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Game Grumps: Making fun of Advertisements

Feb 27, 2020
If you could swap lives with Larry the Cable Guy, would you know why? Because then you would have to be Larry the Cable Guy. i like being me i like my mom oh okay she saw her heartburn she would have to take prilosec all the time unless she's kidding us in those commercials then what she's really doing are prilosec commercials yes if you got burned i'll say so that you need a weapon you did it again prilosec you know what they don't know that's surprisingly likely to be a fight i mean almost word for word i eat ribs every day and i love it but i'll tell you one more thing about how many ribs how much proust a positive navigator does not express it that way they live oh baby rila sec bye then it's a bear market in prowler sick this is your god problem snake is what do they worship if you if you go to a football


and run out of potatoes eat prilosec you know what it's going to make you happy it's brilliant it's a brilliant thought i hadn't thought about it once heartburn like crazy wow you knocked yourself out because of my last little pointy ball ima cuz i'm blocking you the characters are going to tell me today you're pee-wee herman last episode your win is giving me heartburn that's why crouch is sick oh my gosh but and i still got him mm-hmm i had super soakers oh those were my jams oh yeah what I mean when they used to have like the big the big like the tank on top the supersocker 200 yeah those are crazy another like XP 68,000 yeah lunch master oh god, have we ever talked about the master of booze or whatever? the commercial with Adrian using it looks like the kids are getting just oh yeah with the kid that's like what you have to do you have to pump him while he's filming of course you do so it's like oh god I I'm glad we're friends. do you think like the kids who are playing with it or I like lady of the night i think i'll refer to my penis as the resonator instead of a lady of the day it could be a lady today was there some kind of board


or maybe some kind of toys where they were look like hamburgers and hot dogs and other things like food and they were army men they were like army hamburgers fast food stuff and they would like to throw grenades at each other and like the commercial was like a claymation itself themselves yes yes no I don't know if you bought them and they were like, well no, that's what they did, we have fried food here. really alive and like there are tons of e examples of how kids like to cry and they like it because how they did they bought the stuff and they didn't talk and it was yes and it ended up going to a High Court and that was like one of the instrumental things who determine that like advertising couldn't bring it to life it couldn't falsely advertise what the toys could do no way yeah so when you'll notice barbie or my little pony or whatever become cartoony and alive like in the commercials now there always has to be like a shiny washcloth showing clearly that you're gonna like cartoon land no yeah so I'm Barbie Barbie that's overpriced oh god he's bad green hmm, like those horrible shakes and drinks sometimes and the Pittsburgh Steeler. gamer from the 70s what joe green really means you never saw those famous commercials it's one of the most famous commercials of all time it's like a kid it's from the 70s it's a kid like the way these get like pepsi or whatever you think Mean Joe ink and green coke is like, yeah, okay, he gives Kogan a lot of pitches on the jersey, he's not racist, it means Mean Joe's green, well, no, that was the point because he was such an amazing football player and so brutal on the field that like the idea of ​​him being so nice to a kid was like a big deal.
game grumps making fun of advertisements
I don't know much about Pepsi and then Family Guy did that great version where he likes to throw his shirt away. The unbelievable thing is bad socks and underwear that kids like now i watch the original and i hope the exams exactly doesn't sound anything like that sounds like a normal human being hey boy i wanna sound like an unsubtle version on the yes looking at the nose ok i'm going to throw my shirt away now yeah surprised thanks for the kind gift of giving me Pepsi my favorite drink oh yeah that's right the kid gives him the soda upside down.
game grumps making fun of advertisements

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game grumps making fun of advertisements...

I can't remember what the hell he is he for, but as a quarterback. in football he gets knocked out and like t the coach came up to them and they say ok the quarterback gets knocked down strangers come up and ask how many fingers am I holding after three and say what's the score he's a 29:27 like what's your name i think i do remember he's actually pretty good he gets up and runs back onto the field look i'm batman he's both the rudest and funniest thing you could daughter boy who wants to live his whole damn life on that rock yes, it's the size of Papa John's house, am I right?
