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Game 312: Rome Part 2

Jun 08, 2021
the city right away is probably not a real point. I want to come up here, I could block it. They are sitting like cities facing each other. That's good. Let's go here. What I just bought. Truffles a little further west. Yes. We would place two tiles east of this east of the truffles if I said the whole city is a big deal to me, that the truffles are five times from my taxi, okay, buddy, taking the worker directly next to me, any any other concession you wish. I at the beginning of the


not only places my city in my worker agreements.
game 312 rome part 2
I don't feel like that's the place in your city that's right in the middle and I actually think that's a chip for me, honestly, okay, uh, probably even the non-work that's probably going to be redone. this, but I want to work on faith, which is what I have very, very limited space for. I already have to talk to Greece about where you are talking about settlement city because it means that there is no blocker between your ear city and my capital and me. I'm not too excited about what you said all that. I think if he says I'm a killer agent who settles in two places north of the truffles on the coast, on the flat land or on the hill, yeah, that's fine, iron, oh yeah, thank you, yeah.
game 312 rome part 2

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game 312 rome part 2...

There is no reason not to work iron, it is just another production point that I mentally do not see for some reason. I hope the horses don't go, they can go next shift. Okay, this is a problem, this barbarian archer. being there I want Steelworkers and I can't do that with the spike archer there I need this stupid thing to die. I can actually just hit him once here I should die to the city state now look at the state gunfight he does these days move before barbs I'll go there take a quick look okay one turn to the horse we don't plan to finish , we go straight to the luxury, but by putting a turn on it, we could move directly to the ivory tile in which case all our moves are exhausted and we still start the next turn or we can put a turn on the knight and then move there .
game 312 rome part 2
I need workers for the city. I can make an immediate library now or I can go work on your library. I'm going to go work in your library. I just find one of the biggest problems as the tradition at the beginning of the


is to get your online connection to actually work with decent tiles. The tech route doesn't matter too much here. I could start working the iron. I wouldn't mind some tributes. a little later in this game so let's get started I might clarify that the camp is fine there's no real reason for the , uh, we're still. happy but breaking faith as much as I can well the city I don't want it to grow this one is producing that's fine workers in the libraries probably if I can get some mating water upgrades or wherever they are called upgrades Legion upgrades I can Actually, I'll be able to get some trivia out of this game.
game 312 rome part 2
Okay, let's go there. We need to heal that scout. Another city-state there. Well oh, I actually got quest rewards for completing them. I think maybe I was the target. The mission must be. specific missions okay sub for offenders 17th month neuro thanks a lot man much appreciated Zanzibar is going to steal my iron yeah I can't do anything about it either next to the horse tower. I know, it's okay, to settle there with the mountain, along with the style of the horse, this horse. Towels are really a good production job in this city. Build a barn.
It's good for the city. It is what is important as a tradition. here well, I can't fortify here no because unfortunately this is now adjacent to his borders, which means he sees me, which means it's going to be very difficult to work his steel there. I could work on his steel right there, maybe with a scout. three followers there huh, that's some pretty aggressive expansion on their


. I'll take down the scout. In the meantime, I could close the camp, maybe starting the next turn just because it's in the way of stealing from the city-state, it's the only reason I'm considering clearing it right now, well, barn on a worker means you'll get our happiness in our line, I mean position our workers to the east now and I should probably take up masonry before working iron, so I have a luxury that requires that improvement here working the The horse would be good for faith.
Is it worth the lack of production? Probably not a good policy next turn, though. No, I am going to adopt the growth policy. I am still a little tempted to adopt the growth policy. Yes, I could sit there. That would work too, okay, any of these that matter, I don't really plan on building wonders in the future, but yeah, so let's generate growth in the capital. In fact, I'll do that symptom. In fact, I think it's better right now, so I can still steal. I didn't see the title that I can move to, you need a title that you can move there, okay, barbarians, the barbarians themselves explore around here, let's get to know this city, stay and then we can heal, okay, so he met the tank also with this guy. like rush pyramids and now he's complaining about deals expanding like one of the ways you can deal with someone who rushes pyramids is to punish them by agreeing to all these deals.
Freedom. I would definitely agree to these deals right now for no other reason than myself. I really don't think it's a very reasonable way to do things. Okay, legions will actually be very useful in this game. Maybe I can get some tribute from them. I can definitely use them from Rhodes, they complement the workers and give me good defense. early game i will just heal there for a couple turns if it gets too low and you keep exploring a barbarian can sneak up on you and kill you by buying tokens here. Do I have money to buy these chips?
