360 triple tail whip, okay here we go, so everyone, I'm doing a 720 on my set box, I'm going to do a flash on the ten. foot, I know bulldog can do this, yes it's sketchy, although until he finishes a few times he scares me a little so I'm going to issue a challenge to tui for the 10 feet he's kicked.
game of b i k e w logan martin kyle baldock and jaie toohey
I'm going to set up a front bike turn with nothing, oh. Yeah, there's no way mate, very well he thought he had it's not often that he doesn't get them so we were very lucky guys I'm going to make a three whip whip. I haven't done it in about five years, Logan. I think I'm going to say three, oh guys, look good, see, I knew I had to kick it harder, that means you have to go to the pool. Okay, looks like Kyle is in the pool for one. He'd better keep the protections on for my helmet.
game of b i k e w logan martin kyle baldock and jaie toohey
Oh, over here. Are you going to borrow a wheel, oh yeah, okay, there you go, I have a spare wheel. I've had tests done, everything's fine, the bulldogs are back in action with my wheel, it's my game. I'm going to put a whip on the volcano on a flare whip on the eight foot quarters oh this is a new one I learned recently but I know the kids can do it so I'm going to do a Superman 360 seat grab let's see how does he refuse, they are not right because you are trying to do a Superman 360 seat. grab the box I'm going to do a superman in the opposite air with the opposite hand, grab the air, okay and now you can turn your feet or you can be like me, you are waiting for a card, you are going to take a card, I can.
He's not going to take the letter, guys, we're going to put him in there, oh, we have to give him that. We are going to continue with the same type of trick to make Superman grab the seat in the air. These guys can do it in the. resi we're going to put it on all three feet were you kidding were I on the trees oh oh that's good I'm doing everything that everyone knows when you go out to play a bike game with these guys you should have done an hour warm up I'm here , this is the first time I've used this setup in a long time, even even the previous setup has been a long time coming, but he's here giving it a good try and no joke, let's do it. for him and now it's yeah, one, I just want to say that was big to let everyone know what your set is, move forward a little bit, no one has a lyric yet, so yeah, I'm going to do a triple tail. whip, bring my triple tail whip from the fat spawn to the resi landing, okay that's it, the first letter of the bulldog game is on a b, so I just received a b from the transfer, triple whip, just send it , and you know what I mean. because I got a B on that, I'm going to do a front flash and see if the guys are going to pull out all the stops.
I haven't added the coin under the rezzy to all the people there. Okay, my set. I'm going to do an elliot 7 transfer, I'm going to say that two are getting a card on this one, I think a bulldog could get this, but I'm going to try to give them both a card for the damn rocket case, here we go, okay guys , so I'm not going to do that because I'm just going to pass, I'm going to take a b, but my set now I'm going to place a quad tail whip, oh honey, okay guys, I'm not going to do that, I haven't .
I rode enough this morning to be here sending a four-tailed whip over this box. They're both animals, so I'm going to take a bi now, but what I'm going to do is make a cash transfer. the box oh no no no no we're not okay here we go bulldogs here crashing everything is ready so my set I'm going to take the bar up the step to flip the whip down this transfer taking a ladder okay okay bi and I'm not in nothing, come on, nothing because the backyard I tell you, guys, I'm at a disadvantage, I haven't been riding, you have your level, we're all stuck in corona and this guy is here riding his own backyard. but it should be okay guys so I know Kyle can do this but yeah I don't think Logan is going to do it but I'm going to send a double backflip oh I'm a letter I'm a b okay guys.
I'm not doing double under I'm a b bulldogs and I'm not feeling double under today either so he's a bike now so guess what that means he'll go to the pool first he's the first member to enter the pool and then The next set is my set, okay? two, he's done this a couple of times, I'm going to set a flash bar, I'll do it on the rezzy for him, oh you got that right, since we're getting to the end of the game and I'm almost out. I'm going to use my mulligan. I'm just going to send it.
Let's send him Flair Bar right now. Oh damn, okay, I think Logan will do this too, but I need to send him a letter. I can stay in the game so I'm going to put in a triple tail alley-oop whip so my set will be fine so I'm going to try to get it out of this set the gopro is about to die so I'm going to put in a flare contrary, there is no controller, um, so I said at the beginning of the video that I have a disadvantage. I actually forgot we were riding at my skate park, so yeah, maybe I had a little head start, but it was good. to step it up a little bit and let's go watch these guys jump in the pool okay guys honestly he wanted to do a lot better than me it's Logan's skate park it's a really big skate park and I've been riding something. much softer and much smaller so im going to ask for a refund and its no joke lets get to work i bet its so cold its so cold thats it the gopro just died until it jumped it was so cold or what was freezing honestly its cold his pads are all wet and everything oh that sucks im so excited kim no dont pressure me thanks for tuning in guys hope you enjoyed the game.
Bulldog wasn't in the best shape of him, so I'm going to say that he's going to want redemption. I do want redemption. They're already trying to get me into the pool. I won't go in the pool. So stay tuned. Bulldog and I may have a wild game soon. Definitely, maybe we can film the training. all three olympic games at some point that would be pretty badass yeah that will be bad let us know what you think and stay tuned for the next video peace thanks guys bye.

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