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Future Plans Take Shape | Sons Of The Forest | Part 9

Mar 17, 2024
so let's get a few more at the same time to keep him working. I guess he


s his own brakes from it. People say no. working too hard, he


s the brakes on himself. I've seen it a few times when I'm not taking a break, let's see if we can fit this thing here I don't think we definitely can't now with the door on, that's my problem, but I can make an entrance on the other side and then take it a


to that we can do some things here and yes, it's like doing those things there I think they're good, we need to put another one there after but I think I can reach this yes, that's how it works I have to put one thing on the other side no, I don't I did, I saved it with that actually it's not complete at the top I was also thinking about leaving it open for some, uh, for some thing.
future plans take shape sons of the forest part 9
I was debating it, yes, I have to go up there just to get at least some sunlight there, but it's not a big deal. The sun mainly shines and crosses here, on this side. so I fell of course okay I guess I could have done it from the other side too but I put three by the way this is why we're doing this here and I forgot to put the rocks perfect yeah so Think off camera . I'm going to finish the other ones on the other side so we have Mills finished and we can start furnishing and doing some things here.
future plans take shape sons of the forest part 9

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future plans take shape sons of the forest part 9...

It's annoying to do it in front of the camera, but it can't be long. It can be very, very scary. away a knife for a second here check its health everything is fine I didn't check the fire in a while on the other side I still need to get more stones this thing here right there come over there put another one right next to it there excellent sm's excellent and over here actually these are not the ones I'm going to put here let's put them in Rock I'm going to put these down here that's it, it's much better four there we go, do you know what it really is?
future plans take shape sons of the forest part 9
I can just push this here for now I can't F I can't figure it out from this angle okay there we're going to see nice and finished there on the side we'll do the sides there we'll also finish everything up uh this is all going to be completely closed I need the rebreather and those things, so I'm going to try to work a little bit off camera, grind, cut down more trees, do more work, be awesome, watch just in time for it to rain, that's cool. I definitely need to bring the sled here. I appreciate that if you try a little bit more difficult game, you might find there, let's get what you need, oh, okay, the next thing I want to show before I finish this because I'm going to start working on this too, I know if we will return to Winter by the time we finish this.
future plans take shape sons of the forest part 9
He's trying. In fact, he has restacked this one too. That's pretty good. It will be easier when he comes and helps you. Oops, now what? What I want to try to do is get some sort of defense walls and fill in the annoying way to make this something nice and easy is to design it and use it from this angle here, so if I put this here I'll see what people are saying. Yo, why are you bothering? Look, you can build the foundation like that that I could have and should have built the foundation like that.
Instead, I did a completely different amount of work than I should have done, but it's good, so we have this here. This I like how they merge into that, I'm going to build the actual wall out of rock, but I don't know how much work this is going to be, I almost bait myself since they can't, I don't do it. I don't think they'll come down from this side. I've never seen them do it. I'm almost trying to bring a wall, oh God, that scared me so much, man, a wall from here to there and then back again, so I've got this huge wall, but controlling that wall could be some serious work now it's being measured, although yeah you want to go even from this H, this is the best way to gauge where you want to go, you don't need to leave this here.
I'm just going to put them there for now so we don't lose them and there we go, so now I know I'm against the wall, that's the best way for me to do it. I always measure from there so I know exactly where I'm going I look a little taller that's cool I just want to see what happens when we put it here second here bring this back here against these rocks what's going to be an effect here it's not much of an effect oh us? I have present time now people ask me why I wouldn't watch her thank you thank you uh because when her suit is wet she sees more than she should and uh unfortunately YouTube and maybe people who watch might be offended by um you know That's why, no.
I know what to say, it is what it is, so people get offended, it's good, uh, YouTube definitely does, so I try to avoid watching that, that's it, that's no big deal. We're going to do the same thing here later, so I have to go out like this now. What I want to do is hello, how are you? I want to see if this works on the rocks or if not, I'll do the same thing here later. have to do it WR um, right click, here we go, yeah, it's not going to work on rocks, it works on wood, oh look at that, I didn't realize there was a piece of wood there that's a little gnarly. get rid of that, okay, I guess I could lean a log against it.
I think he just had dinner. It was delicious? Was it everything I promised? Can? Can I lean a log against this? I'm not sure he'll leave me here. Can I rotate? this one second rotation there we go there we go let's find out if this is going to work better or not I don't know I'm just playing with this I know I can put down the sticks you guys remember the fortification I made while When the game first came out I thought that was always easier, I had to stop doing that, man, no, it's not easier, okay, pull back, I don't want to lose them, so I'll have to correct it like this, why? much harder to do, it's very strange, okay there you go, it's getting dark, although God stays there and yes, I can make sure you separate it, but the other thing you can do I'm not sure if you can do it later too.
I think you can, so you put like three of those in there, it reinforces it, so I just have to figure out that the towel, these things will hurt you too, by the way, oh, that's right, the angle matters, but with this it gives you a bit of fortification. I'd also like to add more sticks in the middle of this as you go and stuff, so, very good, very good little thing again, you can do a double so I can bring this up and then I can try to do it again in the other side, but that. should be good enough anyway, let's leave the episode here, there's a lot to do, get some sleep and again, if you liked it, we know what to do, hit the like button, subscribe to all the wonderful things the base will join in and we'll do a bit of work off camera now I'm gaining confidence so you want to see more.
Look, my flashlight turns extra bright. It's a little strange, okay and yes, I'm going to need to fill the fires. Unfortunately, these are quite a few. They're finished, right? oh my god, oh my god, she's on fire, why is she walking on fire? Stop, she stops doing it, oh, she takes the water, I'm not sure what you want me to do, oh, the fire is going out. anyway, here we go, it's not covered, well, it's good enough, we should be fine anyway, I'm going to leave the episode here thanks for being here, thank you, be awesome, if you girls join us, know what to do, press the like button.
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