game grumps making fun of advertisements
That guy looks like a jerk. but i think one is worse than them, have you ever been alright? I have to stop the episode, have you ever seen that? That promotional video that he did where he was like I'm like everyone else, so he's like me. I'm going to order Papa John's Pizza right now and it's like his house but it's really his house and he's a palatial man of course I like to hang out here with my kids you know just hang out because I'm a normal guy like you, i mean i always walk by like greek columns and i'm here. in my house there are no minorities please anyway my more pizza and salt replies the delivery man at the door who is like terrified appreciates you oh thanks have a great day and matt just made history he is the first papa john's delivery man in all the world here's your pizza sir and he's like mmm nothing like a little papa john's anyway here he is here i think he dips it like a buck i don't know maybe he did it off camera oh man he jumps fantastic anyway go get it that cool hysterical video i got my best friend my assistant my son beau was at the house i was watching another watching some commercials from the 50s the other day uh-huh and i came across this compilation of commercials for mcdonalds ok ok from the 50s and it was one that was funny it was like I was talking about um like all the different ones I was talking about cheese and uh it was like it was naturally my intrusion wearing that and blah blah blah and I'm like oh delicious and then it's thin enough to melt in the pond and it's alright and it's sharp enough that you know it's there so the selling point of your cheese is you know there's cheese in it yeah yeah you know that there hmm oh lord you got into the wrong situation just like mrs.
game grumps making fun of advertisements
The old McDonald's catchphrase was um, Betty had a farm. kids if you fall off the rail you die you just die you float in space yeah and since you're sitting in your little car you get some oxygen so you can think a bit about your inevitable demise oh god there was a like a commercial from a long time ago don't drink and drive where they would have had yeah it was it was i can't remember some old arcade style video game but it's like a guy on a girl in a red sports car and they crashed the car and it flips and it's like game over and then the PSA guy comes and says in real life you don't get another room if you don't drink and drive so remember that remember I was like you know what I got the message that it came home from you put it in the language that i can understand in the meantime i drink nothing but milk until i'm like 19 is how i think i'll try the beer once yeah no you know honestly i think about it a lot Those ads worked for me, yeah that's the way your brain is with dro gas and stuff, yeah, well, except I think eggs are delicious and I thought I'd love to make my brain more delicious.
I only remember the ad with the children. he's like my dad isn't home we he's gone he's like no and he's like taking out his go yeah yeah you want to play with it and he's like dizzy Anthony shoots them and they don't plead good yeah the screen turns black yeah that was super intense and i was like man i ain't gonna play with a gun yeah and you a 1 a 2 3 sound effect oh yeah god so iconic when do you think that came out commercial? We are talking about the Tootsie Roll commercial with Mr. OWL Tootsie Pop yeah sorry and mr. turtle, yeah, isn't it so weird that I asked mr. turtle how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop and says oh no i asked mr. owl and there's no point in the beginning of the commercial wasting time.
I never questioned it, oh that's right, I forgot there is a cult in this game. for the radars friday it's the monster truck rally ticket pays for the whole seat but you'll just need the perk but it's always better when you like to pay for the whole seat that's like poetry no that's cool. commercial oh yeah of course they usually say that but you just pay bleep he just breaks to pay for all the work. Charlie Charlie's egg falls blue. i used to like to take similar quotes from something and then speed it up and slow it down on repeat ok as well as keeping up with the air going over the edge take a part for the edge - nice release for the year that's a really cool feat acting trick oh wow I don't remember these guys I wish the good people back home could see your face Wow am I ever going to let this settle?
I guess I'm just jealous of the people at home who like to see how many seconds it actually was because I'm dying to know we have a counter, oh yeah I wasn't paying you, you're not liking it. this I think is getting significantly more awesome for a while now dude I love it just like the McDonald's tagline oh I love it do you remember the McDonald's tagline before you have it your way no that's Burger King? to see you smile, and it wasn't an effective ad campaign because people determined that McDonald's employees didn't love to see you smile.
Actually yes, they were quite ambivalent. you smile and people were like they didn't give a Wow yeah so that's me I love it I guess it's more like it just doesn't mean anything yeah it's like there's no way to really quantify if it's accurate or not. exaggerated that I always wonder if there is someone out there who is like I eat McDonald's and then I'm like I love it yeah and by that you mean no ironically yeah well completely not ironically it has to be that way. there you pick me up why not every time we're together at Subway you're like god i love to eat fresh yes it's great it's really fresh and they don't really leave it out in the open they're there tub of mayonnaise yes he needs take the gummy bits of steak please feels like you eat fresh today stick a big silver knife in and spread it out do you have anything that's a degree fresher than the hot dogs that have been hanging around the 7-eleven for eight hours that's right oh yeah those are disgusting g even clean those no i think the same hot dogs as for days and days live baby live now the mat is over never i don't think i heard any of that song excited for the new sensation.
