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Jun 06, 2021
Welcome back to the Dover brothers, Darius, why did you drag us here so early in the morning, brother? Good morning


yone, welcome back to another video. We are very happy and blessed to have you back on our channel. Be sure to give it a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button. I get 8 million, that's crazy. God bless you all. I had a little incident. What's up, Maddie? How are you there? Yes, it's 7:30 a.m. m. at the moment. I had a small incident about 3 4 years ago. It was before YouTube, before


ything. I liked the sandwiches. I'm not going to stay there because you know there's a sandwich.
funniest tooth removal reaction ever
It was a good, safe and really recognizable sandwich place. um, and unfortunately to say that there was a movement without me knowing. I put it right into the bacon and it broke my back


really called hat split in half split in half and I didn't realize until I took a few bites of the sandwich where I started to feel like I was chewing it. rock, this hurts, yes, as you know, I already had my wisdom teeth removed. A big thank you to dr. Kramer and oral and facial surgery, the product of him is my number one trusted oral surgeon that I would go to.
funniest tooth removal reaction ever

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funniest tooth removal reaction ever...

Man, they got his wisdom teeth out. Cyrus. I don't know if his wisdom teeth have been removed, but not yet, not yet. you want to get closer to perfection, this is the guy, come here guys, today Lincoln, buy a biography of Lincoln. Darius is getting a


pulled, bro, what's up with the tooth fairy? Mendel, the tooth fairy is done. There better be some money under my pillow, but that tooth broke, no. More food gets stuck in my tooth. A little more pain because I think it started hitting the nerve, but we were getting a grill, bro, like a diamond tooth.
funniest tooth removal reaction ever
No, no, I think I'll have to get an implant, although brother, you should stay like stainless steel. steel there's also something I bet they offer like white gold bro, I say we both have a lot of girls, okay, but we'll talk about it, we'll talk about it once, no, this can't be as worse as my wisdom teeth . but we are going to have a good


