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Jun 08, 2021
Hey how you doing it's all good bro everything's rolling that's call back so how you fix it fix it this is the light that broke but it looks good dammit they threw Christian , they hit the cabinet, I'm glad it's a target. several times yeah yeah I'm absolutely furious right now I don't know what to say and I've been getting tweets that this


is great people really enjoying it but you know what it ain't dude Jack and Barry are giving you looking at. the mirror ain't they must not be cool it's absolutely the worst experience on planet earth this is torture this is chinese torture man we both should know the same amount we know no one told me how to do this occurred to me. a ten how do I land? you obviously know how to land so tell me why would i tell you it gives me an advantage against me gives myself an advantage matches us so its not like you have false vision this works what do you mean? what do you mean what do you mean what do I mean ex Excuse me, be serious, yes, you are literally asking me what you mean.
game grumps   the arin rage chronicles
I'll have an advantage if I know everything you know. Oh this


sucks. you have a choice you have to pay attention to every little thing buddy every little thing is coming at you coming at you like Cleopatra oh wow it's alright hook up this episode titled aaron loses his mind purple plant why were you growing up in a rock world i didn't even try it's alright this battle is real yeah i have a good feeling about this i'll bring it downtown you know well i'm playing music in the street i'm getting a noise complaint but you know what i don't even care cause this is my art enough this is like gawking and y'all like to improvise a crazy monologue it seemed ok one day i was walking down the street i met a guy named karl karl it was because he can't even grab mondo hot major can pet you give you a sl ave oh come on man i Shut up, look, you saw me shoot the green thing.
game grumps   the arin rage chronicles

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game grumps the arin rage chronicles...

I bet the guy who saw it flew off to another dimension or wherever he goes when he dies. I mind going back to his room and he's like oh why did you change my room? You knew he would come back and he says you love them more than you love me. what am I talking about every time I order a sandwich at Subway, what do you mean if there's anyone but like everything Subway is really infuriating? Yeah it's like the people in front of you take too long and there's no drive-through and how it is, I just don't know, I'm exaggerating obviously, but it's always like the land of inconvenience, yeah I mean because it's like if I was to be fine and they say what do you want and I'm like a foot long sweet onion teriyaki chicken on flatbread and then they're like what pan and bread and they're like oh okay and then they'd take them away they're like you said a foot long yes i said a foot long yes and like you want cheese you already have as many as bad experiences with it like it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy the second you walk in there like hello how can i help you?
game grumps   the arin rage chronicles
You're like oh yeah could I get um swiss cheese and they say what kind is it okay yeah you know the kind I just said huh and they're like toasted and it's like of course you can't have the bread without yeast and don't toast it it's like a spongy yucky starchy bread it's made for toasting Wow of course I want it toasted and then they toasted and then started helping the people behind you and it sits on the toaster to get it out it's like someone else got a reading on their personality it's like you like spinach and then they just destroy five other things that you can't just fill with a pinch and think that's all it's going to be and then you're like onion and they're like okay a and they put like two onions in it and it's like more onion pls get a weird combination like and also sweet onion sauce there i can make my own guru sandwich it seems strong enough like you it's not a pinwheel pinwheel do it no ya sa bes the next time I gave the next time I gave reps it's getting weird damn Danny Glover damn Mel Gibson I mean you look like you're doing pretty good I probably have another 30 or 40 on this. now the monkey shits Oh doh doh doh doh seven would go on the road would go click please PPP Peters you gotta be me six I love it here we go pppp pppp personal packing up person's pet how do you want me to wait on I will Peter prefer personal bread pizzas partly new sentence ok five I don't have that many P words buddy Patera dactyls that P word is P hush absolutely don't you dare do that to me I'll kill you ok stab you in the heart ok let's say left ok nothing nothing ng nothing nothing nothing nothing this is nothing nothing don't believe me the link on my resume so do you have experience bookmarking it ok the latest jimmy is back too late at night and they wake up in the middle and they have to ? bomb sup dude you know that feeling you know it you wake up you have a bar you can feel it you have the hot sweats no she has everywhere one of the worst sequences i have ever seen.
game grumps   the arin rage chronicles
Don't even tell me what happened, oh my gosh there was a lot of property damage from there. Aaron Aaron, why do I think it's gone to 400? that was like straight algebra 3 to understand now it's damn oh I appreciate you keep jumping all the time freak I have to go out of town for a weekend yeah this month so I thought I wouldn't give any specific dates but i was like do you have a preference if i go this weekend or next weekend m m-hmm your answer is 9:30 in the morning Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ uncle face book movie jesus can you believe this you know nope no punctuation random capitalization so i reply i have no idea what we're talking about right now 45 minutes go by and i get a message from you dammit he created facebook and lawyers and the winklevoss twins dammit they're rowing the boat.