Partly, oh, it's in the yogurt ads and I managed to put some sprinkles in your yogurt right now, but De Niro's intention is to put other food on the bottom, rock on top. Oh next time I've got ribs come on boss yeah we're doing it have you ever seen it doesn't look like a commercial for a game design institute uh like game programming institute and it's like some kids they will play and then their boss comes in and how are they doing with this boss level? boss stuff we need to tweak the graphics at level three back to you which is great and then they say can you believe we get paid to do?
My gosh, that's amazing. I have to see that, oh yeah, it's a classic. pandering 90s commercial yeah yeah we can believe you get paid to design videos or games yeah we make our living playing them the world has gotten cooler since the 90s I'll tell you what you want yeah yeah it's very hard yeah make video games ok it actually is playing a video game yeah you know mario myself out of this equation aaron can you beef up the game at level six this in Florida, there's a place called Sal's, it's an Italian restaurant and they had a local commercial that was on local stations and the guy who made Sal's decided to play all the roles, all the male roles in the commercial mm-hmm and the plot of the commercial is there's this guy and he has this girl come over but she's not a cook so she calls Sal's to deliver good and then they show up and deliver and she likes to serve the food and then it's like you know she it's like oh your cooking is amazing Sal the girl: not okay thanks to the male characters and then you know she's a cute cook he's amazing he's like thanks Al but anyway the food is like yeah okay here's the food and then the delivery man walks in it's the mm-hmm and stuff like that every day from salsa restaurant and you know he's not an actor right oh boy that's not good, not good bro and i used to make jokes that he was like the box of pizza pizzas his mouth on the chairs like chair chair time that's ridiculous that was a Florida thing yeah I love public access commercial sales it's delicious thoughman it was a great thai restaurant really if you ever in the west palm beach area you got cells maybe it is yeah remember the original Legend of Zelda where you do what the Triceratops is the dodongo so dongle , yeah, when you make them eat the bombs and they say, oh, yeah, indigestion there like, oh, the pepto.
I can't believe I ate the entire thermonuclear device. old pepto-bismol commercial oh yeah I think I ate them sounds familiar yeah it's a very classic alka-seltzer commercially huh it's just a no it's just an old guy like to sit on the edge of his bed and like a wife beater at night it's like late a Tonight he says I can't believe I ate it all. This is one of those things where, like my grandma, I'm sure she's like 35 now, but when she talks about it, she still laughs, you know, so I mean advertising is super effective.
Oh, actually alka-seltzer is one of my favorite marketing stories because I guess the product itself wasn't very successful because they sold it and they kind of bought the tablet mm-hmm but then when they decided to couple - mm-hm and then sell it with the sound effect of the lake, you know, yeah, so it was like I had a big hit pop plop fizz fizz. I almost dropped an N. bomb like oh that can't work but yeah and then obviously they sold more alka-seltzer and like they were selling them in pairs yeah yeah dude my mom still remembers the ads for when i was like five early 50s. itself like there was some what he was called is like a weird looking dog puppet trump the comic insult oh no trump great great grandpa but it's like this is your part is for the nestle chocolate meze like the song is n est has him nestle does the best and then the dog is like my mom still laughs like what you said i'm sure now like if you look at it it's like everything in black and white what i love sugar bear is my favorite old commercial sugar bear what was he gold was it was smacks honey smacks yeah no that was jacob smack sugar well that was before real dig'em yeah look up just look up up sugar bear I'm fine it's the same cereal it's going to take me to a p roxeneta I'm thinking Huggy Bear no yeah sugar bear is as tall as oh yeah remember you're half-eyed yeah he's like Chris golden crispy golden okay cool crisp story.
I think this has changed a bunch of times lets say this is correct from the website golden crisp should be under the sugar bears legacy of cool yeah yeah he was quote cool nope that one in quotes taller all the time, you know, and he's got like in the 90's version, he's got his cap backwards, there's a 90's version, yeah, check this out, sorry I made you look at Sugar Bear. that was probably my fault it's whatever sick weirdly hard whatever the cereal is just puffed wheat coated and honey is the same as smacks yeah yeah it's exactly the same smacks which is with a puff oh super golden crispy frosting and sugar yeah wow fantastic that weird taste when you eat it with milk it's like that dry taste oh you don't you don't then you just have to put up with it just throw it away really a lot of things mixed up. i mean it's music bro i did it so intensely moving like farfel that's the dog that's the farfel farfel the dog yeah come on omg it looks so crazy but it looks like something from five nights at freddy's lucy wait i'm just going to play it's oh my wasted a ightless we called farfel oh that was good that's the space version whoa yeah never mind well i hope i hope other alien civilizations try to contact us not the first thing they hear let's keep moving they seem to love this food actually that's not completely false yeah I've got to get my chance, oh farfel, do you ever remember what a pop was? dude i'll just give you the popsicles and he's like you got janet from my dad yeah yeah they cut their jaws off to eat here so weird yeah also being on a really strong sugar buzz from too many popsicles corn popsicles corn you got my pops buddy I remember yeah yeah they were always the way they were cool NES I'm getting too far on this I'm ruining myself using that all the commercials were always like Mike Mike I'm in the dining room and in and I really want to.