after the video, so stay tuned and let's not waste any more time. I think they're waiting in the office right now. Let's get in there, let's get going. Come on, see you.
funniest tooth removal reaction ever
After surgery, boo, we're inside the place right now, that's why I got my modeling fee, we're good, let's do this, I think he's a little nervous about me, good guy, hey, there's no bargain, it's a professional practice, so Darius is there. now in the operating room he will come out a new man, oh my god, it was going to be so much fun, changed man, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on , come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on , come on, come on, come on, wait patiently, here, make sure you subscribe, we post every Friday and Saturday, some of you haven't done so yet. subscribed to dobre cars publishing every two weeks every two months as long as we have a good race or a good car from you, that is, we will not find red cars with subscribe now, let's go well guys, here is the famous story of dairy and music in a great video and a big shout out again to Oral and Facial Surgery and nice doctor, you were the best, you are such a kind guy and thank you very much for taking care of my brother, my girlfriend, yes, you are the best, without a doubt. you are the best and guys some people have sat on the exact same dobre army C messages about our work here we are going to put the link in the bottle so maybe I think I need to shake it shake it.
God bless you Ellen, take it easy, God bless you and make sure you have a wonderful and blessed vacation in the place you love, and here you go, can you tell us how you feel? I feel live so I'll make a video. I sit on three points, you're ready. to start brother I'm not hello honey I love it thank you bye okay so let's do it let's - you remember I have this real office sorry guys grateful difficulties what he meant was that we will see you soon leaving now the best of I'm a guy, but when it comes to this practice, this is the guy, yeah, I appreciate the white, straight down, okay, okay, you gotta go to God this way, okay, you're the boss, boss. dar, you feel like a new man brother, like a pound less because that took this off hey keep talking 1 1 pound of light what you think is good you think you think this procedure makes you lose weight I don't know the days it doesn't I feel like I don't know which one is the biggest loser, ok, yes I can, so luckily I brought Madi.
I have the problem that you would be my DD. I love you guys so much, and oh, oh, oh, we merge. The store domain without stores is forgetting the car. communication got cut off too much now okay bro you got this your girls drive Maddy please take care of it please amazing I got you bro, you too, I love you and I'll see you at home take care of it it stinks okay, just go away. I'll see you at home bro I'm not attacking my cheese now I love you I love you damn he's so kind give me a break.
Dre's elf suit, look, show you some love, kiss my head, shake your head, kiss on the cheek, he lent you, he trusted. Who, Jenkins, honey, how are you? It was good, so short. I'm really surprised every time I work with him, it's always like 12 minutes, yeah, as fast as 12, 15 minutes. I don't feel any pain, mom, if you do. I'm watching this, I love you so much, you're the best mom in the world and the guys comment below who they think is the sexiest dobri brother because he's Malachi, ah, here's mom, okay. Oh, is it the earth?
We've missed something, right? Guys here first this video will change to Maddie and I are going to have a baby because we have a son here he is ugly and hairy okay so I spoke up I told him right before they gave me the foul the glass and all that. things and I said I really want a smoothie after this, but they're pros, we call it pro advice, right, I can't really suck, yeah, it's like when you get depressed, yeah, okay baby, I'll give you a salad, will you? You would stay still when you still kiss me, damn it, but does it?
This track has digits to take you to see God yeah okay mom dad I love you if you're watching this you might never see me again Malachy what do you think about that? Did you know I'm not going to let you near Jackson, piles upon piles, okay, look at this, your homework should go back to my mom, yeah, the most amazing parents in the world are me, you guys are incredibly amazing, I feel amazing, this It's amazing guys, there are a lot of things I want to tell you in front of the camera ah, there are a lot of things I want to tell you in front of the camera right now, but I can't because I want to burst into tears, but I honestly think that I am the sexiest and sexiest brother in the world. government.
Oh my God, a little humility, humility in your life, be a man, Tommy, you know you have to be humble and I'm not humble, no, I never said that, oh, look back, you said that, okay, you . You know what comment below who you think is the tough brother? I'm not going to mention any names, who I think it is, but all I know is that I really want to see an amazing document or I was told I can't suck through a straw. because the suction would not be good at the moment, we have it in my hometown even before we moved to the Dobre headquarters.
Well, you know, you're on the east coast doing our thing. Wow, I like those rapids. I love 12 minutes. The time you came back it was like 15 if you count, like they cleaned you out and stuff. Also a mom died if you're watching this you guys are the best friends why I love you so much but what the hell mom did I say the first time? I'll say it the second time. I can't go to the oral surgery center alone anymore, but I don't mean to be there to hold my hand, but I know that they probably had nothing wrong with that and they have joined together. the studio, let's give it the go ahead, let's see if we can get five billion likes, let's see if this could be the closest thing to the video on YouTube, they're on you on YouTube in the world on tapes, they talk about everything, I think they know a lot to say.
Honestly, where does it go in the room when I woke up, not when you woke up, you were already awake, we after home. Wow, I'm fine, so right now for vodka like you, Dobrynin, of course, it's only 9:00, really, yeah, that's the first hour Doreen. We've got enough of our whole relationship besides catching a flight, maybe, but God don't forget that we dropped some brandy in March either. I got my face done tomorrow and I looked like this, nice, clean, sexy, easy, breezy, beautiful cover girl, okay I'll get your killer in which store Wow, I feel so good right now guys, I love you so much.
I am grateful and blessed for each and every one of you, like I said, let's make it the most liked video, let's get 5 billion lives. get 250 million comments and I will donate a thousand dollars to everyone who likes and comments on this video right now I am all I have in common you are limited to one comment for the video give me comments you get on a video you do I walk away if they like it and comment for everyone stay calm on 5 billion if you like it 5 billion okay I can comment like and comment how many times I said yeah just guess you know I said everyone likes this comment yeah we're okay he says five billion , but then you said that for every person who likes and comments, yeah, I'll give you five billion or $5 like jointly 2.5 billion and let's get this Malakai ball, oh guys, you're good.
I'm going to eat again. like dad I love you so much more look at the lies oh I was so stressed and really yes I was nervous why are you proud of me? Dad, you are all there, okay, on another note, you need to change your gauze, why are you going to follow me? For me, oh, it doesn't hurt that much, I feel pretty good, I'm hungry, yeah, I'm hungry for you, even when he's in payments and his corny jokes tomorrow, your g-spot, pop, baby, girl, new car, new car right now, new car right now. What do you think we have in mind?
Oh yeah, we should go running for that. I'm sure some car dealers here stop by to see that you're beautiful. Oh yes, you might get caught as a girlfriend. What you didn't do. we beat the system but we did it we beat this we beat the highway algorithm oh man but oh no Lucas um Marcus fires as always these are the best brothers in the world my mom and my family , as if I wasn't going to lie. I literally start a prayer before like I'm under anesthesia because this is all like hey God, just save them anyway, I literally prayed for my parents that they can have a happy rest of their lives in case I don't know how you totally feel.
Not right now, right now how I feel about you, right, aha, I'm going home, tell them we're in what you feel about me in your boyfriend, the best hesitation in the world. Oh come on, all your cameras are in my face. my head right now I'm not slipping on YouTube I think it was from the beginning I really don't remember it I remember you guys well, give this video a thumbs up, remember this guy Billy's 5 billion lights with the beat I'll give him For each person, what I like is recognized in dollars. What I said regarding everything I've said is a bit Dober.
I need honor and what I'm saying, Allison, please don't just take the heart. I don't want to see confidence like oh my god, really or oh my god, is this really custom made or oh my god, you? Really do that like guys, I don't even know that I love you and I mean until that moment I'm a she died the next day, happy holidays and God bless the world, there's no more time, God, good boy, good boy, mommy , you want to be a part of this, okay, that's what I love you guys, bye.

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