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FZ07 - I fix it, I ride it

Jun 06, 2021
because they got a big announcement two big announcements the first one should be pretty obvious so in my previous video I bought a new red ROM it was a price I couldn't refuse so I bought a new red Grom 20 18 new for myself. Anyway, I fixed it all up and sold it, so my second big announcement that you can probably already understand is that I spent the money on the bike, a really dirty but awesome Yamaha FZ-07, it's from 2016 and has 8,500 miles on it. thing again, I got it for a price I couldn't refuse, so I just took the money I got from the red Grom and put it directly into this bike inventory.
fz07   i fix it i ride it
It's really cool that he has a complete Yoshimura system. I immediately realized that it had probably fallen on the right side, so this Yoshimura pipe has some pretty serious damage. I already received a quote from Yoshimura to ship it and they will restore it for me. I think it will cost around $125, that's worth it to me. I'm going to polish these pipes right here while you're gone. It has a coolant leak and I suspect it is actually very cryptic. It's hard to say exactly where it comes from, but it drips from here. I ordered a gasket for the water pump that contains these two gaskets right here so I hope it works because they are cheap, it looks like they replaced the plastics here and then didn't replace the decal so that's another thing I have. ordered from a mechanical point of view, there is nothing wrong with it.
fz07   i fix it i ride it

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fz07 i fix it i ride it...

I'm going to fix the spark plugs. I'm going to wash the bike, change the coolant oil cap and break this thing down until all the other parts come in and then I'm going to systematically go through and do all the other things this poor bike needs to restore it to its beautiful self, so Stay guys, grab something comfy, grab a snack and you'll watch me do some maintenance on this thing and you'll see. Fun


, aha, I told you at League school, we were going to Yoshimura, man, it's better as new now, we were just starting to have some fun and this bolt here on the right side of the bike strip is already removed.
fz07   i fix it i ride it
I tried to get in with that now, it's really stripped down, well guys last night was shit, so today I went to the hardware store, got a puller to be proactive here and went to get more push rivets in case I broke that, that It's crazy, right, oh, stop, brother Kanan, oh. We got kicked out of this Rumble, he's still in trouble, that's great news, there's a cannon here. I was expecting to see a dirty, white cotton gauze filter, this is new, it's oiled, everything looks good. I could use a little more spray on the oil just for Patea, but it looks good, so I have to run this coil over here and then go down six inches towards that head.
fz07   i fix it i ride it
It's bingo. I see, so there's coil number one. Check it out, that's how you keep that thing down there, okay guys, so here's the secret. gun I read this on a forum, you take a quarter inch irrigation line and it will actually attach to the top and you can safely drop this thing all the way to the end of the head and tuck it in perfectly instead of just dropping it and have it. hit the bottom and possibly miss the gap which is about 12 pounds. I think we're about to see those things. You can clearly see that there is some kind of adhesive that holds these things together.
That's a little frustrating up close. This heading has a lot. of imperfections, so I'm going to go through and see if I can clean this up a little bit with a never boring original that's so much better, you guys can see I'm sure, oh my gosh. I better throw them back on the bike. Oh, BAM, what arrived in the mail today is a silencer. Well, as always, here in CT Brahmers' garage for this whole project, the camera went off again, but I went ahead, buckled up and got this. What's there looks absolutely amazing on the bike.
I'm so glad I cleaned it up a little more too because it looks absolutely amazing. I went ahead and cleaned the hardware as well to make the hardware look new, even the Springs. I cleaned the header, so this whole exhaust project is finished. Unfortunately, we did not get the water pump housing. Oh, the rings are done, if you remember, so I'm going to go ahead and start this right now and we'll see if it leaks coolant, I hope not. I just wanted to show you guys that this really sucks so we're here at 167 and I'm already looking at it here we go so it's Lincoln so it sucks I'm not going to


it it's going to get. all over the exhaust again and I don't want that so unfortunately I guess this will have to go to the shop.
Hey guys, finally got the bike back at the local Honda store and found out that this is under warranty until March 2021, so the original owner bought this and put a five year warranty on it, so all the issues with the fuel pump water here, which I guess were important, they had to replace the entire assembly, they removed the entire clutch side and rebuilt it. $0 all in warranty. I'm very lucky. When I bought this bike, I had no idea it was under warranty. I'm actually not sure if the seller who sold it to me knew it was under warranty because he didn't mention it.
Thank you. So much for seeing all this, I'm going to get on the bike now so you guys can see me ride it. This will be my first major trip with everything complete. Hey guys, CT Grammer is finally on the long awaited ride in FCO 7, oh man. It's a cool, cold day, it's hard to believe that this has been like a week and a half or two week project in total, guys, okay guys, the moment of truth we're at one hundred and seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit, which are the operating temperatures that can confirm that there are no coolant leaks, that's amazing, I feel so good, I'm going to celebrate, okay, come on, what I initially noticed on this bike is that it's like it has two personalities, there is this duality in this bike that if you stay below five great, it almost has this cruise type feel, it has some engine braking, it has this cruise type feel where it's just going to go down, not let you sleep, but It's actually very recordable, you know, if you stay below half throttle and like five grand. so it has a really nice feeling and it just doesn't feel like it wants to get away from you.
I mean, you really tried, you have to get it up to eight or nine thousand dollars before the bike changes into its second personality, which is like a sports bike and with a monster of torque, suddenly you know that if you were there, we'd be starting to get into the power band, here we go, so we're first. I'm going to take it back. and put it at high revs so you can see what i'm talking about guys coming from a drz 400 and a grom this feels like a time machine it's so fast all the leading bike guys are laughing at me at the moment.
I have this perspective and from my perspective of a 400 drz and a Grom, this thing is fast. I love the sound, how could this bike? I mean these bikes are like 7500 or 8 grand new and it sounds amazing with a full exhaust, it's a crime nope. Having a full exhaust on these bikes again is like two low personalities, it just has a rumble almost like a cruiser and then you get to high revs and all of a sudden it's a sports bike, here you have like two bikes in one. It's crazy and it has the ergonomics of a standard bike, which makes it amazing because you're comfortable the entire time you're sitting, that's a game changer for me, the sportbike I don't think I'll ever be able to.
I have friends with sportbikes and I've ridden them, but that puts you in such a peculiar Jurgen Amish place that it's only fun when you're going up hills or when you're going fast, but if you're just riding around town, which is most of my trips, riding around town, it's just not that much fun to ride on a sports bike, but a standard bike like this upright is so much fun, omg I can't believe how much I really want to drive home about this. bike and my initial is that if you stay at half throttle, this bike is so comfortable to ride that it doesn't feel like it wants to get away from you, the powers are not overwhelming, it's extremely linear, I mean you really have to get into it to get up to power it is an extremely friendly bike, any newbie could handle this bike.
I really feel like this, if you have just a smidgen of acceleration discipline, you can handle this bike and that's important, that's very important, that's what makes this bike so successful. and it has an economical price. There will be more Grom videos coming soon. I got rid of the red Grom but I still have my favorite black ROM so look for more videos on that. Got a couple of reviews coming soon. Kimi moto I bought some things that I really liked. enough to do a review so look out for those coming in and who knows again like I said about the red Grom who knows about the fate of this bike guys I have three pikes again and I can't have three bikes so we'll see. what's up with this bike but for now it's fun to ride that's for sure guys if you liked what you saw here today consider subscribing to the channel.
Every subscriber means a lot to me and encourages me to continue creating content as usual. any questions, anything, even if it's something negative, comment below. I always respond. Thanks so much for looking. I hope everyone is having a great day.

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