I'm so excited about my popsicles, but then Cindy beats me to it and I'm okay with it because town school and everything, but then she comes in and gets the last few popsicles and I meet my dad. . just blow up now that's a very common thing in advertising like weather i mean it's the kids version so it's like girl online and stuff but like men choosing similar products over women it's a great like beer beer commercials do it a lot like a super sexy girl and the guys like it well maybe there isn't this beer to drink i'm like that's stupid would that's okay okay opinion time yeah sure disgusting piss water ok amazing sex yeah think about this think really hard it's a tough call disgusting piss the water is still sitting there in my fridge after taking it with absolutely disgusting water.
I made the right decision. Miller Lite like all of us and it's like what we've been trying to get this is yes I do Miller we've been emailing you back and forth for months Miller is disgusting actually that time I was telling you when I got arrested when in college for having that for having a beer like we were bringing tons of beers to a party in the top dozen cops spilled no no yes but like cops became our friends at the end of the night because they could tell we were just goofy kids you know and the last thing was all like Miller like all Miller beers I'm like when we leave like the station the cop looms he's like hey guys this was Boston of course yeah guys there hey not at all but uh the whole miller really made fun of our beer choices. hey hey beer oh oh my gosh you know I just thought what d or people uh oh do kids today know about Energizer Bunny? like in the late 80's like there's a line of drumming bunnies and they had like little drums and they were all blue and they were like and they all run on batteries and one by one they take a step and they come to a stop because the battery dies and then Energizer Bunny comes out with his hype and his sunglasses like you other bunnies you and they were like it goes on and on and then I think they were the first to do this actually they would have liked other types of commercials like it was like an orange juice commercial like pass the orange shoes like i love this orange juice and then the bunny would walk in like doo-doo-doo like she was still jazzy and she was pretty revolutionary onary for the duh what was the only moment I remember?
I said I wanted to be an entertainer. I think I said this before. It was Beast Wars. I was watching Beast Wars and I had this epiphany. I was like, wait, wait, people. there are people who are doing this for a job where the cartoon has to come from so this is a job this is a job yeah and then I said and then I saw that thing on Nickelodeon where there are air monsters yeah I think we talked about this easy too and it totally made you want to do it that's what made me want to be able to dry out and that's what i might want to be an animator yeah because it was like the guys i don't know if anyone.
I would have been old enough to see this, I mean I'm sure some of you were, but it was like that, it's kind of commercial between some Schiller digital interstitials, yeah, and it was basically like you were a can animation that you ever had to go shoot nerf guns always like oh my god thats exactly what they said in the commercial you never have to grow nerf guns i was like oh no thats amazing and i remember my nerf gun scene is so similar me by the way not like that yeah you gotta sit down maybe it was in the 90s but now it's very if someone shot me with a nerf gun like it's like I can't I'm trying to grow up shut up milk its Nickelodeon it was like that was that was the first one I think they could have done it first maybe Cartoon Network was on it around the same time too because they had how and chicken and stuff but Nicktoons was like the first time I was n


cartoons almost like art.
I've been in a car with people who have been on their phone the whole time, yes that's very scary, yes that's heartbreaking. really dramatic commercial or that's like you know they're going to die like a girl s in a car accident they like the funeral and everything and then boy does this sound like the basis for a funny comment well it's because so , everything culminates so that he likes the police officer, he will like the scene with how the wrecked car and things that he picks up like the broken phone and then he looks at the text and just says s MH cuts to the girl's tombstone and just says s mhm it's a you don't even want on that because the message is so yeah good because it's like it's really as important as that is the message of course did you remember the commercials for miller lite taste great minus full?
You say, no, yes, they were trying to decide if the best thing about that beer was that it tasted great or that it was less filling and it became really famous. like pe People were yelling at each other yeah yeah it seems weird well what was that just in the commercials or was it that in real life he was in the commercials and it spilled over into real life because he was a commercial so popular oh it would just become something people would say I can't believe advertising can influence people so much of course you can like it to the point where it's like they're having fake arguments the guy has milk ha been a campaign since the early 90's, yes, like your friend. knows god knows I mean it's like it's semi ironic you know it's like god knows people make jokes about it.