I would like iron, I can really do that, okay, here's the worker I want on the next shift, he should move there, okay, great, get a second worker agreement, we should work that title on this now has better performance It should be my entire city should be focused on production and I in production have focused them well, the capital can be left on food, it's not that my job is that safe, so no, they are in extreme danger, yes, your records They're fine, okay, no, I don't really feel like he is. being a very reasonable neighbor at this point, he asked me for three concessions and gave me nothing, it bothers me, it's okay, we have more of a meal here, it doesn't matter, no, it's not really.
I mean, we could undo one of our faith tokens, but I won't need to be happy again, it should be as soon as this happens, we can start growing, we'll move forward and work on the marble after that and then we'll get a duplicate sugar online. or perhaps even move the worker down for the luxuries of wine here and there. I need to buy Russian chips here, he doesn't have any settlements right now seems a bit ridiculous for a Liberty player right? southwest of the Scout that is currently healing now I would recommend it with a little more HP, go there you will find something really good there, okay I'm going to keep an eye on Russia, okay I want to grow at the limit and I can. work this mosaic now overlaps with the boundary could actually grow here and work some faith.
I would like to make profits before long. It would be very good, what are the policies that Russia has? Freedom we should also review our self. note some players just get really angry at the beginning of the game like in this settlement he might say oh I'm just going to kill that without units someone is really defensible without units he's not defensible at all although I fill in some units that I consider growing. a little bit in some of these cities, but not at the cost of production here, still this city has a combination of faith in production and growth, so I'm fine working on that mosaic.
I'm going to need to clear this camp. In fact, I can do it. that here, sorry guys, it's harder to do this as skins comments and at the same time reply to the chat, fish oil says, I hate dirty, I love your YouTube channels to sell in my game, carry on what they are doing, thanks man, much appreciated, what does the military advisor say? about Russia, that's a good question, okay, that's scientific strength, military strength of the Russian empire, army strength about the same as ours, okay and shot around the city, okay, let's exchange escort here , so we'll go back and forth and heal up there and wait for another worker, why multiple theft over anything else?
Well, multiple theft allows you to not only anger the city-states anymore, but repeatedly anger the steel workers so you can get the benefits of stealing workers without the detriments of the penalty for stealing. They will start the library in the city. I want my National School to arrive relatively early, with tradition. I'm moving this way. The goal is to clear this camp if it is not cleared and otherwise protect the workers. I want to improve sugar next. I can negotiate, I can even offer a sugar exchange here before I have to sell sugar online, just to get that started, but probably not.
I'll probably wait for the worker to come out before doing it, at least I can focus on this production now that we're growing again, tooth retail is the same, okay, I value production one over two, the three golds in Right now, we need to grow up soon, we can't do that because of the happiness restriction, so we got +1 happiness from Wonder. I guess maybe I could have another city girl a little bit um this city seems like a city that would be good to grow in so let's move on no that will be the worker's time okay I take it back it would be a turn anyway , it doesn't matter, it's fine. we are not going to synchronize the workers because we grow and then we are productive when that is why you block the food tiles and the cities focused on production because when the city grows it will work these hammers and gold even with the new citizen, but if it were a food tile wouldn't work those tiles that makes some sense well it looks like we are in the northeast corner of the map it's not terrible return the iron to my capital um maybe for the next turn okay barbarians we need a military unit down here this zanzabar like this for some reason I'm not entirely sure must have met a natural wonder founded maybe or met a player I think it was a natural wonder okay you'll heal here to prepare for the next steel worker this is Albany again okay , it's just a baby, yeah, okay, let's go meet the city-state, where is the camp that they won't clean up, okay, thanks, there somewhere, just for flying here for a ride, okay, it's well, we do it. grow, we can grow to iron, yeah that's a good idea, put that on your back in the capital and I'm going to cut, I'm going to cut this, yeah, I'm going to spend the two turns cutting down the forest while I'm here and then go and try the marble so that we grow to the iron mausoleum, good try in a moment, if I want, then what this bat camp is clear, okay, it should be a priority, you get a happy ally at the beginning of the game, That's what I need.
What I have to do is send a unit myself. I may have to build another unit. Maybe another warrior would be nice. Don't do anything old in turn. Nobody. If I want to make improvements to the Legion, which I will need. about that, so I need to do a bit more GPT than I'm doing right now and it's going to be almost impossible to use this, just kind of a downside, actually hoping to see the clear state so I don't have to. upset, it's not a specific camp that I know of, no, it's not good, camp is over, the games are going fantastic, we'll accept it, no we won't.
