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Feb 27, 2020
hey guys hmm we're not going to complain about my hair today because monday it doesn't flex on you or anything but i brushed it and sprayed it with something for hair so no complaints here before i start this video i wanted to tell you about my hard day that's how you know i reached adulthood i got a brand new white linen sofa and i spilled some juice on it and that juice stained all existing sofas i tried every cleaner known to man and i can't get that juice, so i literally like scrubbing my couch for two hours crying.
funniest photoshop trolls
I'm serious right now, that was the highlight of my day, so if you ever wonder what I do on YouTube, could I ever stain clothes anyway? on Photoshop troll Jamie's Shard you asked me to Photoshop something and it will, but you have to be careful what you ask for. I really like this image, but could you make the guy on the right not look like he's peeing on his kids? Thank you oh my god he actually he looks like me. It's like when you've seen a group of people taking a picture of each other, your first instinct is like, oh let me get out of the way while they take their picture, no, not this man.
funniest photoshop trolls

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funniest photoshop trolls...

I'm going to make it look like I'm peeing. him in a porta potty where he belongs you know there's a door now and that makes you guys look stupid like you just took a picture in front of this peeing guy you opened the door - y'all horrible make me the bad guy you make it look like i'm kissing a dinosaur instead of the boy in white a utahraptor would be nice but i'm not picky i don't like this is the cursed picture we'd like to remove the curse this picture is scratching hands you guys are some crazy stuff hi james can i ask you guys do something with the guy behind me? seems to ruin my bag.
funniest photoshop trolls
I will really make his appearance ruin his choice. next either the girl or the guy can pose to try and look cute for the photobomb the rest of the p brought in. The people in this photo didn't screw it up it's just specifically this guy right there honestly the picture was screwed when you took it like 20 people in the background you're posing like you have to pee to avenge that guy but now he really will. steal the spotlight hey james james i couldn't even spell the name right we love a guy and i want to send him this picture can you make that eye look great and the other girl with the black shoes look bad sorry thanks hey you sure no made you look great done herself sized herself up while the one on the left looked cute and unmolested this is so unbelievably petty as if we already knew girl on the left she pretty girl on the right thirtysomething dressed like she's six too if they both like the same guy why are they hanging out together doing a photo shoot in the park why aren't they tearing each other's hair out? it's moving what why what is this witchcraft bro this som The next level


oh I didn't know this is possible this is so creepy the way it just goes from being like an image to sliding down to take out various objects from the crevice of his belly button is very disturbing.
funniest photoshop trolls
I do not like this. I thought I was tripping after that. I have a movie. I love it. This is a hey, James. Could you make it look like I'm fighting the goose? corpse hi james i need your help i lied to my friends i visited paris can you