Do you remember what happened before that, but is that really like less padding or whatever? a good body yeah yeah and like it starts with a girl who drinks milk and then a guy wants to come in and be like Jenny she's a pretty popular girl gets a lot of attention from me gets total attention she's a m Drinker ilk you kicked him out to lose. She is a Jenny milk drinker. She gets a lot of attention. that they could do that in got milk it's more effective than that well it was the 90's so like they're trying to find more modern and faster slogans yeah it's good for the body yeah the first ad like that with really minimalist words and all. it was the volkswagen beetle where they just had a white background and they showed the beetle itself but until then if you ever like to find an 80s magazine or whatever the advertising is it will be like a picture and then like walls and walls of text like just describing the product and everything about it ceases to be found yes I remember it especially if it goes back you like the forties oh yes it's just text yes then there isn't even a picture and it's like cigarettes are delicious 9 out of 12 doctors agree cigarettes are so tasty and good for you do we just change or just find out what works better what do you mean like we as a society change we are like this was it effective then and what we do now wouldn't be effective so i think it's a combination i think naturally it works better as simple is always better yes but as the world changed to become more complicated and crazier and they threw more at you then simple as all people even had time for it do you know what the internet is all about? my favorite thing to say is good in a sticky situation anyway that's terrible yeah for australia so here was a commercial on tv that was like wood roaches to a fifth grader and then it was like a roach, you know, like a l little roach alright and then it was like roaches - his seventh grader and then it was like a pot joint and then it was like your son knew things and then my mom one day made me a side and she was like Aaron what is a cockroach oh my gosh and I was like a bug yeah she was like okay and me, I had never seen that commercial so how did I do it I didn't actually know that, like a weed but it was a cockroach it was like i was implicating myself in something that wasn't even in my realm of understanding it's so funny when parents do that like you?
I don't know when they'll stop doing this, but do you remember that it's 10 p.m. Do you know where your children are? I remember that catchphrase, but no yes, every night at 10:00 p.m. Do you know where your children are and like me always would? I mean I was like a nerdy kid who didn't go out and who was sitting right next to my parents and my dad was looking at me like I was. I have a good boy and I would be thinking of myself as a loser he is a good boy that he is fine I like him he is fine I just like the sprite yes it is a cool refreshing drink and it helps with snake bites, both lemon and lime help with the snake, you know?
Have you seen how I showed you that announcement that there's going to be an announcement in Australia and I don't know if they took it down or whatever, but it's literally this guy like insidethat it was meant to protect people so they don't like being kicked out of their homes, their homes that they've been living in, so I thought it was well intentioned, yeah, but it's too vague, right? Oh I mean yeah yeah I could see how that would happen I can't get enough of that sugar bear created out of sugar. I can't afford the sugar Chris because it seems like these tax cuts are basically helping big corporations in the extremely wealthy.
I mean, I do get some tax breaks, but they're only temporary and go away after a few years. that sugar well granny looks like you better get a better job so you can afford that sugar Chris yeah I can't get enough of that sugar yeah looks like you better be the CEO of Kellogg's they keep me strong i'm so close though oh it's so close oh it's tantalizingly close oh oh my god i know my rights granny jesus christ i'm losing my shoe i have the right to bear arms and i'm a bear no I can have enough of that sugar, what another absurd law.
I am going to be homeless because I cannot afford to keep my house because I can no longer write it off as a tax deduction under these new laws. yes, well, granny, you know what you could do, you could give me your possessions. Including that delicious box of crunchy sugar I can't get enough of that sugar it keeps me strong maybe you should have a big heaping bowl of sugar Christmas to keep you strong sugar bear sorry no management not on my side but to be honest I didn't fully feel like the previous administration was on my side on certain things well granny I think you may need to learn to accept it in a two party system there is a very good chance neither side really have your best interests at heart here get enough of that sugar with all the essential vitamins and minerals chris will keep you strong great we are all pretty much anything in these hard times drown your sorrows in a bowl of sugar chris i can't getting enough of that could be worse you saw putin re-elected which was a total sham you want to know why i'm so obsessed with sugar chris grandy because it's the only thing that gives me any sense of joy in this fucking politician can't get eno ugh from that sugar chris ok here we go here we go oh is that a check mother oh that's a long checkpoint is this oh damn i can't get enough of that sugar hit he's going big I'm going I'm going I'm going

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