I want to see what's up there, but I want to move my warrior down here. Gallop Tribute Donation $5.00 it's a multitasking hype also name a city after six rookie six one of my followers can do it thanks for the donation much appreciated friend go and six rookie six makes fun good worker back this way we're going to have to go this one is going to enter there this one will become beast again, a spike can appear here and move there, so I need to escort this worker when he comes out, okay, I want to continue growing in the capital, so when he grows to the level of production, it will be great, but let's go ahead and then work this tab instead.
I'm going to work some gold. Rate the three foods. The three gold here about food. Just because I want to upgrade the legions at some point. Let's continue exploring. Russia is simply doing nothing and eleven hammers. At this time she settled in a city. I'm not sure what her plan is, but she might be trying to rush me. This city is about to grow. The approach ofproduction is fine for that, we could probably work on that mosaic. I don't think I can grow to that. I think it would be food neutral and the cities, when you grow up, won't let you grow too stagnant or negative food, so you wouldn't benefit from it anyway.
I think this way I will get the same amount of profit, so don't do that, it's a little more leftover food. Okay, I'm sure one moved there. Let's move here to start a library city from the renowned donation. Yes, that was it. Don't rush me, brother, it's okay. there's no real estate, he said they were good for that


icular name, but that's cool, cool and that was a couple of days ago from Crow ik. I think you don't need it in one of the formats, it is not donated instantly, it is Czech. trip, which means it takes a while to get there, so I don't see it until it arrives, basically I wish I had it.
I'm also going to offer sugar to trade now and I want to bring this so you can deal with the spikes bring the worker back this way. I want the horses in line and I just want to keep an eye on this camp, honestly, two. England proposals, let's take that one sorry, I've got England first. I'll have another one in a moment, though ah, the greedy game is a mausoleum here. I would like gold, although we are going to try. The Great Library isn't gone yet, so it's a possibility that other players are doing other things, let's continue exploring the Hanging Gardens.
It's a tank. I guess it's okay, the city has grown. I want to get some production going, but I'm not in a big rush with production here, so I can let it run. golden food again yes donation Chad donation says Irene in the Cheddar's Revenge cap I hope you don't die in Stewie's campaign thanks buddy I appreciate it Cheddar's Revenge is good okay let's remove the apostrophe so we can fit the revenge finale here we go Greetings, okay, I'm looking for another worker in Albany. I'm going south this way. um, let's support this Scout, this worker, this barbarian could come to harass me there and if he comes to harass me, I.
I would like it to come to my city-state. I wanted to move to a position where my city, my city, can shoot. Yeah, okay, go put the horses on. Oh, if I'm going to go to the national university, that's what I need. Actually, I am working on the technology, the philosophy is something here, we are good to open trade routes soon. I need to start growing these cities. I'm starting to stabilize happiness and it's not perfect yet, but it will be soon. It's another for happiness is online, another out there, this is very slow when you don't build when you don't build from the heart a job or a tradition and you just settle, your starts are a little slower unless you can make multiple steels or still very, very early We didn't release a worker particularly early.
The steel is more of a mid-range worker's steel. Okay, there's a barbarian, so I have the Scout here, we move the scout there, he blocks it so he doesn't move if he hits me, we can. he alone fortifies and heals another barbarian there. I'm going down here. I'll eliminate this guy first. Okay, then we'll go look at the camp, yeah, yeah, or production for the moment, let's inspect our neutral or fairly neutral population growth. I need our happiness first I'll probably work the stone once I remove the spike because I'll get happiness, student, it's okay, I'm still waiting for another steel worker.
I'm expecting to encounter tanks, although it's also kind of Crazy, I still haven't got it right, when you steal a worker, you must be a city-state, have a view of one square outside its borders or two if it's a hill, like this that you are standing on a hill, two squares outside the city five, standing here, listen. just a little bit to see you and never move a worker within range the fact that I'm moving I'm sitting here the city state can't see it so what it does is it moves a worker there and then it says oh this guy there " but it's too late and I can steal it again, so if you're looking for multi-steel outside of the city-states, that's what you need, prioritize tile upgrades, especially if you're building a worker before a settler. prioritize the tiles you're most likely going to work on and when you're building settlers, the tiles you're most likely going to work on our production tiles, although after that you'll be working on luxuries and tiles, so the horse is really important.