I can't even believe this. Him. You see this. pass answer spider-man spider-man are you putting the time putting the time build with your own hands best friend Jesse Eisenberg I'm so tired I'm like no problem man I'll do my best to talk in the grumpy session today lick immediate response I'm talking like five seconds later no man i'll just talk about the facebook movie all day man you gotta be so into the i have to say about the facebook movie dude i just watched a year and a half ago jesse eisenberg man he over spider- man crazy winklevoss twins growing treant resin or they made the soundtrack this guy who invented facebook i don't like he died i can't think who invented facebook all i could choose as the guy who played the guy who invented facebook who invented facebook and then on caps, two hours later, mark zuckerberg, oh, little tummy moving, look at the cat, oh, never mind, jesus, i didn't know i could go through the looking glass, oh, wha What's going on, oh god I'm scared, it's a nightmare escape, oh man.
I'm dropping gems and jewelry and things. You are so small. That's how they could. All the controllers broke in the first place. The complete controller. No, by no means, they are cheaters. look at that 192 it's not even possible it was even playgroups versus until i played this game a thousand times and i've never seen this high score before my dad worked at nintendo oh i'm such a wife oh coco oh god oh god jesus christ this is so stupid this is so idiot i can't i can't hit the pause button i'm so dumb you have to go through this again it's already rubbish you have to fight every step you can't avoid this stupid fire it's fun you probably can but i can't figure it out and i'm a know it all dude i graduated never better get Jagan this is fact it's not interesting it's like the 50th time you've done it idiot stupid hedgehog idiot.
OMG, how are you supposed to avoid that third party? This is just because me, three men at once, has nothing to do with how gay I am or not. I'm not. That's what I meant. Sonic and the Black Knight episode I hate it I hate it yeah so slow sometimes why do you lose your composure you are doing great I try I try I try wait why is it going so slow is it supposed to be Sonic the Hedgehog no It's slow, the hedgehog, hey, the shadow is doing it, oh my god, please, please, please. e please don't let them come oh my god don't even don't don't come full circle don't come full circle oh no I don't approve I don't approve your eyes your horn you're getting outstanding at this take my dick in your mouth move it like you you were trying to clean your teeth from gingivitis make the cum flow down your throat baby Oh musicians getting real my Dick is a Twinkie you can suck the juice out of you oh oh oh you think you can bang your chin on the floor and act good and good you know what that you know what to go back to square one why don't you eat it that's stupid ok ok ok you ok i can't jump use the sock just use the columns no no no no no no oh yeah use your idiot what's ok don't check my trailer don't check Joe Jack what what even with this this is such that he destroyed a lighting system here roll with 30 dicks this games a lot of poo sticks covered in chocolate dregs there's a guy and there's two brains and not his entr enador ok now i go up here push the button and go through here i kill the guys up here they're dad ok i come back down yeah i turn around yeah i kill these guys Danny please , call me Danny so you really must be in a straight state mad mother they're dead it's just go to your cock shop don't talk go here rings oh no patronizing man i'm seven it's five there's five now yeah nothing's gonna change i just have to die and start again and I hope maybe this time when I rolled the dice they'll die, I jumped on the thing and now I kill that brain and I kill this guy and I kill that guy and he's dead and he comes back to life because he shot the fire , there are four. brains and one of them is going to come back to life night comes choppity chapter ok of course and here comes the choppy ok alright i got the choppy choppy chop here comes the chappy ok starting to get frenzied lighting up yeah i think that that's the chance of the choppy the choppy ones are i mean what sucked me she s screwed me right away i got the choppy it's getting choppy it's going to sting me oh shame two minutes ago you were praising the charm of this game the charm wait this feels different choppy it's just that it's so good at slicing this is probably like the best thing i've ever done in any game it's just because the hardness level is really consistent as crap it sent me jerkily awake.