me in front of the eiffel tower thank you very much i could read her accent through her misspelled words there you go feel our wow she really went to paris i'm so jealous hi james you can make my right leg longer it looks too short pink love nastasha mustache in the nickel sure i really hope this is long enough for you my long legs bring gum a ghost to the farm and they're like i'm longer than yours going to be copyrighted god i am me if she posted this on instagram i feel like at least one person would be like f*cking girl you got some long legs they walk through the fence completely legit reply hey photoshop ster can you do that my eyebrows look bushy? perfect for instagram and republicans hey james can you make me taller in this pic?
I'm in the middle, I got you, you wanted to be taller, plus a two foot improvement. Alright? Now you'll rule your friends and the world can't get the laugh down why does my camera keep doing that man I keep putting you like this and they keep doing that stop stop stop stop that's what I get for using in boxes with tripod, can you Photoshop on the same image? The guy took a picture like he's leaning over Sustan, wait, so this is kind of the same place. I thought this was like a long distance relationship where they both went up the set and leaned in like they had Atticus but in the same spot. in the city likes to wear the same thing why didn't they take a picture together why don't they ask someone to take a picture of them why one is much worse quality than the other they take it on the same day like what and -the value is that I don't care about the specs, can you edit it together with Photoshop or not? it's illegal while committing the crime if you can't make the time hi james can you please close my girlfriend's eyes in this photo thank you oh what kind of psycho is going to kiss her boyfriend at disneyland as well as the underrated quality of a psycho they give you i'll kiss wide eyed like you never know but here we go random hands coming for the same thing called that girl's eyes don't worry random arm got you can you adjust this picture to make me look like i'm holding the cliff thank you brah li Take it right the first time someone takes the picture once they tell you like to adjust your arm accordingly to make it look like you are holding the cliff I never understood this kind of pictures I understand how to hold the moon or hold the Eiffel Tower but like a cliff come on man like it's so long and perpendicular this isn't happening even with photoshop it doesn't look impressive to me it doesn't look like a tail either it looks like e that has a camouflage tail.
I don't know, but yeah, this is what he got right. If you want to hold the cliff then your arm will have to come down here ok nothing is wrong with my little brother but could you edit my mom with a cute boy? Greetings that's so weird like a picture of your little brother and mom but you want to touch up your brother into a handsome boy come on mommy that desperate thought is rubbing off on your son come on we have to find him a man, even if he's photoshopped, damn Zac Efron. I By the way a life size selection now Barbara could show it to all her friends in the book club like hook me up and Newman's sad sack a frog no my Newman hey James can you make it look like we're in more dangerous waters?
Do you want to look cool? Yeah, we put you in some boiling water. We threw some pasta in there. The floor is literally lava. New YouTube challenge. You touch it and you die. photo and my sister and I don't want her to appear you can edit this photo a bit I don't want my sister to appear they disappear a few moments after the photo is taken you don't want to be with your sister we put you with someone else in another situation how do you like this you can make this scene fight looks more epic we have two women on a beach fighting with some battle sticks who could take the most selfies ok?
I like sticks better. I mean, this is too epic a selfie battle to the death. Hi James, could you please hide the gap in my father-in-law's mouth with things? Like, if you see him, I take the hole from her father-in-law, he stopped and gave it to her, and you see that I see that he asked her to hide it, so she gave it to him, but hey, change it for me. Can you make me look better? I have a show for my wife's father, brother. This is an indecent slip that brought those homework. Father-in-law. Proof of all photos. a suit under your shirt so it was like we all did business here nah now we know what victoria's secret really is james i love your photoshop work could you clean the stonewall for me? cleaning up behind her Wow get yourself a man like this too asking for this stupid worthless unnecessary edit the stone is probably hundreds of years old what do you mean cleaning up the stone? walk for me my girl your bra strap is bombing you cared for a clean wall cause can you make me taller than my daddy of course i got you mm-hmm how? you're gonna disrespect your dad like that come on you couldn't wait a few years for your growth spurt be taller sweat a guy would really be this salty oh he's taller than me well , at least in my experience, the shorter the human, the more compact the hate.
Short people Energetic Can you remove my girlfriend's sunburn and I distribute it evenly? No, you burned something. God, you're going to have to put on sunscreen like the rest of us. lotion I love your work with Photoshop, could you make it so that my boyfriend's armpit hair doesn't show? It disgusts me, brother. Armpit hair comes with the groom. but he got you there we go nothing g to see here no armpit hair it's just ernie's natural god given hair thank you could you open my wife's eyes she constantly does this thank you brougham here is a long term solution wham bam thanks ma'am we have open glasses mindless for every picture and we cool and all bro give her some sunglasses or something your eyes will probably be closed too if you had the sun on your face you were trying to take a picture like i have sunglasses where are your requests for sunglasses make it amazing crazy normal grandpa to madhouse grandpa in a straitjacket oh hey he looks more like a dude to me I'll blow up like this please while my back is killing me I bought a pillow specifically for this hey Jamie could you do something with the lady inside? the background she ruined our anniversary - no problem yeah i know it's one big happy family her and her spiderman backpack no one was left behind hi please can you make my friend run away from something scary see ya i know Tubby's technique oh you're coming with my boy tinky-winky i used to see i used to have a chubby tusker ball i used to eat cereal and ok i'll ask you to refrain from grilling. my childhood please hey james could you cut it out without making it too obvious?
There you go, existence has been eradicated from the universe. All that remains of him is his clothes. Now you look stupid posing with the Invisible Man. crop like 20 19 people still don't know how to crop a pig i feel like my mom even knows how to crop a picture can you make my head look less round you have a square face ashley square face ashley square face ashley square face anyway that That's all for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you made sure you hit the like button and uh hey and make sure you subscribe down the hall.
I upload a new video every day. I love you, thank you so much for looking. bye

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