Deer are really important, getting that iron slab for growth every time I grow, it's pretty decent and increasing my luxuries, which is what we're focusing on right now, luxuries so that we can grow, so that we can do science and also other good things. we are going to hit, we are going to advance on rough terrain, promoting here does not help us against the Barbarian, but if we have to defend the city, it will help and he has made a check right now so he can take out the worker and start improving the luxury is okay, let's be a good librarian here, okay, I still want to meet Tank.
I don't know if he's not doing any scouting or what the deal is, but hey, we're going to grow up here, this will make us unhappy. Could Prevent that growth and how long until it grows two turns. In fact, I'll avoid it. 1 tribute turn. You know, there is a very strong reason for that. I'll work with the extra hammer, maybe even the gold. You know it's worth gold. Instead of donating cooperative boxes. I love this over-explanation. Would you like to, please, you can do it. halfway through this, so I prefer to prioritize capital growth over expansion growth, yes, yes, I know I'm going to continue with Happy empty, but you know you don't always grow twice because it grows on others and on others, apparently you're the The way it works, it grows in other cities, your capital, than in the other cities that you've expanded to, so this would be since this is my third city, it would be the third to get that, so no.
I am guaranteed growth. It doesn't always happen that way anyway, so I'm not guaranteed growth. I guess I'd rather work on something else in the meantime, so Jabberwocky 69 is a substitute for the second month in a row. Thanks a lot man, much appreciated, go ahead. Put a shot in there and just explain to them why it still makes sense to avoid growth because now I get the gold that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten because if I'm still working on these two tiles and the city wouldn't grow if I were working on the wheat and the iron and the city was not growing so what happens is that I am losing all the food because the food is cut and cut in 1/4 so this way I get the two gold that I want to go another way, so one Once we are happy again we can continue growing and it won't be long, it's just that it's this turn that we can.
I mean, there's just a shift difference, but very small things like that are sometimes important to save well. we grow again, we will grow in the next turn. I could even work this for additional growth and we will grow to the iron with production because we can afford to grow again the same here now that I can afford to grow, let's grow and the same. here, except I'm doing this right, we give it a spin, which doesn't make it a spin, so it's the equivalent of working, if we put the gold focus, I'm not going to leave it in the production focus and while we're at it let's grow the caps have already been assigned let's grow we take the iron so our production focus gets us the extra hammer come on okay barb is doing exactly what she wanted to do she's wandering around my city state on my tiles that I can't get looted, get shot at from my city, my capital, which is great, okay, there's a delay here.
I can trade cotton again now, but someone is falling or the turn transitions are very very slow, okay, go ahead and accept this Lux trade. I'm going to get another one, it seems like another loan line, sometimes it's better. I know I'm trading one for one right now. I don't get any happiness benefits from it, but it establishes a long-term business partner, which is often better than the immediate one. I'm happy for the immediate fact that I'm helping my opponent more than I'm helping myself, because in a couple of turns and in six turns there will be the same benefit for me on him, but in the meantime, I'm guaranteed a business partner, so I want to give it to him, I will return it to my capital, okay, let's shoot that guy, I will kill him with this cow, it's a bit of experience for scouts that I won't get, otherwise I will wait there, yeah. let's go down here I think Russia cleared this field, that's right, no, no, yes, okay, I would like to create that field, so I put it this way here, honestly, I could even afford to grow faster or more hard in that city or potentially build something else, there is a tank, a yellow tank, okay, you should take a look at the costs here, tanks, the favorite is Oracle, so you probably already have this technology, no one really has that technology, but nobody has philosophy, but it's a little late for philosophy.
Days of improvement in terms of weather. I would like to have camps for my darling because I will be working on team tiles and getting that production. That permanent production increase is actually a really good thing. I would like a better treatment of workers for everyone, they may not let me. If this combo moves there, he won't let me say, we'll see. I need to update Conner's subdonor for my reception. We'll go ahead and do it, we'll move it up to seven. Alright, legions, let's iron. working for legions, legions for a possible tribute and, at least, a very early strong defense like Rome, then we will go for whatever the next thing that interests us in philosophy is called, which is a great library, they go to the tank, really, yes, he built it. after Hanging Gardens with like four Liberty players in the game who can't be bothered to spend like two hammers to get a big library kills me, okay I'll go in here, okay we can't, we'll go here.