Let's finish this so you can take care of that situation that I don't know without a name but I just received. a green bell i know i'm really kicking ass now you know what when you shot yourself yeah everything else has to take a back seat? The Sun dammit I can't talk about Sonic fan fiction, that's too much, ah, this is the worst, this is genuine anger. it hurts it hurts that time yeah i'm gonna play any rules at all im black i'm not going no no nah dude i'm doing it my way 23 yeah 5 ok 3 girl here we go here we go what color is it is red there you go 13 black arrive before anyone else can move it 23 is my number trash like pink i'll kill you stab you in your sleep stupid what if it's neo tango it's not it's not your friend it's oh it's Kasumi yes you didn't leave me any more bets 23 fortress of solitude never fails never fails baby damn 10 thats alright its gonna hit its gonna hit this time wait you piece of crap ass dick ricker dick when the fortress hits hits hard its never gonna hit it makes my dick doki-doki and then i panicked three to back close I'm so close that means next is 11:23 p.m. damn I got my money back but it wasn't 23 so look oh my god oh my god Wow dude this might be a good time to cash out I got a lot of meltdo wns huh, it's pretty good or, I'm emotionally unstable, they're geniuses, geniuses, they plug in, we don't trust them. class take a shot get that ass who's got the grapes who's got the grapes check this out get another one you lost for like 55 points danny wins you have to guess who pick the grapes i bought my gram wait what a shame the greedy teacher wants 20 of them that's it what I do.
I'm 20, right? Debris bag. Eight different types of items. It's a suit that you have inside okay actually give it to her oh darling it's a joy that pendant yeah just give her individually the next 19 that's one that's ok that's two yeah I know you've made it for long time but i don't know you know it's a wonder why i don't read any of these people i don't need your rupees tell them i said hello i don't need your rupees piece of god maybe you have to sit down oh good well that's not enough if you click 20 of them oh come on the one I just gave you one I can't believe you're we


g it she's like that's this is this one doesn't count this is your teacher one plus nineteen twenty I can't believe you oh yeah that's that is I will.
I will say it was like having a party in my heart yeah when I was like, I'm 20 now this is amazing cool. I'm going to take out my aggression on you right now how do you talk to me? in your mind i put the back of my hand in my pants like i was an idiot and you are so dead right now. What is this? Akind of angel. I don't want religion in my game. I just wanted to put together a puzzle or something. oh man i wasn't i was trying to get back it forgot an integral part of the game it still won i haven't been using it damaged i don't like why it was going at the slowest speed possible ok i couldn't really say the word "believe" in this point.
I won't even be proud if I win this match. I could make him jump over the edge. I was thinking that for a while but blow it up boom boom tourniquets oh my gosh you could do it do it look at Ghidorah's head listen Larry tells you what airbags the ladies in Japan have today. Jesus, I knew. a guy named jesus i asked him hey your name is not pronounced like seuss and he said no my mom is very religious and i said it wouldn't have been like that. stopped you from having the name of jesus and said ok jay-z red light a real bright one for the 3rd episode of this Radical Republicans really ruin my rectal rap don't go for alliteration sorry that will make it too much hard. for you ok ok i need the no pinkie story i need no pinkie stories it's ok the purple plants make me feel uncomfortable when i walk up to them they say hey how's it going and i say it's going well but it's not really going well i just did i don't want to share my emotions with the purple plant.
Do not know him. I think I hurt myself. I think you can't do it. I mean hurt yourself. that score that was a straight zero yeah you know what um I'd like you guys I'm not he


g you I'm not seeing you guys what Darren is doing here gathering you're doing man what are you doing I do not know what you are doing. I was expecting a lot of salt. Sandra. Was. I was very sad. Play doctor Mario. This is a liter. ally impossible i just want to say i'm fine right now i figured this out we got it in the lower level 2000 it seems the speed dropped a little bit freaking monsters that's interesting oh this is even more. awesome ok i'm aaron 3600 points that's awesome dude i know what y'all need this is what your money where your mouth is dealing with this we're trying to make it yeah i was trying to fail real bad and we were good at it that's true, thank you.
