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Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Fought For Love | Rumour Juice

Apr 30, 2023
divorces ruptures Fathering a child with another woman. Infertility struggles. Incredible support and perseverance. Sure, it hasn't always been easy for Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade, but the pair overcame all obstacles and came out stronger than ever. In today's video, we take a closer look at their strong


. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade first crossed paths in 2007. Both hired by promoters to throw a Super Bowl party, the couple met professionally while Dwyane was still married to his ex Siohvaughn Wade, from whom he filed for divorce four months later. Gabrielle, on the other hand, had just gotten divorced from her ex Chris Howard a year earlier.
gabrielle union and dwyane wade fought for love rumour juice
Around the same time, rumors began to surface that the NBA star was secretly dating the actress. And they didn't even SPEAK at the event. “I stayed to one side of the room with my people,” Gabrielle said. “We like to party and he doesn't drink anything. He was across the room with a Bible study.” After dodging dating rumors for a few years, the


birds went public with their relationship by attending the 2010 Summer Groove charity event as a couple and posing for photos. Behind the scenes, however, Wade faced a bitter custody and divorce battle with his ex-wife. Funches even named Union in a lawsuit, alleging that the actress engaged in "sexual foreplay" with Dwyane in front of her children.
gabrielle union and dwyane wade fought for love rumour juice

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gabrielle union and dwyane wade fought for love rumour juice...

Wade continually denied the soon-to-be ex's accusations of him. He then started hitting them with multiple demands. Siohvaughn sued Gabrielle for "emotional distress," but the case was dismissed. “My life is too easy to track. So, we sent a lot of evidence of the times that she said that I was in Miami. So, it was like, obviously, you're not telling the truth. And then the courts dismissed the case,” Gabrielle said at the time. A year after Dwyane was awarded sole custody of his children Zaire and Zaya and his ex dropped the lawsuits, Dwyane and Gabrielle graced the cover of Essence together.
gabrielle union and dwyane wade fought for love rumour juice
However, at the time, neither of them had marriage in mind. "We're not rushing it," Dwyane told the magazine. “We have both been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both had a hard time failing in marriage. Next time, it has to be forever." Throughout Dwyane's divorce proceedings, the lawsuits against Gabrielle, and the rumors that the actress broke up Dwyane and Funches' marriage, Gabrielle remained silent, choosing to take the high road. In 2012, she finally opened up: “I think people misled me by taking the high road as an admission of guilt.
gabrielle union and dwyane wade fought for love rumour juice
Dwyane and I made the decision very early not to react to the negativity." Unfortunately, in early 2013, when their work schedules became too overwhelming, the couple decided to part ways. Looking back on this period, Gabrielle told Glamor that she couldn't take time off and that she missed some "quality togetherness that we desperately needed." In the future, she decided that her work schedule had to make sense for her family. The