Nevermind, I'm going to want to heal this wire, but I guess healing the colonists is better than not healing the colonist. I'll take the aristocracy over the wolf or the walls right now because I don't have many units that are garrisoning my units are doing things and this allows me to get to the mausoleum here a little faster. I can't stay in the city forever because unfortunately now this has grown to the border so every turn I spent there I pissed off Hong Kong I don't want to piss off Hong Kong indefinitely a little bit is fine but not much I'm moving here to upgrade sugar In a moment let's put our horses online because we are going to be working since online also allows you to create those stables in cities, you must improve a pasture resource or simply strengthen it in the explorer.
I might move to the other side of the scout steel, which I'll consider doing now, come on, scout tanks. Land a little and go from here. Okay, Library ready. I would probably take an Archer here or possibly a caravan would be fine. The sanctuary might be nice too. It really depends on what I'm trying to do here, but I'd like to. to open trade routes and start growing my cities, as lore could also build a legion. I guess it's okay, happiness is online there, more happiness there, what can I say, yeah, I stayed. I often consider settling in more cities after national university, but I don't want to do like before for a city that is well along the barbs on the border, the city-state doesn't care that I am on their land.
I'll probably steal one more worker and leave it, okay. It's all good, it's okay, it looks good, you can heal yourself for a couple of turns. I would really like to upgrade legions but I want to do it but I don't line iron, that will slow it down, that should be a priority. I didn't think about it. which is a small mistake, okay, and this influences six turns, no, it's still six turns. I'm going to work on the target, no, it didn't actually cost me a turn, it probably won't cost me a turn when I grow up because I would just need it, but let's not do it for at least a turn.
I would like to upgrade at least one Legion, although I need two more productions, but when I grow up I will go back to six turns, okay, and I want to clear this camp. still okay we're in fourth place and the hammers actually we're just right above last welcome to the tradition in this time when you can't keep up with the hammers to save your life the beginnings have been a little slow because we built settlers before that first. worker, that first worker that comes out is actually really very important to your production in the early game, but we decided not to do it.
The timing was good because we had another unit and we bought that warrior. I wish I hadn't bought the hill and then I hadn't bought it and I could have bought the settler, but who knows, it's hard to say that these things have been useful, great, Fox JJ r has done it for the ninth month in ER.Many thanks to the resub man, much appreciated, go ahead and update that sub counter on the 8th of edie. You should check out the demos. We can talk about reading demos in a minute if you want. We will do it.
No, this is annoying. The barb is actually stoning me so I don't steal all the money. Worker if he appears. think about that one moment okay growth next turn just oh why do I click on workers early um most things don't matter, like improving on a last year, it doesn't matter, but when you're upgrading a luxury or building a road clicking on your worker in the shift means that you will end it if that last shift would normally end right at the end of your shift before the shift transition, but instead if you click on it you will end that shift and that means that can use the road. or get the happiness of luxury right away, which is a big deal if someone has philosophy now they're probably a tank, okay, let's keep exploring.
I'm going to start sending this warrior out just so he can see the camp, yeah, things like this are really important to know that I can actually arch there, the city has grown. I'm going to work some gold into production and let's get this online. I look forward to being online soon; I was going to check that there are no workers in that. camping there is not good, well the guy can hit me here. I'm not too worried about it, even though he hits me. I'll just get stronger and heal and get the gems online. I want this mosaic.
I really need gold, my gold per turn right now is abysmal and I could really do some things. I had a little more gold partly because my priority is the workers. I prefer the early micromanagement game to the late macro. I prefer the early resolution game. The micromanagement part about liquidation and stuff, isn't that exciting? I prefer the endgame war and I don't know, yeah, it's a mix. I like a lot of different parts of Civ. In fact, I'm going to work with gold here before production. There's no need. Hurry up, the crafty one breaks, my capital is not ready to build one because I am in a hurry.
I'm building a marvel. Instead, we've taken this style. I think so, yes, three chips like three turns like that. I think no, it's not right. I'm going to continue working on this fix here, make sure we get that mausoleum out, although I think now that we're done with camp, we can actually work on this, yeah, not yet, it's not three shifts, okay. I guess I need unmarked gold for that, but I want to improve. legions and I want all these workers, I think I got the first religion from what, by the way, fishing boats, ah, of course, the most dominated Pantheon at the moment, besides the faith in the wall, okay, the exploration in search of city-states, there is an adventure, early exploration and you.
I can generally explore many tokens before the borders close, when the borders close. I'm talking about when borders connect, which is why the eight-player game of Donna War multiplayer hasn't diminished the prize in years and years and years. I don't have my game code. or CD key for that and I never bought any expansions but other than that sounds like a great idea Zoe let me be funny okay grow a little maybe I could have micro tiles in there another Spearman just showed up on my bar .

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