I totally agree with that sentiment. I don't have any respect for you, yeah that's it, I got one more, okay, one more that was crazy, that's one more that was a mistake, the only mistake you made after this twenty after this attempt, we will, we will. do verse me not now just d Ollars you fucking ass no no no hard dude what happened? You need this doctor. Honest question. This is like a textbook and a failure of course. his crotch is ok that's cool he's not human once again now you see the mantis unique pixel Krotz Jerry fought bears for a living but he wasn't happy about it so instead he pursues professions and golf He wasn't happy about that either, he just realized. he was an overall unhappy guy so he saw a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist dammit this is as hard as fighting a real 20ft plant monster are you free right?
Oh my gosh, so these games, how many of these were there? No I don't know what just happened but I don't care if everything turns blue and you die I mean whatever it's just a video game we could only work so hard on this again. Fall, I'm just running towards the wall and then suddenly I fall. If you slow down there and see if there's something you're really running into, it's like when you hit the wall, Jesus Christ man, this is retroactive out


, can you open a big treasure chest for a key, oh, OMG? she's just not that into you a bracelet take that hand bro i love it with you let it go i want to put my face between your pot well i mean yeah obviously goes without saying yeah i don't hear it come on man bring it bring it bring it bring it come on bring it come on , yeah there you go ok big cat ok let's drop the bass Isla watch out come on oh jesus no good dammit sophie come on fight you want to go you want to throw. down i'm fine with that blue coin it's ok blue coin is give me signs and sanfur can't buy crack it's ok shine real money i ain't gonna make money go to the black market sell your body people, I'm afraid.
They're like cute boys to stick their dicks in that anus, but you, what do you have? Coke just makes you want more watch, okay, what happened, you fell, yeah, double recklessly. I touched the car that did not belong to me. Okay, there will be too many of these laser guys to go around. You can't keep throwing fire at me like you know what's going on. I can't believe I'm doing this. I am assistant Li. Now I'm going to embrace this. in your respect you have that it's just a reflection at this point there is so much emotion attached to those jumps bro you did it you did you did jennifer let me what are you what do you mean what is this game you don't know don't click left and don't no no no no no no no no no no no oh, the victor ain't covered breath oh my gosh oh wow sign up now on your local grocery store card just let go torture the guy congratulations. they're so good just enemies before this we're like dudes run up to you and you cut them in half and that's what hit a red dude I know he's cool no god damn mate he blocks everything , it's oh, it's trash, it's trash, straight up, one hundred percent real trash, god, oh man, oh, it's so much that it's 100% on the scale like a hundred is like out of a 100 please let me win it's like you're naked in school and you had to fight mike tyson from 1986 it's like what this is this is how it feels you're the type to look you in the face you're not even having fun you fucking rosebush dog coming after you your dad your dad son your dead dad to me this game here we go pumping his fist don't sink don't sink don't sink don't sink Sleep today to get into your room and sing the music of these 52,000 damn you can get a background.
I can, but I'm too far away. I think you have to go. You have to go find it. it happens oh no you want to do it off camera just run over there no i can easily do it in your country here's this s one for all the marbles oh i'm super excited ok you have a second ok dicks dicks , get on your knees and suck and roll dicks, get on your belly, sucking troll, this crazy sleazy with your chin, you have a hairy chin. Steal those hairs not like velcro yeah hey break I got caught murdering a man named Steve.