birds reconciled after a few months apart. Over the summer, Union reassessed its priorities. "I always wanted an amazing career with back-to-back projects, but realized I wasn't willing to sacrifice my relationship for it." However, the couple had not yet gone through one of the most difficult moments in their relationship.
During a break from the actress, Wade welcomed a son with another woman. In her 2020 ESPN documentary, D. Wade: Life Unexpected, she admitted that telling Union that she was expecting a child with someone else was the "hardest thing" she's ever done. "I could not sleep. I was not eating. The actress opened up about the experience, which she said left her "devastated", in her book You Got Anything Stronger?. "I have been speechless, and even after untold amounts of therapy, I'm not sure I do now," she wrote. She reflected on the pain she felt over her husband's ability to have a child with another woman as she struggled to decide whether to try a drug that could increase her chances of having a child by 30 percent, or surrogacy.
According to the Union, Wade had encouraged her not to try the drug, and the actor recalled how the former NBA star had told him "You've done enough." However, instead of comforting her, her husband's words "sounded like an admission of failure." “Because at that point I would have sold my soul to get out of the endless cycle of loss. What was the going rate for souls? How much was mine worth, anyway? The experience of Dwyane having a baby so easily, while I couldn't, left my soul not only torn to pieces, but turned to fine dust blowing in the wind,” she wrote.
Union also recalled how her feelings about surrogacy were affected by her feelings for her husband, with the actor explaining that she felt she "needed to let Dwyane go" if she wasn't going to "undergo a surrogacy". “Even if he didn't want to, he had to let her find someone who could give him what he wanted,” she wrote of her thoughts at the time. While Gabrielle ultimately decided to stay with Dwayne, both out of love, forgiveness and "fear of public humiliation", she admitted that she may not have made the same decision today. However, according to Union, she also recognizes the moment as a defining point in her relationship, which she noted likely had an impact in making her the person she is today. “I had come to accept that without that terrible collision in our lives, this Big Bang moment in our relationship that established our galaxy as we knew it, we would not have become the people we wanted to be,” she wrote.
She chose to "love him and forgive him" after Wade "worked to be forgiven" every day. With the help of her sons, she proposed to Gabrielle on December 21, 2013. Together, the entire family held up signs that read, "Will you marry us?" "I go to D like, 'Ugh, they just made some signs,' and he gets down on one knee and says, 'Will you marry us?' And I was like, 'Oh, you're serious!'" After An eight-month engagement, the couple said “I do” at Chateau Artisan in Miami, Florida. He previously said the wedding would not include “bridesmaids, groomsmen. It's just us and the kids.
And we're just riding, just us." The wedding hashtag was fitting and perfect: #TheWadeUnion. Immediately after the wedding, the couple traveled to the Maldives for an epic honeymoon. After the couple married, Gabrielle constantly dodged questions about her fertility. Finally, after four years of being hounded by the media, she revealed that they have been struggling to conceive for years. Union first opened up about her fertility struggles in 2017's "We're Gonna Need More Wine," but the actress said all the nuances and pain she shared about her journey to motherhood were simplified in a brief. extract. "It seemed like every article about me used the phrase that she had offered: 'I had eight or nine miscarriages,'" Ella Union said. "This was always closely watched because of my age." The media didn't just look at her age, Union said doctors didn't fully investigate her "unexplained infertility" because she was an "older woman" in her 40s.
In 2016 she was diagnosed with a "pronounced" case of adenomyosis that probably started when she was 20 years old. "There was anger that I had sat in the offices of the world's leading IVF doctors, and all they saw was my age," she wrote Union. "There was no investigation into any other cause of my miscarriages, and I was never properly diagnosed or treated." According to the Mayo Clinic, adenomyosis occurs when the tissue that normally lines the uterus grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. Union said she felt "clarity and relief and pain" to have answers, but an endocrinologist she was seeing told her: "I don't know how anyone would have missed this." The couple welcomed their "miracle" daughter Kaavia via surrogacy in 2018, but Union said it took more than a year for her to "make amends" and accept the surrogacy route because she felt like "a failure" not to have her. she herself.
Gabrielle later said that feeling has been replaced with gratitude and relief since Kaavia's birth. The actor plans to be very open about the fact that Kaavia was conceived via surrogacy as her daughter gets older. “We want her to know everything it took to bring her into this world, usually by the time she starts to respond. We want her to really understand what we went through,” Gabrielle told Oprah during her special. Union also opened up about why it's "important" to her and Dwyane to "love out loud" when it comes to her family. In 2019, Dwyane's then-12-year-old daughter Zaya came out as transgender.
Since then, Gabrielle and Dwyane have expressed their support for Zaya in many ways and have opened up about how her journey has enlightened them as parents. "We didn't exactly understand why it was important to support Zaya's trans identity, because it's like we love all of our children out loud," Gabrielle told BuzzFeed. "But it's one thing, and a lot of people need an example. They need that representation of fatherhood." "So yeah, we're going to post our family," she said. "We are going to live loud, we are going to love loud, and we are going to speak loud and lead however every situation requires us to lead when things are not where they should be." People see Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade as the most powerful couple.
There's definitely a lot more to the story, but we have to give these two credit for fighting for their relationship during the toughest of times. Now the couple is happier and stronger than ever.

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