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Gabriel Iglesias VW "Fluffy" Museum (Subtítulos)

Feb 27, 2020
which is ok to go through a few shows but i mean we are always always going everywhere everywhere all 50 states 20 I've been to 26 countries and you've accomplished like I said so many things is there anything you still have left to do achieve what do you hope to do? i've been a part of movies now you've brought it down to blood sugar no seriously i mean i think weight loss is the next goal i've done a lot using that treadmill i have to start using that treadmill which helps keep you humble knowing that all of this can walk away with one bad tweet you can literally kill your entire job saying or doing the wrong thing and it's going public and with that i just want to thank you so much once again for having the perspective that we do of being a part of this experience and see all these cars i should have a ham sign cause i'll do well let's make one right now homegrown homegrown homegrown homegrown articles now we will from now on but thank you so much thank you for having us and being a part of this amazing


, thanks for leaving my critters
gabriel iglesias vw fluffy museum subt tulos

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