I spoke to the police and refuted that I had anything to do with the murder. he's got the controller right now this is a rudderless boat we're on Aaron is picking up the controller again I stop right there slack foot here we go this fifteenth is a charm brings back the good old memories of like a slide out of tune from you clam, why not? God it's so I think oh my god now I'm dead because of this stupid clam. I was filming the whole time. Hey, this is a good time and I think this episode might not even lie to him. me about this daddy really likes that i'm making music right now it's ok you don't know what you need to go through with me but like nothing in the world is going on there are hungry kids put on nonchalantly Zumba pointy ass eight pointed shell done done that's it that's what you do there's no solution this is unbeatable it's unbeatable next time in gang groves this is an ass oh my god it's an ass it's a literal ass you love this game five minutes ago ripping my ass off dude you know dude you don't have to tell me look how much i can nail this i'm so good at this amazing there's no fix now it's crazy to right center no i might be sleeping dude always wanted to be in the continuation of the last story gotta say we're not going to stop i love it like this that i got it i said i love it before yes i do good all this game has taught me is to shoot people with guns jesus christ your own voice not all guns in front of you i, he does. this is so nasty if you don't resist you die i don't know you ok like you're doing great oh yeah you think you're tough nicky your top isn't tough it's not tough oh well but that wasn't tough enough what do you think you're New Kids on the block you're not you're not Donny get out here alright here with it Donny mom jump stupid stupid Hedgehog you hit now no no broke gotta go fast hey dick ok one go go oh look arm is tired don't stop wait dad jump shit ok scared walk you piece of dog Dukey it's ok hold on oh no this stupid stage is dumb and my arm hurts oh it's like Ichi's manipulative politicians always get away with it unless you cast their vote in a polling booth Voting You have the power as a registered United States citizen to vote at your local DMV so you can control the fate of your country at least a little I mean there's the Electoral College and all no no no no forget all dick holes oh dude you're amazing right now its length come on keep going no no no no wait oh wow oh my gosh big just go fly like you kill one yeah and just go oh won't let me make sure i get there.
I can't tell what is a platform and what is not clearly. I can't attack while I'm jumping, that's all. it's that it's a problem yeah oh what data that doesn't go away no i mean go away oh my god that's so funny oh my god oh my god oh there's the end it's the end go ahead now switch chip wow wow right go right doctor you were left handed hey dick go down right where is where is where is where is the end where is the end then go up yeah jesus jesus homie god door freak yeah , no, I can't with the dog in such poo, suck it, son of a, I'm done with this, I fall into the fan like a thousand times everything I try. what i gotta do is make my voice sound good seriously oh man okay i got it for the record yeah i know okay i know yeah i'm the worst i just worse, is it you?
You mean? I that there's a little dance coming out of there I can't do it Oh door ooh and at minute 44 Herron lost his man my man oh no Moen magic again no I'm going to do this look at this no no, no, follow me, kill the Wall master, yeah, like you don't have to jump off that cliff at all. I don't want to notice you. I want to log into the thing and I don't know how to change my perspective no no yes I'm literally missing the worst worst just say suck my dick I'm too tired to text me and I'm too tired to read it yes apparently you weren't so tired you couldn't send you that message Wow oh man how nice these are strangers right you don't know them no I don't know any so they deserve whatever they get why they all decided to message me at once.
I got the steel pipe, hey I can. I don't read when you guys text me yeah forget it so I'm not a control freak. definition they want there you go who is that I don't know just a blurry word the Paragon 46 dammit sorry hey des burns you know oh my god yeah yeah yeah yeah damn dude space pants that's a bummer I couldn't point it because the targeting system of Shit doesn't work I'm turning off my fucking targeting systems Luke no don't use it use the Force no I say use it I say Julie yeah use the fucking targeting system damn targeting system again Jesus Christ he It's right there, give me a fucking break, stupid Ocarina of Time, that's right in front of me, so stupid, dude, oh, I hate it, you know, bring them, bring them, oh God, don't fall off the rope, just run away. you have to go a little bit just to get up come on dammit hit me this is uhh ah i can't even get up there i've been there before i can't even get up anymore kill always kill the best. just come back before you go to the next one oh no no don't stop i need to see stop attacking me i just have to go up and before there's another bat ah jesus there's another god just go just go ah it's not ok jesus scared me so much he's Okay, no, God, thank you, stop, stop.
I can't turn around fast. Why can't they do that job? I don't know, okay, you have to put it, there you go, God, Christmas, man, you have to hit it with the first shot, you know not, there's no summoning sign anywhere. pretending to be gay this is i'm so mad you failed me everyone failed me everyone failed me there's nothing there's nothing for me here piercy ain't the piercings everywhere okay no oh mr man oh you got it okay holy man it's been amazing he can't do it no one could do it we got ross believe in me yes russ please and you get one more chance oh ok with our magic losses this is ross shot this is the oh why

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